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Description: Chris runs into Echo chasing some fast food as he celebrates his recent victory in Kansas City.

After a good few days of 'spa treatment' since their bout--Echo is back in the states. Why? Out of all the areas of the human dirt ball, it actually had some of the more safer places, depending on where you went in it--as well as the... creature comforts, one might say. Echo liked that luxurious life-style, and the ease at which she could get around, in more ways than one.

Right now it was fairly warm and balmy in the the midwest, where some of the latest matches in RISTAR had taken place. Echo's own abilities had been tested, though it had been clear she was still lacking her technique--at least when it came to martial arts. She relied too much perhaps in spellcasting in that last one. She was a bit salty, to be fair--she recognized rookie mistakes she made, and jumped the gun, so to speak. The period of rest and recovery she took afterwards had perhaps left her a little restless, and also hungry.

And in a big place like Kansas city it was definitely easy to find a bite~

emit Chris was still Kansas. Partying with some of the fans had been fun. He wasn't in a hurry to leave. He didn't get too hurt in the last match. The little Tanuki didn't have much going on in that last bound, at least nothing Chris couldn't stop. Luck and Instinct. Chris had it.

He had overheard Shermie also won her match. Unless they face one another next, they still wouldn't fight at the same place. So for now he was still in Kansas.

Right now, he's walking outside. He doesn't really have any goal in mind. He's watching the things around him as he walks around and does his best to keep the nasty thoughts at bay while he does so. It was nice to have some down time sometimes. If an opportunity comes meanwhile, he will have had enough of that downtime and would accept whatever thing would come.

As Chris might pass an alley to the side--there is the distinctive sound of skin and bone making contact--there's some kinda fight going on. At least that's what it looks like at first--until he can see what looks like... Elvira's sister, black dress, red heels--really pale skin and long black hair--throwing one of the rough-looking men that appeared to be fighting against a wall. The problem with Echo's illusion for disguise was it was a little flimsy, and acts of aggression like this made it look like she a deepfake or CGI effect that was slipping or stuttering. For just a split-second here and there Chris might be able to see long ribbed bat-like ears, fur, long wings at her back...

As she backhanded one of the others away from herself, she pushed the man in front of her against the wall again, likely giving him a bit of a bump on the head, before she began to lean in like Count Dracula.

Chris did pass an alley at one point. The sounds made him stop. Someone was fighting there or crashing or something. Then as he looks, he sees a man flying at a wall and a woman fighting. He's about to come to bring assistance. He does take a few seconds more as things flickers a little, and he sees things definitely not human. Doesn't mean the aggressors are in the right here.

Then as things go on, he sees she's about to bite him. A vampire of sort. One thing was clear at the moment that 'lady' didn't need him to intervene in her favor, but he was curious however. He leans himself against the wall, on his right shoulder, crossing his legs and arms. He would be ready to interfer if necessary. He wanted to meet that strange woman.

There is a groan from the other male and she whips her head around, realizing she's been seen by a third party, so to speak. That being Chris. He can see her more clearly now--the orange-yellow slit-pupiled eyes, the ivory teeth and fangs, red lips--lipsticked lips--and she's got the former locked on Chris, at the moment.

"Well well well, what do we have here?" she lets the man she was holding against the alley wall slump down. She assumed perhaps that the boy already had a cellphone out and was filming her, so she hadn't gone ahead with her horrid rapast while her new company was there.

"Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" she turned away from the two, as if they weren't there--they likely tried to make an escape as she was distracted.

He has a reaction when he sees her in all her 'monstrous' glory, but it's not negative. At least not all negative. There is even a smile forming on his lips. He has no phone out for this. He isn't like a typical 14 year old.

When she asks him her second question, this time, he answers. "If you love music, most likely yes. Or it might be fighting is more yoru think. Then yes. I am Chris. Chris from CSY!" He watches her, then watches them trying to leave. A foot gets in the way of one of them. "How rude of them." He chuckles.

Sure, she was still wearing the same outfit--she did indeed look like some Elvira-esque looking lady, though without the beehive hairdo--hers was just long and straight. The look did have the same sort of sorceress vibe about it, though--right down to the billowing short sleeves and plunging neckline, and the belt strapped to her waist with all the pouches and skin parchments and skulls.

"CSY...? I thought you looked familiar, you were in the Rising Star tournament, too, eh?" she stepped slowly towards him, a hand on her hip. "Well, who were you expecting out here? Batman? Not keeping you in a cave, sorry honey~" she grinned, inspecting her nails--she had been afraid one might of chipped when she threw that guy against the wall. Even if she didn't look like it, she still had superhuman monster strength.

"Not unless you're good, that is," one of her stiletto heels clicked as she came to a stop in front of him.

Chris looks at her up and down, mostly with his eyes, before returning to her face. "Yeah, I am in that tournament, busy winning." He winks and laughs. When she mentions batman, he raises an eyebrow. "We both could take Batman one on one." He snorts. "Are you still competing in the tournament yourself?" He again gives her a look over. "I am good at many things. Just not everything. What's your name?" Again settling back at her face.

"Well look at you, got past the third round did you?" She didn't bring up the fact she just washed out, so to speak. "Not anymore, I lost to Shermie," shrugged gently, putting her hands up like whatcha gonna do. "Should have been more careful with a lady who doesn't seem to use her eyes ever, since you know--I am a bat," she looked back down at Chris.

"Echo Lacroix, sorceress and necromancess extraordinare, and you're in a band? Well, this shouldn't be too unusual for you, I guess," she sighs.

"Yeah, ready for my fourth opponent." He smiles now. "Oh, you're the one Shermie got. I might be facing her next. It doesn't matter. I intend to win" He nods his head to agree. "Never think Shermie can't see you. Every strand of hair is an eye." He was kidding about the latter part, of course.

" It's nice to meet you, Echo Lacroix, sorceress and bat." He again nods his head and finally stops leaning against the wall. "Yeah, an awesome band with Shermie and Yashiro. For the best music and the most fun, you come to our concerts!"

"Depends, I might need some earplugs," Echo rolled her eyes with a smile and tapped at her ears. Again, bat. Screeching amplifiers were kind of her kryptonite, at least potentially. Not that she wanted to broadcast that.

"Aaaand it looks like my fast food has gotten away from me, ahhh well," she snaps her fingers, half-turning away from Chris, before looking back at the younger male. "I don't suppose you know any fun places to eat around here? Though I don't go for hamburgers, junior," she faced Chris again and bent at her waist, peering down so she was more eye-level with him.

Chris ponders. "You must have sensitive ears. It fits with who you are. You can wear plugs if you come to one of our concerts. It's all good.

He laughs ab it after that. "I distracted you, didn't I? You want the same thing that ran away?" He doesn't seem to be scared of Echo. Not at the moment anyway. He thinks she is tall but doesn't voice it. It might show in his eyes, however.

"Well, do you? Lead on then, buster," Echo grinned and stood up back up. Sure, she was already 6-foot, so there was some height disparity there. She just happened to be a bit taller on average then human women. The stiletto heels likely didn't help.

"Grown woman in an evening dress hanging out with a teenager, that won't look weird at all," she waved a hand over herself, her white-furreed hand glowing a pale blue as she recast her human-disguise illusion. She didn't want to be seen in full bat regalia on any cameras, at least not right now.

"Say, you're not related to anyone famous, are you? Could've sworn I've seen that hair somewhere before..." she toussled said hair.

"You're fine with some alcohol in the blood?" He starts walking, not thinking of how weird it might look. Not until she mentions it. "Oh, it's not like you're trying to corrupt me. If you do, we can always face off against one another." He chuckles and keeps walking.

"Hey!" He says when she toussled his hair. "I am not related to someone famous I am famous." Maybe not the most famous person ever, but he is, and he knows so.

After some more walking, he gets to a bar, and there was a passout man outside the back of the bar. "There, easy pick. If you want that. Otherwise well, I don't know." He smiles. "I will keep watch if you want, because I like you."

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