Abigail - No Trespassing! It's Lunch Time!

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Description: This security gig can be annoying but hey..free lunch! That's a good thing - except when it's interrupted by snooping NOL agents and sight seeing Sacred Order members!

The higher the tensions over this crisis, the more the need for security at the various UN branches grows and nowhere is this more apparent then at the UN headquarters in Metro City where the eyes of the media and the ire of protestors and fervor of supporters have all come to rest. It's a cauldron that occasionally boils over into minor explosions here and there ..but never fear! Mad Gear is here with all their late eighties through nineties sense of fashion, bright colors, mohawks and other assorted of ridonkulus looking gang wear colors and symbols to...save the day??

Yes, indeed, they are 'peace keepers' here and the sanctioned arm of security, quelling acts of terror and pushing back protestors who get a little to uncomfortably close for the tastes of regular security. Of course their presence leads to -other- protests given that..well..they are an infamous band of former criminals now hired as special protectors..and so the cycle continues on.

"Abigail!" yells a nervous UN security guard into a door leading into one of the darkened parking structures and lots besides one of the larger UN buildings. He holds up several large bags full of assorted fast foods and junk food. "I got your order."

There's silence at first and then the ground starts shaking. A certifiable earthquake that is likely setting off seismic readings in different parts of Metro City.. The heavy THUDS of gigantic foot falls which is followed by a hand so huge it looks capable of encircling aorund the entire torso of the security guard, emerging from the darkness of the open door. Said hand reaches up and presses against the top of the door frame and then begins to push up. A loud cracking and sundering sound ripples through the air as the immense act of strength begins to literally push the entire frame higher and higher. Shattering concrete and seemingly ripping the walls upward in some cartoonishly freakish display of strength. Abigail then begins to emerge through the opening, barely. A literal mountain of flesh casting a huge shadow over the quaking guard.

With tensions flaring, and more and more resources tying into the things going on in Japan, those with the Order still in Metro City are constantly on the update of news and information. Some of them are yet being tapped for services over in Japan to shore up those already working on the island nation. While Mad Gear has been providing service of their own, the Sacred Order still had important work to do in maintaining things. They also have their own uniforms, and a bit more uniform-y than Mad Gears, though still outlandish, at least it's mostly on-brand.

Boots click on the ground, quick steps with a purpose. Clio St. Jeanne moves down the hall of the UN building wearing the uniform of her Order. She is waiting on confirmation of travel to Japan. She's eager for it and pacing has lost its fun, so she's gone for walks. Her arms rest behind her back and her fingers play at the links of chain wrapped around her bare arm.

The world of boredom is shattered when the whole building seems to quake and quaver. At the ready, a suddenly combat standing Clio waits, and waits, and then realizes nothing is happening. She mutters to herself and starts to snoop around. She wants to find what shook the halls. Not for any reason other than to quell her anxious boredom. An answer that soon finds solution in the form of a giant. Clio, herself not nearly a giant, looks up and up. "So I've found the elephant in the room," she comments for her own entertainment.

Right now, the world is a rather confusing place. Allegiences are tested, unity in purpose strained, and many have begun to even bicker whether the current course is correct not only for this present situation in Japan, but for the world as a whole. Pandora's box has been opened with these strange Gears, monstrously powerful and mass-produced weapons with the apex able to annihilate even cities. But isn't that interesting? Peace has a way of causing only stagnation, after all...

It's no coincidence that Abigail and his colleagues are guarding this particular building. They may not know themselves, but vital research on the Gears and their battle plans happen to be located here. The United Nations have taken great pains to keep this information unknown... which is why Hazama Honoka had such a hard time digging it up. Countless whispers, squeaking rats and desperate statements lead him here, peering at the unimposing building. Although the security is formidable, he would have never anticipated it to be this critical to the war efforts.

Yet Novis Orbis Librarium works with the United Nations, doesn't it? It is even a sister agency to the Sacred Order. That is precisely why Hazama has to be careful, here. The organization *needs* to know this data, and if diplomatic and business channels fail... well, that's why there's an intelligence department. Blending into the small sea of protestors and angry individuals aware of this building's ownership, before he slips within the darkness of the parking garage.

Dangerously competent bursts of movement take him along, moving between concrete pillars and cars. Cameras are noted and avoided, giving no notice of his nearly ghost-like presence. But then he is taken aback by the feel of those resonating feet, stopping abruptly at the bumper of a rather impressive car. As Abigail surges through the door...

The car alarm goes off. Shrill, high-pitched shrieking takes place right behind Hazama, who's standing stock-still, illuminated now and then by the flares of the headlights. His hand is atop his fedora, one gloved hand settled into his long overcoat pocket.


Without a word, he begins to walk along once more, whistling carelessly as if being this far into a highly security-locked area isn't cause for any sort of alarm.

A giant indeed. Hugo has earned some infamy due to his size and some even consider that giant the biggest man alive but Abigail is 'Boss Form' and has mostly lurked in the shadows of his scrap yard, content. These public affairs arent' like him but he's gaining some notice. He looks effectively inhuman, so immense is his physique.

His size is further demonstrated as the titanic mechanic reaches down and plucks the bag from the hands of the security guard who wastes no time in getting the hell out of dodge before Abigail can notice. The pile of food sits in the middle of his huge palm and Abigail squints one eye and leers into the bag with his other eye to count up the offering of meat and other assorted fast food goods and sundries. Assorted sandwiches, fries, nuggets, wraps and ---

"H..hey! Where's my triple murder bacon burger extreme!" he roars, voice booming after the long gone security guard. "Hrrrrrnn.." he grunts, making a sound like an engine rumbling in idle. Clearly displeased looking. He sticks a single finger into the bag and eventually plucks out a cheesburger which he..pops into his mouth with all the fanfare someone else might devour a single skittle.

And then the car alarm goes off and like a kaiju disturbed from its mealtime, Abigail turns, swiveling on his heel and grounding his immense weight and pressure into the ground. It's at this point he sees both Clio and then, of course, Hazama,

"Hey!" he booms, "What're you two doing here. Off limits." he thumbs a tree branch sized thumb over his shoudlers, "BEAT IT!"

Clio has to take pause for two particular reasons. The first is the sheer size of the man in front of her. Even if the heel of her boots give her a bit of a lift compared to flat footed, there's still the matter of a feet between her and Abigail. The second, and far more confounding reason for her pause is her having to process the curiosity of the request before her.

"I know the uniform is subtle, understated even, compared to what you're used to, but I'm supposed to be here. I'm with the Sacred Order, here on their behalf for the UN. I'm waiting for orders from my superiors." She looks around her, chain rattling as her fingers fidget at her side.

"If I go wait outside, are you going to get my mail for me?" she asks after a moment's consideration. "Because there's a lot of doors you'd have to renovate if you go down there in my place. See, I can fit in spaces smaller than a minivan."

Hazama freezes when he's called out, hand still resting atop his black fedora. A slow pivot of the head follows, looking towards the moderately distant Abigail. Then his seemingly closed eyes pivot upwards, small smile resting on his face. He has a casual air about him, stance loose and relaxed, seeming to somehow hide amongst the muted shadows of the partly illuminated car park in a manner that seems unsettlingly natural. The car alarm continues to blare, headlights going bright now and then, before finally turning off.

"Of course! I'll be on my way, then...!" He then twists, beginning to head in the exact /opposite/ direction Abigail just attempted to herd him out... towards the nearby grandiose building, as opposed to the streets that lead him back into Metro City proper. Hopefully, Clio's continued conversation will make him overlooked. Just... let him head towards these nice, comforting shadows to vanish in...

No can do! Abigail is, if nothing else, single minded to a fault and like the junkyard pitbull his features resemble, once he locks in on something he doesn't easily let it go. He sees you, Hazama. Oh yes. He sees you.

"Not -that- way!!" he booms at Hazama while turning to fully face that direction. He pauses long enough to address Clio. "..And you..I don't know anything about no 'Sacred Order'." Meaning he just flatly wasn't paying attention when getting any sort of briefing.. "So don't you go nowhere. You come with me, until I check out if you're legit or not... " He shakes a finger at her, gesture chastising like, "They said this building is off limits.. "So it's OFF LIMITS!"

WIth that said, he turns and starts thundering, step after earth shaking step, in Hazama's direction, dropping his bag of food down onto the roof of a nearby car as he moves seismically past.

Clio's head just sort of takes a slight tilt to the side when she's confronted with Abigail's rudderless direction. She purses her lips, sucks on her teeth and looks at anything but Abigail for the time Abigail is twisted about to confront whatever it is on the other side of the man's monolithic bulk.

Correcting her posture and fixing her beret, Clio has, of course, many questions. "How am I supposed to both not go anywhere and go with you?" she asks. "And if this place is off limits to everyone, why are you here?" she follows up quickly.

She hums, tapping at her chin with the spike end of her chain. Her eyes widen when the iceberg starts to drift away from her. Curious of just what Abigail is going after, she follows. And stops to peek up and into Abigail's food bag while the big boy is distracted with his quarry.

Well, this is somewhat awkward. "Huh? What?" Hazama calls back over his shoulder, not slowing down in the slightest when he's called out to. In the brief amount of time that Abigail spent turning towards Clio, he's gotten much further ahead than he should have, really. It seems he's now outright speed-walking beyond the average gait of the gargantuan figure's mighty legs, a somewhat stiff legged gait starting to take him further into the parking garage at a much higher rate. His hands have shifted to his pockets, humming lightly to himself. "Don't worry about me, go eat your food! I'll just be a minute..."

"I mean, don't leave my sight!" exclaims Abigail at Clio, "Like...don't leave until I figure out who you are! Sheesh! You know what I meant." Abigail can't deal with to much at once it seems. "..And -I- work here...sort of ...so it's not off limits to me!" All that being said, the sliding glacier turns and eyes Hazama "I said....ST--"

Clio's touching his food..

"Hey!! That's mine!" Abigail wheels on her now and takes a few titanic steps back, rocking several cars and setting off a few car alarms as he reaches down and snatches the bag of food into his hand. "That's my lunch! What is, this show and tell??"

Hazama is indeed forgotten for a moment as he peers into the bag to see if anything has been disturbed and then closes it back up again and peers at Clio, "You're on thin ice with me, lady. Trespassing and now messing with my meal. That's a serious offense.."

Clio was simply looking, not doing much to disturb other than opening the bag. She backs away, hands up, when the giant comes to reclaim his giant's bag. "Two good answers, good for you," she comments with a small smile. "And it could be show and tell." She points to the bag. "Whatchu got in there? Something good? Looking at you, you probably know your way around a restaurant. I don't, I mean, look at me." She looks down at herself in demonstration.

Clio crosses her arms and uses the car as a lean on. She's with the Order now, but she started walking around the streets of Metro City at night, she has a distinct comfort with the local atmosphere and color. "Got any advice? Maybe thinking about going on a bulk. Think I could grow up big and strong like you?"

Sometimes, the simplest solution to a problem is to just try and ignore it while more pressing matters take priority. He tips his hat towards Abigail after he turns away, letting out a long sigh of relief to find him deciding that matters of food and stomach are preferable to harmless-looking slender figures, slithering about in the dark. He passes by a concrete pillar and seems to vanish; flitting beneath a car, rising beyond it to worm along the wall, now heading towards the entrance to the United Nation building once more... all's well that end's well, neh?

Another shake of those meaty fingers at Clio. "..Nuh uh.. you're trying to distract me from my job, missy. I deal with Poison and Roxy daily. I know how to resist them feminine wiles when I got to. There's another guy in whose not supposed to be here and you're..distracting......me?"

Abigail's deep voice trails off as he suddenly realizes that he indeed has no idea where Hazama has gotten of to.

"Ah, damn." he rumbles, huge shoulders sagging, "Noooo! Brooooooo!!!" the second sound he makes is..vaguelly car like. A rumbling whine he slaps the top of his head with a massive hand, digging his palm into his leaf-shaped flap-top hair. "No fair! Where'd he go!?"

Clio idly plays with the spiked end of her chain, spinning it at short length while Abigail accuses her of using wiles on him. There's something amusingly pitiable about the hulk that Clio finds fun. She smiles and shrugs and waits for Aibigail to finish his lumbering and rumbling after whatever it was he is chasing. She doesn't have any stake in this game. She hasn't even seen who it was he was chasing.

"I'm going to go back inside to see if I have a plane ticket to Japan yet. That way, you can find me if you want to talk some more. If I see any interlopers, I'll send them your way." Her boots start to click once more against the pavement, taking her back to the UN building.

From the shadows up ahead, a voice calls out. "Thanks for distracting him for me, buddy! I couldn't have done this illegal infiltration without you. We're a great team!" It's almost impossible to tell precisely where Hakama is from it, given the reverberations from the concrete and the dense shadows, only the areas where cars are intended to be driven well-lit.

"Dammit!" rumbles Abigail as he stalks the aisles of the parking garage, looming over the cars and trucks and swiveling his gaze from side to side. He hears Clio as he stalks away and only gives her a quick over the shoulder snarl. He turns away and presses ahead.

Then he hears Hazama and he pauses and slams his huge fists into his massive chest a few times. Each impact causes the entire area to shake violently. Dust drops from the ceiling. Cars bounce up and down and more alarms go off. "Rargh! So it was a trick after all! I knew it!!"

At this point Clio has made her way back into the building and all that is left to the giant is his bag of food.

"...Well..at least I got my lunch." Priorities and all.

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