NFG Season One Finals - NFG Season One Final: Ichika vs Djamila

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Description: The Prodigy of Steel faces off against the Dancer of Wind at the Metro City Arena this Sunday in a return to the very first match of FightFest 2023! Time for them both to showcase how much has changed over the course of a year!

Fans of NFG, Fighters, and Sponsors have all been waiting for this moment. The final match. The arena is packed to the brim despite last week's destruction. The crowd is pumped to the max. Soon a winner will be declared. There has to be a winner, but both fighters can be proud of getting to this moment.

A video appears as if the match needed to be hyped more. 'New Fighting Generation's first fight started with our two finalists' It shows a picture of the two in the ring back then. 'Now it's going to end the same way!' A picture of Ichika, a big VS and a picture of Djamila.'

Then the music for Djamila starts 'Jusqu'au Bout' It's her classic one, and she's going to finish this with it. Now, the screen shows her best moments in the NFG. She walks with sure steps toward the ring. She's wearing her typical back short shorts, a black sports bra, her black blindfold, and her black boots. She's also carrying her staff.

She notes the place has been repaired, and one could hardly tell what happened last week, except for the dome on top. Nothing is perfect.

She makes her way to the ring and slides under the ropes. She motions for a microphone. The first time she will speak before a match. The music cuts.

Once she gets a microphone, she says. " I just want to say it's amazing to be here, it's amazing to fight Ichika once again, and it's going to be one hell of a match. I am going to give it my all. I expect no less from my opponent, and at this point, I can't wait to see her truth." She throws the mic back to the one who has given it to her, and she settles in her corner.

It's a new theme for Ichika. When she walks out, it is to the echoing laughter of Shermie and some truly sick guitar riffs ( She's not wearing the awesome outfit that Shermie had designed for her, so the least she can do is come out to her favourite CYS track. Not, surprisingly, the Resonant Objects which had gotten her up to the dance floor, but the Rhythmic Hallucination which was so often a part of her training playlist. To let the music flow through her, those ethereal tones, the jagged discord of the guitars, the distant bells...

But if she's not wearing her fighting outfit, what is she wearing?

There's only one answer to that question, right? The same outfit she'd worn when she first stepped into the arena against Djamila. The black and orange uniform of Justice High. When they see it, her fans go wild - the ones who were more fans of Team Thunder in general... maybe less so? But the girl's pace is unhurried as she walks to the arena. This is it, then. The culmination of everything they have struggled and fought for. Somewhere in the audience, her mother and father watch - even her reserved, so prim and proper mother cheering to see her daughter having made it this far. Contrary to popular opinion, there's no doubt about where her father's loyalty lays either - the giant novelty foam katana is a dead giveaway. The bigger surprise, and one those clever eyes of hers spy almost immediately, is the presence of Ota-san. The old Go Parlor owner has brought a banner for his business with... a little chibi version of her emblazoned upon it. It makes her smile. So rare, that she used to do that. So often it comes to her now.

In almost every way that matters, she has already won. She has the support of her family. Her friends. Her community. Still, there is one very important way in which she hasn't won, yet... and that's in terms of the actual victory.

She jumps up and over the ropes, landing in the ring with an audible, and deliberate, THUMP. There are a lot of people who no doubt expect her to address the damage to the stadium, the fact that her opponent had, at last, finished what Ichika thought never should have started.

But of course, they should know better: She has nothing to say about that girl.

She, too, is handed a microphone, and when she addresses the crowd - and Djamila - it is without any hesitation or doubt. Ichika's voice is strong, her conviction is firm.

"Tonight, I am fighting for Justice High." She says, "It would not have been possible for me to participate in this project and achieve all that I have if it were not for the support of Imawano-sensei. I will not say that I fight for Team Thunder." Gasps! Ripples of confusion emanate through the crowd, before she clarifies:

"They do not need me to fight for them. What we have achieved speaks for itself. I will carry Team Thunder with me always, and we will overcome every challenge."

Her smile widens, then. Bright, even dazzling under the arena lights. "Tonight! I embrace the lessons of my school! I will demonstrate excellence, honour and integrity! I will carve the path for future generations! Whether I win or lose, have no doubt! The world that we all must strive for, the beautiful future we will build together, shall be one step closer to reality!"

It's certainly a dramatic speech, and the girl is clearly fired up after she gives it, passing the mic back to the steward and then immediately falling into her combat stance, hand wrapped around the hilt of her katana.


Djamila is quiet while her opponent makes her way out. So there it is. Everything is almost the same as it was at the beginning. The two girls with different mentalities, but both are ready for this. Ichika has her fans, and Djamila has hers. It's time to give them a match to remember for a long time.

She makes her way closer to Ichika. "I am not going to say good luck. Luck will not decide this. Give me your best! I will do the same! AND KICK ASS!

After this, she gets in her stance but does not strike yet. There is no hurry, no anger in this one. At the moment there is... FUN!

COMBATSYS: Djamila has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Djamila          0/-------/-------|

Hawksley had meant to arrive here earlier to see the battle between his buddy, Brian and the lovely Chevy but he'd passed an interesting looking boozer on the way and several drinks later, he's just about made it in time to see the entrances of the two finalists.

Djamila seems calm, composed and confident on the surface but Hawksley can't help but wonder if the caustic commentary she had fired out during her fight with Junko will be echoed here. After all, there hasn't been much love lost between she and the Justice schoolgirl since their very first encounter. Several fans around him shout out "Give it your ass" in response to the Iraqi woman saying "Give it my all." It seems there's no escaping the influence of Tom and Lou's commentary, and indeed they are present here today to give their own views on the action that's about to unfold.

Ichika meanwhile seems to radiate joy. It's probably the happiest Hawksley has ever seen her, though he's not as close to her as some. He can't help but feel proud of how she's presenting herself in front of this vast crowd. Whatever the outcome today, it's sure to be an incredible occasion.

He's dressed for it in a black t-shirt with a red and yellow 'NFG' logo on it, black jeans and a pair of red sneakers. Despite his somewhat merry state, he seems to be mostly coherent and found his seat in the arena without much trouble.

He's flying solo for the evening with Coco opting to stay behind in their fancy hotel. She is still feeling somewhat traumatised since her last two visits to the Metro City Arena ended in tragedy. He can hardly blame her for opting for the safer option of cable TV and mocktails.

As for himself, Hawksley couldn't bring himself to stay away. He's been excited for this match since he first signed up to the New Fighting Generation project. Okay, so he had pictured himself fighting in the final at that point but being part of the occasion is still a thrill.

He's brought no signs or clear shows of support for either of the females in the final today. In his heart he may have someone he wants to win but he's being diplomatic about it on the surface. Perhaps his agent Frank is finally getting the message through.

From the comfort of his seat, the Irishman starts to look around to see if he can spot any other contestants or sponsors in the crowd or even just familiar faces.

Hawksley thought he was flying solo tonight, that is.

What he may not have accounted for was the fact that the seating area for Team Blaze was about to be occupied by one of the New Fighting Generation's biggest fans.

"'Scuse me! Comin' through!"

Thanks to the merchandising department of the NFG, the Titan of Ogres (hey, he wants a title too!) is wearing an XXXXL+ white t-shirt with the words 'I <3 CUTIES' and a little cartoon picture of himself holding up an '8.0' sign and giving a thumb up on the front. Zog is carrying a tray full of nachos, hot dogs and popcorn around his neck, as if he were selling snacks as a side hustle - but the truth is, he'd just bought the whole thing off of the snack hawker just to keep things simple. He drops down into the seats next to Hawksley, places the two XXL sodas he's carrying in the drink holders on either side of himself, and reaches under his shirt to pull out the grog barrel he's snuck in by hiding it in his girth, setting it down in the seat on the other side of him from the Irishman.

He's also wearing one of those beer hats on his head.

"Hey, Hawks! Who you here to cheer for?" the ogre quietly booms next to him, his stage whisper carrying over the murmur of the crowd. "I'm here for the cuties." He sweeps a finger across his shirt to underline the message before picking up one of the dogs and violently applying ketchup and mustard, clearly unbothered by the potential for splatter from oversqueezing.

As he does, the primitive bling around his neck - a crude compass hanging on a leather thong - starts to spin slowly.

Hawksley watches in horror as Zog makes his way towards him. It's not that he still hates the fella. He's grown to appreciate him in recent weeks, ever since the sponsor saw fit to belly bounce him across the Blaze Headquarters. Afterwards they bonded over booze, pizza and babes, though Zog's own views on women are a little too last century for the Irishman's taste.

The problem is that there's just so much of Zog and these seats are kinda small. Plus, the ogre is carrying some very messy snacks and..."Ah feck it" he says under his breath, giving the big boy a warm welcome.

"It's grand to to see you, Zogman. Is some of that food for me or are you saving it to share with the cuties?"

He dodges being smattered by the sauces with a swift lean to the side. "It doesn't matter to me who takes the title" he claims. "I reckon the New Fighting Generation is the real winner."

Quite the controversial opinion given recent events and the fact his girlfriend and her parents are planning to sue the people behind it.

Somewhere in the crowd sits a stunning redhead, swathed in an emerald green cloak that covers the scalemail bikini beneath. She's thrilled to be in attendance at the event of the year, the final match of the New Fighting Generation tournament. She managed to secure tickets by calling the hotline as soon as the seats went on sale and is happy that this has resulted in a prime position. She's of course supporting Ichika, who's a sword fighter like herself. She'd love to talk tactics with the schoolgirl sometime but for now 'The Prodigy of Steel' has other matters to attend to, like trying to secure the title and even more importantly in Hollyella's eyes, the prize money.

As an adventurer, she gets to experience independence, excitement and travel but even better she gets paid well. It seems that so do these fighters and she wouldn't mind a piece of that action for herself. So whilst she is here for pleasure tonight, she's also here for the purpose of research. Could she Hollyella compete in the ring like these young rookies have done? She's confident that the answer is yes.

She takes a sip from her soda and settles in to enjoy what's sure to be a rollercoaster ride of a rematch.

And somewhere in the crowd is a seven foot tall pink genie man in his usual traditional white Omani clothing, having set aside some of his money just for this. The finale of such an event is not one to be missed, after all, even if Hashim doesn't personally know who the fighters are. The one in the blindfold does look a little familiar though, like someone he saw out of the corner of his eye once.

"It reminds me of the professional wrestling my mother would not let me watch. I admit I was a naughty child and ignored her stern warnings, haha. Such great heroes, such despicable villains, it was hard to look away." he reminisces aloud as the entrances play out, scratching his chin. Maybe he's talking to someone, maybe not.

There's a small laugh from Ichika at those words. Kick ass, indeed.

"Let's rock."

Her own version of the sentiment, and the girl gives a sharp nod of her head before she is suddenly exploding forwards from the standing position. There was a time she was hesitant to take the first move; to attack is more difficult than defending, it opens you up to counterattack and it is difficult to shift back into a defensive posture when you have already committed. But it is difficult to believe that about the girl now.

Now, she understands the tempo and rhythm of the fight much better than she did before. Djamila seems to know it on an almost instinctual level. If she is going to win, she is going to have to steal that from her; she needs to be the one setting the pace, dictating the ebb and flow of battle. If she lets the dancer take the lead, she is going to struggle.

Once, she tried to block out the crowd's excitement, too. But she can feel it here. The anticipation. The questions they have, about to be answered. Could the youngest competitor in the NFG really take the whole thing? Was Djamila's style truly as dominant as it had seemed throughout this latest set of battles? Who was, truly, further down the Warrior's Road?

It's a set of questions Ichika is as eager to answer as they are, and she is still smiling broadly as her sword slashes out. The girl leaps, rolls, and comes in low in an attempt to draw a thin line across Djamila's thigh - a testing strike that, if successful, will take her straight past her opponent, sheathing her blade as she turns and rises.

COMBATSYS: Ichika has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ichika           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Djamila

COMBATSYS: Ichika successfully hits Djamila with Quick Strike.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Ichika           0/-------/-----==|>>>----\-------\0          Djamila

Both are distinctly different in this fight from the first fight they had together. This shows now.

She remembers the Ichika who wasn't ready to strike. But not so much now. It takes her by surprise, and she gets slashed in the thigh, not getting out of there fast enough. Blood is drawn already, but there is no foul language coming out of Djamila's mouth yet.

Oh well done. You already show I will have to be on my best game.

She still turns around rather quickly and slams her staff down. Almost before the staff is down, she jumps on it high. Then she turns herself upside down on it to grab Ichika's legs if she can and pull to take her back down. If she has her way anyway. Then she graceful flips back onto her feet. Ignoring the cut on her legs. There is more at stake than damage.

COMBATSYS: Ichika blocks Djamila's Inside Leg Hang.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Ichika           0/-------/---====|>>>----\-------\0          Djamila

First blood drawn. The schoolgirl flicks the blade clean, sheathes it, and then Djamila is launching her counterattack. Ichika turns to face it, and as her legs are grabbed she springs upwards, allowing the motion to flow through her. She lands on her palms, springing back off the arena floor with only a faint soreness to show for her trouble. The first exchange, then, had gone to her.

She's watched Djamila's fights, of course; she's fought her herself, too! And though the advancement they have each made is clear, it is equally clear to her that Djamila's fundamental style has remained the same. The pole is a formidable weapon in this context, far moreso than one would think to look at it. It is her defense and her offense all at once; it is the fortress she will need to overcome, and the assault she will need to turn aside, all at the same time.

"I wonder, Fadel-san." She says, softly. "Do you still believe I *cannot* win?"

And then she is in motion again, and the girl is driving forwards with everything she has. When the blade comes slashing out of its home, it draws with it the brilliant blue power that she has become so adept at using - shining bright, three slashes aim in rapid succession to paint their way in criss-crossing diagonal up Djamila's body, each one coupled with an arc of sapphire power which hangs in the air beautifully for a few moments after the attack is delivered.

COMBATSYS: Djamila reflects Lambent Assault EX from Ichika with Superman EX.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Ichika           1/------=/=======|>>>>---\-------\0          Djamila

First exchange to Ichika indeed. She may have trouble admitting it most time, but she still has respect for Ichika in her way. Never would she consider this fight easy. It's why she is still ready right now to fight this to the bitter end. She may gotten to the final, but Ichika did just the same thing, and she has beaten strong opponents as well.

"I would say what I think is not important for you. Is it what you think now, yourself? Because the first time, you took it pretty personally. I think you deserve to be here. You did amazing in this tournament." That's what she allows herself to say in answer.

Ichika is already in motion. It seems Djamila is about to taste Ichika's blue power firsthand. Well, she has her own power, the wind. She winds and surrounds herself in a sort of shield. If she has her way, and it seems to be so, it pushes the attacks away from her and sends the energy back to the sender. After the first slash, seeing the wind holds, she jumps to do an attack of her own as the remaining slashes are pushed away. She slams the staff down with force at Ichika's head.

Hitting her the first time, she jumps a second time to push the attack in.

She's not aiming to do any permanent damage, but knows better than not giving her best on attacks too.

It also seems to be enough to stop the thigh cut from bleeding, but the pain is still there. Reminding herself she needs to stay fast and attentive.

With her assault quite literally blown apart and a couple of powerful blows to the skull for her trouble, Ichika is sent reeling backwards. The schoolgirl shakes her head to clear it as she slams her foot back down into the arena floor - bringing herself to a firm stop with the skid of her booted feet. Blood trickles down the girl's face, but her eyes are still sharp as she meets Djamila's eye.

"A cowardly answer, Fadel-san." She says, "I'm disappointed. Have the courage of your convictions! You'll need more than that to best me!"

The girl's tone is sharper than her sword, as she twirls the blade around and slides it neatly back into her saya. The pain is intense, but it's hardly the first time she's dealt with intense pain. Her irritation with Djamila is genuine, that kind of politician's non-answer is infuriating especially in this final part of the tournament; either Djamila believes that it is possible for Ichika to overcome her, and respects her strength accordingly, or she does not, and there is still that misconception to correct. Dancing around it by claiming that it is an unimportant question is just... insulting.

But nor does Ichika allow herself to be ruled by that. Calm. Focus. Learn. Those are the three principles she has sought to embody, and she has certainly dont a good job of it thus far. The first clash, she had won. The second had gone in Djamila's favour. Now, she steadies herself, drawing a steadying breath into herself as she stares hard into the woman's eyes.

She is calm. She is centred. If Djamila is going to refuse to give her the straight answer she seeks, then she will simply have to demonstrate that it is possible by doing it!

COMBATSYS: Ichika calculates her next move.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Ichika           1/------=/=======|>>>>---\-------\0          Djamila

Djamila still has a lot to show to Ichika. This is going to be an interesting fight. Both have drawn blood now. And it's just the beginning.

She smirks. To Djamila's mind, Ichika needs a lesson. Of course, Ichika wouldn't like the answer she gave. It wasn't the answer she wanted. "Oh, babe. I think you have your own truth and anything that shows your truth is off or wrong upsets you. Like you need pandering and validation from someone you give no shit about. I've hurt your little feelings, and now you want me to say you can beat me. I think you show your true age and not in a good way. Can you beat me? Possibly." She gives a shrug." But you still want to prove you can beat me. It's not to prove to me I am wrong. It's to prove to you I am wrong. So now beat me if you can. I will congratulate you and even be happy for you. But please, grow up and stop trying to seek validation from me. God, if that thought was pregnancy, you would have a baby now." She rolls her eyes a bit

As Ichika doesn't attack her, Djamila does the same. She has no intention of getting angry at the girl. This is a final that should be fun. No one's life is riding on this. She knows she deserves to be there, and she has no intention of further comforting her opponent about deserving to be there too. Too bad Chevy didn't win. She would know her worth.

She sets her staff down upright and stops moving, focusing her senses on herself and her opponent.

COMBATSYS: Djamila stops moving and focuses herself.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Ichika           1/------=/=======|>>>>---\-------\0          Djamila

"No, Fadel-san. Your approval is not what I seek. I want you to stand for something. Right now, you are merely an empty vessel."

Ichika's voice is cool as she replies. And she doesn't seem surprised that Djamila refuses to engage her. This really is the fundamental difference between the pair, isn't it? For Ichika, fighting at all has been a process of discovering her Truth - as the stripper was so quick to mock. More than that, it was a way to test that truth against others'. But Djamila doesn't have one. She's consistently and badly misread almost everything that Ichika has ever said to her, made wild assumptions about what it is she is trying to achieve, and offered nothing but trite scorn in return.

It is insulting. It is also, more or less, what she had anticipated. Technical skill, but nothing deeper.

Ichika chooses her moment carefully. One second she is engaged in the unblinking staredown with Djamila. The next, she is in the air. Erupting from the ground, she closes the distance between herself and her opponent incredibly fast, and the katana is already in her hands as she brings it down for a hard diagonal slash, already bringing the blade around in a twisting motion that should, by now, be quite familiar to anyone who has seen her fight before...

COMBATSYS: Ichika successfully hits Djamila with Genius Loci.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Ichika           1/---====/=======|=====--\-------\0          Djamila

"You are free to think that, babe." She smiles at her and feels no reason to go further on this. She shares enough of what she is. she doesn't feel the need to explain herself on this matter.

Djamila is almost amused at this point, at least until Ichika gets in the air from the ground in a burst of speed, which Djamila isn't fast enough to dodge. It ends up with her getting another cut, this time on her chest. The pain is strong, and she stumbles back a bit. More blood is drawn, but yet she does not go in anger this time either.

Right after, she glides along the ground quickly and brings her staff forth to slam it into Ichika's own chest if she has her way. She counts on speed with this.

COMBATSYS: Ichika just-defends Djamila's Quick Strike!

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Ichika           1/---====/=======|=====--\-------\0          Djamila

It doesn't seem as though Ichika feels the need to discuss more, either. As Djamila reels from her assault, the girl brings her sword around - but rather than some variant of intercepting strike that she has used every other time she's put the maneuver into practice, she brings the flat of the blade up.

She draws in a breath.

There's not even a spray of sparks as she gently guides the staff around to the side, the side of the sword almost delicate as she uses the momentum that Djamila had built up against her and to the schoolgirl's advantage.

She exhales.

The bleeding has stopped, leaving the girl's features bloodstained but strangely serene as she renews her stance. Djamila is still in very close, and it does not feel like this is the moment in the fight to back off; they are entwined together now. Pole against blade.

Both of Ichika's hands grasp tight around the hilt of the sword, and she drives forwards in those close quarters. The sword flourishes left, right, but it is all a feint - the true attack comes when she suddenly lunges upwards...

And it isn't the blade at all that is the real danger. It is the hilt, aiming to crash into Djamila's jaw with as much force as the girl can muster - far more than one would think possible for a girl of her size, that's for sure!

COMBATSYS: Djamila counters Innovation Drive EX from Ichika with Chopper Spin EX.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Ichika           1/-======/=======|====---\-------\0          Djamila

Ichika has improved a lot. Djamila wouldn't be able to say anything to the contrary. The way she uses her sword to simply guide Djamila's movement, is very well done.

She backs up slightly and slams her staff down as Ichika's sword dances from one side to the other. She jumps but extends her legs just as Ichika lunges forward. She sends a knee to her head to stop the attack in its track and send her back a bit. Then she extends her legs and allows herself to spin down, hitting Ichika's body with a flurry of kicks until she gets to the ground in a split.

Once she is on the ground, she gracefully raises herself up and holds her staff.

Ichika has tricks up her sleeves. So does Djamila. Yes, Ichika certainly could beat her, but she's not going to make it easy for her. Just as the opposite is true.

"'Sup boys?"

Braun's deep gravelly voice rumbles in lazily from behind Zog and Hawksley and a few seats up in order to stay clear of the splattering mayhem that is Zog's application of ketchup and mustard onto his snack pile. If nothing else, the territory eked out by the giant ogres presence has caused the crowds to give them as much as a wide berth as possible to avoid being, well, flattened, and Braun takes advantage of this by draping his long legs down across a few additional seats while absently dangling a can of some random brand of beer in one of his clawed hands as he watches the match.

"Who to root fer.." he muses, bored sounding voice dragging through the air casually and thoughtfully as he slowly grins and watches the match. He keeps quiet as Hawksley speaks up and then grins once again, "Don't wanna pick a tribe to be in, eh Hawksley? Heh. Don't blame ya."

He lifts a hand up an points a clawed finger towards the ring, tracking the rapid movements of the two champion worthy ladies with his gestures before finally settling on Djamila, "I aint had a chance to fight or speak with Ichika so maybe I'm bein' a bit unfair but..I gotta go with Djamila fer this one. We'll see what happens though. Already lookin' like a good back and forth.."

The fight is already underway, but there's a seat still laying empty at ringside, suspiciously so. Pressing his way towards the empty seat is a young man barrelling towards his thirties with what seems to be the intention of leaving behind a beautiful corpse. He lithely weaves his way though the crowd and down the steps of the arena not all that far from Hawksley and Zog.

He is dressed in a tailored charcoal-gray suit, fit to him within a micrometer, granting the man effortless movement as he travels while also accentuating his athletic build. Every thread of it blasted expertly crafted to broadcast a sense of sophisticated, modern luxury that spells out that this is Jace Timmons, and he's in public and _on_ tonight.

He pauses for a moment, standing in side-profile on the stairway, his trailing foot one step higher to give a slight bend of his knee. He looks out in the middle distance, a winning smile plastered across the lower third of his face, stretching what seems ear to ear. There is a wave or two, and a moment's double-take as he recognizes Braun. No less than a few dozen flases all go off from cameras mounted on phones, definitely delayed as people do double-takes of their own and then clamour to steal a quick picture before they go back to cheering for their fighter.

Jace continues downstairs towards his seat, and one can notice an older man hitting the mid-point of his fourties following behind. Not athletic in the traditional sense, he trudges down the stairs behind Jace, endeavoring with various degrees of success to stay out of the photos. He proceeds Jace down the row of people to his chair, politely but firmly clearing the way for the former pop star, with Jace handling the excuse mes and thank yous in a well-practiced choreography.

As he takes his seat, the tension of the section is palpable. He takes a look around, noticing the eyes on him before he turns his attention back to the fight with what seems to be an appraisal, a veteran watching the next generation duke it out. He clears his throat, raises a hand to his mouth, and proceeds to take part in the cheering.

"Kick her in the baw--!!"

He is cut off as the elbow of the older man sitting next to him is driven into his side, the grunt quickly turning into a laugh as he looks to his longtime manager, Skeeter Brown, as he asks gleefully.


He knows what.

At the sound of Braun's familiar voice, Hawksley turns his head to look at him. "You made it. Nice job on staying out of the danger zone" he laughs, nodding towards Zog.

"I'm not saying I haven't picked a tribe in my heart, fella" he admits to Braun. "I'm just trying not to hurt anyone's feelings, so I am." He doesn't seem too surprised that his teammate's own choice is Djamila, given that he knows the two have been known to hang out.

His dark eyes are drawn towards the younger suited man, as he makes his way to his seat. Hawksley has no fecking clue who this fella is but he looks like he's someone. The way he carries himself suggests confidence and swagger. Of course, the same could be said of himself and he was a nobody until a few short months ago. Or at least beyond the boozers of Cork City.

Perhaps he's another fighter. Outside the world of boxing, the Irishman isn't too hot on recognising famous faces in the fighting world, though he is a little more familiar with a few than he used to be. As well as all the team sponsors, he's also had the pleasure of meeting the members of CYS and Honoka Kawamoto. After looking her up online, he realised she's kinda a big deal.

He focuses back on the duo battling it out in the ring. It's tough to call who's claimed the advantage so far. Both fighters seem to be at their best and it's sure to be a bloody good battle. Literally, given the bodily fluids that have already been spilled.

As with the match that tore the roof off of the arena, four Fulgore units maintain a vigilant guard a good distance back from the four corners of the ring. Their watchful eyes glow red in the darkness, their gunmetal armor easily ignored in light of the much more animated motions by the audience.

And, just as with that match, and Kenzo's before it, Corporal Minal Panesh of the US Special Forces is in the front row. She doesn't expect trouble -- but she's here just in case there is any.

Of course, she's also here to watch two very special young ladies beat the tar out of each other. It'd be hard for the folks behind her to miss when she throws a giant metal fist in the air, in a rare show of excitment, for one move or another. She may be short -- but those fists aren't.

Just -- please, she whispers to herself. Please let this match be normal.

It seems that the time for talking is over. Perhaps it had been over long before the pair actually drew their respective weapons. Words failed, constantly, between Ichika and Djamila. Two young women from such different walks of life that they simply cannot find common ground with their speech. When Ichika rises from the floor again, she is still holding her sword in both hands - and this is the first time that she's used this technique with the process there for all to see.

The girl's grasp tightens on the weapon's hilt and she summons up her inner resolve. Those blue eyes of hers are literally alight with power as she does it; blazing intensely as she focuses all she has on this girl. This stubborn obstacle to her hopes and dreams.

Her parents are watching. Her friends are watching. The thousands of people across the world who she has inspired are watching. This is the moment to forge her legacy; to show them all her shining soul of steel, the culmination of her Truth!

She asks the Kami to show her the way. They answer.

All at once, the girl's sword ignites into a blinding flare of pure sapphire chi. The ultimate expression of her potential; all that she is, all that she dreams of being. To carry the Katana and be the worthy soul using it to forge a brighter future. The arena ROARS to see it; this dramatic display which has turned the tide for her before. Could it do so again?

She carries their hopes with her as she practically flies through the air towards Djamila. From a standing start, the girl's feet don't touch the ground again as she closes the distance; her messy hair spiked up, her gaze burning with all the promise of Tomorrow. She brings the sword around in a single, beautiful arc, aiming to crash Djamila into the ground and leave the girl standing over her, wreathed in an aura of controlled power.

Enough talk. If only actions would serve to bridge the gap, she would show her what that meant.

COMBATSYS: Djamila reflects Tomorrow's World from Ichika with Cross Knee Release EX.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Ichika           0/-------/----<<<|=------\-------\0          Djamila

it seems the time to talk was over as soon as the first match they had, but maybe after this match is done, talking can resume. One can hope.

Then something big is coming. One would have to be completely out of it to not realize that. It's from Ichika. Djamila has to think quickly about what she is going to do. Again, it goes down to instinct and what has been going on in the match. She takes a deep breath and gets ready for what must be done.

She knows her people are watching too. Her friends, what she considers family, her sponsor who is also a friend, and even her love hopefully on TV. If she has to go down, she will do so giving her all. Like Ichika.

The wind chi comes around her, spinning, covering, shielding her, her hair moving around. It is time She is ready. What shall happen will.

As soon as Ichika starts moving, Djamila is on her staff, upside down, her legs holding her to the staff. As The sword comes to her, in a display of skill,tThe pole dancer lets herself slide down toward the ground until her left-hand touches it. There is another ROAR from the crowd as the wind not only stops the sword but bounces some of the energy back toward the young prodigy fighter. At the same time, Djamila releases the hold of her staff, kicking with both feet at Ichika's head, finding their target.

She flips back onto her feet after, one hand on her staff. The wind slowly calmed around her. It seems it was the right call again. But this match isn't done. She needs to keep her focus until it is.

As Ichika's attack is so easily dismantled, the girl finds herself kicked in the head.

The ground rushes up to meet her.

And then the world goes dark.

She does not rise again. She had put her all into the attack; the attack had been defeated, and it seems that if Djamila wants to talk about anything with the girl again any time at all, that will have to wait for another day, because the schoolgirl has been rendered unconscious.

There's no doubt about it here; the result was crushing and complete. Djamila is the victor of the New Fighting Generation. The margin was not even a particularly narrow one. Whatever training she had undertaken had, seemingly, given the woman the technical skill she needed to far surpass and effortlessly dispatch every competitor that stood before her. A bright future laid ahead of her.

The celebration of the crowd is wild, of course. The fight had been a 'normal' one, as Mint had hoped for, at least as far as these things go. Nobody is dead or grievously wounded. Nobody was ever even at significant risk of that happening. It's a low bar, but they had at least cleared it.

But there are no more words.

There is nothing left to say.

COMBATSYS: Ichika has left the fight here.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Djamila          0/-------/------=|

Hawksley is stunned. It seems like the fight has barely begun and already Ichika has fallen to the might of Djamila Fadel. He feels for the younger teen. He knows how much she wanted this victory but the Iraqi woman's power is just too immense. He gets to his feet to applaud the winner, looking around the crowd as he does to gage their reaction.

As expected, the dancer's fans, who go by the name of Fadelity are ecstatic. Several of them are wearing blindfolds in homage to their heroine and another is holding a portable fan to similate the effect of wind. The Justice schoolgirl's fans are more subdued, disappointed that their girl couldn't go all the way but still proud of her achievement in coming so far.

Both female fighters have been an incredible force in the competition, from the very first fight where they faced each other. As Tom and Lou give animated commentary at the conclusion, the screens flash to announce the winner of the 'NFG' as Djamila Fadel. There'll be glory, there'll be prize money but first and most importantly in the Irishman's eyes, there will be an after party, hosted by Team Blaze's very own Kongou.

"Darn it" the redhead cries when the swordfighter slumps to the ground. It would have been nice to see the blade wielding prodigy claim the title but apparently it's not to be. She gets to her booted feet and starts making her way out of the row, pushing past people to gain her freedom. In the scuffle, her own sword falls from where it's carefully concealed beneath her cloak, making a loud clattering sound.

She quickly swoops to pick it up, green eyes darting all around to see if she's been detected. That's when she sees him, sitting next to the fire user from The Emerald Isle.

Hollyella's heart starts to pound in her chest and she picks up speed, eager to escape the arena before there's any chance of the ogre becoming aware of her presence. Flame locks and cloak flying, she rushes to the exit of the building, hellbent on being home within the hour.

Djamila is pumped. She's ready for more of Ichika. More which doesn't come. Djamila is almost confused. What's the plan here? Then it dawned on her. Ichika is out. But wait... if Ichika is out. She... what?

It's surreal to Djamila. She hears her fans cheering like there is no tomorrow. Ichika's fans are disappointed, it is understandable, but they are also proud because Ichika has been a force to be reckoned with.

She knows when the adrenaline goes down, the pain from the cuts will be felt more. It will be a reminder of this day.

She keeps her staff upright and motions for a mic. When she gets one and she can place a word, she says"I just want to thank Mint, and team Metal in general, who really helped me so much. As well as my friends, the people in my life I love so much. You know who you all are. I want to thank Ichika, who really kicks ass too. She has been doing great in the tournament, and it certainly pushed me to be my best. Now, music please!" The 'Electric' song starts playing, and Djamila starts dancing, doing some pole moves, but she's keeping it clean. It's a quick celebration for her, her fans, her friends, and everyone important in her life.

She wonders if there will be any way to talk and make peace with Ichika another time when she is cautious, but this is something she is unsure about. All she knows is, that Ichika has gotten better a lot, and there are also great things awaiting her.

Jace and the older man he has brought to the event are on the edge of their seat watching the fight. Occassionally, the "retired" pop singer turns his head towards the other and offers a bit of insight for the older man. It's sarcastically said to be a masters thesis on either fencing or pole dance fighting, both subjects Jace has only the most tertiary experience with.

Then it happens suddenly. The sword lights up with the roiling red chi, and Jace is on his feet a moment later, watching with slack jawed attention. Then the reversal widens his eyes. Then the fight is over, which draws the most visceral of reactions from the man as he lifts his hands to the side of his head and shouts out the surprise emotions of the conclusion.

He then begins to clap and cheer for the victor of New Fighter Generation, reaching over and patting the older man on the shoulder, "See? Understand now?"


Braun drags a thick finger across his jaw, ruffling his beard slightly in response to the rapid fire exchange. His eyes narrow just a bit as htey flicker back and forth, roving over ther movements of the fighters and keeping pace with them until Ichika suddenly crumples from Djamila's brutal counter strike against the sword wielder. He waits expectantly but when Ichika fails to move again he leans forward slightly and then a little more. Then it becomes clear and the crowd around him erupts into cheers and roars as the first NFG Champion is made abundantly clear.

He seems more reserved, at least physically and noise wise, his overall demeanor outwardly languid but that's merely on the surface as a slow smile slowly drags its way across his brutish feral features, showing his fangs ultimately as his smile broadens and he ends up nodding his head with approval at the earned accolades.

"Yeah. Alright then. Yeah." he rumbles before finally dragging up to his feet and giving a slow series of heavy but nevertheless loud applauses from behind Zog and Hawksley. "Nice work..."


The gargantuan sponsor from Team Blaze - specifically, Zog - smacks a hand against the side of his belly while stuffing a whole hot dog into his mouth with the other as if it were an hors d'oeuvre. The result is a tidal wave of motion rolling back and forth across his gut, causing popcorn from the concession box perched on it to go flying everywhere. He looks down at the mess with a frown, plucking a couple of pieces off of his shirt and using them to chase the frank. As his gaze starts to return to the ring, it intersects with the crude compass hanging from his neck, which is being unusually precise in its pointing. Lifting it from his chest, he follows the bone arrow's indication, just in time to spot a familiar flash of red.


Suddenly, Hawksley will potentially find himself covered in nachos, popcorn and hotdogs as Zog tears off the box of treats and pushes it away toward the Irish brawler.

"Sorry, Hawks! I gotta go!" he declares as he vaults the barricade and starts cutting through (perhaps bludgeoning, to be more exact) the empty space around the ring, the better to pursue his quarry unimpeded.


Just in case the security team weren't aware of the abrupt breach, Zog shouts a warning to anyone between himself and the woman in the green cloak. The security squad gratefully give chase, pursuing the ogre as he pursues his elusive quarry.

Okay, they might not be that grateful. Who in their right mind wants to chase an ogre?

As the fast food flies at him, Hawksley hardly has time to protest before the ogre has fled, remarkably fleet of foot for a creature of his substantial size.

"Oh for feck's sake, Zog! Now I'm gonna have to get showered and changed before the party."

Deciding to make the best of it, the Cork City cruiserweight picks some popcorn out of his dark hair and then shoves a handful of nachos in his mouth. They'll serve as something to soak up the booze for later.

Setting the tray of snacks down on some steps, the Irishman heads out of the arena, intending to make an unscheduled stop at the hotel on his way to the gym that has served as Blaze headquarters in the team's time in Metro City. It'll give him a chance to check on Coco anyway and see if he can change her mind about coming to the party.

COMBATSYS: Djamila has ended the fight here.

Mint rises to her feet as the battle turns to the final page. Metal hands clank together in tempered applause for Djamila's performance. (Because clapping excitably with hands that big could easily come across as intimidating!)

Understandably, she's still on guard. The New Fighting Generation has not been without its own fair share of drama. The hole in the arena's roof is a testament to the fiery conclusion of Djamila's previous fight -- a reminder that even Team Metal's overly assertive preparations were not strong enough to fully mitigate a kami's rage.

No -- the only security concerns she has now are based on two of the rival teams. In the unexpected finish, the Team Thunder contingent -- fans of not only Ichika, but also the eliminated members who placed their faith in the young prodigy -- is starting to get a little rowdy. But just in the teeth-grinding, feet-stomping sense -- nothing for Mint to get overly alarmed about.

The corporal had actually started to smile when the ten-foot-tall ogre suddenly sprang from his seat.

Zog's a sponsor; Mint doesn't -really- have standing to take him down. So, rather than put on an offensive stance, she just raises her giant gauntlets up in a passive gesture. "Just let the big guy through, folks!"

She's happy for Team Metal to have its moment in the sun. She's not -overly- concerned about Team Thunder fans in the aisles -- they've had a number of victories to live with, and they haven't caused -too- much of a ruckus. But once Zog thunders past, Mint extends her metal gauntlet to Djamila in a super-sized thumbs-up gesture.

"Great work, Djamila...!"

After her charity match with Brian Storm, Chevy had changed into something drier and more incognito: a blue-and-white polyester tracksuit. The redhead had taken her seat on the fourth row, and settled in to watch the pivotal finale!

Prior to these last few fights, commentary just... hadn't been something Chevy did. But with her newfound awareness of chi, she was able to see how these elements played against one another. She *knew* Ichika's style, she could appreciate its perfected melodies, she could sense its dulcet tones. And she'd felt it, as those harmonies had been ripped asunder by Djamila's wind. It went beyond just simple affection for her friend, and simple disappointment at the undeniable results. It's more that directly opposing Ichika's strongest attacks with wind had just felt... crude, wasteful. Perhaps Miyama-sensei's lesson had finally sunk in.

But Chevy pushes all of those conflicting thoughts to the wayside when Ichika doesn't get up again. The redhead leaps from her seat in a heartbeat, jaw clenched in determination. She -ought- to be applauding for Djamila -- for a hard-fought victory. She knows this, even as her sneaker treads hit the ramps down to ringside. Other people are out of sight, out of mind -- as Chevy's got her mind set on one thing and one thing alone. Only Zog's wild charge slows her pace -- and only because getting in his path would -definitely- be bad.

But, as Djamila pays a brief call-out to Ichika, and then calls for music... Chevy -really- doesn't feel like celebrating that victory at all.

She stops at the first-aid station, where medical techs seem to have gotten wrapped up in the fanfare of the big one, the -big- climax of an entire whirlwind of fighting. She claps a hand on the shoulder of the nearest tech.

"Hey. My friend's hurt up there. Ah need y'all to get the lead out an' help her!"

And with that, the first-aid team is goaded into motion, rushing up onto the ring to assess Ichika's condition.

The redhead crosses her arms, looks back up to the ring with quiet concern.

Lots of things happen while she dances. There's people she knows who are cheering. There's one of the sponsor leaving suddenly and messily, there's Mint. Djamila is happy, proud and all type of feelings right now. Yet she can hardly believe it either. It's over, she did it. Dancing right now is what helps her stay sane. It allows her to pour everything into it instead of being overwhelmed by emotions. That will come later.

She didn't help Ichika. She figured her opponent would rather get help by someone else. Anyone but her. Chevy makes sure she gets that help she needs. When the medics comes, Djamila makes sure to not be in their way whatsoever.

When it is all said and done, she gives a bow to the crowd. She then moves to go. The last fight might be done, but there was still things to do, decisions to be made, things to learn, some healing and fun to be had.

Hopefully, Ichika will be fine too. At least she didn't look as bad as... yeah. She makes her way out of the ring and goes backstage.

Buck had been watching the match from the stands as well, trying to go slightly incognito so he could be left to watch the match in peace. There seems to be an advantage in cultivating a look, because in shorts and a hoodie with a blue ball cap he looks more like some random college student fan than one of the eliminated contestants.

He's also one of the few that remains seated at first as the fight reaches its conclusion, leaning back with his arms folded across his chest. He felt for his teammate, a thoughtful expression tinged with worry marking his features.

Seeing a familiar redhead making her way to the edge of the arena, he gets to his feet and follows, carefully navigating his way past observers both celebratory and stunned.

He reaches out and places a hand on Chevy's shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. He doesn't say anything though, his eyes simply flicking between her and where the medic team works on Ichika. Then with a silent nod to one of the paths backstage he starts to head in that direction, perhaps expecting to meet Ichika backstage and be there for her once she's roused.

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