Full Name:Ibuki
Faction:Taiyo High
Height:157cm (5'2")
Weight:54kg (120Ibs)
Blood Type:B
Hometown:Near Kyoto, Japan
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:December 6
Hobbies:Karaoke, Music, English
Personal Treasures:Her pet (Don) and Her best friend (Sarai)
Likes:Fashion, Singing, J-Pop
Dislikes:Ninja Clothes and Ninja Training
Best Sport:High Jump
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"That wasn't the most efficient way to knock you out, but it worked!"

The question of how an orphaned child would be raised once divided the ruthless Geki clan. Rescued from a life of being trained as a living weapon, Ibuki was given a measure of freedom that many ninja never had by her master, Enjo. Faced with this, Ibuki chose the hard path of duty within the shadows, while living within the light. While she is certainly lax on following the most draconic elements of the code of the shinobi, Ibuki still has a strong sense of loyalty towards her small ninja village. Faced with all of the pressures of being a teenager in high school and a ninja, Ibuki has been found wanting in both respects by friends and instructors alike, but nevertheless she presses forward, getting by on years of training, sheer talent and vast potential. This is the life she wants, and no one is going to stop her from living it. Those who get close to Ibuki find her surprisingly amiable and cheerful despite her clan's best efforts to harden her to the realities of life as a ninja.

Signature Move:Tenrai -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:PARRY -- MANEUVER

Recent Logs

A Shinobi's Tale: Can you hear me now? - Having grown suspicious of John Smith's showing in the King of Fighters tryouts, Ibuki goes searching for the true identity of the over-muscled doctor. Will her glorious plan be executed without a hitch? Will she find what she is looking for? Will she be an obnoxiously sarcastic teenager with no respect for her elders? Find out in this filler episode of A Shinobi's Tale! - Log created on 01:49:22 05/31/2016 by Noboru, and last modified on 15:45:29 05/31/2016. Cast: Ibuki and Noboru.

Initial Assessments - Rolento's attempt to hire a Geki ninja was intercepted by Ibuki's offshoot. Ruthlessly hunted by El Gado while trying to reach Rolento, the madness of the world she's found herself in is only beginning to reveal itself... - Log created on 16:47:07 01/16/2015 by Rolento, and last modified on 13:04:31 01/17/2015. Cast: Ibuki, Rolento, and El Gado.

Pirates vs Ninjas - Arr! A sneaky ninja thinks she can board the Rindoukan Dojo and steal May's hat unperturbed. Thankfully good ol' cap'n May can dazzle her with song and dance to steer her off her thieving ways. Try as they might to find mutual kinship through both being Makoto's acquaintances, May and Ibuki prove that the age old rivalry between pirates and ninjas is still well and alive. Ibuki's laid back views on ninja discipline clashes with May's super serious freestyle pirate living and the two make a decision to settle their differences in the ring at some point in the future. - Log created on 16:41:24 01/02/2015 by May, and last modified on 20:43:47 01/02/2015. Cast: Ibuki and May.

Naivete and Idealism - A certain hunter has a pleasant chat with a kunoichi. A kunoichi learns that idealism isn't always 'pretty'. - Log created on 19:20:30 12/29/2014 by Ibuki, and last modified on 20:48:47 01/02/2015. Cast: Ibuki and Seishirou.

Ninja Highschool - First a pirate, now a ninja! Makoto's daily life is starting to get really weird. Did she walk away with a new friend or a future enemy? Only time will tell. - Log created on 14:32:37 12/27/2014 by Makoto Kato, and last modified on 18:51:52 12/27/2014. Cast: Makoto Kato and Ibuki.

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