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Description: On a journey to find a new sword in Italy, Michael runs into none other then Felicia, who's putting on a new show nearby.

Churches. This sort of place reminded Felicia a lot of her adoptive mother, god rest her soul. For right now, she was on a bit of a recovery period, or sorts--after having run into trouble while trying to find Lee who the syndicate had been after, then running into a member of Shadaloo. That had been rough. After that little ordeal had been cleared up, she'd headed to Europe to do some shows--and found herself in Italy. She'd only be there for a bit, but it was work that paid well, thankfully.

Of course, one might wonder why a lady like this had been approaching the church--Felicia in her more human disguise, wearing what looked like a white strapless cocktail dress, blue heels (tan hosiery underneath) with blue gloves that reached past her elbows. She looked like she was headed for a rondevouz at a nightclub or fancy restaurant--still, more than enough time to pay her respects before she had to settle down at her hotel to get ready.

The gently falling snow contrasts wildly with the vivid red sky of the rapidly setting sun over the San Giorgio Cathedral. Couples can be scattered across the steps, rapidly taking pictures of themselves as the Roman Police assist the Fathers in barring the doors for the evening.

Standing near one of the fathers is a man in a rather battered jacket. One could assume it is one of the many homeless requesting shelter, yet, the conversation seems to be jovial. The man in the tattered jacket smiles, and gives the priest a quick bow, which causes the holy man to quickly wave his hand in deference, as the man with the tattered jacket quickly turns and rushes down the stairs.

"All right Pity. If Father Orteleva is right... We should be able to make contact with one of the smiths soon..."

Michael doesn't quite pay any attention to where he's going, and as he's bounding down the steps, he slips on the snow covered stairs, and tumbles down them, crumpling into a heap right before the beautiful woman in a cocktail dress.

Now, in her defense, Felicia /was/ wearing an overcoat, she was strutting around like that out in the snow, or weather that cold, but she was out there, and didn't seem too terribly bothered by the temp. Still, the dress she was wearing /did/ have a slit running up to the upper thigh portion of it, which Michael was likely getting a worm's eye view of the amount of leg it revealed as she stopped just short of him, looking down with a confused blink. The woman, he'd notice, had very long blue hair, that fell straight back across her head and down her shoulders and... white cat ears? the tail flicking about from around the hem of her jacket was also noticeable from where he was standing, his head inches from one of her blue stiletto heels.

"Are you alright there?" Felicia asked, raising a brow at him, one of her blue gloved hands reached down to offer the man a hand up--if he could stop staring, that is.

"Blarb ga kite."

Either Michael is very tongue tied at the sight filling his eyes, or he bit his tongue during his masterful tumble across three large stairs.

Knowing Michael, it's a combination of both.

The blonde ninja slowly takes ahold of the hand, his face glowing brightly with embaressment as he finally rises to his feet. The ears and tail at first aren't noticed by the blonde ninja, but once he does notice them, his face glows just a tad bit brighter.

"Bwarry, Die dipt mah dung...."

"First time in Italy, hon? It's put the 'boots' to you, you might say," Felicia smiles a bit, her lips done in rich red lipstick--her strength is prodigious, much more than what one might have expected of a lady with her build--she must work out. She pulled Michael right up onto his feet, leaving their faces only a few inches apart, at first.

"Falling for me already, I see--did you hit your head?" she frowned just a bit, though she still seems pretty amused by this, truth be told. It's not that often she has a guy fall head over heels for her like this, necessarily--literally, in this case!

"Do you need an ambulance? do you have a concussion?" she undid the front of her trench coat to reach into it and retrieve a smartphone, looking at him questioningly. Of course, that would let him see more of the dress she was wearing--as well as the valley of her cleavage.

As he's asked if he hit his head, Michael nods his head slightly, only to glance down as the cell phone is retrieved. Anything else that Felicia says is suddenly lost on him, as he steps backwards, trying to avert his eyes from the glorious sight before him.

Once more, Michael stumbles, this time landing hard on his back, staring up at the sky as he contemplates just what he's done to deserve this kharmic retribution. There's nothing he could have done that was horrible enough to embaress himself like this infront of a beautiful woman.... right?

Slowly he sits up, waving a hand at the woman. He swallows and slowly speaks, as if he is trying to force himself to speak correctly. "No. I'm okay. I don't need an ambulance. I'm just trying to figure out if the Father knows if there is a hole deep enough to go hide in right about now...."

Of course, this close, Michael would also be able to see the shiny blue eyeshadow the cat lady was wearing, her red lipsticked lips curling up into another smile as she peered down at him with her green eyes.

"Oh good, was worried you had some brain damage there, for a sec," she winked at him.

"The Father? you mean in there?" she gestures to the church, nodding a little. "Well, if you needed to go in there I was about to head in there for a small prayer, you want to come with?" she offers him an arm as she begins to head towards the church entrance. Thankfully, it'll be warmer in there.

"I.. uh.."

Michael once more rises to his feet, unsure of how to exactly handle the situation as he gets lost for a few moments with the dazzling gaze she gives him. When she starts to speak, he just mindlessly nods for a few moments, taking the proffered arm.

As they start to enter the church, the police start to motion them away, but the father that Michael was speaking to earlier immediatly cuts them off, and beckons them inside, trying to not laugh at the spectacle that the young ninja had just made of himself.

Michael continues to burn brightly with embaressment, and makes a quick gesture with his right hand towards the Father, who then starts to laugh loudly.

"So what are you here for anyway, hot stuff?" Felicia smiles a little, noticing that the boy seems pretty embarrassed after what just happened. She's okay with that. She smiles back and gives a wave to the vicar that seemed to be on hand there, with her free hand, anyway, her other was still laced about Michael's.

"Probably not the place you expected to pick up a lady, eh? It's true, Jesus truly gives us all we need," she winks at the man, before heading to one of the pews to sit quietly for a moment. She was there to make a prayer, after all.

"...I uh.. didn't think so either..."

As Felicia sits in the pew, Michael sits as well, closing his eyes and lowering his head. He may not be pious, but he has been taught that when in places of worship, it is proper protocol to allow those around him the chance to say whatever prayers they need to.

He allows Felicia as much time as she needs, remaining silent the entire time as his dog moves towards the rear of the church, slipping into an alcove to remain out of sight and rest herself. She'd most certainly rather relax here then wander the streets searching for someone in the cold.

She's smarter then her owner once again.

Felicia was silent for a while, her hands folded as she recites the prayer she is making to herself. A moment of reflection and adoration is needed, in silence. When she's done, she looks up, blinking--as if surprised that Michael is still there. She didn't expect him to wait for her, apparently.

Looking up, Felicia also realizes the dog followed them in--hearing the sounds of it's nails on the wood floor of the church. It's a very distinctive noise. She's also surprised the dog didn't go nuts when it saw her. Guess she just had a way with canines.

"So, what are you here for? you can't just be transfixed by me, can you?" she grins.

"Well, you asked me to come in with you.. It would be rude to just leave you wouldn't it?"

Michael seems rather confused by Felicia's surprise and comment. She did ask him to accompany her, didn't she? Now he's running down the conversation, remembering the moments he totally made a complete fool of himself, and then going silent.

"I mean, if you didn't mean it that way, I'm sorry..."

"Just because of 'lil old me, huh? It's okay, I get that a lot," Felicia leans back on the pew, having finished her prayer and now just sort of... hanging out and getting warm with the strange ninja man.

"You seem like a nice guy, do you want to get a drink after my show is done? I gotta be at the theater downtown in about an hour," she nodded with a little grin. She could always check into her hotel after, course, but it would take a little extra time. She planted her elbow against her knee and propped her chin up in her palm, looking over at the man.

"Well, I mean its only right to respect the wishes of a beautiful woman like you, right?"

Somehow, Michael manages to say those words without bumbling, even managing to give her a brief smile. He leans back into the pew, his right hand moving to undo the zipper on the ragged jacket. An old black shirt is visible beneath the now opened jacket, with a very faded logo for something that is no longer legible.

As the woman asks Michael to drinks, he contemplates it for a few moments. "I'm not quite sure I have the wardrobe on hand to match yours, but... If you're sure about having drinks with me, then I would be honored to join you."

"D'aww, you're such a dear, c'mere," Felicia will lean over to give the man a smooch on the cheek, of course in doing so, her cat-like ears waggle in the process of giving said smooch, which might finally clue in the oblivious Michael that the lady sitting next to him is... gasp, a Darkstalker!

"Mwah~ you're a nice guy, maybe instead of just drinks you can take me to dinner, hmmm?" she smiled at the man, the tips of her ivory eyeteeth denting the red cupid's bow lips the cat lady had.

As Felicia leans in and kisses Michael's cheek, he's far to distracted to even notice the waggle of the ears. He blushes brightly once more as he looks away for a few moments to try and gather his wits once again.

"Well, I would like that. I just can't promise you anything super fancy, but I do know about a cafe a few blocks down from here that's open late. They make wonderful cannoli. The coffee is pretty good as well I suppose..."

"Sounds like we have a date, Ninja Man, I'm Felicia by the way, I'm a broadway performer," Fel smiles to the man, reaching out with her blue satin-gloved hand to give him a little poke against his jawline, gently.

"You've got red on you, hon," she winks at him as she stands up, and begins to scoot out of the way. It was true, she had left a big lipstick kiss mark against his cheek where she'd smooched him just a few minutes before. Hopefully one of the chaplains or vicars will lend him a handkerchief or the like before he is seen with it. To be fair, Felicia had thought about not telling him, but that'd just be mean~

"Toodles for now, you," she gave the man a wave and he might just see--or thinks he sees a glimpse of white tail from beneath the hem of her jacket as she heads out of the church.

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