Full Name:John Michael Smith
Weight:154 lbs.
Blood Type:AB+
Eye Color:Blue (when discernible)
Hair Color:Blonde (when discernible)
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:A younger Sheb Wooley
Theme Song:


"Yes sir. I'm on it. You're going down! Let's get them! What else did you want me to say?"

Greater and greater powers beyond the understanding and control of the world's civilizations have sprouted up everywhere in recent years. Very little about modern life is a guarantee in this day and age. John M. Smith - a name no one calls him by any more, if any name is ever given - is a largely ordinary young man. He has thus chosen to adapt by pursuing a career in a growing industry: being a henchman for the malevolent powers that be. An ideal peon, he's hard-working, obedient, and throws himself into impossible odds for the sake of his employers. Who does he work for? Curiously, it seems like he's at the side of just about every villain at their time of need. How he manages to hold such an open door policy between the endless number of competing powers and contradictory goals between them is one of the great mysteries of our time. As a combatant, he hardly registers as a blip due to his rudimentary fighting skills, but this never stops him from hurling himself head-first into those he can only hope to simply slow down. Why? It's a living. With access to the greatest lawyers and doctors imaginable through equally strange and unexplainable means, odds are good he'll be at this unglamorous, demeaning, and dangerous line of work for decades to come.

Style:Cooperative Choreographical Combat
Signature Move:Grab From Behind -- THROW

Recent Logs

[KOF 2017] Mission 4) Cold Storage Blues - Faolan vs Henchman - Location: Thailand - Ikari Warriors have pinpointed the location of where the remains of fighters from the Mortal Kombat tournament had been acquired and stored. A simple refrigerated warehouse, owned by a front company underneath Violet Systems, and by proxy, G-Corporation. While leaving it place is normally the right course of action, the word quickly reaches the Ikari Warriors that the remains were being moved, relocated to a laboratory. Faolan's mission, should he choose to accept it, is to find and intercept the remains, and identify the location where they will be relocated to. But with Henchman on hand to guard the remains, he will have to deal with the guards by stealth or by force, before the remain are shipped out overseas for whatever sinister purposes. - Log created on 19:52:52 08/07/2017 by Henchman, and last modified on 02:49:41 08/19/2017. Cast: Faolan and Henchman.

[Mortal Kombat] MK: Escaping an Unnatural End - Location: Palace Gates - Water depth: 20cm and Rising - The victory for Earthrealm will prove pyrrhic at best if its champions cannot escape the final trap set by dark powers for its survivors. Can JULIA CHANG -- one who managed to escape notice following her loss in Mortal Kombat -- and her love of nature carry her back to the world she is most familiar with, or will one of Shang Tsung's nameless living servants -- a lone HENCHMAN -- take her to a watery grave? - Log created on 19:08:39 03/29/2017 by Henchman, and last modified on 09:08:40 03/30/2017. Cast: Julia and Henchman.

[Mortal Kombat] A Measure Of One Never Born - Frei's existence was, no, continues to be an anomaly. Given the gift - and trappings - of flesh anew by unusual circumstances atop an already unusual circumstance, Frei's mystery continues to invite curiosity and speculation in all forms. Unallowed to mourn for what was lost in peace, Frei gives to the cold, dry, lifeless, still wastes a taste of who he was, who he is, and what he may yet become. - Log created on 20:17:00 11/19/2016 by Henchman, and last modified on 00:54:45 11/20/2016. Cast: Frei and Henchman.

[Mortal Kombat] MK Round 2: Alexis vs. Henchman - "The last battle at the pit destroyed much of our bridge infrastructure. While my mages have made more than ample repairs, much of the debris is still scattered across the floor beneath the bridge. As a result, we thought it may make a more fitting location for battle. Many of the collapsed stone pillars and bridge sections will offer some cursory protection. But as I've heard it said. A sword is a sword. ALEXIS LOVELL. JEREMIAH GRAVES. Try not to lose your balance." *whisper, whisper* "Yet again? If such is the will of the Elder Gods..." - Log created on 17:38:42 10/10/2016 by Henchman, and last modified on 23:43:53 10/10/2016. Cast: Alexis and Henchman.

[Mortal Kombat] MK Round 1: Ken Masters vs Henchman - ...Every Stupid Kool-Aid Drinking Mook -- Some Random Hallway. "On occasion, the gods can only be satiated by a battle of ferocity against skill. IORI YAGAMI. KEN MASTERS. You'll do battle at the foot of the subterranian throne of our current champion, Goro. Perhaps seeing the bones of all those who came before will inspire you." *whispering noises* "What? Again?! So be it..." - Log created on 20:07:20 09/26/2016 by Henchman, and last modified on 02:02:14 09/27/2016. Cast: Ken Masters and Henchman.

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