Daigo - Fury's rescue

Description: Daigo along with a group of Gedo Students organize a rescue party for their favored mascot, Fury the badger. Unfortunately, Daigo's plans don't turn out quite as he expected (as usual)

Fury, Gedo High's mascot had been captured by someone. Rumors say the mascot had been see in Taiyo high, and ever since those rumors have been spreading in Gedo High, the students have been boiling with anger toward that school.

Daigo's plans to give his students some pride about their school seems to have worked, alas, if he didn't do something, he's afraid some of the more troublesome member of his gang might try something foolish on Taiyo. He had to take care of this matter before it went out of hand.

************* Taiyo High Schoolyard -- 5 : 16 pm ***************

A young school jock wearing a jacket of Taiyo's football team gets slammed into a wall rather roughly, a thick and large hand grasping the boy's throat and holding it. He was on his way out after the practice, on his own, and crossed the path of a tall student. Daigo caught him by surprise, and now that he shoved him against the wall of one of the school's building, he asks with a soft yet authoritarian voice, "Where is the badger?"

The boy squirms in Daigo's grasp, "The hell you are!? Let go of me, don't know what you're talking about!!" The tall man frowns at his answer. He lifts him up slightly so his feet no longer touch the ground, his grasp over his neck tightening and crushing his throat a bit, making his breathing harder, "Where. Is. The. Badger," Daigo repeats slowly, his intonation getting harsher. The boy holds Daigo's arm and bucks even more, "Principal... Office..." He manages out of his throat.

After he got his answer, Daigo swings his fist right for the student's midsection. A powerful blow to knock the wind out of him, but also knock him unconscious. He lets go of him, but he drags him away a bit, to conceal him in some corner of the building. Hopefully they won't find him until he'll be done.

He glances back to the school, and then to the boy. He can't help but think that his reaction was definately more what he'd expect out of a football student from Taiyo... Nothing like Jason. He puts his hands in his school jacket and hurries toward the school, getting into the building. He does not run but he takes long strides that makes him cover a long distance.

Time to find the principal office...

The walkie talkies of a nearby throng of students buzz with activity as Daigo pushes into the school. A group of hall monitors, relatively tough students who are willing to trade some authority for safety, quickly mobilize. As Daigo turns around the corner that leads to the faculty offices and break room, he comes face to face with five more athletes wearing the school colors.
"Hold it. We need to see some student..."
"Holy shit. That's Daigo..."
"Gedo's gang leader?!" One of the students produces a bokken, another slipping into a boxing stance, before the foremost -- a large and well-built man -- rushes forward despite the fearsome sweat to grapple Daigo. Judo, it seems.
These people aren't bad, really; the four that move to assault the gang accompanying Daigo are a cut above individually, and if he weren't here, the loyal band lacking any of his lieutenants such as Edge or Gan would almost certainly end up losing...
Too bad for them that's not the case, is it?

The tall man tries to move along in the halls rapidly : due to his size, sneaking around was troublesome. He could only hope no one would be around or would question him.

When he comes face to face with the students, Daigo straightens himself up. They knew who he was, this could mean trouble, "Out of my way and no one will get hurt," Daigo offers the school monitors. He had wished to avoid needless violence and gives her an opportunity to get out of this unscatched.

What could one man alone do against a group of five? They decide to try and stop him. They'll see for themselves, unfortunately, that the tales about Daigo's strength are true.

When the first boy gets his hands on Daigo, the Gedo leader does the same, getting a hold of the boy's clothes with his hands. He doesn't intend to let him get him so easily. He growls and literally lifts him up the ground, shoving him toward the lockers, hoping the powerful impact will daze him and, hopefully, make the other consider.

While Daigo might overpower one of those students easily, he doubts he won't get away without a good couple of bruises from this...

"Don't underestimate me... I'm one of the best Judo practitioners in hoooof!!" The latter was not the name of the school, but the sound of the man thumping into the locker hard enough to dent it. He staggers forward, before a hard right straight from one of Daigo's own followers sends him crashing to the ground. "Got your back, bosshoooooof!!" Daigo's name is not Bosshoof, but that was the sound of a bokken thumping the man right in the midsection.
The boxer is next to assault Daigo, weaving up and down rapidly before swinging into a sharp hook towards the body. He actually moves pretty damn well. Probably better he's wasting time on Daigo rather than his followers... The sounds and cries of battle have already caused a couple heads to peek at the end of the walls. If this lasts much longer, then the legendary Hayato is going to intrude...
And if Hayato gets here before Daigo finishes, he might not even make it out at all!

With Daigo's presence, the Gedo High students would fight till the very end, he was sure of it. He gave them that resolve and determination they needed to fight this through, and his presence gave them a sort of cohesion that allowed them to act as one.

His gang starts to spread out and take on the various hall monitors. Fortunately, all students in Gedo High were forced to practise some sort of martial art, which came in handy for gang fight.

The boxer's hook hits Daigo's body, who's not fast enough to move, though the way he tenses his muscles to absorb the blows is quite remarkable. Hitting him felt like hitting a brick wall and Daigo hardly seems phased by the punches.

Though Daigo had no time to fight. The longer they took, the less likely they were going to manage this rescue mission, "Take care of these guys," Daigo growls to his boys, before he lunges at the boxer in front of him, recklessly attempting to tackle him out of his way. Daigo tries to burst through the line of hall monitors.
R% They didn't come here for a fight after all, they came here for the badger.

The boxer leaps back, managing two more sharp left jabs at Daigo's upper torso and face before he's caught head on. He's got the wind knocked out of him, but still clings tightly to the Gedo king's jacket, clinching violently and aiming to strike a few sharp liver blows while he's still able to resist. Clear!
With only three left, Daigo's group now definitely has the upper hand. The bokken student is repelling three of them at once, by far the best remaining fighter, but the other two are slugging it out, one losing steadily in a two on one. Gedo fights cheap, and the success is showing. They can doubtlessly be trusted.
That just leaves taking out this last piece of trash, and entering the principal's office; the door itself leads into the secretary and waiting area. An attractive older woman with short silver hair in a buxom dress is tapping on her computer, pausing as if the sound didn't warrant any attention.
"Mr. Brown is busy." Misty states, with such a chiding tone it's as if she genuinely expects Daigo to turn around and leave.
Of course, there's a bag of catfood in a corner. Badgers love catfood!! But the pet himself must be in the door behind the secretary, with the unknown principal. Is he a fighter? Unlikely, given the exchange appeared to have nothing to do with such, but...

The boxer proves to be a good hinderance, his perseverance paying off as he manages to make Daigo wince from his blows. It was never a good idea to tickle a sleeping dragon, however. Daigo growls and lifts his arm up before he shoves it back down to give a powerful elbow shot to the boxer's head to force him to let go of his jacket.
Once his grasp on him falters, Daigo gives him one last final punch for good measures, to knock him back and to make sure he won't try to follow after him. All in all, he had managed to hurt Daigo, even if the tall man wasn't showing any signs of his pain.
The years spent in Gedo to become the leader of the school gang had taught him how to hide his pain and injuries well enough, rarely showing any sign of weakness.
Once he arrives to the principal's office, Daigo takes a moment to straighten his jacket and take his breath. They made a ruckus and still are down the hall, but if he can do this with relative ease, that would be good.
Daigo tests the door : it wasn't locked. He opens it, and it seems someone was in there. No good. Daigo frowns as he enters slowly, yet standing with confidence. He stares at the gorgeous woman for a moment, and his eyes wander off to the bag of catfood.
"I shouldn't be long, Miss," Daigo answers with a respectful bow of his head, "I just came in to get something that belongs to us. Probably rid you of a little burden you've been having.. I'm just here for the badger," He says as he strides toward the door that leads to the principal's office, with or without the lady's permission.

Elbows aren't allowed in boxing! Which means he takes it right to the temple, barely clinging to consciousness with the efforts of his own countless practice before the devastating fist of Daigo slams him, and he sprawls face down in the middle of the hall leaving the gang leader to push inside without further opposition beyond a shout to "Stop!" by the bokken wielder, who takes a slug to the face for getting distracted.
"Well. I certainly can't stop you." is all Misty states, watching Daigo sidelong before returning to her typing. The door to the principal's office opens easily, swinging in to show a massive desk with three chairs opposite. A large window shows the central grounds, currently wide open. A chair's back faces Daigo initially. There's a large cage, but the door is currently open.
Before Igniz swivels around, badger in his lap and being idly petted. It seems completely calm, which may be strange. No mascot of Gedo is going to be known for a kind disposition. Pieces of catfood are fed to it piece by piece.
"And what is the meaning of this, Daigo Kazama?" comes a strong voice. It's shockingly authoritive, as if spoken by the king of countless nations where it is only natural to snap to attention and cow immediately. "Assaulting a school in broad daylight... do you think this will have no repercussions?"

A massive man barges in and wishes to get in the principal's office. Even if Daigo's voice was calm and respectful to Missy, he had expected some fright or resistance out of her. Yet, nothing.
Her answer startles him for a second, but he hides that emotion and carries on with his plan. All he needed was to get the badger and try not to make a scene, then they can get out of this place.
Daigo walks into the principal's office. His eyes scan the area for any sign of the badger and he finally spots him when the principal turns around on his chair. Daigo straightens himself up and arches a brow. Strange, the principal of another school knew his name... Perhaps his reputation was transcending Gedo High but he doubted it somehwat. He was an highschool student, not really a troublesome at that.
Daigo bows his head respectfully to the principal, much like he did with Misty, "Sir, you might think we attacked your students, but we were simply walking in the halls of your school, looking for our badger." Daigo replies. He knows how this work though : Gedo High are delinquents, and therefore, are the ones who caused the trouble by default. Which isn't totally false.
"If you would return us Fury, our mascot, we would be most pleased, and we'll leave your school without further trouble," Daigo says.

"Oh? So you claim that you were defending yourself? There is nobody on the school grounds you did not attack that did not warrant it?" Igniz wonders. He is a somewhat slightly built man in a tan suit, perfectly tailored. His aesthetics seem far better placed in a model agency than as the head of a school... most principals are a good ten or fifteen years older than him.
"The answer is no, however. Principal Smith of Gedo authorized us to take Fury. He had hoped that our mutual association could be used to bridge the gap between the students. I keep him in my office to ensure that no harm comes to him by those who would attempt to build strife between the schools."
Opening a drawer, Igniz presents a piece of paper. It is indeed signed by a Walter Smith, and seems legitimate in any way Daigo could assess. "If there was some drama related to him being acquired, that should have been brought to my attention through official channels. Tsk, tsk. And I have heard you assaulted many other students as well. ...It seems desperate measures are going to have to be taken for the 'Gedo High' problem, isn't it?"
Igniz grasps Fury by the scruff roughly, pushing to his feet. The badger begins to squeal in pain, before being shoved harshly into his cage, thumping it shut afterwards.

Daigo remains silent to the principal's first questions. Nothing was either purely white or black, but he felt he'd have a hard time managing to justify his actions to him. The tall man can't hide his astonishment when principal Brown tells hims about their agreement, "What? Impossible," Daigo murmurs under his breath.
Daigo grits his teeth a bit at how the principal handles the beast and makes it squeal in pain. His hands tighten a bit into fists and Daigo shakes his head slowly, "Fury is a part of Gedo High, he is the pride of its student... By keeping him here, you will only make things worse between the two schools. This little school brawl that occured to retrive him will be nothing compared to what the other students in Gedo could do in reprisals.."
Daigo approaches the principal's desk, obviously not caring what the two principals had decided between themselves, "Let me take him back with me, before things truly get out of hands," he asks, hoping the principal will hear his pleas.

"Yes. It must seem impossible for your primitive mammal brain for something so mundane to take place." Igniz states, tone utterly chiding. "Although any pride you have established within Gedo is as malignant as any tumor. The sort that is forged through violence and domination. You are nothing more than futile chemotherapy on a patient completely terminal. You have already repeated your senior year once, did you not? Do you plan to a second time? How long can you keep that up?"
Slowly Igniz moves to stand before Daigo. He looks to be smaller in every conceivable way, shifting up to loosen his tie slightly. His right hand remains in the pocket of his pants.
"But... Things are already out of hand. More than you know. I appreciate you coming here. It will make things even easier for me."
Suddenly Igniz stamps down his foot, twisting forward. The motion is ungodly fast, fluid as a striking serpent. His right hand leaves his pocket, closed fist thrusting up in an attempt to strike Daigo right in the face -- intending to send him hurtling right through the door and into the office of Misty!!

COMBATSYS: Igniz has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Igniz            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Daigo has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Igniz            0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0            Daigo

COMBATSYS: Daigo blocks Igniz's Strong Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Igniz            0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0            Daigo

The principal's words make Daigo arch a brow. Daigo frowns at Igniz and he straighens himself up as he rises, as if to look more imposing than he already is. He doesn't retort to the insults though, but the way he glares at the principal shows his disapproval of him using such low blows.
What was he to this principal? Why would he care about him anyway? He was from another school after all, "What..?" Daigo says at the principal's last words. He then notices the quick change in his stance, the ungodly speed at which he hurls his fist straight for his face.
Daigo's body reacts before his brain analyzed it, his arm moving straight up to block the fist from hitting his face. Still, the surprise and force of the blow causes Daigo to stagger back rapidly, his massive frame slamming into the door and knocking it open as he staggers back into the secretary's room.
Daigo manages to regain his balance, shocked by what just happened, confused, "What the hell was that!?" He shouts with a growl, glaring at the principal as he regains his composure, "Why did you try to punch me?" Daigo asks, glaring at him. A lot of things were piling up, a lot of things that made everything here look definately wrong...
Daigo was ready to fight now, his two hands curled into fists in front of him, his chest buffed and presented to the principal. He would fight, if he had to.. But now he just stands a dozen feet away from the principal, assessing him, "If it's a fight you want, I warn you... Principal or not, you'll get it..."

COMBATSYS: Daigo takes no action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Igniz            0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0            Daigo

The fist feels strange. Hard, but not in a manner honed through training. As if it was sheathed in some layer of metal, although it's clear looking at Igniz that nothing of the sort is possible. He's shaking his hand, although the knuckles are unharmed. After slugging someone that hard and fast, they should be red and split open, assuredly.
"Oh...? You actually blocked it. Impressive. You are indeed one of the war potentials of this school. A shame you are simply an extraordinary human. It is always interesting to see where they manifest, and what they make of themselves."
His left hand remained within Igniz' pocket, the other hanging at his side. Assessing him, there's no sign of a combat stance. There's also no aura of any sort; the kind a strong fighter tends to emanate. As if he were completely mundane. Absolutely impossible, given the blow he just struck.
"Then you should be happy. A beast like you struggles with words. Show me your fangs...!" Slipping forward, Igniz then twists. ...Although this time, the kick is fairly laughable no matter how you slice it. Simply heaving forward and thrusting all of his weight towards it; although the power, were it to hit clean, is anything but minute. Still, the metamorphosis is pretty striking...

COMBATSYS: Daigo interrupts Heavy Kick from Igniz with Phoenix Fist.
- Power hit! -

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Igniz            0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0            Daigo

The hulking man glances in the secretary's direction (if she's still here) to see her reaction to this sudden outburst. After all, it shouldn't be a mundane occurence for the principal to fight one of the student like this. Perhaps in Gedo but Taiyo?
"War potential?" Daigo says with a growl, "Is this what we are to you?" Daigo shows off his teeth as the principal calls him a beast, "Let's talk with our fists then!" If that was what he wanted.

Daigo takes a step foward as Igniz uses all his weight and power to slam his leg into him. Alas, his lack of speed allows Daigo to intercept his leg with his left hand, blocking it mid-way while his other fist is moved behind his head. He swings it straight to Igniz's face, flames flaring out of his fist for a moment as he lets a loud grunt out of his throat.
"Why do you do this? Is this some kind of test?" Daigo asks, arching a brow. His last punch was ungodly fast, and yet this kick was so slow...

Daigo is not a stupid man; many people make this mistake when they confront him. He can easily tell that Igniz is focusing on the fist as it begins to approach him, in an almost leisurely manner. Fully cognizant of it's approach, steady and irrevocable. It then strikes him in the face... feeling exactly like soft flesh. Blood spatters upwards violently enough to hit the ceiling, Igniz' head flying backwards. He crashes into the desk with a huge CRASH, thumping it back a meter and badly denting it. Collapsing to the ground like a puppet with the strings cut off, only an elbow upon the top keeps him somewhat upright. "...Ah. Pain." he muses, allowing blood pouring from his nose to pool into a hand as if curiously intrigued.
The door behind Daigo bursts open, revealing Misty. Her eyes are not surprised, in another strangely unsettling moment, but the ungodly shriek that leaves her is incredibly feminine all the same. "HELP!! DAIGO ATTACKED THE PRINCIPAL!!" She then turns to flee to the door outside, moving to pull it open. "Call the police!!"
"My only concern was whether I could bait you into striking me..." Igniz states through his split lip. "You performed admirably. Bravo. Why not take your vermin and return to your school, now that we've formally met...?" His tongue slowly draws across his mouth, silver bangs shifting before a truly ominous facade.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Igniz            0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0            Daigo

Things weren't supposed to go that way : though Daigo was not going to let this man strike him without fighting back. The principal had his chance to stop this, but insisted and forced Daigo to retaliate. Hopefully, this one punch will be enough to convince him to stop this nonsense.

Daigo straightens himself up as he notices the strength he used on him. He glances over his shoulder as he notices Misty, then the scream. His gaze turns back to the principal. "Why put up this whole masquerade?" Daigo asks, blissfully ignorant of Igniz's true intentions.

In the end, whatever he would say to the police, it would be his words against the principal. Meaning he's in deep trouble. "Why go through all this trouble...?" Daigo asks as he strides toward the cage to fetch the badger, opening up the door and grabbing the critter in his arms.

He takes a few quick steps back toward the door, glancing back over his shoulder to the principal, narrowing his eyes, hoping for some hint of an answer to this puzzle before he leaves.

"What does it matter?" Igniz states matter of factly, slowly beginning to pull himself to his feet with a small smile. There's a sense, though, that his own pride would desire to return the favor. How many people have been allowed to strike him in his life? Well... with Krizalid gone, there is no other to play the part.
"Whether I tell you or not, nobody will believe the barking nonsense of a dog."
The fight within the hallway ended up being rather brutal. The only Taiyo member still up is the bokken wielder; he's badly hurt, and trying to fend off four of Daigo's men at once. One of his went down, but is still conscious and struggling to get up. "Damnit, you Gedo bastards..." he growls, right before a tandem punch-kick combo. He blocks one, but the other nails him, and he crumples to the tile floor with the others.
Things might become rather more complex in the near future.

No time for further explanations. The cops wouldn't be here for a while, but the further they lag and wait, the more likely they are to get in trouble. Daigo narrows his eyes into a glare at the principal one last time and he shakes his head before he rushes out of the office.

"Alright, kids!" Daigo shouts as he makes his way back into the hall, "Enough toying, we've got what we came for, we're getting the hell out of here," Daigo barks to them.

Daigo, along with the rest of his gang members, rush back out from where they came, hopefully not meeting further resistance from Taiyo students.

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