Igniz - A Night on the Town

Description: Invited out to drink by Hayato, Igniz gets unexpectedly philosophical.

There has been far too much nonsense going on lately around the schools of Southtown. Kids getting up to no good, mysterious goings-on... One man can't keep all of that in check, even with the disciplinary abilities of Hayato Nekketsu. Thankfully, there have been other people working to try to smooth things out, including those above Hayato's pay grade. Hayato's still not sure what's up with this whole principal exchange program, but Isaac Brown seems to have his heart in the right place, and this whole Inter-High Tournament is something Hayato thoroughly approves of.

It's occurred to Hayato, though, that he hasn't really gotten to meet with Brown. Oh, sure, an introduction when he first arrived, some faculty meetings, but that's not really being /social/, now is it? And Hayato figures the principal could really use a chance to kick back for a bit, especially after having to deal with some of the delinquents from Gedo. And so, at the end of a school day, Hayato makes his way from the staff room to the principal's office, knocking twice on the door and then waiting just a moment before opening it and striding in with a grin on his face. "Brown-san, are you free tonight?"

Taiyo has been one of the only schools to be quiet, outside the assault by Daigo; one which happened to take place after-hours, when neither Hideo nor Hayato had been anywhere near the premises. It happened quickly, over in little more than five minutes since starting, but for whatever reason, no charges were pressed against Gedo. The official report stated that Daigo was offended by a mascot exchange program and forcefully retrieved his pet with violence. He never countered it, and such is how it went in the books.
Of course, getting to Igniz means getting through Misty, the curvaceous secretary in the office directly in front of his. She was fine with the meeting, busy with whatever requires her furious typing. Inside the office proper, the 'Principal' is currently going over a tablet, swiping through data at such a rapid pace it seems impossible to read.
He's slender and attractive, wearing a fine light blue suit with crimson tie. Silver hair is swept backwards, the sort countless Freshman have likely adopted a secret crush on -- an almost bishounen beauty, although with an expression of masculinity that is a rare contrast.
"Ah, faculty member Nekketsu. If this is about the assault by Gedo delinquents, it is not the responsibility of any staff members to defend me. That sort of peculiarities might go on in the rigorous military styling of Justice, but here I have no expectations regardless of how gifted my precious teachers might be." Swish swish swish. "I am simply reviewing data. Do you need a meeting with me?" He has yet to actually look up and acknowledge Hayato, and something about his speech is almost... aloof. As if more humoring the man than allowing him to interrupt.

Hayato might have lingered in the outer office for a /few/ moments, mind, appreciating the scenery... but he had a different reason for coming here. "Oh, I am sorry about that, but that's not why I came here." He looks thoughtful for a moment, rubbing his jaw. He seems to be talking to himself for a moment, "Though maybe this could also serve as an apology for that..." He shrugs, then focuses his attention back on Igniz. "No, the reason I stopped by is that it occurred to me that you haven't really had a real warm welcome since you arrived. Not even with all the work you've done to try to calm down this nonsense getting the students from the different schools all upset at each other."

The PE teacher walks closer to the desk, leaning forward slightly and tapping on it with two fingers, while grinning at Igniz. "So, what do you say to going out for drinks tonight? First couple rounds on me, to say thanks for all the hard work." With the way he's beaming, apparently the possibility that the principal might say no hasn't occurred to him. Of course, this /is/ Japan.

"I already said an apology isn't in order. I am satisfied with the way the scenario ended. Your assaulting him would have only risked damage and the students." Igniz continues smoothly, immobile upon his chair beyond the flicks of his screen. The data matches for the student's DNA in this district is all less than thirty percent. That is only ten to fifteen percent higher than the national random samplings... that means the prevalence of chi does appear to have some link with what he is looking for, but even Daigo is merely an exceptional talent...
"Warm welcome?" That seems to attract the attention of the suited man. "Many people have focused on the controversy of my group's attempts to diversify the stagnated teaching environment of the schools. Although Gorin's principal was exonerated of his charges, it is clear he was set up to be fired and disgrace my organization. I am surprised you would think to do something at all." Indeed, the only other principal exchange still active is in Gedo, but only good things have appeared to happen there in contrast.
"Drinks?" Igniz states, surprised by such a mundane demand for interaction. "I suppose I do not object to a chance to speak with you. You have far more experience in this school district than I... perhaps you could answer some questions." A slow smile follows, before Igniz pockets his PDA and carefully hooks his coat, slipping it on. "I am lead to believe you were hired due to your strength, as much as anything. You could be in the national fighting circuit, yet opt to sculpt the bodies of tomorrow. Guiding evolution with one's own blessings... I can respect such a pure pursuit."

Hayato nods, glad to see that his plan has met with approval. The principal does seem to be a bit... stiff... but maybe that's just some cultural differences. Hayato remains convinced that he'll loosen up a bit once he's got a couple drinks in him. "Sure, I know this district like the back of my hand!" Which is generally covered up with athletic tape, but no matter. Hayato starts walking toward the office exit with Igniz as the latter continues to talk. "Evolution, huh? I like that!" He grins. "Kids are the future, and high school is an important part of their life. Lots of great things, but also plenty of chances to wander off the path. Can't think of many things more important than making sure they turn out to be the best they can be."

A short while later, Hayato has unerringly directed both himself and Igniz to a small bar, having long since memorized the location. It's fairly small, but also not very crowded. And it's clean, well appointed, and has a very nice selection of bottles behind the bar. After a friendly nod between Hayato and the bartender, the two teachers are easily able to get spots at the bar, Hayato allowing Igniz to take a seat first. As is proper, he defers to letting Igniz order first as well, then orders himself some Suntory whisky. The barman gets out the drinks with alacrity, and Hayato raises his glass in a toast. "Here's to Taiyo!"

"Yes. That's exactly what I am hoping." Igniz states, his smile widening slightly. Slipping into his coat, a single finger is held up. "Let us save the pleasantries for a more comfortable environment." The walk itself was awkwardly silent as a result. All that the strange principal did was look up into the sky, with mild unhappiness; the bright lights of the city blotted out the stars almost entirely, after all. "Only the strong can break through." he offered, as if this pearl of wisdom had some greater meeting to the NESTS Scion. "The weak are washed away in the net of mankind's advancement. The stars can simply not shine bright enough. Do you think that is a shame, or only natural?"
Settling down, Igniz simply orders a gin tonic. He has no particular issues with alcohol, although he has never recreationally drinked to his knowledge. "To progress." Igniz follows up, clinking lightly.
Taking a sip, he savors the alien physiological process. Alcohol is one of the most mysterious metabolic interactions that takes place within living creatures, and a God should experience all that his world has to offer. "So it seems you do not think negatively of me. It is true I have been administering the day to day functions of this school beyond the level of the former principal. But it would appear my efforts are in vain. Justice in particular has condemned me. Do you perhaps have any guesses to why?"

The smile on Hayato's face doesn't slip away, but it does become a bit confused for a moment as he tries to parse the statement about the weak and the strong. Hayato's definitely not one for letting the weak fall behind... but then the principal moves on. "Well, I don't mind you taking a more active role in running the school. I spent some time in the JSDF, so I know a bit about people taking the chain of command seriously." He grins, then takes a slug of his drink. "As for Justice..."

Hayato looks thoughtful for a moment. "The administration there has always been a bit strange. Kind of aloof. They generally don't seem to want to do much with folks from the other schools. There's teachers and students there who are perfectly fine, but then there's also others who seem to really take the whole 'elite' academy thing really seriously. Can't fault them on their academic program, though." He shrugs.

"I find nothing wrong with Justice's model from a practical standpoint of generating the optimal specimens. But I have learned that exclusion of the mediocre is a sub-par method. You will miss out on the aberrants, or the rare exceptionals. It was a painful lesson in my case, but no longer do I refuse to look beneath my feet in my own pursuits." Another slow sip of the gin and tonic follows. His father had drank casually, likely his own method of dealing with stress. The chemical reaction on his tongue causing a bitter revulsion is certainly unappetizing. "In terms of curriculum, there are many schools that cannot even parse what Justice uses for everyday students. They have earned their station. I am just disappointed they eschewed any manner of cooperation with my efforts." A slow shrug follows, before he sets the cup down. "No matter. The Inter-High Tournament should go well. I allowed their students to enter without examinations, and many are taking place, even the notable Athena Asamiya and Hyo Imawano..."

Hayato raises an eyebrow at 'specimens', but maybe it's just a language issue. He then nods in approval at the mentioned names. "I've heard good things about both of them." Well, only good things about Athena. Some people aren't quite so fond of Hyo, but Hayato hasn't heard anything /really/ scandalous. "They both have a fair bit of influence with the students at Justice, too. Maybe getting in some interaction with students from the other schools will do them both some good, and trickle down to the other students that look up to them."

"Yes, her fighting potential is far beyond her age and training. She has a seemingly supernatural capability at it... as if fighting is but a dance. I appreciate such grace." Although the latest readings from Krizalid on her... there was a curious spike of energy that had never been detected before when she was pressured. What could it be...? Igniz is certainly not done with the girl, but the priority of secondary investigations remains low. "Is that so? Perhaps you are right. I will send an olive branch to Hyo and see what comes of it. You, too, ought work to improve Taiyo's relations with Justice. I am sure that the principal there respects you greatly." Another long swallow of his drink finishes it, and Igniz sets it aside. "Gedo I trust to my associate, regardless of the incident that took place." There's still something strangely detached about Igniz, as if he's not fully here, but his mind is hovering up amongst the stars... yet there's a strange charisma about him all the same, like a bright beacon that draws moths. Although to one of Hayato's, the instinct would be it is a dangerous fire, as opposed to a benevolent one...

Hayato wouldn't be able to say exactly what it is about Isaac Brown, especially since he came into this hoping to better get along with the principal, but his instincts are telling him there's something not quite right about the man. The way he talks is a bit odd, certainly, but that just by itself wouldn't quite be enough... The gym teacher frowns for just a moment, then gestures to the bartender for another drink. "Well, I'd hope he would be able to appreciate the effort I've put in for these kids. And for their sake, I can try to meet Justice halfway. I do actually own a few suits, I can show them that I do actually know how to wear one." He grins, then takes his new glass from the bartender, gives him a friendly nod and takes another drink.

"Yes. They do say children are the future, isn't that correct...?" Somehow, this phrase seems to amuse Igniz, and he cannot hide just a trace of a smile. "They are the heritage of DNA. The inheritance of knowledge. Each generation should be an improvement over the last, as evolution has always dictated... but I believe that humanity has failed to accept the weight of sin. Whether you question divinity or not, the seven deadly sins are indeed the greatest disrupters to progress. Humanity is an unwieldy, unstable thing... and order cannot come from a thousand heads saying a thousand things, as recorded history will show. Do you think we are on the right path, Mr. Nekketsu? Your ability to train is extraordinary, but put to such menial use. Certainly you aspire to greater avenues? Ones that could change the world?" A second gin and tonic is delivered to Igniz, who is finding he likes them more after getting used to the peculiar flavor, drinking quicker than he ought.

Hayato buys himself a moment to think by drawing out a sip of his own drink, while glancing at Igniz's glass. Just what does he have in there? Although the man doesn't seem that drunk, other than the conversation going in a pretty odd direction. He carefully sets his drink down before responding. "Well, I'd say that helping to shape the next generation is a pretty good way to change the world. I could reach out to more kids, perhaps, but there comes a point where you lose the personal touch, if you're trying to help out too many kids at once. Knowing their names, knowing what their individual goals and problems are... that helps to build trust, and to really be able to reach them."

Drunk? Igniz has never been drunk before. It is impossible for the divine to succumb to a peasant's poison. However, he is almost entirely unaugmented cybernetically, his suit working through neural uplinks. That means he's actually an incredible lightweight, much to his chagrin. Although his genetic modifications may grant him near immortality to age, and the incredible resilience of a master fighter, that does not bulwark the virgin liver of a new drinker. He's almost done with his second, and here they go heavy on the gin.
"Yes. If you are content to wait. And risk." Igniz allows, looking into his hand. "Some people are born into this world, then realize they are exceptional. That they can change it. But even then, time... time crushes inexorably forward. The man called Hitler. He was a monster. Yet as a child, investigating the great war enthralled me, and I experienced the dynamics of the cold war as they unfolded. To turn an entire nation into a vehicle for oneself... it is an impressive feat." ...That almost sounded like Igniz implied he was alive in the early Cold War, young or not. He'd have to be in his fifties at least, but barely looks in his early thirties! "Yet you are right. A personal touch... hmm. I have been neglecting that for myself... but there will be so much time, endless time, in the limitless future. But your advice is well spoken from experience. I will attempt it." The second gin and tonic is now gone, and he orders a third.

Hayato, for his part, is only just starting to get into a pleasant buzz. Which still leaves him with enough awareness to recognize that things have gotten a bit weird. Enough drinks further in and he'd probably just be nodding in appreciation of the sage advice from his superior. Asking about the principal's actual age would be a bit rude; maybe he's just been blessed with good genetics. Still, there's one other point. Hayato ponders it for a moment, before gesturing for the bartender to refill his drink. Well... why not ask? Hayato's generally not one to shy away from things. "Limitless future?"

"...Yes. The future is malleable, shapeable. Always ready to be sculpted. That is the secret to success. Are you the clay, Mr. Nekketsu? Or are you the hand that moulds it?" It is obvious which of these Igniz believes he in. The third gin and tonic is gone almost immediately, and Igniz seems to realize his state. Two fingers touch his forehead, trying to navigate the strange, fuzzy confines. "Mmm. I apologize. I believe I've overestimated my tolerance. I've been something of a teetotaller through most of my life. ...I would like to use your talents. I have some children that could benefit from your training. Physiological improvements, balance, agility. Everything. They are precious to me, and I believe you could maximize the potential I know is there. Would you be willing? I will pay you double overtime for every hour you spend with them. And you will assuredly be making a strong future..."

Hayato sips at his drink again. "A bit of private training? Sure, I'd be happy to do that. Wouldn't be the first time. I've helped out kids who were struggling, or those who could really benefit from some structure to help hone their natural talent." Like Batsu, for instance. Of course, most of that has been on Hayato's own time, just for the sake of helping out the kids. But, if he's going to be able to get paid for it in his official role as a teacher, well, he's not going to turn that down. "I'll need to meet them, talk to them and put them through their paces a bit to see just where they really need help, and figure out what sort of training plan they need." Although Hayato and Igniz may have different visions on what an ideal outcome of this training might be.

"Perfect. I'll set things up immediately for it." Igniz states, with a pleased smile. He's seen the results of the man. Such wasted potential... if only it was possible to somehow sway him into training NESTS agents in basic physiology, it would greatly improve his program. Fingers drum on his chin, looking at Hayato like he were some strange specimen. The children will be a test case. If it goes as well as he hopes... then... "To the future." is suddenly offered, Igniz lifting his empty glass.

Hayato's had enough to drink now to take the edge off his wariness, and the principal's apparently honest interest in the welfare of these children helps as well. The "why" of that interest is rather important, though, and a piece of the puzzle that Hayato is missing. Not knowing that, though, he's feeling pretty good again, and gladly raises his glass in response to Igniz's proposed toast. "To the future." And with that he finishes off the contents of his glass.

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