Daigo - Our Dear Mascot

Description: It's a peaceful evening in Gedo High : a few students are roaming in school doing questionable things. Though something was different. A ninja from Taiyo has arrived with the firm intention of stealing the beloved mascot of Gedo High, Fury the badger. Despite their tough attitude, the students of Gedo will fight to no end to prevent this desecration!

"What's with you Ibuki-chan? You don't participate in any clubs, you don't play any sports. Don't you have any school pride?"

A definitely ordinary high school girl, Ibuki rubs the nape of her neck in the hallway between classes. "Hey! I've got lots of Taiyo pride. I've just got a lot to do after school. It's a family thing." A tall classmate crossed her arms and inquired, in a rather demanding fashion. "What kind of family thing?" "The kind I can't really talk about." Shaking her head, she started to walk the other way, "Sad. I'm sick of listening to you make excuses. I've got better things to do than hang out with someone in the 'Go Home' club. Later."

Not long after, Ibuki was dejectedly typing away with a single finger on a library computer, the other hand on her chin. 'School Pride' was entered into the search engine, with thousands upon thousands of results. "Yeah, if only they knew I was in the most demanding club of all." Ninja training wasn't for the faint of heart. Suddenly her eyes light up, and a fist meets her palm. "That's it!" On the screen in front of her was a description of a Western school tradition. If only she'd kept on reading, she might have discovered it was a trope on Western television shows.

Her eyes lit up in triumph, as her mind whirred around a plan. She couldn't ever reveal that it was her, but even anonymously it would at least be prove her school pride to herself. Both hands on the keyboard, she types in 'Gedo High'. Then starts clicking through their website...

There's a lot of information to find about Gedo High over the internet. How it used to be an all boy school that promoted personal development through martial art (and it is still the case) but that it now accepts girls within their rank. It has been also used as a reform place for delinquent and more and more young delinquents had been allowed in the school.

It seems like an ordinary high school, with lots of clubs and sport ones also, never able to truly beat Gorin in any fields, it would seem. While their emblem ressembles some sort of devil with flames, their mascot for their various sport club represents the deadly fighting spirit of Gedo High : a badger named Fury.

The information brings a mischievous twinkle to her eye. A few hours later, and there's a lone ninja in a tree, overlooking the scenic Gedo sports fields. TXT to Sarai-Babe: 'I don't think they have it out here in the sheds. I'm going to have to go look inside. Should be easy. Noone will even see me. ttyl.' Taking out the sim card, she places it in her book bag, which she'd nestled securely against a limb, a kunai between the handles to hook it in place, before she drapes over a screen that camouflages it against a tree trunk.

After the students of most of the after hours clubs had filtered out, and the sun begins to set she drops out of the tree with nary a sound other than the rustling of leaves. Darting across the shaded areas of the field, she makes it to the main school building, and climbs up to the roof. What follows is a dizzying display of masterful stealth by...

...stereotypically crawling through ducts. Searching for the location of Fury. "You know, for a reform school for delinquents, this place isn't half bad." She murmurs almost inaudibly as she looks out a vent into a surprisingly well-kempt hall. "I bet it's got a lot of bad boy macho studs here."

Enforced discipline is meant to forge the mind and turn young delinquent into proper adults. Those who weren't delinquent just benefit from this strict training. To be able to learn, one must have a healthy body and must be empty of his excess energy.

Those who weren't participating into sport clubs were casually training and fighting outside, though it didn't seem like street fighting, more like real spar and martial arts training. Soon though as the sun slowly set the students were leaving one after the other, allowing Ibuki to approach the school more easily.

Even at this time of the day, there still seems to be small group of students roaming in the school, talking to each other and laughing loudly like the place belonged to them.

Where to find Fury? That is the question. The mascot was hidden deep in the school, inside a cage in the gym teacher's room. It was about the size of a big fat cat.

Dropping into the gym teacher's office, she lands lightly on her wrapped toes on the desk, sendingly only a few budget reports flying about the room. "So kawaiiii!" She remarks softly as she takes in the features of the fearsome looking badgers. Ibuki kept a Tanuki for a pet after all, a badger looked cute to her. Dropping off the desk, she takes out a lock pick and slides it into the lock. Feeling for any tumblers. It was a surprisingly easy lock, but then again, one wouldn't expect this particular way of showing school pride in Japan.

Eventually the cage door popped open, and she tucked the mascot under one arm. Perhaps she was feeling a touch arrogant however, as she simply unlocked the gym teacher's door... and marking off the positions where the small groups of students had been walking in her head, slipped out into the hallway, moving into cover at corners every so often, and even once ducking into the girl's restroom and hiding inside a stall.

Eventually, however, she'd found her way at the doors of the gymnasium. Ninjitsu was the art of controlling one's environment, and she'd done just that, she hadn't had a single person stumble on her. Master Enjo would be proud, if this weren't an unsanctioned mission that is. All the clubs were out, so she didn't expect anyone paying much attention as she opened the double doors just a crack and slid through. The problem about holding a large badger in her arms is that she miscalculated, and the door swung open just wide enough when she passed... that it caused a loud, slam when it shut. She didn't freeze in place, instead she was frantically looking up to the high windows and metallic crossbeams for a swift escape route. Master Enjo would no longer be proud of her skills.

The badger represented everything Gedo High stood for : indomitable spirit, independant, fierce and combative against all odds. Of course, bad mouths will say that a badger represents Gedo High well because badgers don't give a s**t about antyhing. Fortunately for Ibuki, the few years spent in captivity had made Fury less of a fury as it used to be. The animal still squirms and bucks in Ibuki's arms, showing its displeasure but nothing the girl won't be able to deal with, most likely.

The loud slam of the door is followed by a long moment of silence through the school... After all, even the group of students who were roaming around were not really supposed to be around for the most part. Though words can be heard, "Heard that? The f*** was that!?" Followed with "Think it came from the gymasium!" And more footsteps, hurried ones. Looks like the thugs and punks who were around deciding to show some courage instead of fleeing.

Had they seen the girl alone there, they might have used some wisecrack or invited her to do some questionable activities but... What the boys see when they turn the corner though is their favorite mascot, one of the few things that rally some of the Gedo High students together, held lazily in Ibuki's arms.

The boy's eyes widen as he notices that, followed by the others who seems just as shocked, "The hell ya doing with Fury!?" One of them shouts.

The small group looked like delinquent. One had a green mohawk with sunglasses, torn jeans and a shirtless leather jacket, while another had short hair with piercings and tattos, along with a spiked collar and spike bracelets, wearing a Death Metal T-shirt and worn out jeans. The third one had long curly hair with a large beard. He had massive forarms and was bulky. His clothes and look made him look dirty, but his look made him look like some sort of viking. "She's trying to kidnap Fury, the b****!!" Exclaims the viking.

The situation deteriorates, and Ibuki switches strategy for dealing with Fury. Badgers could be fearsome, though not so fearsome that she couldn't deal with one that's lived mostly in captivity already. Her clan kept wild animals as pets after all, and trained them to sometimes even join in in forest battles. At first small pieces of fruit had worked, though he was still irate at being 'carried'. Now, with a fight on her hands, she takes out one of her kunai, with just a glint of tranquilizer poison upon it, and pricks him. While he doesn't fall asleep, he looks a lot more drowsy right away.

Her off hand takes the kunai, spinning the handle on a ring finger as the small group of delinquents gets closer. Despite looking entirely casual, she was already trying to pick which one of them to go for in a fight. "My my~ Do you kiss your mothers' with those mouths?" Ibuki shrugs her single shoulder, rolling it with a notable grind of bone on bone before there's an audible pop, before she puts one hand behind her neck. "Now boys, just so you know, I know that I look a tad old-fashioned, but I'm a modern girl. I like guys with a modicum of respect, and pushy guys?" From her standing position she scans the rooftop, and then all of a sudden lashes out without warning.

From her standing position, she assumes an aggressive stance, with one palm forward, and badger behind. Despite the added weight she springs forward and high with surprising momentum and agility, aiming both feet at the shoulders of the 'Viking' to stomp off them and spring off towards the wall.

"...They just don't get girls." She quips.

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"The hell you doing to Fury!?" The Viking shouts, obviously the more attached to the school's mascot than the other two. His eyes flare with anger, hand curled into a fist, "Don't you dare take him hostage you!" He says threateningly, taking a step foward, gritting his teeth, obviously torn between trying to attack her and not wanting to hurt the animal.

Her comments and behaviour causes the boys expressive to become more serious. No one insults Gedo Students and get away with it, "Don't know who you are, but you're going to regret this," Says the mohawk haired student, taking out a chain from his jeans to wrap it around his knuckles.

Alas, the Viking's desire to rescue the animal more of less stuns him when Ibuki comes charging at him and his hesitation leaves him clear open for Ibuki's foot stomps on his shoulder. Despite his massive frame, the impact causes him to kneel down in pain some, but gives Ibuki plenty of mometum to jump upward.

The student with the Death Metal shirt takes off his school bag and shuffles through it, but both the Viking and Mohawk punk tries to get a hold of Ibuki's legs as she jumps off to take her down, "You won't get away with this! You're not taking Fury away!"

COMBATSYS: Ibuki dodges Gedo Delinquents' Medium Throw.

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All of these guys had at least fifty pounds and a third of a meter on her. Closer to a hundred for some, and it was for the most part muscle. If Ibuki got grabbed, it would go very badly for her. As she landed beside the wall, she reacts to the pair trying to grab her legs by rushing forward and running up the wall. She tosses Fury lightly in the air mid-leap, before flipping backwards. "Close one!" She wasn't kidding either. She'd felt their hands whiff against the baggy leggings of her dogi.

Landing behind them on the toes of her left foot, her right moves up, and arcs into a series of serpent quick whirlwind kicks. Streamers of azure ki follow in their wake, evidence of the chi she'd used to enhance the attack. She couldn't take any of these guys that lightly after all.

"Catching him." She answers the first question, even though she knew that wasn't what they were asking about, just as Fury's belly is caught by an upraised hand. The badger sleepily opens an eye at the impact, before closing them again. "Come on boys, what's the harm in letting me borrow him for a while? Do I need to leave an I.O.U.?"

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"Fury!" Exclaims the Viking who seems panicked at the thought the badger was thrown so casually in the air like this, "Damn it!" He shouts as he focuses his attention on the badger in an attempt to catch him. The two guys who tried to catch her seems more worried by the badger at first to worry about the ninja girl (after all, what could a girl do against three of them?). What a dire mistake they're making...

When Ibuki lands behind them, the series of empowered chi kicks hit both of them hard, knocking the red haired boy straight off against the school's wall, his head slamming against the brick wall. He staggers back a step or two but crumbles clumsily on his back, more or less knock out of it, grunting incomprehensible words. The mohawked punck gets caught in the flurry of kicks but doesn't go off flying as far as his other fellow, rolling more swiftly to recover from the impact, "Damn girl... You're gonna pay for this, now it's serious..." He says with a wince, legs trembling as he slowly forces himself back to his feet.

Soon after the landing, the third guy rushes up behind Ibuki, attempting to grapple her and get a hold of her, "I've got her, the hell out of her!" He shouts. Unlike the Viking, the two others are less bent on protecting Fury and more out to deliver painful vengeance on Ibuki.

The mohawk guy rushes over Ibuki and swings his fists toward her midsection, attempting to give her a series of punches to her face and midsection.

COMBATSYS: Gedo Delinquents successfully hit Ibuki with Hold and Punch.
Grazing Hit

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Gedo Delinquents 0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0            Ibuki

The third guy rushes up behind her, and Ibuki is caught entirely off guard. She tries to slip away, but she's caught in a hold. And she knows exactly what is coming, as it's pretty standard. One guy holds, the other punches. So instead, she uses the fact that she's a smaller target against them. At the last moment of the Mohawk delinquent's swing, she twists her head to the side, and most of the colossal haymaker grazes across her cheek. It still elicited a yelp of pain from her, as she then tries to twist and turn to dodge the sudden flurry of body blows. It doesn't quite work out. She takes several quick jabs to her solar plexus, though it's a close call when more powerful blows are aimed her way.

Suddenly Fury is an inconvenience in the battle. Mid-flurry, she hopes it will catch their attention when she... drops him. She hopes that distraction would be enough. One foot shoots out, and catches him mid-fall, balancing him expertly. At the same time, she lashes out at the one behind her with an attempted elbow strike. The foot which caught Fury is in motion, already setting the drowsy badger down on the ground. Trying to grab him by the clothing, she then would bend over double, rolling him over her body in an attempt to throw him at the one working her over.

Sucking in a pained breath behind her mask, she flicks a finger at her injured cheek, wincing. "Serious huh? You haven't even asked me out properly! Where's the love confession? Geez, what'd I tell you? Pushy guys don't get girls!"

COMBATSYS: Gedo Delinquents blocks Ibuki's Quick Throw.

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Despite the squirming from Ibuki, the student behind her manages to avoid the smacks from her elbows, but she manages to throw him off balance and shove him in the direction of the other guy, who has to awkwardly stop his punching to catch the other guy thrown at him.

They quickly recover from it though, barely taking a few steps back. "She serious?" Says the one with the Death Metal shirt, "You're insulting us, we ain't gonna confess our love, you freak!" The Punk with the Mohawk cracks his knuckles and glares at her with a smirk, "I'll show you my love... With my FISTS!" He glances over at his fellow Gedo Student and he says, "Right? Let's show her our passion if that's what with want, by beating the crap out of her..."

The other boy nods and grin as both of them rush on Ibuki and start relentlessly and recklessly trying to punch her face, kick her midsection and just throughoutly beat her up. "How do you like our LOVE, huh!? Got enough of that!?"

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Ibuki starts falling into the rhythm of the fight, and the first few blows roll off of her as she flows like water over their punches and kicks. Then one hits her right in the mid-section, knocking the wind out of her. Doubling over, a fist strikes her head on in the jaw. More and more blows follow, and she's unable to put up a defense. It ends with her getting knocked halfway across the gym from her starting point and crumpling upon the ground. Crawling up onto her knees, she smacks a fist upon the ground in frustration over her carelessness, before looking up at the ones assaulting her.

"That was the passion you wanted to show me?" She croaks out behind her half-mask, "That was all the love you've got to give?" Springing up to her feet, she's obviously not moving around as easily as before after that beating, but she tries not to show it over a wall of facetiousness. "Alright."

Cracking her knuckles, she suddenly surges forward, though she hitches in half-step from her injuries, recovering by lashing out with one hand to attempt to grab the closest boy who asked her on how much she liked their love. "Lemme show you the burning passion of Taiyo High!"

Her other hand now moves into their field of vision, glowing with azure light. The palm lances out to try to strike the middle of his chest. It then bursts into a small explosion of Ki, with enough force to launch him backwards if he's caught in it. "Fury-chan is going to love it where he's going!"

COMBATSYS: Ibuki successfully hits Gedo Delinquents with Raida.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Gedo Delinquents 1/-------/=======|=======\===----\1            Ibuki

The two Gedo High students are panting from the relentless onslaught they've given Ibuki, the effort showing on their faces as they've given all the energy they had to pull off a continuous assault like this, synchrozed with each other.

The boy with the death metal t-shirt gets caught off guard, pulled closer to Ibuki once she got a hold of him. Her palm to his chest knocks the wind out of him momentarly, especially more so when the blast of chi explodes in his chest and knocks him back, sending him flying off a distance. He seems knocked out of it, rolling on limply on the ground after the impact.

"TAIYOO!!!!" Shouts the red bulky viking.

Hearing Ibuki's threats seem to have awaken him from his slumber, "FURY, NOOO!!! FURY STAYS HERE!!" He shouts as she gets back on his feet with surprising speed and lunges at Ibuki, attempting to tackle her down to the ground with him. If he suceeds to catch her off guard and slam her down, he'll try to hold her down and use his fists to smack her with all his might back and forth.

The other guy quickly joins in this though, seeing an opportunity where there's one to foot-stomp Ibuki if she's gotten taken down. It takes a bit longer but the third one might have get back on his feet to deliver more footstomping if Ibuki's down for long enough.

The three of them proceeding to give her a good 'gang bang'ing the old fashion way..

"No one messes with Gedo! No Taiyo punk, that'll teach you a lesson!"

COMBATSYS: Ibuki blocks Gedo Delinquents' Gangbang.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Gedo Delinquents 0/-------/-------|=======\=====--\1            Ibuki

Ibuki finds the limp to be a liability here, so when they come at her in full force, she's unable to dodge the tackle. Instead she starts blocking the raining fists upon her armguards, one by one. Each forearm beneath themstings from the effort, as they ultimately have a lot of strength on her. When the foot comes down, intending to stomp her, she grabs it out of mid-air. Though she's unable to turn it aside. Forearms straining from the effort, she eventually rolls out of the way, coming up to her feet.

This was closer than she'd like, fighting four Gedo High students, but she didn't want to use her most powerful techniques out of fear of actually seriously hurting any of them. She had just hoped to sneak in, and back out, not get involved in a giant brawl! Marking the dozing Fury's position on the gym floor, she suddenly takes out four kunai with a grin. "Relax boys, we'll give him a good home!"

Her hand sweeps out and four kunai thunk downward, aimed expertly to try to pin four different shoes to the ground without actually impaling any toes. Then bending down into a low stance, an aura of blue ki raises off of her. "But first, I'm going to have to teach you four a lesson, in the form of one of my super-fast..."

The initial movements of her feet are so sudden and so powerful that it actually tears up a small part of the gym lacquered floor she was standing on. A blur of motion, Ibuki with her ki enhanced speed moves past each of them, striking one after the other with a series of elbow strikes and punches, using her boost to give it some extra oomph. One for each pass. When she's finished, she stops right in front of Fury, sweeping him up with a single motion. "...heart-breaking attacks! Never underestimate the passion of a young maiden's heart!"

COMBATSYS: Ibuki successfully hits Gedo Delinquents with Yami Shigure.

[                            \\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Gedo Delinquents 0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0            Ibuki

After their attempt at a throughout beating, the three boys end up beside each other as Ibuki rolls out of the way and manages to get back on her feet. They're just about to lunge back at her to continue their group beating but the kunais stop them right in their back as it pins their feet on the ground, making them squirm a bit and leaving them like sitting ducks for the next part.

"Oh sh...!" One of them just has the time to exclaim before they try to cover themselves and protect their vital parts with their arms she passes by each one of them and delivers a series of punches and elbow strikes they can't quite protect themselves against.

They scream and shout in pain and anger, but as soon as Ibuki passes through them and goes pick up Fury who's sleeping soundly, the three boys crumble to the ground unsconscious.

They heave all loud growls of pain and exhaustation, "Damn you Taiyo..." One of them manages to shout at her, cowered in a fetal position from pain, a weakened fist rose up to shake it at Ibuki helplessly. "Don't think... You'll get away with this...!!"

COMBATSYS: Gedo Delinquents lets out a large yawn, slouching.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ibuki            0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Gedo Delinquents can no longer fight.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ibuki            0/-------/---====|

"Already am." Ibuki winks at one of the unconscious boys. She tries to maintain an air of confidence, to attempt to hide the fact that those boys really worked her over and gave her a lot of trouble. Suddenly the idea of getting out the upper tier windows with all of her injuries and Fury in tow just doesn't seem like a great idea any longer. Instead she leaves the gym and sticks to the shadows, and eventually gets back to her tree, grabbing her bookbag from behind the 'trunk' screen and putting it away.

The next morning, as the bell rings just before homeroom Taiyo High students and faculty are greeted by quite a sight. In the main lobby, suspended from the ceiling so that it hangs at eye level is an extra large animal cage containing a more irate than usual Fury. A sign that translates to 'Taiyo Pride!' hangs down from the bottom of the cage.

Reactions will likely be somewhat mixed in a Japanese school environment, though most agree that this will certainly mean trouble For now though, a completely ordinary girl seems inordinately pleased with herself, despite having absolutely nothing to do with the display in the lobby.

COMBATSYS: Ibuki has ended the fight here.

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