Unholy Genesis - [UG:Week 3] Tending To Wounds

Description: The last battle has taken its toll on Lord Dohma -- he's recuperating in the Museum of History, taking note of the signs of battle therein. But he has need to reconnect with two of his more loyal servants -- to discuss their findings, and to deliver new orders.

Things had been going so well.

Jedah Dohma would never openly admit fault, preferring to veil it behind condescension or insults of some nature. Mistakes were made. And perhaps the demon lord bit off more than he could chew. But there were ways to salvage the situation. The nice thing about immortality is the luxury of playing a longer game than mortals might recognize.

But he may need help, at times: the help of many eyes and ears. Which is why he's summoned two of his helpers to provide... additional information.

Right now, he's taking a moment of refuge in the Museum of History, left in a shambles a few weeks ago in a terrible incident. The glass cases of the Asian History exhibit have not even been cleaned up -- and yet, the Black Messiah strides around with a placid expression upon his face, heedless of the glass crunching under his boots. He's lost in thought -- or so it seems.

Without a pack to lead, Lune had been roaming the land to find an opportunity to find another pack of his own. It was in his nature, after all, to seek one and the most logical person to turn to was his the man who saved him : the Black Messiah. After all, they did share the same ideal, and Lune had enough humility to recognize him as his better and work under him...

The Werewolf slowly emerges from one of the halls leading to the room Lord Dohma has been waiting. His footsteps have been silent, not on purpose but more due to his predatorial and stalker nature, though he does nothing to hide when he actually arrives in sight.

Likewise, almost at the same moment, the kitsune Kiyomi emerges from another hallway, making her way toward Jedah. Lune and Kiyomi spares a glance to each other, though their express remains stern and cold. The Kitsune still had a few bruises and wounds from her previous fight where she tried and failed to save newborns Darkstalker and guilt was eating her up inside though she didn't show any of it. Her reason to be here with her pack were quite simple : help the Darkstalkers and fight the humans who try to slaughter them, assisting Lord Dohma however she could.

Lune presses one hand into his palm and bows his head, and Kiyomi folds her arms and bows respectfully to Jedah, both doing their own respectful gesture though both earnest despite their different way of doing it. "You have summoned us?" Lune finally speaks out.

When Jedah turns his face towards the new arrivals, it may be clear why he's taking refuge indoors: He looks like death warmed over.

For a demon, this is saying something.

His skin is pale, lacking the blue pigmentation it normally possesses. The dense blue veins criss-crossing his face are plain to see -- and even his wings are less responsive than usual, seeming more like they're made out of cardboard than their usual animated selves.

"I am glad you both got the message." His bloodshot eyes scan the werewolf and the kitsune over; his gaze lingers a bit overly much upon Kiyomi before finally settling on Lune. "The city is in complete chaos. This much is planned. But what I do -not- have is information on the tree that has sprouted upon the remains of Metro Bridge." He glances to Kiyomi, now: "Do you know the -creature- that placed that abomination within our domain?"

The moment Lord Dohma turns around, his injuried appearance definately surprises them. Kiyomi gasps, her eyes widening at the sight, "Lord Dohma!". The sight of the powerful demon lord in his weakened state obviously breaks Lune's stoic posture and he has a hard time to conceal his surprise. He manages to recover much faster than Kiyomi, who can't help but show some concerns as she takes a step foward, struggling with her maternal instinct that begs her to look for his injuries and see what she can do...

Fortunately though, after a few steps she manages to repress her maternal instincts. Jedah's question helps her recover from the initial shock and Kiyomi straightens herself up, shaking her head slowly. "No, milord..."

Lune speaks up even if Jedah was staring at Kiyomi, figuring the question was to both of them, "There are a few Darkstalkers roaming around this tree... Are their presence unwelcome here, milord?" He asks, sharing what little bit of information he had. The werewolf had came across this tree in his scouting of the city. He did not pay much attention to it, mostly due to the presence of Darkstalkers around it.

Jedah frowns. He understands that his appearance troubles the two -- but in all honesty, it's not like he's looked in a mirror lately. Closing his eyes, he presses his first two fingers to his forehead and draws in breath. The blue color returns to his face and skin, and the indigo livens up his overcoat, replacing the ashen grey. Appearances matter -- it's something he hadn't been paying -as- much mind to for the past day or so.

Exhaling slowly, his demeanor becomes more regal, his posture more stiff as his hand lowers to his side. He does not address the matter of his appearance, or why he's able to return it to normal -- though he offers a faint smile in silent approval that the two have not asked. "They are allowed, for now. Do not trouble yourself with them. I just want to know more about the tree; I understand its weight is beginning to cause the bridge itself to sag, almost to the point it's touching the water. Is there any more can you add to this report?"

It is important for a leader to be able to show a strong front : the fact that Jedah seems to recover so easily and regain his regal bearing seems to chase away any lingering worries the two Darkstalkers might have had. They know better than to question what happened, even if Kiyomi's instincts almost drove her to.

Lune shakes his head slowly, "I fear that I do not -- I have been mostly seeking out the hideout of humans, and coordinate our own," He admits. Kiyomi narrows her eyes and she folds her arms in front of her chest, "I can investigate the matter further and see who is the cause of this tree within your realm, milord."

Jedah nods back in reply to Lune. Considering his physical condition, it would probably be somewhat understandable if he were to snap at one of the two -- but that is not his style. Calm, collected, and confident -- these are the qualities Lord Dohma wishes to project most of all. It is easier to talk to the other male than to the one who had started to show maternal concern -- stoicism is a mask for many things he'd rather not discuss.

"Please do investigate when you have time, if you would. But do not think that your reconaissance has gone for naught: share with me what you have learned about these... hideouts." The bloodweaver is somewhat aware of a few of these bastions of defense, but the more he knows -- the more he can flush out his prey.

Heaving a soft sigh, Kiyomi lowers her gaze a bit and she says, "There has been a breakout of humans -- mostly peddlers who have attacked newborn Darkstalker.. I have tried to stop them, but unfortunately, I have failed..."

Kiyomi lifts her gaze up at Jedah and she says, "I think they could pose a threat. They're lead by a powerful fighter," This would explain Kiyomi's bruises and injuries.

Jedah had noticed Kiyomi's wounds before, but until she was ready to speak, he did not feel like pressuring her to. "Mmm, that's right..." he nods, "Argo, I believe. The locusts -did- make mention of him, though to be honest, I can't understand half their words as it is." The faintest hint of a smirk crosses his lips for a moment, before he continues. "It is good that you've encountered him. He seems... remarkably talented." The bloodlord shakes his head, striding closer to Kiyomi. "The fights of your past can weigh you down, my child. Make use of what you've learned; carrying the past along with you wherever you go can be an exhausting experience."

Jedah draws in his breath. Troublesome, that he seems to -need- breath, but suffice to say, the last battle he'd endured had taken its toll on his eternal soul. "If you hadn't been aware, there is now a clinic in the Slam Masters Arena, in the outskirts southwest of town. You needn't worry about the humans there, simply use the east entrance. Doctor Tessitore and the weavers there will tend to your wounds."

He turns to each of the two for a moment. "Is there anything else you wish to share?"

Kiyomi bows her head gracefully and she nods to Jedah, "Thank you, milord -- I will go there before heading for the tree," Lune bows his head and he simply states, "I will carry on my skirmish against the group of humans I see, for the time being, until you have other uses of me,"

The kitsune looks up at lord Dohma and she smiles, "We are pleased to have been able to witness the birth of this realm, and we will fight on your side against the humans, no matter the cost," Both bows their heads respectfully but they know better than to leave before they've been dismissed.

Lord Dohma nods quietly. There's a clear reason this meeting took place away from prying eyes. He folds his arms behind his back, and fixes his crimson irises first upon Lune, then upon Kiyomi -- direct eye contact is -crucial- for his leadership style, it would seem. "Let me know of your findings. The next week... will test all of us. I am grateful to have such loyal companions for the journey." He nods once again: "May you fare well, then -- with my blessings."

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