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Description: Sybil tracks down Johnny to propose. What? Technically, that's what happens!


That's the restaurant that this particular event for those that are of fame and wealth have been invited to. It's probably got something to do with Johnny Cage because there are posters and visuals of him and his bod all over the place. The man himself is here as well, rocking a suit and sunglasses, as he makes the rounds to shake hands and take selfies and make autographs happen all over this place.

There are other celebrities and famous faces here too so this likely has everything to do with an award show or movie premiere or something along those lines.

As long as it's a Johnny Cage event, who cares right?

At Shenanigan's, normally the only thing better than their cooking was their whiskey selection. The Ms. Sybil Katherine was not here for the liqueur today, someone even better was there. She sat at a small table that happened to be reserved rather close to the star, but with her back facing Mr. Cage. By all appearances she was just a lady wearing an expensive white suit and large pair of sunglasses who was just enjoying the chicken.

Behind the shades, Sybil was listening for every word. The star was in a tide of fans seeking attention, and the man seemed to just love it. Any attempts to make a But the tide must always ebb. The second the flow halted just a perfect drop, a faint clink of silverware on ceramic was soon trailed by the muffled click of heels upon tile. The stock broker moved from her table to Johnny' flank, to gently, innocently tap upon his shoulder.

"Mr. Cage, I have a business matter that I must discuss with you."

Johnny Cage offers another selfie to someone else in the midst of all this crowd control. He even holds up the two fingers for the peace sign and moves himself right into position to be tapped on the shoulder. He whirls right around with his signature smile on his face.

"Hey hey! That's my name, don't wear it out!" Cage grins one of his great grins. He has a few of them. "Or do. I'm sure I won't mind." There's a wink that accompanies those words because of course there is. Johnny Cage is like eighty percent suggestive winks. Even while wearing sunglasses.

"What kinda' business? Cuz if it's show business, I'm gonna' have to get Lindsey. Lindsey handles all my showbiz ish." Cage starts looking around for Lindsey.

And the tap is uninterrupted. That brief moment gives Sybil a flash of information of the celebrity's recent past. The more contact she might get, the more leverage she might hope to garner. When he turns around she levels her glasses to his and gives a polite smile.

"Primarily financial business, investments, stocks and the like. I am Sybil, Sybil Katherine, from the broker firm Tiresias. Since the subject would be your money rather than Lindsey's money, it is prudent to talk to you directly." She spoke with the slight seriousness such business requires.

"Although" She leaned in as to whisper in his ear, as is so polite at such crowded public events. She hushed into his ear "There is some, personal business that Lindsey needn't worry about." with a tone flirty enough to serve as return.

"Ooof. Money talk. Yeah, we're gonna' need Alison for that. But she doesn't do these." Johnny waves a hand around to indicate all this movie hooplah. "But why don't you talk to me about whatever this is and I'll make sure to run it by her first thing some other time that's not tonight." Johnny pushes his glasses back up onto his face and returns to looking amazing.

Any glimpses into Johnny Cage's past pretty much matches up with everything that's all out there already. Johnny Cage doesn't particularly have (m)any secrets and takes the good with the bad because his PR team is freaking amazing. Publicity's publicity, baby.

Johnny Cage motions towards his roped off booth in an attempt to usher Sybil in that direction so that they can both sit and chat comfortably. The moment his butt sinks into the seat he moves right to business. "So. What do you want me to write a check for and how much are you going to pay me to say I love whatever it is?"

She placed her elbow on the table and rested her chin, taking in every sentence and counting every foolish word. "Do you really not care where you wake up in the morning?" She rose back to her full height in her seat upon the drink's arrival.

"I am not talking about banks, I am talking about stocks and bonds. And if I hear correctly, this will be your number 1 on that." She gripped her glass, leaned back, and swirled it about. "But if you really disdain having more money so badly, I could look for someone hotter and fresher, maybe I'll invest in the highest risk, highest profit stocks this side of Southtown." She turned her smile up so smugly at saying those words. "Since you have no interest."

"If you're trying to take a dig at my ego here, baby, that's going to cost you extra. I'm Johnny Cage. I wear my narcissism like a badge of honor." At least he's self-aware, so that's something? Right?

"Listen, I'm all about making money but I've also got money. Tons of it. And I got mad sponsorship too. I'm pretty much at the top of the game right now. And the chances of me falling are slimmer than the chances of me not going home with at least twelve of the finest ladies in here." Johnny catches another curvy one wander past. "... Thirteen." It takes Johnny a moment to bring his focus back to whatever he was saying.

"So lay it on my, S.K., what exactly are you proposing?" Johnny Cage leans onto the table. "I mean, besides the horizontal polka. That part I got."

The broker's blood pressure rose a notch at hearing the man's boasting. Sybil herself just kept swirling her glass, before she spook with near fully contained irritation "Don't gamble odds with me Johnny" before calming her fire with her first burning gulp of the whiskey. When she opened her lips again to exhale the pain, she spoke in a nostalgic somber tone. "I know the feeling, you have all the money you could ever need. you can ride that high for a while, but soon you will find yourself wanting more. Making more money won't get the same joyful kick. I guess you got your own films to keep you busy, and your own ego."

She leaned right back into the table, leveling face to face with Johnny. "But what I got, is what I am proposing. Let's call it gossip.

"You like being on top, so you need to get your timing right, you need to know the when and where." She pressed her lips back to get glass for a brief instant to refill her palate with the aged whiskey. "Knowing things is my business, and I can offer what I know at a reasonable rate. All I want in return is well, gossip right back. Hollywood is a town where these kinds of things are valuable." With what looked like a trick of the wrist, she sent a bundle of bills of her sleeve to her hand. She spread them out in a flaunting fan of money. "And if you don't need info, I will still take the gossip in exchange for whatever you desire." She gently fanned herself with her cash.

"I'm interested." Johnny Cage flashes a big ol' grin as he leans back again. He's been moving up and back in this seat for various styles of sitting but that's only because he's used to not being still in his movies. He's all about the conversation, though, at this point because it's all pretty interesting. At least enough that he may be able to make some extra cash.

"Let's give this a trial run. Before I shake any hands or kiss any babies for this, I wanna' see how this deal plays out. Let's see if your gossip is any good." Johnny Cage may be watching the cash but he's also not too worried about said cash.

"If it's good, I'll cut the check. If it turns out to be some ol' bullshit, then I'ma' have to slap you with a big, fat, hard pass." Cage tosses on his negotiation smirk. "How's that sound?"

And she gets the bite.

The broker briefly returned her money to a single stack to point at the man across from her. "In that case, I will give you a sample you will greatly appreciate tonight." Sybil had been sitting in the restaurant for a considerable while tonight, and places like this were just brimming with 'gossip'. She leaned forward to whisper into Johnny's ear, hiding her mouth from outside observers behind her fan of affluence.

"Three is happily married to a very devoted husband. "
"Ten is too busy trying to bust Eight for the ten grams she is carrying."
"Six and Nine are already heading home together."
"7 has the runs. "
"Five charges three figures for her figure, and don't think Ten won't notice. "
"Four has four different transmittables"
"Twelve has a boyfriend."
"Two is buying from Eight, once again Ten has her eyes open."
"Eleven happens to be seventeen."

"and One..." The sound of a high heel breaking and the crashing of porcelain echoes past the seated pair. "She has a twisted ankle"


Johnny Cage looks both impressed and interested in all of the knowledge that has been dropped on his lap in such quick order. He actually didn't expect Sybil to drop such knowledge and his eyes spent their time darting around the place as those facts were spouted off.

"Looks like you know your stuff. Which means we may be able to do business after all." Johnny Cage barely understands what this deal is but Hollywood loves him for his pretty face not his lack of intelligence. Wait, maybe both can be true. "I'll be in touch. And we'll see what kind of noise we can make together."

And to real em in.

"Excellent" she exclaimed before she downed her shot and let the glass give that singular clack against the wood. Up her second sleeve she flicked what was a bleached and cut Canadian dollar with newer, more important information printed upon it. It span through the air before neatly landing in Johnny's hand. "My card." She laconically laughed.

Her tone shifted swiftly to grave as she followed. "Keep it close, you will need it." folding the dollars back into her jacket, she regained her casual voice. "But now that matters of business are settled, I do have a matter of pleasure." She reached her hand to the inside of her suit.

"Would you sign this for my daughter" She put onto the table a CageWare poster and gave a warm soccer mom smile. "Would you please make it out to Tulip"

Johnny Cage tucks away the 'card' and makes quite a bit of a showing of trying to look most impressed with all of this. He actually is but he can't be too impressed without talking to his people and getting contracts drawn up and stuff. It's a whole Hollywood deal. Contracts are where the money's at.

"Oh, now we're talkin' my favorite language. Me." Johnny Cage reaches for the poster and somehow produces a sharpie out of nowhere. The autographing only takes a moment as he's had years of practice and it's some of his best signature work.

And all was as Sybil planned. So long as Johnny carried the card, she would have steady info dripping in. Just as important was the asset she could leverage, and she would be needing a lot of leverage.

The lady planted her heels back to the floor, and she brought herself back up to full height. "Now Mr. Cage, I do hope you have a lovely evening, but I do need to return to my apartment."She pressed to the table the appropriate cash and tip.

"Goldie!" She said with a snap of her fingers, and from the same direction as the clatter of plates approached another woman. She was a short blonde wearing a shirt and tie, and seemed slightly scuffed. "Ready to roll boss?" The blonde asked? The broker nodded and turned her toes towards the exit. As Sybil's feet clacked along, she whispered to Goldie on their way out.

"We have a little problem with a mouse in the wiring.

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