NFG Season Two - Karate Champs

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Description: Superstar Jace Timmons is out in Metro City Park, putting on a demonstration for Kyokushin Karate. But he ends up attracting a karate volunteer who is not only willing to spar with him on stage, but outright demands to be taught a lesson.. for the NFG.

Metro City Park remains a point of congregation for many people of Metro City who might enjoy the gifts of nature without the high blood pressure of gang violence of the seaside portions of the city. A crowd has gathered around at the behest of rumor spreading like wildfire that a formerly well-known fighter and singing idol has agreed to put on a demonstration of his fighting style, and indeed the person seems to have come through.

He stands on one of the platforms of the tide pool, a pristine white karate gi worn with the belt as black as night. He is barefoot, and unadorned of all accessories accept for a pair of dark sunglasses. As the small crowd continues to slowly increase in number, one watch can see that there are people who don't seem to be here strictly for watching the demonstration. They are setting up cameras and microphones to catch the activity for later use, it seems. Every so often, the man on the platform smiles and looks out into the crowd, and then continues this or that exercise to stretch in preparation for the demonstration.

As he stretches, something seems to occur to him and he stands. Looking across the crown, he spots a 40-something man milling amongst them and grins. A moment later, he calls out to him. Not in the roaring ballyhoo of a showman, but simply one trying to project their voice across a space to be heard.

"Hey Skeeter! Have some good camera coverage over there too, okay?"

The direction he gestures is towards another platform of the tidepool. Apparently he does have something planned for other aspects of this area. A moment later, he lifts a hand and waves.

"We'll start soon, everybody."

Xander was late.

Certainly, being on time was not considered late by some standards. But these were not the standards that the Dutch lad held himself too. By those standards, it was not acceptable that he had flown himself to a strange new city to him and not already master his understanding of streets. It was not acceptable that he was not already finding the dojos to stay in the area. Sure, the NFG was more than happy to vouch for anything related to the event, and that gave him a rather nice hotel that even let him have his own room and bed without having the share. But he has his standards. And his standards demanded that in Metro City, where the NFG finals would take place, he would find out what happened to the others, and see if anybody of value was still remaining. And maybe find a karate type to demand to support the NFG.

There was, in fact, a Kyokushin demonstration in the park just a few blocks over.

"How can a city be so unaccommodating for bicycles?" Xander fumes to himself as he pumps, pumps, pumps the wheels on his foldable red bike. The swarthy blonde boy was dressed in his rustic and blue fisherman cap and wool coat ensemble, with his gi underneath. He had gotten his bike out, and immediately headed to the park

hat was about an hour ago.

He was not sure what he was looking for. Finally, after so long at the park, he reached a crowd. A crowd, with what looked like someone who was at the front. A karateka, like himself. Despite his lack of punctuality, he zooms past Skeeter as Jace calls out to him, dismounting off his bicycle. Everything was still to the plan. He would park his bike, he would prepare his clothing, he would judge to see if he was able to Karate, and then-


Where was the bike rack.

When the camera coverage seems to meet the approval of the man giving the demonstration, he takes a deep breath in and performs a slow, cleansing exhale, completely purging his lungs of oxygen. He purposefully reaches up with both hands, removing his sunglasses and folding the arms. When he looks back up to the crowd, he is on. Whereas a moment ago he merely existed on top of that platform, surrounded by water, he now seems to be right where he needs to be. Right where he was born to be. He lips spread into a wide smile, his eyes looking out into the crowd as if they number a hundred thousand and all were chanting his name. He brings a hand up, balls it into a fist, and then thrusts it into the air with a move that seems to originate from a twist of his heel, amplifying through the hip, rippling through his obliques, and out through his arm. So solid is the punch into the air, that the sleeve of his gi makes the sound of a whip cracking. Loudly, and broadly, the man projects.

"You made it!"

A cheer rises up like an unbiden wave through the crowd, and given the demonstrator seems to be happy to let the cheer run its course, it dies down in due time. With the smile remaining, the man in the gi on the platform begins to pace as he projects his voice out to the crowd. Serenely, he takes a moment to make his introduction to the crowd, his voice dropping into a tease towards the end.

"Hello! My name is Jace Timmons. Please refer to me using the Japanese honorific -sama, or the formal Spanish usted."

There is the slapping sound of a hand hitting a forehead as Skeeter facepalms in response to what Jace just said, earning a quick glance from the demonstrator and a slight uptick at the corner of his mouth. He continues addressing the crowd soberly.

"You may know me from either one of my passions, which have both in their own rights taken me around the world. I speak to most people about the five hit records, numerous world tours, my face up on the silver screen, millions of fans and hours of content on social media, you name it..."

He takes a moment to let that soak in, his expert eye scraping the crowd to understand their reaction. After a moment's contemplation passes, he continues.

"Today I am here to talk to you about my second passion. Fighting. Specifically with the style that I have honed over the past seventeen years, Kyokushin Karate."

It was starting.

The moment that sharp crack breaks out, Xander stops his bike business to look. To stare directly at the aftermath of a perfectly executed punch. There was no question this man knew karate. Xander was assured of it now. He wasn't joining the cheering just yet. He had to get everything ready.The Dutch teen hustles, his legs bounding as he rushes his bike around the crowd, to a lone bike rack that was... Nearly full.

He would just squeeze it in the middle there.

Xander hastily gets the two bike lock out of his satchel, as Jace begins the introductions. Xander's mind was swimming. Jace-Sama, or Jace-usted? He had to consider the proper plan to address him. As he secures the final lock on the bike, he adjusts his satchel, and hurries to the crowd as Jace discusses his second passion. And there it is. The one word that decides for Xander his next move.


Starting from the back, the shorter teen doesn't waste time. Xander begins to push his way through the crowd. Working his way to the front. The theatric presence was already pulsating though the crowd. Xander felt himself a part of it, but more so. On a higher level. He needed to get to the front. He needed to get to the front. Because once he was there? He was going to show him the greatest respect he could think of.

He was going to challenge Jace-usted to a fight.

Jace continues, after taking a moment to allow the crowd to soak in his introdution.

"Kyokushin Karate was founded in the mid-1950s by a Korean-Japanese karateka named Masutatsu Oyama. Originally a sensei in the Goju-ryu style of Karate, Sensei Oyama shifted his paradigm over time to begin focusing on training to improve his students results in kumite, or fighting. It is a style of karate designed from the ground up to improve your strength and toughness."

"There are three aspects of Kyokushin Karate, which introduces the new karateka to Kyokushin. They are kihon, or the basics. The fundamental techniques that all other aspects of Kyokushin are built of."

He raises his hands, then smoothly pivots to his left. He left elbow shoots backwards, the fist of that same arm clenched palm-up and held at his left side as his right arm thrusts forward. He emits a powerful 'kyah' as his arm is fully extended. He follows by leaning forward to bring his left foot forward into a snap kick. Which is then followed immediately by a roundhouse kick that takes him nearly to the edge of the platform. He retains his balance confidently though, completing his execution of the kick and walking back towards the center of the platform.

"From these fundamentals, a ritualistic form of self-training springs up. The kata. In Kyokushin Karate, we have three types of kata. Northern, southern, and mirrored. The northern style katas are derived from Shotokan Karate, while the southern style katas are derived from Goju-Ryu. Further, we then perform mirrored versions of a selection of katas from each because we haven't yet developed a way to have opponents attack us from the same side every time."

What follows is a consumate master's demonstration of one of the simpler katas of Kyokushin. One can see that he is executing it slow and deliberately, allowing the audience members to drink in the subtleties of the kata as performed by him in comparison to a master of one of the styles Kyokushin draws from. As he completes his kata with a powerful 'kyah', the audience breaks into a round of applause. Jace returns to the center of the platform and continues.

"Finally, the last K. The one that all other aspects of training seek to improve: Kumite. Kumite is commonly called sparring, and Kyokushin karateka spar at full power with little protective equipment. This builds power and durability in the student, preparing them for the battles they will face on the mat and in the street. We have typical one-vs-one kumite, and the much fabled 100-man kumite."

He then smiles, spreading his hands and shaking his head.

"Unfortunately, this isn't something I can demonstrate today."

This was Kyokushin Karate.

The young man had finally made it to the front, to the grumbles and glares of others. He was aware. He did not care. But having reached the front, he was listening in awe at Jace. This was not new information to him, or course. But the fact it was being taught outside the confines of his academy was filling him with the spirit of the phoenix. When the roundhouse kick comes, Xander silently repeats to himself the proper response against it, the ebb and flow of offense and defense running through his body. He doesn't interrupt, not yet. Xander makes his objection only when Jace says he cannot achieve a lesson. And when he says he cannot, Xander's voice comes up, cold and clear.

"Timmins-Usted, I am Xander De Vries, and I must interrupt you!"

After making his interruption, he takes off his coat and cap. Folding them neatly, he places them on the ground. He then removes his slippers, placing them on top of the coat. Underneath, he is garbed in the ivory white gi of a karate uniform, bound with a brown belt that carries a single black stripe. Crossing his arms, he stares intensely back.

And then, he bows with absolute respect.

"I am a student of Kyokushin karate who has registered for the New Fighting Generation. I have come to Metro City to find mentors for the NFG. There are no karate experts in the NFG! I have come to learn, and the only way to truly learn is to spar!" He brings the top of his fist to the palm of his hand. "You must use me for one on one kumite demonstration, for the sake of not only these people, but for my own personal development! Please! Accept me, for the sake of Kyokushin Karate!"

And Xander waits, frozen in place, for the response from Jace.

As his name reaches his ears from across the water, Jace pauses. His eyes slip over towards Skeeter, the edge of his lips curling upward a fraction of an inch. The older man he looks at, for his part, is covering his mouth and looking away from the action, seemingly in an effort to control himself.

Jace looks back towards Xander as the younger man has interrupted him and started to remove articles of clothing. He blinks once, seeming concerned until the gi is revealed, and then all seems well again in the world of Jace Timmons. Placing his hands at his side, Jace returns the bow. When he straightens up, he stands to his full height, hooking his hands onto his belt as he speaks.

"I always wondered when if would have a karateka ready to enter New Fighter Generations representing Kyokushin. I had the opportunity to meet the last tournament's winner, and what impressed me the most was her absolute determination to compete, and compete at the highest level. This shouldn't be unfamiliar to you as a Kyokushin karateka, but I've seen all kinds. If you think you have that same drive to do all you're able to do to win this tournament..."

He takes a few steps back, a broad smile crossing his face before he turns, bends at the knee, and then leaps into the air. His trajectory takes him into a high, long arch, a flip performed at the apex of his leap. He quickly approaches a platform just wide enough and just long enough for a sparring match. When he lands, he absorbs the shock with a bend of his knees and then stands, his left hand moving back to his belt as his right hand sweeps out low to his side to indicate the platform.

"Show me."

Show him.

"I will show you my potential!" Xander declares precisely. If Jace has already met with the champion of the NFG, then he was already ahead of Xander on the very path the Dutch teen had chosen for himself. That fact only strengthened his own conviction. The bow has been returned. Jace had his partner. He plans his angle of attack on how to beat approach, how well to copy. He steps back, transfixed on the platform.

It was time for Xander to show the world how well Sengan-sama had prepared him.

Xander take a run, and leap. Bounding up without much flair or fashion, he successfully makes the jump up on the same level as Jace. Barely stumbling on impact, he stamps hard as he steadies himself. "I will follow your lead, and I will follow every action and reaction. Correct any mistakes you see! What I do not know, I will learn.' He gives one more bow. This was the important one. Once he accepted it, it would be time to begin the actual fighting. This wasn't to win, or lose.

But only to prove karate, for karate.

COMBATSYS: Xander has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Xander           0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Jace has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Xander           0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0             Jace

Taking a couple steps away as the NFG competitor leaps the distance between the crowd and takes a position near one of the edges of the platform. He nods as his opponent lands, then holds up a hand to halt any aggression from him. He turns towards the crowd, projecting his voice easily across the water to his audience.

"And with Mr. De Vries' help, we can demonstrate the third K of Kyokushin karate, and as I mentioned before, the whole point. Kumite. Commonly called sparring. It is what prepares us for battle. In Kyokushin, one of our signature tests is a 100-man kumite, where the karateka being tested faces one-hundred similarly-skilled or better students. We also train one on one to better understand the multitude of variations that each individual student can have in Kyokushin karate. Indeed, please pay attention to me and Mr. De Vries as we spar. Notice the differences in technique, and branches we've taken in developing our skills to suit our unique talents."

He takes a moment to tighten his belt, then turns to Xander, performing another bow. He right foot falls back, his knees bend, and his hands seem to cross in front of him. With a powerful 'kyah', his fists spread into his defensive posture, one high, one low. With a serious expression that still maintains a smile, he states simply

"Let's go."

Let's go.

Xander brings his hands forward as his own foot falls back. Bending slightly, he falls into the karate stance of Kyokushin Karate. A mirror image of his own opponent, as he brings out his own kiai shout. And then, immediately, as he gauges his opponent, he begins to speak. "Tobi Mae Geri." Xander repeats out loud to the audience as much as his opponent, "Or Mae Tobi Geri. The Jumping Front Kick." Already, the martial artist was moving in position. It was clear he was preparing one of the flashier attacks as an opener. He wasn't even getting a running head start; that was going to make it take a lot more effort. And yet, he continues to explain, predicting the correct reaction. "The momentum and power of the attack demands that you do not block it or intercept it. Instead, the optimal choice is to dodge!"

And with that, Xander springs forward.

Taking a deliberate hop, he snaps his back foot forward for a single, powerful front kick right into the more senior fighter's abdomen. While jumping, as you might imagine. That would not be the end of the attack, as he would land afterwards. But that was as he already planned. The momentum would carry him forward into the next follow up attack, a carefully planned combination he was already working through. The correct reaction, he had chosen, was to dodge. Jace would position himself to evade it. And there?

Xander would proceed to immediately intercept and counter attack.

COMBATSYS: Jace dodges Xander's Tobi Mae Geri.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Xander           0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0             Jace

As the two fighter's square up, Jace begins to bounce on the balls of his feet, establishing a rhythmic up-and-down motion. His hands remain firm in their defensive position. He listens to his opponent talk through his technique, his face impassive even as the front kick comes barrelling for his abdomen. The timing of it breaks his rhythm, but he side steps the kick with a short hop.

He seems to accept what Xander is working to show. His eyes narrow, his chest expands as he inhales deeply, and then his right hand shoots forward as his left hand turns clench down by his side, adding extra torque to his punch. Notably, the punch seems to be aimed towards Xander's chest as he calls out the name of the technique.

"Gyako Zuki. The reverse punch!"

COMBATSYS: Xander interrupts Strong Punch from Jace with Uraken Mawashi Uchi ES.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Xander           1/-----==/=======|====---\-------\0             Jace

Keikaku Dohri, as Sengan-Sama would say.

The opening kick wasn't perfect, but that is what a lifetime of karate would fix. But Jace is able to adapt to Xander's incorrect timing. The duo move in careful unison, Jace repositioning himself in sync with Xander's own positioning, everything acting as if it was carefully choreographed. As Xander lands, he has only the scantest fractions of a moment to react. He chooses to complete his plan. As the reverse punch comes, he returns with a deliberate hooking swing of his own back fist. Xander fails to bring his forward fist properly for defense, choosing recklessly to bring the full power of his back fist into a slam right over Jace's guard, aiming a square blow into his opponent's shoulder as it collides with his own chest."Uraken Mawashi Uc-!" Xander understood the response to his opening gambit. He expected to trade hits.

What Xander did not expect was the power.

The blow collides with his chest, and Xander is staggered back. That blow knocked the wind out of him. Eyes wide, he instinctively brings his guard up as he immediately corrects. He must have been too slow, too aggressive. A mistake. The correct action would have to focus more on defending against Jace's reverse punch, then intercepting. A flicker of despair and anxiety flashes within him. And from that spark, it ignites the spirit. A burst of red chi flame erupts over him, bringing the wind back into him. "Uraken Mawashi Uchi!" Xander states firmly, as the embers shake from his body.

"The Roundhouse Back Fist Strike!"

Indeed Jace expected a trade. The quick movements towards him intimated someone willing to take a shot to land a far more powerful shot in an effort to come away better. What seems to catch Jace off-guard is the bright flash of red chi that proceed the backfist that certainly seems able to knock the taste out of his mouth had it not been aimed more kindly. He takes the backfist right to the shoulder, his mouth twisting as the sharp pain blasts through him, the bodies natural reaction to inform one's brain that someone just smacked the crap out of you. He takes a step back for a moment and smiles widely.

"Darn right that was! Let's see... We've shown some punches. Shown some kicks. Ah ha!"

He takes a moment to look over Xander, his eyes narrowing. Jace blasts forward in a burst of speed, barreling towards Xander like the proverbial unstoppable force. Until he stops. Using all of the momentum from his rush forward, he sidesteps and then steps in, his leading foot stepping behind Xander's front foot as his right hand reaches out and then aims a knife-hand chop towards Xander's chest that, should it land, reveals itself to be the push that drives the leg sweep in the intricate attack that the former pop idol is launching.

"Ashi Bari!"

COMBATSYS: Jace successfully hits Xander with Ashi Bari.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Xander           1/----===/=======|======-\-------\0             Jace

This was the first time Xander had actually fought another martial artist outside his academy.

The thought comes and goes from Xander's mind, as he is already planning his next several moves. Jace was much faster than the youth, but the teenager thought he understood the technique that was coming. Once he stops and sidesteps, Xander steps in mirrored motion. Bringing his forearm around, he deflects away the the knife hand chop, smirking as he does so. Another punch, as it were. But why was his foot behind him- And Xander realizes his miscalculation in a flash, as he is swept right off his feet, and sent plummeting down to the ground unceremoniously. There is a groan on the platform. But any despair is quickly consumed, as the student looks up. Smiling, grinning as the bruises swell on his face.

"The Foot Sweep Kick!"

Xander responds to the title loudly, rolling away from Jace briefly to expand space. "What a wonderful fool I am! Yes! yes! This is real Karate!" Rising back up, he surges with another flash of red flame, bursting with another shroud of ash and sparks as he does so. A shroud that now lingers in the air, as a presence that radiates heat now. "Uchi Mikazuki Geri." He declares, as he returns to his stance once more. "Inside Crescent Kick! This is the time for the gedan barai, the appropriate defense against it!" He approaches deliberately but spritely, the dutch teenager radiating with great energy than before. As well telegraphed, he takes the first move as he brings his leading leg around. The kick travels in a circular motion or arc from the inside to the outside, without a proper initiation on it, aiming to strike Jace with the outside edge of the foot. Xander seems to be able to connect each move well enough, but already the experience difference was showing itself: Jace was able to blend the moves holistically. While Xander? Each technique was a single tool. He could sing every note.

But he didn't understand how to carry the tune.

COMBATSYS: Jace blocks Xander's Medium Kick.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Xander           1/--=====/=======|=======\-------\0             Jace

As the kick comes out at him from the inside, Jace's eyebrows furrow and the expression on his face takes on an expression of the utmost concentration. With strength and precision, Jace steps forward and in towards the kick. His arm comes up, his forarm pointed straight up towards the sky and sweeping counter to the kick to take the impact across his arm. As the powerful kick impacts against his forearm, his mouth and nose twitch in a grunt silenced by pure concentration and force of will. He continues to walk forward, two steps in quick succession seemlessly blend into a turn that has Jace looking at the back of his opponent for just one moment.

Then he steps back to put some space between them. The bouncing on his feet somewhat more subdued, at least for a moment.

"Your technique is good, and you've learned to harness your chi. Don't just think about what you're going to do next. Think about what I'm going to do in response to what you're going to do, then build off on that. I'm going to kick. He's going to dodge and punch. That will set him up for my counter-punch. So on... Now, forget about the demonstration to the crowd. Show me everything you've got."

He returns to bouncing in his stance with a renewed vigor, his chest expanding as he practically attacks Xander with the word signalling a continuance of the match.


COMBATSYS: Jace takes no action.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Xander           1/--=====/=======|=======\-------\0             Jace

Perfect synergy.

It almost is a pulse between the two, as Jace commits to the reaction exactly as Xander expected. After the inside is deflected with flawless form as expected. But Jace is behind him. Unexpected. Exposed for a deliberate counter attack, the dutch teen turns to face him, sweeping his arms to block the incoming attack that... doesn't come. What? No. What comes is what he asked for. Correction. Instruction. Don't think? Xander immediately thinks about not thinking. At the academy, they had trained him to rigidly follow every step. Was this not how karate in the wild should be? Uncertainty passes over Xander, as Jace asks him to forget the demonstration. To go all out? Xander looks to his hands, and tightens them into fists.

Was it time to use the Hi-Ougi Techniques?

He shakes his head. No. Xander wasn't going to use them just yet. In his mind they play out, unleashing the Phoenix techniques to their full potential. But the truth was, in his heart, he wasn't ready to use them. But Jace demanded he go all out. This demanded a dangerous move then, one that was all or nothing. Xander commits to his direction, as he nods to the superior fighter. "Yoko Do Mawashi Kaiten Geri." Xander states with reserved, formal words. The red flames were pulsating on his body now. "The Kyokushin Wheel Kick. Nobody at the academy has been able to defend against it. You evade it. It's the only way I can see it can be defended again!" He throws himself off his feet entirely, spinning the whole of his body up and over. He jumps and spins his whole body forward, with his leg extended. Leg igniting with the red flame, he unleashes one of the strongest attacks in the standard Kyokushin arsenal, the fanciest, flashiest, and above all riskiest technique in the standard roster. It was the most he could go all out.

The most without crossing into the secret techniques.

COMBATSYS: Jace interrupts Yoko Do Mawashi Kaiten Geri from Xander with Jikochuu High-Five.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Xander           1/--=====/=======|=======\=------\1             Jace

Upon making his challenge, Jace seems to switch gears from prodding his opponent to bring him more into the fight to watching the decision making process play across his face. The bouncing stance of his never falters for a moment though. Even when Xander begins explaining the move, Jace simply and calmly listens, accepting the explanation like a ten-thousand year old rock in a swiftly moving river. Very impassively. His eyes widen only fractions of an inch when his opponent's chi manifests in the red flames that surround him. Jace tenses at his knees for a moment, but not to drop lower. It's to stand up out of his stance for just a moment. When the kick comes for him, he smiles. In the briefest of milliseconds, things seem to amp up considerably for Jace. His expression becomes unconcerned, his face haughty. Whereas some time ago he looked as if he was right where he was born to be when presenting to a crowd of people, that he had reached the very perfection of his being at that moment, now every pore of his being seems to ooze the knowledge of just how much he knows it.

"Welcome to the real world, kid."

He takes a step back, but leaves his lead leg planted. It is very clear from the very start that he is not evading. He is not blocking. Much like the ten-thousand year old rock he embodied in the swiftly moving river that was the explanation of this kick that Xander provided, he now embodies the same for the attack itself, and he knows just how cool he looks doing it. As the fiery kick approaches, he shows no fear. The camera man he purposefully placed to watch this platform gets a wonderful angle of Jace looking right at him with his right hand raised with two fingers extended in a V-for-Victory salute and a winning smile. What is also beautifully framed in the video is his left hand covered with purple energy whipping around each finger and his forearm.

What the picture just misses is his left hand raises up, his elbow languidly bending to wind up the gesture of greeting, celebration, and comraderie known the whole world over. He whips the hand forward in what can almost be called a lazy high-five, but its characterization changes completely with the coelescing of that purple energy, which projects out towards Xander in the form of a spectral palm strike even as he fiery kick is coming towards him.


And Xander is introduced to the real world

Xander had a spectrum of reactions he expected, as he approached. When Jace seemed to be occupied with the camera man, he didn't even feel upset or conflicted. Obviously, he was going to do a flashy dodge. It's exactly as he planned. It's how Jace was -supposed- to react. But as he brings his hand up, didn't understand. That wasn't a karate block. Why would he try to block? Was Xander meant to high five back? It's only clear when the sudden -wall- of energy intercepts him, slamming him face-first with the real high five. Xander is sent splayed out across the platform. He was struggling. Fighting, to get his spirit up. But it wasn't igniting. It couldn't.

Xander was too -shocked- to light him up.

The teenager rises up, unsteady, trying to make sense of what happened. He falls back into his fighting stance. Part of him felt like he should just be.... pushing at Jace. Attacking him in anger? But why -would- Xander be angry. He falls back into his karate stance with a sharp kiai shout, a flash of red embers over him. But he holds there, as he tries to reflect on what happened until he just blurts out. "What was that? What karate is that? Was that a hidden technique?" Xander was hastily asking. He sounded like he missed an important lesson, and just couldn't understand WHAT that lesson might be.

"Please, teach me what karate that was, Timmins-Usted!"

COMBATSYS: Xander takes no action.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Xander           1/--=====/=======|=======\=------\1             Jace

Jace knew falling back on the Jikochuu High-Five was as much an act to me showy as it was to intercept and deflect some of the punishment from the Yoko Do Mawashi Kaiten Geri, but he also knew there would be a cost. The impact is solid, mighty, and fiery, which sends Jace reeling back a step and down to one knee. He stabilizes himself on a hand, and then looks over towards Xander as he deals with the curveball he had just thrown. He watches Xander return to his feet, a quick grin tugging at the corner of his mouth. He pushes himself back to both feet, standing to his full height. He steps forward into his fighting stance, returning to the position with a power 'kyah' of his own, though without the outward expression of his ego. Measuredly, Jace begins speaking.

"No, that technique is a well-known technique of mine, but I can't teach it. It comes from me. It _is_ me. It's an expression of who I truly am. I had to understand the constituent components that comprise the person of Jace Timmons. Once I understood that, I could harness that power. What I realized in the process was that karate was only a constituent part of me. That it affected other aspects of my life, but then those aspects also affected my karate. It was then that I began finding my own individualized application of technique. This was key to success when fighting opponents using styles different than mine. Ours."

He returns to the rhythmic bouncing on the balls of his feel, his eyes narrowing as he glares his challenge to Xander even has he speaks it.

"Now that you've shown me what you've got, now show me who you are!"

COMBATSYS: Jace takes no action.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Xander           1/--=====/=======|=======\=------\1             Jace

His own technique.

Unteachable. Xander seems to bristle at that statement. His sensei had always insisted, that any technique that could not be taught, was not worthy to be considered a technique. And if Jace wouldn't teach it... well. Xander was pretty stubborn on his karate. But even someone as pigheaded as himself could recognize the lesson that was being made here. A lesson that he recognizes academically, if not internally. That in this real world, that outside the academy, his personal journey would become his karate. And yet, Xander couldn't see himself doing that. How could he? Because deep down, the question that Jace touched on was one he didn't have an answer to yet. What was truly -his- in karate, and not just something that given to him by his instructors?

"I am-"

"I am Kojima Kyokushin-Ryu Karate!" Xander declares as his identity. "I... don't know, what is Xander De Vries karate." Xander says slowly, almost shyly. "I only know what has been taught to me. That is who I am. Everything else was, well, that's behind me now. That's my past. I'm not that boy anymore." He tenses up, focusing hard on Jace. "I am Kojima Kyokushin-Ryu Karate! I have been reformed to a force of good, and karate! What else it means, I will be taught, and I will learn! I... I don't know anything else yet." And at that last point, there is almost a sadness in his voice. That maybe, he couldn't ever find the answer of who, exactly, he was deep within.

At least, not by himself.

The sadness melts away, as he strengthen up with a flash of red flame. "Here I come!" He announces, as Xander steps in, approaching steadily and deliberately. He leads in with a knife hand strike, that quickly sweeps inward for a strict chop at the chest. "Shuto Uchi Uchi! Inside Knife Hand Strike! Deflect With Arm. Seiken Chudan Tsuki! Fore Fist Middle Level Strike! Deflect with lowering arm!" The script is rattled off by Xander, as he rigidly sticks to his plan as the chop completes, and with a short window to recover, he brings his forward hand into a sturdy, driving punch aimed right for Jace's abdomen. He couldn't do it. He couldn't unleash that hidden power.

Not until he was willing to accept to escape the confines of his self-imposed rules.

COMBATSYS: Jace dodges Xander's Strong Punch.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Xander           1/--=====/=======|=======\=------\1             Jace

There is a moment when Jace seems almost frustrated with Xander and he states his understanding of the lesson Jace is trying to impart. He fights the urge rising up in him and then sighs, shaking his head, but never losing the bounce in his step.

"No you're not. Kojima Kyokushin Karate is not a complete human being. And you don't know enough yet about fighting to claim to be a fighting style. Some of what you said there was literally the stupidest thing I've ever heard, but you can learn. You will learn..."

As Xander announces his oncoming attacks, Jace reacts with them, almost exactly as prescribed. He steps slightly to the side to bring up his arm, bringing it up just in time for Xander's Shuto Uchi Uchi to impact against it. As Xander calls out the Seiken Chudan Tsuki, and the prescribed lower block that would be most effective to block the attack and mitigate the most damage, Jace bends slightly at the knee with his rhythmic bounce. Instead of blocking low, he steps back and away with his trailing leg, taking a longer step than one particularly would in Kyokushin to create seperation between him and Xander. With a grunt of effort through gritted teeth, Jace leaps forward. His trailing leg comes forward, his torso twisting while airborne to thrust a knee towards Xander's exposed side with a powerful 'kyah!'. When he lands, he's quick to speak.

"It's not Jace Timmons karate. It's not Xander De Vries karate. It's Jace Timmon's karate. It could be Xander De Vries' karate."

COMBATSYS: Xander blocks Jace's Tobi Hazi Geri.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Xander           1/--=====/=======|=======\==-----\1             Jace

It could be his, couldn't it.

As Jace flummoxes Xander's deliberate combination, defying his expectations. He slips around the strikes, evading them neatly when in Xander's rigid mind you could only block. And calling him stupid. Well know, just his beliefs were stupid. Which was a fair assessment, for as tightly Xander held his beliefs, the fact that such matters were discussed in a spar was fair play. Thus, when the flying knee comes colliding in, and Xander makes a deliberate sweep with both hands with a block, he staggers back. "It could be." Xander says, decisively, as he brings his guard up with a surge of red flame, bigger than before. As the ash scatters around him, Xander drops his guard.

"Then show me, in the NFG."

Xander takes a bow. "I yield to the superior opponent. Thank you, Timmins-Usted! I am willing to accept Jace Timmon's karate, as a lesson to better improve my karate. But only if you offer it. I only promise you this. When you choose to come to mentor those in the NFG, I promise you that I will ensure there will be others like me. Eager to learn your karate." He takes another bow, and crosses his bruised, battered arms. "

"Are these terms acceptable?"

Bouncing for just a few moments longer in his stance, Jace slows down and then stops, dropping his hands. He smiles to Xan and holds up a hand. He takes a few steps towards the edge of the platform, addressing the very into-it crowd with three simple words.

"Kyokushin Karate, everyone."

He offers a bow to the crowd, and then turns and steps back towards Xander with a smile. This one is much less showy however, as if he's no longer playing to the crowd of people gathered around them. He squares up with Xander, and then bows as well. Jace rises, then points across the water towards a man in his mid-40s that was helping orchestrate the demonstration prior to the arrival of Xander.

"Thank you for helping with that, but you know... You really should just call me Jace. I was just joking about the sama and usted thing. You see... That's my manager, Skeeter. He's been my manager for almost 17 years now. My goal in life is making his difficult, as far as he knows, so I periodically say things like that. Try not to get caught up in that, will you?"

He places his hands on his belt, seeming to chew on his next words carefully.

"You have good skills, raw talent, and bad habits. We'll train together, and I'll train you for NFG, but I can't teach you Jace Timmons' karate. I'll teach you what I can about Kyokushin and you make that Xander's karate. You don't want your sensei's bad habits, and you dang sure don't want mine. Further though... Look into the sponsorship format for the tournament this year. It may not be a group thing. It might be one fighter mentors a fighter in the tournament."

He extends a hand to Xander.

"Look into it and let me know, okay? I'm not looking to start a dojo. Too much like a job..."

COMBATSYS: Jace has left the fight here.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Xander           1/--=====/=======|

"Ah, thank you Ti- Jace."

Xander would call him what you want he wanted to be called! Yes, there was rigid structure and all, but Xander wasn't that bull-headed on it. With Jace gesturing at the other man, he understood the whole inside jokes thing. He had it himself in the academy. Yeah he was uptight there too. But he understood. "I will not get caught up in making lives difficult." Xander promises severely, as Jace gives him the harsh assessment. It hits like the body blows. BUt he endures it, though at the aside comment of the whole running a dojo, the teenager brightens up. "Dojos are great work though! Lots of places to clean, plenty of people to share space with..." Xander trails off, shaking his head. No, no. There was only one thing that mattered now, he thought, as he looked to the hand extended.

Xander extends his own, and shakes Jace's hand.

"Karate to me, is all about getting rid of bad habits. I had worse ones when I was younger. I can tell I have more to get rid of. As for the sponsors, I uh." He blushes faintly. "Don't actually know the process. But as long as I keep going forward, then they have no choice but to demand and declare the process!" Xander releases Jace's hand, and brings his fist into his palm. He gives one more bow. "I was very fortunate to have had this chance meeting with you." And then, he turns to retreat from the platform. To return to his coat, to his bike, to everything. To go back to his hotel, to consider the lessons he had learned, and the lessons he still did not understand.

"I can't wait to learn Karate from you again."

COMBATSYS: Xander has ended the fight here.

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