Juri - The Price of Progress

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Description: Pukai, Sacred Order knight and ambassador for friendly darkstalkers everywhere, sets out to prove that being different doesn't make you bad! Unfortunately, she finds out that sometimes it does make you a target.

It isn't just to NOL to protect the populace. It isn't just to those who declare they are 'protecting the weak' to do so, loudly, to the world. The Sacred Order also do so - and one of their members, recovered from the assault on one of the Amusement Parks, is present... if only in spirit.

Darkstalkers are not always welcome to Southtown, less so when monsters, Gears, and other unsavory characters roam the streets. Yet there are some small patches of sunshine in the gloom. Downtown in Southtown is in full swing. People are moving about, busses, cars, and other modes of transportation are being quite utilized. The sound of the hustle and bustle brings the streets to life. In the meantime, Pukai - one of the Sacred Order - is barely moving. Oh, she's moving about, but she's not going anywhere. Bright cheery smiles and waves. Wiggling and jiggling as she, short in stature but somewhat wide due to her 'outfit', make a few children smile and a few otakus reel with bloodynoses. It's ... not all that she wants to do. Yet they liked monstergirls, don't they? She's not a monster! That is what she has claimed, but for now, it's more of a statement that is a half-truth. True to her, and false to those who look upon her.

"Yes! We of the Sacred Order will do our best to protect you, I swear to the Goddess!" She exclaims, the Sacred Order garb notably under the somewhat blurry, translucent 'thing' around her midsection - like a dress. She would giggle and bob her bell head towards the child as the mother and young girl walked by, "Mommy, can we have seafood for dinner? I want squid!"

W-Well, she's still helping Southtown ... r-regardless, right?

Ah, yes, a peaceful day in Southtown.

This is perhaps something that its citizens have come to appreciate more than most in the country, maybe even the entire world, for the universe seems to have decided that this particular sprawling urban stain on the map is something that it finds particularly distasteful. All manner of disasters have been heaped upon the large metropolis, from irrate gods and rampaging bio-weapons to the machinations of more mundane evils such as various criminal cartels that do business here. Add in all of the regular problems that any city of this sheer size has to deal with and you've got a kettle ready to boil over at any given moment with some manner of unpleasantness. Perhaps that is why the Japanese government, a notoriously proud and xenophobic entity, has been so eager to accept the aid of foreign entities of late.

From atop her perch on one of the countless mid-sized buildings that comprise this part of the city, Juri watches the bustle of traffic pass by on the streets below. Reclined against the side of a small sporty motorcycle - how she got it up there is anyone's guess - the young woman sits with her hands tucked behind her head, wiggling her feet back and forth in idle boredom. The sea of people and vehicles move about with their daily lives in an endless parade of mundane pointlessness, worker bees with few prospects for any true greatness or escape from their roles as cogs in the great grinding machine of society.

"What a buncha losers..."

Juri yawns openly, twisting from side to side to stretch herself out a bit. This job hasn't turned out nearly as entertaining as she'd been promised thus far. When the big man himself had contacted her over the phone, she'd been assured that there were still some of those weird new monsters roaming around in the city. Gears, was it? Such a dumb name. Still, the chance to beat up a monster was probably going to provide her with more entertainment than just walking down the street punching random weaklings but even that's starting to sound appealing at this point.

"Well, this sucks. Time for a change of scenery."

Surprised and confused looks spread through the crowd below as the roar of an engine suddenly revs up from above them. Grinning broadly, Juri lets out a laugh as she drives right off the edge of the roof a few moments later, sending panicked bodies flying in all directions to avoid being crushed. She sticks the landing with expert precision, her long black hair with its punkish pink bangs fluttering madly out behind the girl as she spins in place, smacking a few of the slower civilians with the back end of the bike.

"Whoooops~, my bad. Ahahaha!"

The racing engine growls like a nest of angry bees as she maxes out the throttle, doing a wheelie directly into the gaggle of people cutting her off from the road and sending more people scattering in the process. Horns blare wildly in surprise as she hits the ashalt, cutting off a pair of taxis with her skidding slide into traffic. The sound of crunching metal and breaking glass rings out behind her but she doesn't even bother to look back, simply laughing again as she peels out down the long road, weaving back and forth around the other vehicles on the road without a hint of slowing down.

Juri's joyride through the area lasts a good half an hour before she gets bored of dodging the weak attempts by the local police to catch her, using her bike's superior manuerability to ditch them in the tight urban quarters of the downtown sprawl. She coasts for a bit after that, picking up some chow from one of the nearby fast food joints, letting random whim steer her through the streets.

And it thus that she stumbles upon the strange sight of the massive jellyfish creature. Standing in the open, waving to people. Yeah that's...normal. Juri actually blinks at this for a moment then hits the side of her head in which the Feng Shui Engine resides, frowning.

"This thing better not be acting up again..."

Nope, still there. Well, isn't that interesting. Pulling her bike over to the sidewalk, the slinky Korean girl wanders up to Pukai making no attempts to hide herself or her approach. She munches idly on the remains of her lunch, a burger of some sort, as she draws close and leans foward to peer at the creature from only a few inches away, eyes half-lidded in suspicious curiosity.

"Sho... you're just.... *munch* shanding in the open, huh? Not even gonna bother *munch* to prehend to hide?"

It had been a normal day - the girl had tried to hide her jellyfish-darkstalker nature as much as possible. The bell atop her head was covered, somewhat haphazardly, with a hat. Her 'dress' had tails at the back that were tied to a ribbon for each. The tails, however, were part of her. Even her hair seemed mostly human in nature to the untrained, or possibly busy, eye. A spear is behind her, leaning - though not really - against the wall of a building. It's held tight even though it may not be clasped tightly by her hands. There are screams, farther than she may be able to hear. The chaos is likely driving her to be there, as well. Pukai thusly would not leave - nor move.

Trouble doesn't so much wait, or skulk, but find her. An outlier compared to the rest of the populace moving about, Pukai's bouncing and waving stops as she glances at Juri. Those eyes - that outfit - and especially that /hair/. If nothing else, she's quite different than many that walk the street. Munching still, the woman approaches Pukai - towering over her due to the short nature of Pukai and the predatory lean of Juri. Even as she simply devours her last meal, Pukai is not sure what to make of Juri.

"Why should I hide? I am, just as you are, one of the Goddess' creations." Though her question makes Pukai very clear on what she means. "... I have no purpose to hide either, for I am not a feral darkstalker, nor a monster. I am a Undine, and I am tasked by the light to ensure the people of this country remain safe and secure... that no harm comes to them, nor they endure any undue hardship." The screed is put forth, "You, too, could totally join if you would take up the faith~!" She almost sing-songs.

"The Sacred Order wants only that we put others before ourselves, in order to serve the people!"


It's a serious pause. She stares, blankly, for a bit after asking. "Did you ask me something?"

Juri's expression shifts from curious to incredulous as the blubbery little monster responds with her spiel about equality and a goddess and some other bullshit, her rampant munching slowing to a sedate cud-chewing pace. She pulls her face away from Pukai as she stands up straight, giving her a side-long fish-eyed glance that practically radiates the words 'Are you serious?' in body language. After swallowing her current mouthful of burger, she actually says it too.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Ahahaha! What, you think because you put on some clothes and play nice these people are gonna accept you as one of them? Wow, you're dumb."

The teenager's hand snaps out and she wraps her arm around the little jelly-girl's shoulder, pulling her close with a surprising amount of strength as Juri grips her chin tightly so that she can turn the creature's face towards the bustling crowds passing nearby. A few people glance their way out of curiosity but the majority of them pointedly ignore the duo, a pair of weirdos that stick out from the comfortable norm.

"Take a good look at these people. You think they give a shit about you? You think they'd care if something bad happened to you or any of the other monsters around? Think a single one would lift a finger to help?"

A dark smirk spreads across Juri's face as she turns her own gaze upon the passersby, savoring the looks of mistrust and apprehension as she makes something of a scene. She doesn't even look that different than most of them, being Asian herself. A bit of hair dye, some slightly revealing clothes, and a refusal to tow the traditions of society like a good little girl. That's all it takes to be an outcast.

"These people aren't your friends. They're stupid panicky animals, just waiting for something to step out of line so they can gang up on it. They're sheep."

The soft pink wedge of her tongue slithers out as she licks her lips at that thought. Or maybe it's just to get that bit of sauce from the burger on her chin. Either way she does it slowly and suggestively in a way that's pretty creepy for most people.

Juri isn't wrong. The 'cheerful' face from Pukai holds even as Juri's expression shifts to one of incredulity. That her words and beliefs would put Juri into believing such things, Pukai does not find surprising. It was, after all, no better the day she turned. It is a vivid memory. One that she may sometimes see still in her nightmares. Yet, her faith would see her through. Yes - she would stick to her faith. Stick to her beliefs...

Pukai's head would try to shake as Juri asks if she is 'fucking kidding her', but it would be too late. The hand snaps out - wrapping around her shoulder. It's normal flesh, as far as Juri could tell, that she touches. That strength grasps her human chin as well, pulled closer to turn her face towards the crowd, Juri being rather rough about it.

Eyes filter across the crowds as they ignore her. As they look past her current assailant. The strength of the grasp is too much to break for now. Yet Juri's words threaten to dig deep. "I ... am not a monster." Pukai declares, as Juri asks if they gave a shit about her. If something bad would happen - if they would care? Pukai already knows. It isn't something new to her. Not a forbidden thought or sudden realization. "I know." Is the answer, "That there is goodness in their hearts... even if they are slow to act on it." That dark smirk isn't lost on Pukai, either.

Juri's attention may be on her, but would she notice other bits of Pukai moving? Tendrils of the dress extending around Juri on the ground, blurry - visible but easy to miss due to tranluscency.

". . ." Pukai's eyes, blank, stare out at the populace a bit more as Juri continues to talk. Has it reached her? Has it broken her? Has all of this finally cracked her? Yet Eventually, she snaps together, eyes turning to Juri. "I'm ... sorry, I lost my train of thought... why are you holding me so tightly again? I have a duty to these people, to oversee them..."


Juri's creepy smile fades to a smirk and she pushes the squid-girl away from her with a shove, that unusual strength of hers easily seperating them before the tendrils have a chance to encircle her. She might not have seen them with her eyes but the power of the Feng Shui Engine doesn't lie only in its ability to draw massive amounts of dark chi into her body, it's also one of the most potent battle computers in existence, always scanning for potential threats be they physical or spiritual in nature.

"What, were you planning to ambush me with that? Hahaha! Pretty devious of you. I like it. It shows what you really are, a predator."

Tossing the remains of her burger aside, the teenager's arms roll upwards into a dismissive shrug, her head tilting slightly to the side as she grins at Pukai like a cat that's spotted something small and fuzzy to toy with. A strange glimmer of purple light begins to shine within her left eye and a sudden feeling of some terrible and oppressive energy fills the air at an alarmingly fast rate.

"I'm not usually interested in girls, they tend to be pretty weak and boring, but maybe you can entertain me a little more!"

The potential threats do involve /real life/ danger. Yet at worst, Pukai was being cautious. They wouldn't be necessary if everything went well - if everything was alright, they would never be necessary! Yet when grasped so firmly, held so closely, and all without her interest or consent - while it was being talked about how terrible everyone was to her - Pukai has ... a feeling.

It's not that she saw through Juri's discussions. It is the 'unwavering faith' which allows her still to function.

Pushed backwards, Pukai stumbles somewhat before catching herself with the spear she has placed besides her - tri-tipped - as she presses back against it to get her balance. "No - honest - it was only to be ... I'm not ... would you please let me explain!" Pukai pleads. How did she find them? How did she notice so quickly and directly?! The finer tendrils are steered clear of as Pukai faces down Juri, left hand grasping the spear as the other holds onto the spear carefully. Burger tossed away, the Sacred Order member feels as if that isn't going to be listened to any. Not at all.

Especially as Juri's strange glimmering begins. The energy thrums through the air, silently, and Pukai nearly wilts from the feeling, "Gh..?" That grin. That look in her eyes and ... oh no. "This isn't a safe spot to fight in. With everyone around... please not here!"

It's not really the people this time, is it? With how clear she was about how she wasn't a monster, how clear it is that it's hard to keep herself from being one it is likely that Juri knows how much of her combat style must revolve around it. In an area with civilians all around - who would they believe? The 'monster'?

Yet Pukai stands, even as she shrinks backwards, biting her lip.

"Not my problem!"

The aura of dark energy surrounding the teen continues to grow to monsterous proportions, her long flowing hair rippling in the waves of raw invisible power as the Feng Shui Engine fires up and begins to feed chi into her body. A faint aura of shimmering purple light begins to envelop Juri as her psycho power manifests visibly, radiating her twisted emotions like a palpable oily substance.

"Stand there and take it if you care so much! I'm sure all these people will shower you with their gratitude! Ahahaha!"

Leaning backwards to put her weight all onto one foot, the other lifts into the air infront of her like a stork, the knee pulled up high in her signature taekwondo stance. She flashes one last devlish grin at Pukai in warning and then spins like a top, her leg lashing out in a rapid kick. A massive wave of crescent purple energy erupts from the leading edge of her foot and scythes through the air towards the would-be guardian. She might be able to get out of the way in time... but what about all the people around?

COMBATSYS: Juri has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Juri             0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Pukai has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Juri             0/-------/------=|======-\-------\0            Pukai

COMBATSYS: Juri successfully hits Pukai with Fuhajin.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Juri             0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0            Pukai

The aura of dark energy swells about Juri - and Pukai now understands the 'trouble' she is in. It's quite a bit of trouble, actually.

The hair rippling out with invisible power, the shimmering energy most certainly not anything that Pukai is familiar with. The radiation is clear. That's ... that's something that is to be feared. A sort of 'evil energy', mixed with malicious intent, that you only hear about. Generally. Yet Pukai is staring one down once more. A predator that is a little /less clear/ that the one she had seen before.

"I can't do that eith-" Juri leaps backwards then, the leg that is leading lashing out towards her - but from such a distance, isn't that a mistake? It turns out the only mistake that exists is that Pukai expected this to go in any particular way. The energy that erupts is far greater than anything Pukai had felt before - causing her to crash backwards as she brings her head down, crouching somewhat to try to endure it somewhat, to buffer through it. Tendrils clasp the ground as she does the same with her hands. Even then it isn't enough, Pukai crashing backwards and against the wall in a rather pained expression, crashing into a trashcan on the edge as well, rooted to the ground.

The pain is quite clear from both impacts, Pukai staggering to a stand as she starts to 'dash' towards Juri, bounding on one leg and then the other in large strides, tendrils trailing her - before she 'dives' into the ground, a small pool both the entrance and exit as she tries to close the distance, the bell on her head, and hair, swung towards Juri - and it turns out it isn't quite hair. They extend, a web of tendrils, towards Juri. They try to hold her there, stinging, as she'd impact with the 'water' like chi!

COMBATSYS: Juri parries Pukai's Abyssal Crush!

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Juri             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0            Pukai

Well, it looks like 'get out of the way' isn't on the list of things that the little squidling was able to do either. Juri completes her spin in time to see the crashing wave of psycho power hurl the monster girl across the street and deposit her right into a trash can. A fitting, if accidental, happenstance. She laughs at this, managing to maintain her balance on one foot even as she does so with casual ease.

"Ahahaha! Really?! Well, atleast you know where your proper place is!"

Pukai's swift recovery only makes Juri grin some more, lifting a hand to beckon the strange creature in a classic 'come get some' gesture as she rushes forward. The sudden dive into the ground causes the teen's eyebrows to rise slightly but her look is more one of curiosity than concern.

"Hmm? Well, that's different."

As the web of hair tendrils lash out towards her, Juri's smirk doesn't falter. She simply moves, her reactions as fluid and quick as a flash of lightning as she weaves through the expanding net of stinging appendages. Not a single one of them manages to touch her; infact, none of them even come close, her movements always two steps ahead of the flailing sticky stingers as if she knows what they're going to do before they even do it.

It takes only a moment for Juri to slip the net that was cast for her and as she moves to the side her hand snaps out to grab the stingers directly, her thick gloves protecting her from most of the venom. She whirls in a circle, using Pukai's hair to drag her along for the ride and attempts to fling her bodily towards the street and into oncoming traffic.

"You're still weak as shit though!"

COMBATSYS: Juri successfully hits Pukai with Medium Throw EX.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Juri             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0            Pukai

There's a lot of things that Pukai may be unable to do - but there are plenty of things that she can do, as well!

Pulling herself free from the trash, she takes straight to the offense once more. In the air, those tendrils crash towards Juri, lashing out to grasp and sting - yet Juri is able to weave through the net, all of them fortunately missing, unable to grasp anything but the ground. It wasn't what Pukai was aiming for, the woman coming down towards Juri in a somewhat unimpressive dive.

Stingers are grasped instead of vice versa, the tendrils weaving, writhing, as they try to sting but fail to. Like something out of a game, she's whipped around, dragged on the ground, before tossed towards the street and traffic. It should - at least - theoretically work. It does. Released, Pukai's thrown towards traffic - rolling to a stop right before a truck honks its horn! It cannot stop!

It doesn't either. Though she was thrown, the Sacred order knight vanishes once more into a pool, peeking her head out momentarily after the truck passes by, before erupting from the pool once more! "I can't deny you're beyond my match... but just see if I'll give up!" The Knight proclaims, tendrils from dress and hair, tails from the dress, and the spear all move towards Juri at once.

The eye might be able to see her intent - but what is she trying to do? Pukai closes in - perhaps not very quickly - but is certainly intentionally closing her options!

COMBATSYS: Juri dodges Pukai's Armed Combo.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Juri             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0            Pukai

Juri clucks her tongue as the monster's weird water powers save her from being turned into road kill. It would have been interesting to see how many people actually cared when they ran over to help only to find that the victim is a darkstalker. The sentiment towards unusual and abnormal people in Japan has never been particularly accepting but it's gotta be at an all-time low after the events of the past couple months. Watching people at their worst never failed to amuse me.

Well, that just means she gets to slap this naive pile of gelatin around a bit more. There isn't a whole lot of entertainment value in it, it's pretty clear that just being a monster doesn't necessarily make someone good at fighting. Then again, maybe she's just a better monster. Crushing that optimisitic spirit is more fun than sitting around waiting for something interesting to happen though.

Once again, the Korean girl makes a mockery of Pukai's attempts to strike her, casually dancing around each tentacle swipe and spear thrust as if there is some sort of glowing neon sign signaling her strikes well before they happen.

"You're boring me," she says, her voice filled with a lethargic lack of energy as she bends sideways to avoid a final stab of the spear, tilting herself backwards with the motion to bring one of her legs way up high. The reason for this exaggerated shift in posture becomes obvious a moment later when she snaps her foot down at Pukai's head, hooking the bottom of her sole around the squishy face in an attempt to hurl her to the ground with the sudden downwards motion. She follows through on this with a quick hop into the air, laughing and she drops down onto the jelly's back with a brutal stomp. She follows it up with a second for good measure, leaping away into a gymnastic backflip, her tight outfit allowing even her modest assets to jiggle a bit as she bounces around.

COMBATSYS: Pukai interrupts Assatsu Geri from Juri with Miss Shipwrecker.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Juri             0/-------/=======|===----\-------\0            Pukai

The uncertain assault is not quite clear - but Juri still sees right through it. Mostly.

As Juri dances between the tentacle swipe - the spear lunging to the side as she does so, Pukai lands nearby the Korean woman, the Japanese looking darkstalker - at least, of face and body - pointing the spear at her directly. "T-T... It's not a matter of that!" She huffs, "I'm not going to do nothing... and let you beat me up!" It's true that the combat has stopped many people from walking on the streets near them, space being kept. It's true that it's more of a photography session that shows a few things - that this person is a monster and that the Sacred Order may NOT be able to defend against certain evil. Perhaps that assists NOL greater?

One of those legs are brought upwards, Pukai staring at it. That's when the knight's plan moves into action. The tendrils have all been avoided - but they're still /there/. Juri's turn towards the offensive from her defense comes with a price, however small, as that leg slams towards her face - and would find that the face is moving upwards to meet Juri's foot.

There's a pool underneath Pukai, a water spout pushing her upwards - surging forwards - and the tendrils that had been avoided, grasping about Juri to hold her in place as she suddenly finds a burst of energy. The dress around her ripples, almost undulating as the darkstalker seems to actually /move/ unlike before. It's clearly taxing to her, all of that body moving together.

Yet the tendrils grasp hold and both spear tips and the surge of water crash into Juri as that foot impacts against a slightly firmer bell-head than before. Perhaps ending with Juri against the building, chi and spear pushing her against it, Pukai huffs, "I hope... you're no longer as bored..." Her smack talk is rather weak, isn't it? Tendrils release as well - or are easy enough to wrench free from.

Perhaps it is a product of her refusal to take the jellyfish seriously that Juri finds herself on the receiving end of a bit of punishment now. As her foot comes down to drive the would-be hero to the ground, she finds that instead of a squishy face to stomp on her heel meets the rising crash of water and determination. Whether by luck or skill, Pukai's counter-strike is timed at just the right moment to catch the dangerous girl off balance allowing her to break from what would have certainly been an unpleasant experience.

"What the...?!

Juri grunts in surprise as her playful teasing turns against her and two of them fly backwards on Pukai's spout of water to crash into the side of a nearby building with a dull thud. Even caught off-guard, however, Juri proves not to be such easy prey. She twists in the grasp of the slimy tendrils and manages to angle her body so that the deadly spears merely graze her sides leaving a pair of thin red lines on her exposed skin. The wounds are hardly fatal; infact, the entire assault seems to have done little more than leave the girl with some scratches and bumps.

Juri's brief grimace of discomfort created the moment of impact quickly morphs into a sinister grin as she narrows her eyes on the cheeky little monster. Her hands lurch out to grip the creature's wrists, holding her fast should she catch her in time.

"Well, well, maybe you've got a little fight in you after all." Her tongue dances across her lips again, a hungry beast preparing to savor a meal. "Let's see how long you can keep that up!"

Displaying yet another example of her incredible acrobatic prowess, Juri pushes the Sacred Order knight away and twists about to plant her feet on the wall. She kicks off, using the surface as a springboard to launch her next assault, flying at her chosen plaything like a human missile with one leg extended in a blazing pyscho-empowered kick as she dives after her. Successful impact would be followed by a series of follow up strikes, the masterful taekwondo wielder flowing from attack to attack with ease until she ends with a final thrusting side kick to send the aquatic girl flying.

COMBATSYS: Juri successfully hits Pukai with Shikusen.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Juri             1/------=/=======|=====--\-------\0            Pukai

Staggering backwards, to stay upwards, Pukai isn't planning to give up just yet. With Juri twisting in the grasp of the tendrils, only red lines are the result - grazes in a far more solid form. Pukai, meanwhile, is feeling a bit like jelly. Compared to Pukai, the situation for Juri is far less dire. Especially as that sinister grin crosses the psycho user's lips.

Pukai's wrists are grasped well enough - and the frame of the darkstalker seems to 'harden' somewhat more, body forcing itself to endure what is coming next. As the Knight topples backwards - she soon meets a kick to the face, then another, energy infusing each and every strike as the knight finds herself sliding away - tendrils grasping on whatever and anything they can to hold herself close to Juri. She can't be pushed too far away...!

Juri comes in close, and Pukai's left to weather the assault. With the assault over, a knee is found on the ground before a hand, the knight staggering to her feet, a defiant look on her face even if she is horrifically outmatched. "This is ... what you want, isn't it? I won't give you anymore..."

Or so she claims, at least. With Juri up in her face, Pukai attempts to push Juri /out/ of her face.

Small jellyfish suddenly are 'born' in multiples, Pukai kicking backwards, away from Juri as the chi jellyfish swim through the air, a trail of bubbles following them and erupting from the darkstalker as she intends to put distance between the two. Should they sting, it would last quite a bit - though they explode at the end, popping in tandem. The ass around her begins to slow down, 'flesh' damaged as she keeps herself standing.

COMBATSYS: Juri interrupts Cnido Phore from Pukai with Rochumou.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Juri             0/-------/-------|=======\-------\1            Pukai

Juri hits the ground in a three point stance after unleashing her wrath, sticking the landing on knee and knuckle like some kind of comic book super villain in a far more graceful manner than the beleagured darkstalker. Her head whips up a moment later, sinister grin growing only wider as she sees the strange jellyfish creature attempting to flee under the cover of what she can only assume is some kind of biological mine-field.

"I don't need you to give me shit, little girl."

Once again the evil teenager's left eye begins to glow only this time the shine is much brighter, consuming the entirity of the socket in a brilliant blaze of purple power. Instead of rising to her full height, Juri shifts into a runner's pose, leaning forward to hurl herself low along the ground beneath the floating jelly mines. A few them valiantly attempt to stop her with noisly little pops but she slides forward in a blur of motion and color, a streak of purple fire trailing in her wake as she plows into the squishy creature's legs and sends her toppling over.

Rather than simply allow her to fall to the ground, Juri catches Pukai by the face, her fingers digging into the bottom of her chin like slender daggers as she hefts the monster up to her feet with one hand. Smirking arrogantly, she gives the battered creature a moment to realize the magnitude of her misfortune as she hangs there completely at her mercy.

"I /take/ what I want! Ahahaha!"

Juri's body becomes a whirlwind of kicks and searing psycho power, a hurricane of pain dedicated solely to crushing whatever speck of optimism and resistance might yet remain within the digusting creature's foolish little mushroom cap of a head. Waves of purple energy assail Pukai with every strike, each kick seeming to pull her in for more with its evil power, until at last a spinning high kick unleashes a burst of crescent energy that slams into her chest and sends her flying back towards the garbage can that she'd accidentally landed in earlier. This time it's on purpose.

The minefield like attempt isn't enough to offset Juri's assault - it may, perhaps, have been a plot to make distance. The plot doesn't help her much.

Juri's movement is quick and direct, and Pukai's face is grasped - fingers digging into her face and causing her silently scream. By the goddess, this is what pain she must endure? For someone's simple boredom?

Yet hanging from the hand, Pukai doesn't much protest, unable to really fight back at such a grasp - just like a predator is wont to do. Kick after kick of pyscho power overwhelms her, and every moment she thinks it is over, there is yet another kick to remind her that is not the case. Strike after strike causes Pukai to whiplash back and forth from the assault. As soft as she is to strike, it isn't with the resistance she had provided before. Each and every kick causes yet more resistance to fade from her body - until the final kick sends her towards the garbage can.

This time, it comes unhinged as Pukai slams against into, denting it and damaging the frame that had housed it.

There's little to no resistance this time - the recourse from the Sacred Order Knight is to place both hands on her spear, pushing herself up - but it doesn't come. The strength she has is limited and it has finally come to an end. "Such ... disregard... for ..." She gasps, barely able to stay conscious much less voice her dissapproval for the whole sitation!

Her body pulls itself together, if only because it lacks the strength to stay seperated, balling up solely due to lack of energy.

What a surprise, no one is stopping to help, either. It's not incorrect what Juri has said, it is not wrong at all - no, she speaks the truth for many of the people around. Yet Pukai has faith - that one will look down upon her, or will come to her aid. It will not be her able to fight off Juri. That is for sure.

COMBATSYS: Pukai takes no action.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Juri             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Pukai can no longer fight.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Juri             0/-------/-------|

"It's up...! It looks good...!"

Juri watches with an exaggerated expression on her face, shielding her eyes against the midday sun as the ball of sentient jelly flies in a lazy arc across the street. She leans forward as if the outcome of this situation is somehow keeping her on the edge of her toes, literally leaning forward until she's balancing on her delicately painted neon pink toenails. Her hands fly enthusiastically up into the air as Pukai hits the trash bin, spinning around in a cheerful little dance.


Not only does no one move to help the fallen knight but several of the bystanders actually chuckle at this, perhaps finding the situation genuinely humorous with no regards to the well-being of the filthy darkstalker or maybe just to humor the clearly dangerous teenager so as to avoid being targetted themselves. There's even a few phones out, capturing this moment for posterity, and most likely the internet. Most people have the good sense just to keep their heads down and move along.

Leaning from side to side, Juri makes a show of stretching after that bit of exercise, making no moves to stop anyone from taking her picture or recording her. She's already pretty high on the wanted list for most of the law enforcement agencies around the world, so it's not like her identity is a secret or anything. She even gives a few sneers and flips off some of the voyeurs before slinking back over to where she left her bike.

"Guess that's enough excitement for one day. Later, losers!"

Revving the engine, the wild teen spins a couple of times on the sidewalk, leaving a dark patch of melted rubber in her wake as she peels out and leaps back into traffic. The sound of her suped-up motorcycle is quickly joined by the blare of angry horns as she fades into the distance, showing just as much disrespect for traffic laws as she does for the rest of them. Pukai is left to fend for herself, both in recovering from her injuries and figuring how to reconcile her beliefs with the reality of the world she lives in.

COMBATSYS: Juri lets you live a little longer.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Juri             0/-------/-------|

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