Unholy Genesis - [UG:Week 3] Not Mad, Just Misunderstood

Description: The swarming locusts have been keeping order in Majigen -- and if that means abducting fighters before they can rustle up a huge ruckus, so be it. But when the order to kill, kill, kill is given... that means that disorderly citizens like Juri Han can be dropped off with the mad scientist instead. Convenient! [Rating: PG-13]

The tensile strength of spider silk is five times stronger than that of steel. And from the way Juri Han is strung up, she's in a perfect position to test the strength of spider silk -- considering she's strung up by both her wrists and her ankles, with a light harness coiled about her midsection to keep from applying -too- much stress to those slender extremities. There's also a small wreath delicately wrapped about the young taekwondoka, to keep her head from lolling -too- far to the side.

And where might Miss Han be placed? Why... along one of the longer sides of the interior of the Slam Masters Arena, of course, surrounded by makeshift vats of green liquid, medical gurneys and various other sorts of scientific things. At first glance, this could appear to be what it's advertised as: a makeshift medical clinic. But when one sees the macabre "patients" on display -- most with some sort of animal mutation, or other animal parts grafted onto their bodies -- it will become clear that this... is a bit different.

"Doctor" Tessitore has stopped walking about the arena long ago -- she's become fully used to slinging webs around as a form of rapid transit, allowing her physical presence to keep time with her flighty, capricious compulsions to check up on her various guinea pigs.

And so she appears before Juri -- lab coat fluttering in the light breeze kicked up by her quick motions. She looks back at the suspended taekwondoka, making careful notations on her clipboard.

At which point Dr Tessitore quietly withdraws a small set of plastic calipers, reaches up to pinch Juri about the midsection. A small microphone is visible on her labcoat's lapel, into which she speaks: "Body fat... probably the lowest I've seen!" She stands back, musing aloud as she looks over the rest of the young woman's physique: "... poor choice for surgical route, but possibly good candidate for genetic alteration..." She hesitates, as if there's something she's forgetting...

Suspended as she is like some hung meat, Juri still reacts to the stimulation of the pinch; with a sudden spasm in her fingers and then so painfully slowly she comes to life testing and flexing her arms both with and against the bindings. Languorously stretching as she wakes in a sedate manner she seems far from agitated but that could change in the span between heartbeats.

Her attention fixated on the converging messages filtering through to her dimly alert brain as she tests each and every limb and shifts her weight accordingly to probe at these restraints, a conscious effort to find some measure of hint of escape.

Finally she deigns to open her eye for a better look of what is going on and lifts her head, her blind side dictates she tip her head right and back to study the webbing encircling her wrists while the other eye remains firmly closed.%rJuri is aware of the figure so close to her but has pushed acknowledgement of their existence further down her to-do list than this all important sizing up of of her situation. Her then failure to produce any satisfactory result testing the odd restraints as she dangles in place encourages her to turn her now rancorous gaze, finally! toward the someone quite free of them and invading her personal space.

Oh? Now that was unexpected! Hell on earth had been rather short and stingy with pretty women and thick and fast with the piling on of the freaks and sending monsters her way. It was almost a relief to have something to appreciate, a panacea for the eyes. The setting of this painting however was quite disturbing, the glass tanks and the beasts contained therein made for an unsettling backdrop, especially the ones that still looked partly human.

"How about? ...None of the above."

Her voice is somewhat dry and rasps with the first words before she can work a little more saliva into her mouth, she still hadn't gotten to finish that water. Noting the other woman's scale sized and animate spider legs was something of a surprise but takes a dreadful turn when considering just what 'genetic alteration' might wind up doing to her rather attractive body, she was attatched to her figure and looks more than most might suspect, this was a threat that actually concerned her for once.

The good Doctor looks up at her surly guinea pig -- naturally, most are dreadfully unhappy with their accomodations! So Juri's indignation at being captured and thusly considered for anatomical improvement isn't really -unexpected-, to say the least.

But it does bring a small pout to Dr. Tessitore's full lips, a slight pink crossing her otherwise olive skintone. Mostly because she hadn't considered the possibility of Juri Han responding to her self-directed comments. "Nnnnno..." she comments with tap at her clipboard. "you -definitely- have the lowest body fat on my list." Pursing her lips, she lifts her eyes up -- focusing both of her eyes upon Juri's one good eye. "So you'll need at least -one- of the above."

Dr. Tessitore has learned one thing from keeping so many unwilling test subjects: most don't respond well to her peculiar sense of humor. She allows her spider legs to hoist her up onto the network of webbing that serves to separate Juri from the other patients, taking a position away from Juri's good-sighted side. Suspended thusly, she prods the bare toes of one foot -- yes, she'd walked around her arena-lab barefooted in a -complete- abandonment of proper medical procedures -- into Juri's bared midriff, gently pushing her body away. In doing so, each of Juri's extremities will be stretched taut to a fairly firm degree. The pinkness across her cheeks intensifies as she feels the abdominal muscles contracting beneath her toes, but she lowers her eyes back to her clipboard, scribbling down as she speaks, "Excellent physical response characteristics, yes..."

Falling back into her webbing, she withdraws her foot, folding it to rest comfortably across her other leg, allowing the suspended Juri to return to a neutral position. "Oh! Right, I knew I forgot -something-... Your dosage! But anyway."

She scribbles a few more things down in her clipboard before looking up at Juri's face. "Well, if you're opting out of the augmentation procedures, perhaps I can use -your- genetic material as a source. You'd make excellent breeding stock!" The good doctor's eyes light up for just one moment, before she considers, to herself, looking down at her foot.

She wriggles her toes. They seem a bit... sticky.

"Urgh. Did you take a bath in honey or something? Is that something you're into?" Pause. "I mean, I'm not trying to judge. Just." She wriggles her toes. "Yeah."

Juri opts to remain silent during an assessment of her body fat, was that supposed to be bad, good? How is a girl supposed to react to that even at the in the best of times (most any other time they're not restrained by some mad scientist qualifies.) Lips twisted in a sour faced grimace rather than her usual scowl she's beginning to feel things are legitimately getting worse by the minute, and whatever or just what one of those 'of the above' might wind up being? She doubted she'd be thrilled with the result.

One solitary violet eye meets the good Dr's level stare and Juri welcomes the attention, she isn't showing any signs of panic or distress as this stage, and the more attention spent away from her hands the better.

It's an unwelcome surprise when the spider girl pulls herself up and around out of her line of sight, Juri starts turning her head to follow the sound if nothing else, damn that limited perception. Stilling the flexing and twisting of her hands and wrists she instead leisurely hangs in place, apprehensively waiting for the next move,.

The foot pressing into her gut doesn't stop until it has her drawn tightly, a gentle but firm pressure on all of muscles and joints it just doesn't sit well with Juri that it feels bothersome, as though she were being toyed with or stepped on, that's strike two. Her hands contract into fists and she tightens her forearm muscles as much as human possible to try and stretch out the webbing while she has the chance, when the pressure relents and the Korean woman swings back into place she tries to draw on that little bit of extra room before it pulls tight once again, if anything having been basted in a coating of blood, honey and then a little more blood from some fresh arterial sprays of those guards that had dared try and take her. That slick and glistening coating was actually of some help.

"You should see what I'm capable of when I'm not all tied up. <3"

Dosage? The flirtation had been reflexive she had to keep the conversation on a side-track and off and away from that topic. What was forgotten once could be forgotten again and getting a dose of -anything- here? No thanks again. And then the assessment of the 'other' uses for her kick in and a snort erupts from Juri, she all but writhes in place, strung up as she is an uncontainable shrill torrent of laughter erupts from her lips, that was too funny for this situation, her laughter such it might even be close to becoming deranged.

" Ahah-auhahaa AHAHAH! I don't like kids at all. But there's some fun to be had in the process -- If you're the one inviting ME to have some fun, then you better be prepared to deliver!"

It tickled her sense of humour, to be threatened with procedures and genetic changes only to be suddenly re-evaluated as such a fine specimen she might require /breeding/ that was too rich, it crossed over into hilarious! Her reactions temper somewhat only in response to the mention of honey and a shared mutual distaste for the stuff. She hated sweets at the best of times, preferring foods with strong or spicy flavours and scents.

"Oh that? Yeah, A basted on layer of blood from swimming around in the stuff undergorund, honey from these little Bee bastards and then a little bit more blood when some things tried to ambush me."

Well, shit. They had kind of successfully managed that and subdued her, eventually. Sobering a little she actually has the gall to complain loudly while at the same time requesting.

"I need some water, unless you intend me to dry out and die up here."

Unlike the bloodweaver who created her, Tess doesn't give much mind to -how- her words are portrayed. She puts no particular thought into them, carelessly flinging words around like water at a swimming pool. Where her words are concerned, she's not particularly thinking about their effects. Though she does -note- said effects, obsessively annotating her clipboard with each new word, each twinge of the muscles.

She does also note that Juri tried to take advantage of the moment of reduced tension. Tried.

"I've seen what you're capable of," she states in response to the teasing about not being tied up. "... /Losing/." More annotations are added to her clipboard, as she allows her legs to carry her further around the webbing. No sense in tempting fate by allowing Juri to get a grip of her.

She's a fair distance away before she turns back to Juri, cocking her head to the side. An invitation to have fun, a preparation for delivery... Suffice to say, the pink coloration comes back to the good doctor's cheeks, as she shakes her head in the negative. "Tsk, tsk! That'd be an inappropriate relationship between patient and doctor!" She may say this, but of course there's the underlying tone that maybe that's just a weak excuse -- something Dr. Tessitore falls back upon quite frequently. "And besides, I meant purely in the scientific sense. But don't worry, you won't need to worry about whether it's /fun/ or not."

As if by way of explanation, the spidery doctor pulls a small syringe out of her pocket, full of a bright pink fluid. "See? Way better than fun! You'll be just like the rest of these super-eager test subjects!"

Okay. Maybe she -does- know some ways to influence people. "... Orrrrr you can do me a little favor. See... we have an army of darkstalkers. But I'm... missing someone, who could mean a lot of trouble to me. And you... you're kind of tied up."

She smiles sweetly, passing the syringe to one of her spider legs to hold. "Bring me the one known as 'Aranha', and you'll be free to go. Or..." She nibbles on her lip. "Or, I find a way to make you much more agreeable. How about it?"

There was a well-aimed barb. Losing huh? She'd killed one of the Bees who attacked her, the freakish purple samurai freak in the red armour and before she was overrun by rhino horned towering monsters she'd been thinning the herd out rather nicely. Now she was injured, imprisoned and being derided by a God-damn bookwork who won't -- STOP. HER. INCESSANT. SCRIBBLING!!

Juri was filled with a furious and impotent rage, focusing all of her hate where the Mad Hack of a doctor was retreating an even more secure spot further away from her. The world really had gone to hell when inappropriate relationships and procreation (through science?!) were talked about with such dry and clinical terms. If even things like that were gone.. What the fuck was the point? And then the syringe comes out.

Juri falls deathly silent and still throughout the proceeding exhibition. There's no guarantee her body can handle whatever the hell that is. She's really starting to seriously consider the offer as it is made.

"So you and and your 'army' are scared of this one guy then?"

Oh she had to see this, it's the closest offer she's had to something that was entertaining in what seems forever. The name itself meant less than nothing to her; the threat of being made more 'agreeable' however was enough to leave her violently sick to her stomach. A vivid flash of memory, other syringes constantly feeding a stream of yet more poison into her is just enough she clamps down hard on her desire to tell the little doctor where she can shove her shot

The negotiation tactics feel like they're wearing her down, but that could also be the lack of food and water giving it a leg up.

The spider leg holding the syringe does feel just threatening enough that.. She relents.

Why the hell not?!

They'd have to let her down at some point and then she'd see. It was unlikely anyone else's interests would be aligning with hers, let alone being so good natured as to even 'come back' Win or Lose.

"Fine, You've piqued my interest in this man... and catching him. I'll show you how -- If you're not enjoying it, you're not doing it right! Someday I might just get a chance to show you in greater detail."

The Doctor wouldn't enjoy that lesson.

Dr. Tessitore continues scribbling down her meticulous observations, taking careful note of Juri's resistance -- and lack thereof, as appropriate. She does take careful note of Juri's phrasing -- frowning as she identifies the sarcastic doubt towards whether her entire army is powerless to bring in just one man. It's true -- she probably shouldn't have mentioned the army right before asking for Juri's help. It does seem kind of weird in that respect. The logic of her word choice called into question thusly, the doctor's full lips twist into a pout.

But she is also quick to come up with a deflection, her pout turning into a sly smile as she sets the syringe onto a rolling table. "Don't mind the army. They just like to watch."

It's debatable how much of the arena can actually -see- the pair through the gauzy curtains of spider webbing, but the hundreds of darkstalkers -- soon-to-be and otherwise -- can certainly -hear- everything going on.

Again, Dr. Tessitore propels into motion, not giving Juri much time to digest the full import of her words. While her spider legs tap-tap-tap along the webs, carrying her up and around Juri once more, the doctor's body appears to merely float or hover, like an angel borne aloft by mechanical, impossibly precise motions.

But before long, the captive would notice two distinct sensations. One would be the spider leg on the left side of her throat, with the sensory hairs on her legs nearly ticklish to the touch -- if not for the sharp barbs. Resistance is probably unwise. The other... would be Dr. Tessitore's warm voice whispering softly into Juri's right ear, even more ticklish.

So low that others cannot hear, and so close that they cannot lipread, she whispers, "Do understand that I'm in a rare moment of lucidity right now. I have a rather wide latitude with regards to my test protocols... And that our lord and master has no -particular- reason for -you- to be kept, so your fate... is totally within -my- hands."

Just to put a point on that threat, the grad student snakes her human left hand around, prodding in a most unscientific fashion at places on Juri that it most certainly does not belong. "Your compliance, though... is welcome! And duly noted." she whispers back, her quickening heartbeat becoming a bit more apparent as her ample chest presses against the captive's back. If one has any doubt as to whether her insistent caresses were borne of a scientific nature or not, the doubt would be allayed by the fact that the sound of scribbling has all but stopped, the shadow of one leg holding a motionless clipboard cast down onto the floor below.

Even through this selfish concession to her desires, the doctor's right hand was occupied with another matter. "I do have one apology to make: I -am- sorry about keeping water from you."

A wet, odorless cloth presses close to Juri's mouth and nose. As her left hand slackens, the right hand holding the cloth to her captive's nose becomes strong and relentless. "If I'd given you water, the chloroform might have caused you to choke or vomit -- and we can't have -that-..."

Consciousness will be cut abruptly short. But when Juri awakens, she'll find that Dr. Tessitore was true to her promise of setting her free -- there will be a small note giving Juri -- among other things -- the clues she knows of Aranha's location. And a single name, culled from the audio archives. 'Nightwolf.'

Along with a sealed one-liter bottle of water.

If Juri were of a mind to appreciate the stinger in her comment actually having the intended effect on the doctor or audience she might have enjoyed that sullen look, right now however she was much more concerned with that was going to happen with that syringe. The object in question filled with the unknowable pink liquid is carefully set down and aside though the motion draws Juri's attention with it, as well as to the other instruments on the table. This was a place of horrors, more so in that all the little tools were laid out neatly in proper order.

By the time she looks back, only the smile and the cryptic and possibly flirtatious answer. An army that liked to watch -- what? It made absolutely no sense! Don't mind the..? Things watching them from glass tubes, there were -things- all around here an army maybe? No, certainly... but still in production.

She had chills, she was actually afraid of all these freak things watching her while she was all trussed up. The natural seeming grace and ascent of the doctor gliding close to Juri escalates the tension.

This wasn't sexy, it wasn't even fun. It was a thing of nightmares sprung to life, like some H. R. Geiger inspired set piece with enough substance that had been going on for so long that she had been just rolling with what the world was throwing at her. But this was more of a traditional horror, all of it was happening while she was completely incapable of acting, she was secretly hoping that any moment now she would wake up.

Already tense and alert when the spider sweeps in around; so close she could feel the occasional tap or tug translating through the webbing attatched to her, not that she was up to doing much with this heightened awareness of just what was happening.

A sudden faint tickle of the hairs brushing and then caressing the neck near her vulnerable throat before the sensation of the barbs prick her skin. The doctor was getting a lot closer than before. She can't see for the looking but she can definitely feel the presence as well as the touch.

Lord and maste--FUCK! Oh great, she was dealing with someone who was definitely insane. She had been prepared for maybe "Mad science" levels of crazy or unhinged behaviour but there was no way of knowing how unbalanced someone who only had 'rare moments of lucidity' could be, or turn.

The threat level was pretty mindboggling at this point. Theres a 'hand' at her throat and she can feel a surprisingly light amount of bodyweight falling across her back. So,There was no need to keep her alive or unmolest--HELLO! Juri blinks and jerks in surprise as the sudden interest in exploring her body, it'd be difficult to not notice the roving hand. Was this all a ploy, trying to manipulate her? The Carrot or the stick approach to motivating her?

Twisting her neck just enough she turns her head enough to glance back out of the corner of her eye -- just enough to make out some brown curly hair and the side of a cheek.

Apology? That sounded bad.

The cloth covering her mouth sends her into a fury, she tries turning her head away and tearing at her restraints like a woman possessed. She won't let go!!

?! ....BIHHHIIIIIIITCH!! I'll goddamn kill her!!

When she finally does settle and stop struggling she'd made a mess of the webbing holding her in place, one hand slipped all but free and hanging at a slightly different angle because of it.

When she wakes up she half expects all the horrors to be over, for the world to be back to the way it was. Not to have been left a note. She glances at its contents and crumples the note in her fists, balling it up and even then tearing it into two handfuls in a fit of pique. She wasn't restrained anymore; the spider bitch scientist can do whatever she wants now, Juri Han is out of here! There was NO reason to keep up her side of the arrangement whatsoever, though thanks for the water!

Like giving her word or saying she'd do something was worth anything!! HA! She screws the top off the bottle of water and downs as much as she can, continuously drinking untin she runs low on breath and it spilling all over her.

...She could still recall everything on that stupid goddamn note, all this useless information now stuck in her head; she had nowhere really in mind to go and a burning curiosity about this 'Aranha' and whatever Nightwolf was, teleportation technique? Something scary enough to scare an 'army' or at least it's creator?

She draws a bare forearm across her mouth and chin and spits at the strong taste and faint smell of honey. Fuck all of this! No! She needed a drink and something to eat. They could all wait until she's had that much at least. Maybe then she'd decide on what to do and where to go.

At least settle in her own head what she wanted to do for herself now she was free.

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