SNF 2016.06 - SNF: The Hunter vs Jezebel in Summer Frights!

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Description: Hello boils and ghouls! Don't you turn your dials, because we got a real 'gor-ious' match up coming up. Jezebel Failblesse, washed up actress who has fallen in the wrong crowd, is gonna get a nasty little surprise. She -thinks- she is going to Bass Island. But what she doesn't know is that her 'skeleton crew' is taking her to a much more EXCITING journey into the Midnight Channel, with our brand new special guest. You all might have remembered this loser before he changed his career, but letís call him for what he is: The Hunter. You want to see the Final Woman escape from her hungry killer? You got it here at the Midnight Channel! But while I can blame Hunter for his 'taste' in actresses, I can't blame him for his hunger. After all, who doesn't like a little... ham!?" Winner: DKO

She recovered.

Two words, so little, so thick. She recovered. Just like it's counterpart, she's alive. She could survive and survive, and that was a miracle. She couldn't even kill herself, and neither could the Russian. Pepper could reject her, but that's okay, because people could reject her. She could survive. She could stay alive. She could recover, from the broken pieces of her shell. She was reborn, in a way.

She just had to change a little, you know?

It wasn't midnight. It was 9 PM, and it was past twilight. Jezebel stands out at the edge of the ship, staring out at the stars and the waters. It was warm, very warm. The ramshackle vessel groans and rocks with the waves; it didn't even have a name. Imagine, a ship without a name? She even only saw one other crew member so far. Little details, she didn't want to think too much about. Except the name. Everything needed names. The woman is dressed in cargo pants and a black tanktop; she had her costume all ready for her fight with Lucky, But for now, she was happy to be in boots and battle wear. She had grown to love her new outfit, it felt as natural as being naked. She probably needed to sleep, before her fight. But how could you sleep when looking at such beauty? Besides.

She wanted to see what her new eye could do.

It was a gift from Shadaloo. It was artificial, of course. But the white was almost lifelike. It was almost real. The iris was blue, because why wouldn't it be blue? She was Nightmare Spangles, and it was too blue, glowing dimly in the night. A smile was on her lips as she takes in the beauty. The ship was lonely; barely anybody was on it. Maybe they put her on the cheapest fishing boat that was willing to take her to Bass Island, or whatever it was called. It was just another chance to fight, you know? Another chance to help the people who helped her so much. She didn't ask questions. She wasn't just a pretty face, or an actress.

She was a warrior.

Just the thought warmed her heart.

It had been on the move. Fleeing, doing all in its power to stay one step ahead of lost brothers and new enemies alike. Running. Always running.

Stopping only to feed.

But even those stops have become less frequent. There has been so little time. Island hopping is no easy feet when one lacks a boat.

Or perhaps Lacked a boat would be more accurate.

Silent as a hunting shadow, a black gloved hand rises up from the choppy sea, dripping fingers clasping tightly to the edge of the deck. It is followed by a second hand, reaching up yet higher to grip the railing above. Below the hand a silver chain gleams in the moonlight, wrapped round and round the arm from wrist to elbow.

Effortlessly, with the slithering grace of a dripping black eel, the owner of the hands hauls itself out of the ocean and over the ship's starboard rail. its heavy wool greatcoat is saturated with salty water, long black hair hanging in a sodden tangle across its pale face. A scarf hangs heavy around its shoulders, and an oversized steel-plated crossbow hangs from its back.

it appears to be a man. Pale, scarred, and lean as a wolf. But it is no man. its malicious eyes burn in the night, their pale golden glow cutting through the dark. Those eyes are the eyes of a demon. Cruel. Hungry.

Rolling over the top rail, its boots touch down softly on the wooden planks as it drops lazily into a predatory crouch. Lifting its head, the beast draws in a long, deep breath. Its chest expands beneath layers of black cloth, the hissing of its breath cutting through the soft creaks of the old ship as it bobs about on the waves.

Blood. It knew it smelled blood on this ship. And not the watered down variety, full of toxic waste and failure. Strong blood. Thick blood.

The monster's lips part, pink-tinged drool running down its chin as a rough tongue teases across the tips of its double rows of jagged fangs. Slowly it turns, blazing gaze focusing on the target of its desire. The tallish woman leaning against the far railing, just yards away across the open deck of this ship.

It is hungry. So very hungry.

It wasn't fear, at first.

Jezebel sensed someone hand... come aboard. Turning her head towards the dripping mess that had dragged itself. It was like a man. She could only see a man, a sick man, who avoided death by... by coming on the boat. She takes a step, and then recoils. She didn't... think about it. But there were signs that something was horribly, horribly wrong. Hissing breath, those glowing amber eyes. Her hands were shaking. But it wasn't fear that was in Jezebel yet.

Right now, it was the shadow of empathy.

Jezebel approaches the man, the glowing blue eye transfixed on it. Her expression was a quiet smile, a mask she instinctively put on. She could see the teeth, the tongue, the fangs. She could even see the hunger. Almost in a trance, she couldn't help but ask a question she already knew the answer to. This was when the fear took over, as she was only a meter away from the man. She asks the question, so softly, so piercing in the moonlight.

"Are you... are you alright?"

Slouched sloppily forward, its hands held to either side and shoulders hunched, the yellow-eyed beast watches Jezebel approach through the tangled black hair that is draped across its scarred face. The posture brings to mind an ambush predator. Alert. Waiting to spring.

The question is asked, and slowly its rough, greyish pink tongue slides away into its mouth.

"Pray to your god. He will not save you." The creature states, voice nothing more than a hoarse whisper. The words are so quiet as to be nearly drown beneath the roaring waves. But the intent in its lambent eyes is unmistakable. The drool leaking from its lips indicative of its hunger.

The beast can see the moment its prey begins to recoil. The dawning of realization in her eyes. It is when the situation has crystallized in her mind that it strikes, both gloved hands snapping up to try and clamp tightly around her throat. With water rolling down its knuckles and dripping from its sleeves,the creature straightens from its slouch and, if it can catch its quarry, lifts her off of her feet to dangle in the air above it.

Fingers will tighten, eyes glowing with hunger and horrible pleasure as it gives her a brutal shake as if trying to snap her neck like a rat. And then she will find herself airborne, flung tumbling through the air toward the wooden wall of the cabin located at the back of the boat. But it does not linger to watch. No. if it can be so successful to fling her, it will give chase, water spraying out from its form and heavy coat flapping as it hurls itself through the air in close per suit.

COMBATSYS: The Hunter has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
The Hunter       0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Jezebel has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jezebel          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0       The Hunter

COMBATSYS: Jezebel blocks The Hunter's Breath Of Our Lord Savior.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Jezebel          0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0       The Hunter

And now, there was fear.

A scream escapes her throat as the creature pounces. Her own hand comes out, snapping out at the wrist of the thing coming at her. And she could feel the power, the strength. The scream stops short, as tears well up in her eyes. The blue light brightens, as she gags. And she... struggles. Not the struggle of weak prey, but overpowering. Terror had seized her, but with it came a jolt of strength. The woman pries the pressure off her neck, as she is worried about. She could feel her body pop and crack in the grips of this monster. But Jezebel had been shaken like this before.

And he wasn't even punching her in the face, either.

As she is hurled, she screams out again, twisting herself in the air. "Help! HELP!" was the cry as she hits the wall feet first. With a shove, she knocks herself back off the wall to the ground. A rough landing, but she was used to this kind of abuse. Just not from... this kind of creature. "Something came on the ship! A MONSTER! HELP! HELP!" Was her cry. Barely reaching a stand, it was already coming upon her. There had to be a crew. There had to be something on the ship. Someone. Someone had to help her. She needed to run. She needed to escape. As the stranger rushes towards her, she steadies herself into her Tae Kwon Do stance.

And sweeps her leg around.

It was a singular straight kick, forceful and precise, aimed right for the center of the creature. It was designed to stun, to stun, to choke the attack. She was panicked, she was terrified. But her instincts was fight or flight. And right now, she needed to find flight. Once she got the creature to slow down, then she could figure out where the crew was, where the captain was, where anybody was. She had to find someone.

She had to find someone to save her.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel successfully hits The Hunter with Thrust Kick.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Jezebel          0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0       The Hunter

While Jezebel flies through the air, the quiet, rasping gasp of panting breaths can be heard from close behind. It is punctuated by the flapping of damp cloth, and the rapid pounding of feet.

As she rebounds from the wall, falling into her familiar fighting stance, the beast is nearly upon her. her foot sweeps up, and the monster leaps, attempting to clear both her kick , and the top of her head.

But fear, it seems, has lent the unfortunate cowgirl strength. No members of the crew seem to have heard her desperate calls for help. But someone is watching over her.

The kick strikes the beast hard in its left thigh, causing its leap to turn into an acrobatic tumble. tumbling lithely over the top of Jezebel's right shoulder, it slams into the wall back first. But, rather than falling to the ground, the monster defies all the laws of physics by rolling up the wall. Water and pinkish drool drips down to patter over Jezebel's head as it flings itself up onto the roof of the cabin. Twisting around, it perches there upon the ledge, glaring balefully down at its quarry like some sort of nightmarish 1650s gargoyle from hell.

Shoulders shaking and breaths coming in ragged gasps, it bares its double rows of pink-stained fangs before lunging down from the roof. Arms spread wide, it attempts to slam bodily into Jezebel and send them both crashing to the ground, maw opening wide and head swooping in an attempt to dig its fangs deep into the mostly exposed meat of her right shoulder. To shred away cloth and skin to get at the sweet blood beneath.

COMBATSYS: The Hunter successfully hits Jezebel with Feast Of Flesh.
- Power hit! -

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Jezebel          1/------=/=======|====---\-------\0       The Hunter


That was the whipmering cry from the actress as the predator is struck... and rolls right up the wall. She turns around, jaw slack, staring up. She was stunned. Drool falls on her, as she stares at the monster as it clings to the roof of the cabin, peering over the ledge. She takes nervous steps back, her guard coming up. "HELP ME! HELP ME! OH GOD... HELP-"

And it pounces.

Jezebel howls in another scream as it dives. She tries to evade, but it was too fast. And like that, she is sent on her back. She screams, and screams, and screams, and screams. The creature tears into her shoulder, and she is... helpless. On her back, and pinned down, she can't even bring her arms around to pull against it. Her tanktop is torn open, her body raked and bleeding from the feral assault.

And then, in the corner of her eye, she sees the crewmember.

The only crewmember she knew. She didn't know his name, or who he was. But the hunchback with bulging eyes, dressed in a sailor suit, drags his leg as he crawls from below decks. Jezebel turns her head, as the creature tears deeper and deeper into her shoulder. "Please..." She murmurs, looking at the crewmember desperately, reaching her hand towards him. "PLease... help... me..." And the hunchback showed no fear. No, he was grinning. It was now that Jezebel realized something was in his gnarled hands. With a toothless smile, he throws the object straight into her hand. She clutches it half-mindedly, before pulling it towards her face. She narrows her eyes, the blue light of her iris illuminating it. And she barely is able to state-aloud what it was.


"Whether predator or prey, blood is here to stay?"

*INSTA-BLOOD!* was the tagline appearing on the Midnight Channel, underneath the mauled form of Jezebel. Face wet with tears and blood, she sobs out. "Dr-drink me?! Oh god. OH GOD. It's an ADVERTISEMENT. AN ADVERTISEMENT!!!" Gagging and groaning in agony, the womans pops open the can. *Official Sponser Of Midnight Channel* The tagline shifts, before a new one flashes above it. *NIGHTMARE SPANGLES & THE HUNTER APPROVED!!!* And there, Jezebel guzzles the blood desperately, choking it down as she is attacked.

It tasted like pennies.

Throwing the empty can aside, she heaves a sob as energy cascades over her. "I hate my JOB!" She bawls as a spasm of energy bursts out. Power flows from her as she hurls herself back into The Hunter, jolting herself upright from a killing position. She was... losing so much blood. But the can she drank was... replacing it? She didn't know anything. But as red, white, and blue energy flowed over her, she just hurls herself back into the creature, spiraling through the air as she attempts to blast the both of them into a rioting charge, right into and through the wall of the cabin.


COMBATSYS: The Hunter blocks Jezebel's Where Eagles Dare EX.
CSYS: This exciting moment brought to you by Insta-Blood!!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Jezebel          1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0       The Hunter

Its teeth having sunk deep into the meet of Jezebel's shoulder, the beast clamps powerful fingers around her upper arms and plants its knee into her gut. Only then does she get to experience the awful, sickening sensation of its leathery tongue probing hungrily at the bloody flaps of skin. Hot breath rolls up her neck as it exhales in satisfaction, clearly pleased with the taste.

Biting down harder, the beast then whips its head back and forth, tearing the wound open yet further. And it very well may have continued this, if not for the timely arrival of an aluminum can.

The salty beverage arcs in just past its head, causing it to release its hold on Jezebel and rise up on its knees. Clamping leather-clad fingers onto the ragged rip in its prey's shoulder, the monster's lambent gaze shifts to lock onto the pitiful form of the hunch back. Blood and salty water drips from its soaking body to splatter across its captive's face and chest, but it doesn't seem to notice.

Below it, the sobbing and gagging woman cracks open the can of blood-like beverage and begins to drink.


The noise that escapes the creature is in no way human. Low and grating, it grinds its way out of its chest and is hacked out from between its teeth. Somewhere between a growl and a snarl, the sound is abruptly cut off when Jezebel comes exploding up from beneath it, full of new-found power and confidence.

Though the two of them erupt from the ground in a brilliant corona of red, white, and blue, the creature manages to maintain a tight grip on her wounded shoulder. Throwing its feet out behind it, the creature impacts the wall boots first. Though it is driven down to a knee by the sheer force of the charge, it manages to halt both itself and its prey before they crash through the divider and into the cabin beyond.

A fact that is quickly proven to be self preservation, more than any sort of charity on the monster's behalf.

Eyes full of raging fury at the stubbornness of its meal, the beast uncoils from the wall and flips nimbly over the top of Jezebel's head. Its grip finally releases from her shoulder as it turns acrobatically through the air to land just behind her, hot breath ghosting across her nape just before both fists descend in an all mighty hammer blow aimed squarely for the center of her shoulder blades.

The panting has grown faster, sharper, its motions seeming invigorated by the brief taste of blood. it wants more. It needs more.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel interrupts Fierce Punch from The Hunter with True Grit.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Jezebel          0/-------/----===|=======\=------\1       The Hunter

She really was just meat, wasn't she.

Rioting into the monster, Jezebel carries them both through the wall. Blood pours down her body; the remains of the tanktop was somewhere behind her. Hey, it's after 9 o clock, and the Midnight Channel did sometimes take over Cinemax. The topless Jezebel, drenched in her blood, staggers up as The Hunter rebounds off the wall. The monster was hurling itself back at Jezebel, but she just keeps going in, a -smiles- burned on her face. The hammer blow comes as she rushes in

And she doesn't stop her assault.

"... Hehe...." Was the giggle as she throws herself straight into the double-fisted blow. Taking it hard into shoulder, the same shoulder that was ripped into, she sucks in a sharp gasp of pained air. But what comes out is shrill, high-pitched laughter. "... HEHhehheheheahhahahahaha- GWAHAHAAA!" Was the sound as she hurls out her right knee straight into the body of the predator. Immediately followed by a left straight kick into the chest... immediately followed by the same leg drawing back for another kick. Kick after kick is hurled into the best; a roundhouse heel from the right, a roundhouse heel from the left, a straight right kick to the chin. It only when that heel comes crashing down does Jezebel take pause, giggling from the terror, the stress, the fear. Because she realized something, that just pours from her lips, her glowing blue iris trailing in the dark of the room.

"It's just a promotion!"


There is no fear. No surprise. No loss of hatred in the golden eyes of the monster as Jezebel blasts through its descending fists. Her knee impacts its chest with a heavy 'THUD', staggering it long enough for the follow up kick to drive hard into its gut.

And then the expression changes.

Its hatred grows, fury mounting as the monster takes kick after kick to its chest and stomach. The eyes grow wildly incandescent with rage, gloved fists whistling through the air as it tries and fails to knock the oncoming kicks away. By the time the final kick hammers into its chin, knocking it stumbling back into the ship's railing, there is nothing but murder in its eyes.

Drawing in a sharp breath, the creature throws back its head, arms spread wide, and shrieks.

And shrieks.

The noise tears up through the creatures throat as a rising howl of hunger and insanity, scraping raw and primal from its throat. It is high and painful to hear, grinding across the ear drums like steel digging into a slate board. It is the sound of nightmares. Of pain and hate. It might stretch on forever, rising endlessly. A truly deafening wail of the damned.

The sound ends abruptly as the beast launches itself forward, head snapping down as it bares its teeth, scarred face twisted into an expression of absolute hate.

its target is none other than the now topless woman who has caused it such pain. Such a beast cares nothing for breasts. Nothing for beauty. Its gloved hands lash out with the intent of digging fingers hard into her ribs so that it can lift her off of her feet. Hoist her high over its head. And Drive her spine-first into the railing...

COMBATSYS: Jezebel blocks The Hunter's The Frailty Of Man.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Jezebel          1/-------/=======|-------\-------\0       The Hunter

Jezebel felt everything.

Every blow, every lash of pain, every mauling and beating and failure and strike. And as she hurls into it, she could feel her shoulder shattered. She was a ragdoll, a plaything for this creature. But she couldn't be afraid, she wouldn't be afraid. She couldn't even kill herself.

So what could this thing do?

As she recovers from the kick, the wailing comes in. The sound is vile, stunning. The woman's body trembles, the rigor mortis grin latched on her face. She gasps out, terror falling away to that same stress-induced laughter. She wanted to run away and hide. But she couldn't. So as that blue eye burns, the topless Jezebel throws her arms out to catch those arms as they seize her by the ribs. Carried along for the ride, she is slammed -hard- into the upper bars. Groaning in pain, she draws her own legs out, and shoves back, letting those hands rip free as she gets space again. Clawing for hair, her body shuddering from the blood loss, she lands on her feet uncertainly. She was falling apart fast.

And all she can do is laugh.

Blood and fluid was pouring from her nose, the internal injuries just stacking up. Her eyes narrowed to slits, she swallows hard, and cackles. "Hahaha. Igor! Igor! Gahahahaha!" She motions to the hunchback, the creature hiding just below deck, peering out. She beckons him with both hands. "Give me my stuff, this is a commercial right? I'm gonna advertise. I gotta make my pitch! We're live! We're both alive! I gotta make it big! All eyes are on me! I gotta be the winner! I gotta make the sale! AH HA! AH HA HA! AHAHAHAHA!" And she just screams, the blue eye blazing bright enough to illuminate the whole deck in the long shadows, red white and blue energy spiraling around her.


COMBATSYS: Jezebel burns with the AMERICAN SPIRIT!

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Jezebel          1/---====/=======|-------\-------\0       The Hunter

Madness? What is madness to a beast such as this? What would it know of the horrible emptiness that lives within Jezebel?

Somewhere deep within the mind of the enraged monster, the tatters of its humanity morn for the loss of emptiness. But there is no room for humanity upon the surface.

'HRRRRRAGHRGH." The beast snarls as its prey slips its bloody grip, wet hair whipping out as it twists its head violently to follow her scrambling movements. It is angry. So very angry. And so very, very hungry.

Whirling around in a cloud of black fabric and hair, the creature charges toward its prey in a low, fast body tackle. No further thought is given to the hunchback. It may even be that the monster has passed beyond thought. That it is now nothing more than a walking incarnation of hate and violence.

The body check is low and hard, intending to smash into Jezebel and drive her backward through the wall, creating yet another spray of splinters as a roughly Jezebel-sized hole is made.

If its own injuries are bothering it, the beast shows no sign. Fueled by raw emotion and hunger, its panting breaths come quick and frantic, every motion wild and uncontrolled. There is no skill. No refinement. Despite the silver chain on its right forearm and the crossbow that still bumps against its back, it has shown no sign that it understands their use. It isn't a man, no matter what shape it holds. No matter its use of words.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel blocks The Hunter's Power Throw.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Jezebel          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0       The Hunter

When you are a black hole, you take in everything.

You take in the hate, the bitterness, the pain and the teeth, oh yes, the teeth. You take every vile and nasty and sick thing that the world pours into you, and it is never enough to fill you up. But nature abhors an empty bottle, and Jezebel was just that, an empty bottle. Everything just pours into her to fill her up, but it is never enough to take her anywhere. But Jezebel had one thing that kept her going.

And she knew all the eyes would be on her.

The hunchback pops from below deck, holding something. With a deft motion, he chucks her a DVD case. And Jezebel, lashing her arms out, catches it as the monster surges in. She holds it like it was her baby. "You can enjoy some high class entertainment, right here on the.... on the Midnight Channel!" She repeats back, staring into the paper on the box.

And he monster slams right into her.

She grinds her feet down as the creature slams himself into the woman. Her body seizes up, as the fluid and blood dribbles down her naked chest. A sickening crack sound is heard. But she doesn't give her footing away. Crossing her arms she stares into the DVD case, stammering as she belts out. "But not everyone can stay all the way up to Midnight! That's why Midnight Channel is pleased to announce the '9 PM Channel!' show! All the fun of Midnight Channel... but for kids!" The red, white, and blue energy fountains out around her, as she finally takes a step back. Not to retreat. But as she winds back her right leg, the energy suddenly flashes into a pinpoint. Her blue iris winks out."

And she punts, aiming right between the creature's legs.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel successfully hits The Hunter with A Few Dollars More.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Jezebel          0/-------/---<<<<|======-\-------\0       The Hunter

And with the punt, launches The Hunter straight into the air.

Jezebel, turning back towards... nothingness. Staring into space, the topless Jezebel smiles brightly, her eye still lights out. Holding up the DVD, she continues. "Enjoy all kinds of family favorites, like Dr. Tess The Science Lass! Diablos The Destructive Allosaur! And of course, Monster High! Buy your DVD now by calling the number right now, we have people standing by!" Right on the Midnight Channel, a number flashes right below Jezebel's bloodsoaked breasts. And with that, Jezebel unleashes a snap kick right behind her, catching The Hunter just before he falls back to the deck of the ship with an -explosion- of Red White And Blue. Jezebel turns back, flashing a V sign.

"And don't forget that we're now on DarkNetFlix!"

Pain. Pain is the life of the beast. it is all he knows. Pain and rage and hate. It is a horrible way to live. No thing should exist only in pain.

But it makes taking an atomic nut shot a lot easier to handle.

Bits of wood chips and rubble tumble around them as the beast and Jezebel wreck yet another wall of the ship. Breathing hard, the creature is in the process of straightening from his charge, left fist preparing a massive uppercut, when a combat boot plants itself rather abruptly between its legs.

The monster is lifted off of its feet and smashed hard into the ceiling, the back of its head impacting with a solid crack and a spray of dark crimson blood. Its uppercut continues to rise, gloved hand busting a hole through the ceiling from which it dangles, briefly dazed by the astounding impact.

if it were truly a man it would likely have passed out. But pain has a way of feeding the beast.

Its hand tears free of the ceiling with terrific violence and it drops, descending in a flutter of damp cloth toward the prattling woman below. Its boots have just thumped to the ground when the reverse snap kick strikes it in the stomach, and the eruption of chi blasts it backward and away amidst a wave of multi-colored energy.

For a moment, all is quiet.

Bits of twisted wreckage fall from a newly made hole in the back of the cabin. Through it, the moon shines down dimly on open waves. The boat creaks and rocks. The surf rolls.

Has she banished the monster?

Is the nightmare over?

The ceiling caves in with an ear ringing 'CRASH!', a figure in all black descending through the wooden carnage like a devil straight from hell. its blood matted hair hangs about its shoulders, drops of crimson streaking its scarred face like primitive war paint. All of its impressive teeth are on display as it comes hurtling down to try and smash a vicious haymaker into the side of Jezebel's smiling face. As its boots slam to the ground it follows the initial punch with another, fist swinging wildly. Then a third comes. More and more wild blows are thrown, fists swinging like sledge hammers from up and down and either side, the monster trying franticly to hammer this trouble-making delicacy back into a corner so that it can beat her into an unmoving lump of bone meal.

The reason for it's frantic hate should be obvious. Aside from the fact that it is starving and this woman has utterly refused to be eaten, it is limping quite badly. Nothing, not even a horrific abomination, likes to be hit in the balls.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel dodges The Hunter's Rapturous Violence.
CSYS: This exciting moment brought to you by The 9 PM Channel!!!

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Jezebel          0/-------/--<<<<<|=====--\-------\0       The Hunter

The blue light of the fake eye returns.

Throwing away the dvd case, she turns towards the monster. She felt incredible. She wasn't Lightning Spangles, she wasn't even Nightmare Spangles right now. She was Jezebel, and it was amazing. She was dying right now, and it was amazing. Smiling wide, her eye flashes bright, as she strides at the monster. There was fear coming out of her, hot and heavy. But she didn't even recognize fear anymore. She wore it like a cloak, but just like now, she was striding spiritually nude.

She even blurts out a chortle when the monster rises up.

"Isn't is great? We're free? We're free, and free, and free, and free!" She babbles, craning her neck as the light flickers brighter and brighter. She was dancing with her death. And it felt amazing. Maybe it was the shock, or maybe because Jezebel didn't really tell if she lived or died, day after day. But she was ready for death. She wanted him to try and kill her. It was new, and different.

She couldn't even kill her.

As the monster flails his arms at her, she dips and weaves, her arms lashing out to catch every blow. Her blue eye was beginning to pinpoint on him, focusing in like a laser. "Are you ready to hurt me? I want you to hurt me. I want you to make me feel, because you make me feel. You and your friends and your advertising is more real than I am. You are incredible." Every word was absolutely sincere, with a zealous convinction. "Hurt me, creature." She prays.

"Make me real again."

The momentum reverses, as Jezebel flings herself into the man. Kick after kick after kick comes out, hammering with psychotic power. A roundhouse with the right, following with a roundhouse with the left. A third roundhouse comes, before stopping hard, coming in with a thrust kick with the same right leg. She was happy. Bleeding to death, and in absolute fear. But she was happy, so happy.

She never thought she would be so happy, so close to death.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel issues a challenge!!

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Jezebel          0/-------/--<<<<<|=====--\-------\0       The Hunter

COMBATSYS: The Hunter parries Jezebel's Quick and the Dead!

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Jezebel          0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0       The Hunter

Hurt her.

Make her real.

The request is met with a roar of rage, the raw fury of the beast undeterred by the foolish pleadings of this mind-broke mortal. Hot, rancid breath washes over Jezebel's face with the roar, the sound ragged as the beast's breathing as its final blow cuts the air an inch over the woman's head.

The beast has had enough.

When her kick comes, it leaps into the air, legs tucking up to its chin to avoid the roundhouse that sweeps in below it.

And then it stomps down hard, attempting to use Jezebel's own raised thigh as a launch off point for the flying knee aimed at her chin. If it can land that knee, and only then, it will grab her roughly by her bare shoulders as it rolls backward, smashing its boots into her exposed stomach and turning a complete back flip that ends with her smashed part way through the deck, its shadow looming over her as it perches atop her gut.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel endures The Hunter's Ascendance EX.

[                            \\  < >  /////                         ]
Jezebel          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\===----\1       The Hunter

He was giving reality to her.

Jezebel could feel a chill when the hot breath comes over her. Her body seizes up, the terror clutching her heart. But the smile was still on her lips. A giggle comes as he takes into the air. Looking up, her eyes were wide, her good pupil a pinprick. As he stomps. Hard. The knee comes straight to her jaw, knocking out a mouthful of teeth. Blood comes from the split lip as the boots come hammering down. The internal injuries were at an apex, as she is smashed hard into the deck, cratering into it and nearly breaking through.

The fountain of chi, however, was a warning of what was to come.

The waves of red, white, and blue chi flow all around, the spiral nearly covering the whole of the deck. As it mounts on her gut, that smile almost burns. The blue eye light flares up, before dying down just as fast. As she fires up, spiralling herself. "YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAW!" was the cry of the woman as she surges into the air, fountains of light cascading down. Whether the creature came with her or not, it didn't matter. She would riot up with the drilling enregy, and then she would fall. She would land on both feet on the deck. Didn't matter if she had a fight in her when she came down.

Didn't matter if she lived, or died either.

COMBATSYS: Jezebel can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
The Hunter       1/----===/=======|

COMBATSYS: Jezebel successfully hits The Hunter with Pale Rider.
- CRAZY Hit! -

[                                <
The Hunter       2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|

As the beast stands crouched atop its downed prey, there is nothing but murder in its insanely burning eyes. Its inhuman gaze remains fixed on Jezebel's face, as if savoring this final moment before her last supper.

And then there is chi. Waves of it rolling off of her, turning everything that obnoxious triad of colors.

Muscles surge beneath the beast's coat as it attempts to tumble away to one side. To avoid the upward blast that it knows is coming. But sadly, it is once more just a fraction too slow. It has just started to leap, boots leaving its prey's stomach with the crushing force of liftoff, when she rockets up from the ground and collides heavily with its chest.

The monster is sent spiraling up with its prey, the both of them twisting sickeningly about. Chi washes over it, tearing at its coat and threatening to worsen the myriad of injuries that hide beneath its clothing. But when Jezebel finally begins to fall, the black-clad figure throws itself upward off of her shoulders and high into the night sky. The maneuver lacks its usual inhuman grace, but for a moment it hangs there, blotting out the stars...

COMBATSYS: The Hunter takes no action.

COMBATSYS: The Hunter can no longer fight.

And then the beast is falling through the air, twisting itself through the night sky to vanish into the rolling waves with a quiet splash. It is furious. It is wounded. It is hungry beyond all imagining. But it can not afford to withstand much more of this Meat's punishing chi.

In order to survive. To remain ahead of those who pursue it, it must retreat. And so it vanishes beneath the waves, leaving the battered ship to bob gently atop the surf. Aboard, a still living, still topless Jezebel will have to find another way to live.

Living was easy.

Dying was hard.

Jezebel shuts her eyes as she stands there, a smile burned on her lips. This was it. The easiest would be the hardest. The hardest would be the easiest. She already felt her knees giving out. Slumping down, she brings her knees to her bloodstained breasts. "I'm ready..." She coos, waiting for the end.

Instead, there is a splash

She slumps over to the side, her arms so weak. Scanning around with her fake eye, the blue light brightens. It left her. Just like everyone left her. It was a familiar feeling. She used to date me like The Hunter. They used to make her feel real too, albeit through the haze of drugs and threats. She wished Johnny could be like this, to hurt her, to make her real. She deserved it. "Ha ha ha..." She chuckles, as she curls up into a ball. Already, the strange crewman was scrambling on the deck. She didn't know her fate. She didn't care. She was happy, and cold. On the Midnight Channel, a marque spreads across the screen over the downed Jezebel.


Meanwhile, on Bass Island, a small basketball court had been set up. A tall, dark-skinned man was actually working on his layups as the sun starts setting. His opponent should have been here -hours- ago. While a little fishing boat sits away from the island, he breathes hard, letting the basketball bounce across the court, right into the lapping waves of the small island's shore. Hands on his hips, he bends himself down a bit, and then looks towards the sun, shielding his eyes. And there, he just shakes his head.

"Man, I don't think that crazy chick is showing up!"

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