SNF 2016.03

SNF: Roll Up Hoe Down! Pepper vs Jezebel - The easter egg roll! A long-standing Easter tradition, done upon the White House lawn. As children race eggs across soft grass with long spoons, others hunt for the eggs hidden on the lawn. What better way than to have Lightning Spangles as the Easter Bunny herself! But Lightning Spangles may find herself more than just entertaining kids: Rumor has it that the mysterious Bunny Faux Faux will be showing up to steal all the childrens eggs, and even President Obama's eggs themselves! Lightning Spangles may face her most fiercesome foe yet, as her opponent may in fact be far more familiar than anybody could be comfortable with... (Winner: Pepper) - created on 16:18:45 03/25/2016 by Jezebel and last modified on 16:21:47 03/28/2016. Cast: Jezebel and Pepper.

SNF: Tomb of the Unknown Savior - W-w-wow! Did you know that when Jesus Christ was 21 years old, he came to Japan and pursued knowledge of divinity for 12 years? You can read about it and more at the legendary Tomb of Jesus Christ at Shingo Aomori. To celebrate this sacred Easter party, there will be a full-fledged wrestling ring right amongst to the crosses of the tomb above the tomb! Russian Special Forces Sergei Dragunov is bringing the pain right in the middle of Easter battlefield. Facing against him is a tag-team duo, the venomous Sada Asai and her warwolf partner, Sven Maesters! Remember rule number 1 in the ring: Nobody is Raven. You -cannot- crucify anybody in the ring! Not like anybody would stop you, though <Winner: Sven & Sada> - created on 15:50:22 03/27/2016 by Sada and last modified on 16:36:44 03/31/2016. Cast: Sada, Sergei, and Sven.

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