SNF 2016.08

SNF: Through the Fires and Flames - TEST YOUR MIGHT. If there is one thing I love about Mortal Kombat, it is the challenges. Wait, no. I hate the challenges. And now, the rest of you will hate challenges too. Right in the heart of a super spooky castle courtyard, these three unlikely allies of Mint the monk, Aaron the ranger, and Azumi the ninja come together to form a Generic Adventuring Party. Together, they must face a familiar, dangerous foe: Scorpion. On one hand, Scorpion must face a gauntlet of three opponents. Of course, when facing Scorpion, it might be those three that are going through the gauntlet. It is in your nature, after all. [ Winner: Scorpion ] - created on 19:57:12 07/29/2016 by Mint and last modified on 20:07:26 08/04/2016. Cast: Scorpion, Azumi, Aaron, and Mint.

SNF: The Rock Show - So here is Jeremiah and Faust, hanging out behind the club on the weekend. Acting stupid, getting drunk with their best friends. They couldn't wait for the summer and the Warped Tour. And then they remember it's the first time that they saw her there. One's getting kicked out of school 'cause she's failing. Another's kinda nervous, 'cause all her friends hate her. She's the one, she'll always be there. She took your hand and you made it I swear. Cause you fell in love with the girl at the rock show. Or like, you can just fight each other, I dunno. Blink-182 is still cool, right? <Winner: Punk Ad Rock> - created on 13:54:58 07/30/2016 by Alexis and last modified on 16:20:21 08/03/2016. Cast: Alexis, Jeremiah, Faust, and Erika.

SNF: SouthSynd vs FreakShow in 'Maximum Impact' - There's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it. In one corner, we got the rough and tumble biker gang of Rae and Sorcha, along with their posse in their corner. Adding in the world-famous garbage wrestler MURDERHOUSE turns this into The Freak Show. Against them, for a kind of turf war with legitimate businessmen, is Team SouthSynd. Duke, a collector of art, will be receiving assistance from henchman and the techno-savvy ninja Nagase, in facing off. It's order vs chaos, right down at the train yards! <Winners: Draw> - created on 17:41:54 07/30/2016 by MURDERHOUSE and last modified on 22:59:59 08/16/2016. Cast: Duke, Nagase, MURDERHOUSE, Sorcha, Rae, and Henchman.

SNF: RUMBLE in the Recap - Remember Rumble in the Streets? That was a great tournament, wasn't it. Double Eliminations, Yakuza rampaging all over, and robots! Of course, the scandal affecting that tournament has bled over into the King of Fighters, where HitBit is caught in deep legal troubles. The time has come, specially arranged by Lee Chaolan, for a return to those glory days. On one team? The two finalists of Rumble in the Streets Tournament, Maki and Ayame. On the other? The final bosses of the tournament, AY4M3 (for the bad ending) and Lee Chaolan (If you get at least 3 perfects, and defeat AY4M3 with a Max). Can these two protagonists of RinS defeat the bosses of their respective game? Well, I mean, it's no Jinchuu. - created on 19:54:20 07/30/2016 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 11:17:10 08/29/2016. Cast: Ayame, Maki, Lee Chaolan, Riki, AY4M3, and Brandon.

SNF: Let Me Take A Selfie - It's girls' night out at the nightclub. $2 shots, and oh my god did you see what that Hitomi was wearing? How did she even get in here, she's so short. And what is Jira doing? That's totally ratchet. She's probably bought all her Fightagram followers. Munin and Cassie will team up to start enforcing standards against the underdogs, Hitomi and Jira, in a fight right down on the dance floor. Don't forget to update your Friendship feed! <Winner: Cassie/Munin> - created on 20:30:28 07/31/2016 by Cassie and last modified on 16:26:26 08/03/2016. Cast: Munin, Jira, Hitomi, and Cassie.

SNF: Of Mice and Catwomen - "Much more enchanting than some of the more immature Tonka truck and fairytale orc parodies being bandied about nowadays, the Tale of Despereaux is a little known film by Universal about a young mouse fighting against all odds to defy the cultural expectations of his brethren and save the day. These little hero tales are always so poignant. So inspiring. It's a shame that viewer expectations require us to bill it as mouse vs. mouse. Hoffman was always so much more committed than the lightweights these days. Oh, well. Book a nice castle out in the English countryside, staff it with some very, very large men and women in period gear, and dress one of the fighters up as a cat. Oh, really? Then we'll save on costuming. The only problem is, which one will play the exquisite rat. Flip a coin, will you Finn. I don't care if she cries, the sooner she learns about show business, the better. If I have to sully my good taste with tripe, she very well can wear a rat outfit!" <Winner: Felicia> - created on 16:26:28 08/14/2016 by Felicia and last modified on 01:19:40 08/16/2016. Cast: Hotaru, Momo, and Felicia.

SNF:Story of a Murderer(Azumi vs. Rust) - "Finally, the budget committee has come to their unenviably tragic senses. An excellent and gruesomely imagined German dissertation on the art, beauty and danger of 18th-century parfumery taken to its most evil and logical conclusion. Interestingly, the original story by Suskind was rumored to not actually be a fiction, and that the existence of certain scents and aromas capable of controlling the minds of those who scent it actually do exist. It just so happens that I know of a few items in Professional Fighting Worldwide's collections that would fit neatly in just such a wheelhouse, perfect as the focus for a battle in a French perfume shop. We can bill it as the actual real scent that Jean-Baptiste created. What do you mean that people will pay money to see such a thing stolen? Please, don't disengage me from my moment of cinematic triumph with pointless trivialities. Listen--hire the most dangerous looking fighter on the card to be a guard if you want to middle about risk!! Don't insult Hoffman's artistry!" - created on 16:36:44 08/14/2016 by Rust and last modified on 04:15:11 08/15/2016. Cast: Rust and Azumi.

SNF: THINK OF THE CHILDREN - ALOYSIUS: "Now this is true cinema. Hoffman in one of his earliest roles. The desperation and strife of a marriage torn to shreds. A desperate struggle and poignant commentary on the changing times of the 70's. The presentation of character metamorphosis and a noncommital deposition of the divorce process. In a traditional Metro City brownstone, we highlight MURDERHOUSE and CASSIE CAGE as husband and wife in a struggling marriage as they try to keep things from getting ugly for the sake of their children, SHOMA and BRETT. For budgetary constrictions, we leased a brownstone for our set that also doubles as a local boys and girl's club meeting location, which we will be sponsoring.." <Winner: Cassie/Shoma> - created on 20:03:21 08/14/2016 by Cassie and last modified on 02:08:44 08/15/2016. Cast: MURDERHOUSE, Shoma, Brett, and Cassie.

SNF: The Kung Fu Tourists - ALOYSIUS: "And here we are, catering to the lowest common denominator; people who appreciate film and fighting in cartoon animal form. Still, I admit that the Kung Fu series did explore some themes and exploits that were not entirely maledict to the collected works. I suppose we can at least foist off knowledge to our young viewership and portray some of the real world locales that served as the inspiration for the sites in the film. We'll bill this as a tour of Kung Fu China. Our first trip will be out to, hmm, the Huangshan mountain region. A little culture won't kill. Oh, and look, there's a yeti on the match registrations. Get in touch with our wholesaler for the straw hats." - created on 17:36:18 08/16/2016 by Erika and last modified on 22:50:15 08/16/2016. Cast: Erika and Zenaida.

SNF: River Valley Ransom - It's the sequel to the powerhouse fighting event! Watch as Ryuko debuts in her first public match, pitting her lightning fast swordplay against Munin's devious shadow powers atop an old-fashioned Chinese fishing boat as they slowly wind down the Li River! Can the newcomer strut her stuff or will experience win out over youth? Tune in to find out! <Winner: Munin> - created on 20:47:25 08/16/2016 by Ryuko and last modified on 00:55:45 08/17/2016. Cast: Munin and Ryuko.

SNF: Baking Bad - ALOYSIUS: "While I'm not normally fond of Jon Favreau's ham-handed CGI vehicles sitting at the same table as Hoffman's vast and poignant ensemble, it turns out one of the few of Favreau's films that wasn't a love letter to famed CGI company Legacy Effects also turned out to be an excellent criticism of the big film studios. Not that this.. Mr. Burr person (Finn, find out his first name!) is quite so forthcoming about his actual job, but he's probably as close to a chef as we have. A lot of fighting organizations out there focus on points and cages and ladders and other droll meanderings, as Hoffman so aptly represented in his role for this movie. I've decided to mothball the 'fight on a food truck' angle that my contemporaries have been clamoring for, and we will focus on an upscale California restaurant, to reenact the pivotal moment for character lead Favreau in a new context. For this, the organizers will reward every signature technique used. We will reward creativity and personal expression, encouraging our competitors to cook their own menu, full of those greasy little moves that everyone loves so much." <Winner: Jira> - created on 22:11:26 08/18/2016 by Jira and last modified on 01:33:46 08/22/2016. Cast: Mr.Burr and Jira.

PFW'S * TANK * COMMAND - MAIN EVENT - RUST and AKIKO driving the BE-0X GHOST vs HITOMI and MINT driving the AM-21 ASSERTER - Now entering the BATTLEZONE! Get a first hand glimpse if ninjas and karatekas can drive as the mysterious BE-0X GHOST and the dominating AM-21 ASSERTER take the field for PFW's main event. Radio channels are completely open and soldiers are on standby to laugh at your every driving mishap! But wear your hardhat, because the steel is about to start flying! In an explosive second, we're going to find out who gets to be the LORDS OF THE TANK!! - created on 20:19:16 08/21/2016 by Mint and last modified on 09:13:06 09/02/2016. Cast: Rust, Hitomi, Mint, and Akiko.

SNF: Meet the Blacks - ALOYSIUS: "You know, every film enthusiast has to have at least one filthy little pleasure, and I must admit that Hoffman's considerably bawdy comedy sensibilities in this particular Ben Stiller-fermented tripe appeal to the mainstream film Neandertal in me. There was some sort of mixup for a moment--and the cowboy was going to wear some sort of tights and fly around vexingly because of some typo problem with the boy scout. I fired the people responsible for that, and now we are going to a picnic. The blaster has that sort of straight-cut military man machismo we're looking for, and I suppose you don't get closer to Hoffman's bohemian and techno-phobic laissez faire portrayal as Bernard Focker in the fight community than an honest to goodness cowboy. A fight in a giant inflatable ball pit should capture the appropriate tension for this rousing commentary on contemporary America affected by the captivatingly dressed ghost of 1960's counterculture. Did I ever tell you the story of how I met Bailey and Misha, the two cats who played Jinxy in the original? Well, it was an uncustomarily cold August afternoon..." (Winner: Erron Black) - created on 20:50:34 08/21/2016 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 12:21:30 08/22/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn and Erron Black.

(Xiayu) vs. MURDERHOUSE: "OFFROAD MURDER!" - It just so happens not all vehicles are equipped with tons upon tons of armor. As a matter of fact, not all vehicles even have guns! These disgusting pieces of garbage are only fit for one thing: TOTAL ANNIHILATION! We've helped ourselves to Lee Chaolan's favorite useless piece of garbage; a bone white 2016 Honda S-2000 Custom! Nice car? Is it better than a Lambo? Who cares!! We're going to put a soldier and a wrestler on the hood and drive it by wire through the PFW BATTLEZONE! If it's not scrap by the time we're through, we haven't done our job!! - created on 09:38:35 08/23/2016 by MURDERHOUSE and last modified on 15:46:15 08/31/2016. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Xiayu.

SNF: DEMILITARIZED - Who are we to forget that wars are not just fought by the guys sweating their butts off in the assault vehicles? Sometimes it's about the guys fighting the war, sweating their butts off in the jungle! With Special Forces elite and minor Fightagram celebrity CASSIE CAGE, there's literally no one better to stick in the Winterfresh-barren sweltering jungle of the PFW BATTLEZONE! But watch out, there's monsters in them thar hills, and you might run across veteran kneebreaker ZENAIDA while trying to find your way out. Not hot enough for you? You'll be glad to know that TANKS are shooting 120mm smoothbore shells over your heads the whole time! With the daft punks we got to drive these lethal pieces of leveling lacerations, who knows where the next bomb will drop? Get ready to have a blast!! - created on 12:46:55 08/29/2016 by Cassie and last modified on 15:47:29 08/31/2016. Cast: Cassie and Zenaida.

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