SNF 2016.07

SNF: Two Americas, One Cup! - Did you know that Canada and America used to be part of the same country? Thatís incredible! Though that country is being kinda unpopular right now. Fortunately it is the perfect place to talk about cooler independent countries. Canada and America are never unpopular. To help identify how awesome these countries are, why not celebrate their holidays together! To help on this journey through the shared history of both America and Canada, to celebrate 4th of July And Canada Day, we are going to have the combined talents of Lightning Spangles with the lead singer of Killasaurus Orphanage to help you out! A little known fact: Just like with Thanksgiving, both countries were liberated on the same day, but they ended up being recognized on separate dates because of the metric system! MURICA, EH! <Winner: Alexis> - created on 20:31:47 07/03/2016 by Pepper and last modified on 09:37:03 07/07/2016. Cast: Alexis and Pepper.

Jezebel vs MURDERHOUSE in Check Your Privilege! - Now ,this may come as a surprise, but there is a lot of negative things about Americaís history. For example, they killed a lot of people. They also oppressed a bunch of them too. So this is a good time of year to reflect on everything America could do better about itself. Jezebel, once an American sweetheart as Lightning Spangles, now has the opportunity to atone for all of Americaís mistakes. To assist her, the articulate and charming MURDERHOUSE will be providing in depth counterpoints, providing an outsider perspective on the various transgressions America has made against the world, and what it can do to make itself much more respectful in the international community. All against the scenic Arc de Triomphe. MURICA! <Winner: MURDERHOUSE> - created on 21:24:13 07/04/2016 by Jezebel and last modified on 22:47:51 07/11/2016. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Jezebel.

SNF: American Sports-Off! - Hey Colin! Yes Ryan? When I ask you about the greatest American sport, what do you think of? Well I think of hockey! Noooo not Hockey you think of baseball. Well no Ryan, I think we are gonna have to agree to disagree, by agreeing to have Real American Alice Nakata face Pseudo-American Hockey Star Brett to determine the real sport! In order to best decide the best, we will be taking place in a super-sports stadium set up right in the midsts of the Ancient City of Petra! Thatís right! There is an ice rink AND a baseball diamond set up just for this purpose! MURICA! - created on 20:12:04 07/05/2016 by Alice Nakata and last modified on 09:47:25 07/07/2016. Cast: Brett and Alice Nakata.

SNF: FAUST v BURR Fireworks Super Tactular! - And what is 4th of July without fireworks? Well, it is the 4th of July in other countries! But what better way to help other countries who are sick from the lack of Freedom than with fireworks? Looks like we need a doctor, and that doctor is Faust! The prescription? FIREWORKS! But thatís not enough. The delightful Mr. Burr will be here to tip his hat, and also provide more fireworks. And all the while, both Faust and Mr. Burr can help launch all the fireworks up into the overpass, and beyond! What better way to demonstrate Americaís greatness, than to random traffic-goers in Japan? MURICA! <Winner: Faust> - created on 20:42:49 07/06/2016 by Faust and last modified on 23:00:01 07/11/2016. Cast: Mr.Burr and Faust.

SNF: We Were Soldiers (Hijacked!) - Hello boils and ghouls! Itís the witching(?) hour, and itís time to play soldiers! Some place in time, whether future or past or even right now, America has found itself in conflict. It has found itself in battle. And in these battlefields, you know you are gonna find the ghosts of wars past, lingering and clinging to thoughtless conflicts and fear! And to help bring these fears to life is the jaw-dropping I-No(Is she?)! More like I-meko! So, I know that you all are thinking, what can this "witch" bring to the table? Well, it looks like we got two takers! The undead heart-throb Scorpion, and whereís the wolf? Thereís the wolf, Azumi! Both are gonna be paired up to take down the 'witch', all while the spectres of wars past, present, and future drift around! Witchiní! (Unfortunately for all involved, a few thousand souls join the party, and things get dangerous!) - created on 22:25:53 07/06/2016 by Scorpion and last modified on 09:50:13 07/07/2016. Cast: Himeko, Ermac, Scorpion, and Azumi.

SNF: Summer Lovin' - There is something magic in the summer air. A certain kind of a magicÖ that is love. But love is tough for the likes of biker gangster Rae and the crazed sorceress Sorcha. Thatís where the love witch I-No comes in. In this wild fight, I-Noís duty will be to teach Sorcha and Rae how to be proper ladies or gentleman, and shows them how to get your man or woman. To assist her, is international love superstar Mignon Beart! What could possibly go wrong?! - created on 20:49:06 07/17/2016 by I-No and last modified on 01:45:45 07/20/2016. Cast: Mignon, I-No, Sorcha, and Rae.

SNF: MURDERHOUSE vs Neon - Hotline Miami! - You have a phone call. They tell you to go to a certain place on the Miami streets at night. Once you get there, you find a collection of masks. Rooster, Pig, Owl, Snake. All kinds of masks. Neon has a hit on MURDERHOUSE. MURDERHOUSE has a hit on Neon. Not to kill. But to fight. Neon and MURDERHOUSE will duke it out in the seediest of seeds, on hot Miami nights, on the border between Everglades and Miami. Do you feel like a killer? (WINNER: See within!) - created on 18:57:58 07/18/2016 by MURDERHOUSE and last modified on 21:15:03 07/22/2016. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Neon.

SNF: Lump vs Munin in: "Catch of the Day!" - Professional Fighting Worldwide brings the viewer an evening of mayhem and mystery via Saturday Night Fight! Who is the mud monster, and what is it doing ten thousand miles from its home in the Louisiana bayou? Can roving fighter and sometime-fisherwoman Munin drive the beast from the End of the World? Is Munin really a witch? Why is there an alligator in Argentina? These questions and more will be answered... in the heart of battle! - created on 21:54:52 07/18/2016 by Lump and last modified on 00:50:02 07/20/2016. Cast: Munin and Lump.

SNF: Zappa vs Azumi and Aaron in Camp Crystal Lake - SH-Sh-sh-AH-Ah-ah. That is the sound of the local birdlife right here at Camp Crystal Lake, the number one summer camp! It got archery! And running! And swimming! Itís been abandoned for a while, but thatís no reason that you shouldnít have fun in the sun! Zappa doesnít even know why heís here! All he knows is that he found a funny shrine, with a funny hockey mask on it. Iím sure that Aaron and Azumi wonít run into any trouble while they are showcasing the full outdoor enjoyment at the camp! <Winner: Campers> - created on 18:31:24 07/19/2016 by Zappa and last modified on 21:59:00 07/23/2016. Cast: Azumi, Aaron, and Zappa.

SNF: Only You Can Incite Forest Fires - Sometimes, the best way to deal with a fire, is with fire. Smokey might say the only you can prevent forest fires. Well you can. With fire. By doing controlled burns outside of Calgary, you can prevent wildfires from consuming communities like nuts. Unfortunately, Scorpion has arrived a little prematurely at this burn site. Will Kenshi be able to control this bonfire, or will he go up in smoke? As Smokey says: Toasty! <Winner: Kenshi> - created on 16:01:26 07/25/2016 by Kenshi and last modified on 23:55:02 07/26/2016. Cast: Scorpion and Kenshi.

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