SNF 2016.06

SNF: Alexis vs Aaron in "I'm On A Boat!" - What could be friendlier than a rowboat competition between the Boy Scouts of America and the Canadian Sea Scouts? Probably not much, if it weren't for the fact that punk rocker Alexis Lovell has been set as the opposite number for Eagle Scout hero Aaron, captain of the Boy Scouts' team. It's a naval battle on the high seas of Nottawasaga bay (confusingly enough, off the shore of Wasaga beach), and international pride is on the line. Can Scout Spirit triumph over the power of punk rock? And why did they pick Alexis to represent the Sea Scouts, anyway? <Winner: Just like in the War of 1812, Canada (And by proxy Alexis)> - created on 12:51:59 06/11/2016 by Alexis and last modified on 13:29:39 06/13/2016. Cast: Alexis and Aaron.

SNF: Hotaru vs Jam in "Hot Dog Battle!" - Gee Bill? How come mom lets you eat two wieners? Because when Jam and Hotaru are in the mix, you gotta eat all the wieners you can! Right in the heart of Dubai, at the scenic party spot of the Al Mazmar Beach Park, the two cuties are throwing down in full throttle. But the audience isn’t just there to see them battle. All the while, Hotaru and Jam not only must fight each other, but they must eat hot dogs. LOTS of Hot Dogs.A whole heap of 50 hotdogs apiece, in each corner of their rings! Now some people might say it is exploitive to have Jam and Hotaru at the beachside, munching hot dogs. To that I say: <Winner: and also Jam> - created on 18:07:44 06/11/2016 by Hotaru and last modified on 13:36:38 06/13/2016. Cast: Hotaru and Jam.

SNF: R. Mika vs MURDERHOUSE In 'Breakdown Beach!' - Rainbow Mika is a world champ. But even at the beach, you have to get down and dirty. Right here in the murky beachfront down at Metro City, a ring has been set up for a match between a beauty and a beast. Rainbow Mika will be facing the legendary garbage wrestler MURDERHOUSE right in the middle of the biggest BBQ slash clambake this side of the Atlantic. Rainbow Mika won’t just have a tough crowd to work with, but a rough crowd: rumor has it that the Mad Gear themselves are lurking in the audience. Sponsored by Brute Force Wrestling! [Winner: DKO] - created on 20:34:20 06/11/2016 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 13:42:23 06/13/2016. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Rainbow Mika.

SNF: The Hunter vs Jezebel in Summer Frights! - Hello boils and ghouls! Don't you turn your dials, because we got a real 'gor-ious' match up coming up. Jezebel Failblesse, washed up actress who has fallen in the wrong crowd, is gonna get a nasty little surprise. She -thinks- she is going to Bass Island. But what she doesn't know is that her 'skeleton crew' is taking her to a much more EXCITING journey into the Midnight Channel, with our brand new special guest. You all might have remembered this loser before he changed his career, but let’s call him for what he is: The Hunter. You want to see the Final Woman escape from her hungry killer? You got it here at the Midnight Channel! But while I can blame Hunter for his 'taste' in actresses, I can't blame him for his hunger. After all, who doesn't like a little... ham!?" Winner: DKO - created on 15:19:45 06/12/2016 by The Hunter and last modified on 14:18:30 06/13/2016. Cast: Jezebel and The Hunter.

SNF: Jin vs Jeremiah/Mila in Mishima Beach Party! - As part of a Mishima tradition, the Zaibatsu hosts an open beach party right at Okinawa. But with only one catch. And that catch is sexy swimsuits, and fighting. Per this tradition, there must be a champion of men, and a champion of women. For the men? Jeremiah has to be sporting his own sexy swimsuit, in showing off his full cowboy goodness for all the ladies. And for the manly men? Mila will be sporting her own sexy sporty swimsuit model. And Jin? - created on 20:05:38 06/15/2016 by Jin and last modified on 22:21:46 06/20/2016. Cast: Jin, Mila, and Jeremiah.

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