SNF 2016.12

SNF: T'was The Night Before Christmas - T'was the Night before Christmas, And all through the Inn, Not a PC was stirring, Not even Aaron, Akiko and Aaron were ready for battle, With fist and arrow, to test their mettle. Akiko was a monk, with fists and fury, Everyone knows punches is how you make merry! Avalanche Impact School is the name of her art, And from such a small girl, she'll give you a start. Aaron is an Ranger, with arrow and bow, He's a boy scout, as you probably know. The fight will take place, at a place that will rhyme. With gifts and presents coming just in time! - created on 15:56:48 12/31/2016 by Akiko and last modified on 20:13:11 01/10/2017. Cast: Aaron and Akiko.

SNF: ERIKA vs MUNIN in SANTASCAPE: TORMENT - What can change the nature of a man? When one's nature is jolly, when one is set as naughty, or nice, what can change it? Can the promise or denial of gifts be enough to change the fundamental nature of a man? Or is it simply the belief of such gifts that can transform them? Erika and Munin will find out at the Living Forest, thanks to the miracle of the MIDNIGHT CHANNEL. Erika is an SENSATE, hedonists who seek enlightenment through new experiences. This will be shown through a bonus to defenses, encouraging her to experience even more of what her opponent can give her. an Munin CHAOSMAN is; nonsense accordingly act chaos believe who truth in unpredictability and and. This will be reflected by large bonuses in luck and power hit odds. Both are required to deliver their gifts to Shang Tsung under the Living Christmas tree. Belief is power, however, and one gift can remain. What can change the nature of a man? - created on 14:58:09 01/01/2017 by Erika and last modified on 11:58:00 01/04/2017. Cast: Munin and Erika.

SNF: Mian vs Makoto In: Gloria In Excelsis Deo - Have you ever wanted to be an anime? Of course you have. And what better way to celebrate being an anime than with Christmas, and through a true anime system. Two figures, chosen by the gods to reshape their world, have become Exalteds. Makoto is a Solar Exalted, who have the potential to be masters of all they put their mind to. Mian is a Lunar Exalted, wily shapeshifters, use guile and trickery. And together, you need to play out the nativity scene of the very first Christmas. Now we can't get you to Israel after that one UN declaration, but we can get you to Jordan! Close enough! You can recreate the nativity scene at Petra. Like Mian, you can be baby jesus. Or Makoto. I dunno, you sort out who wants to be baby jesus. <Winner: Mian> - created on 18:56:01 01/03/2017 by Mian and last modified on 14:32:07 01/09/2017. Cast: Makoto and Mian.

SNF: A Very Maid RPG Christmas! - Come sit on Santa P-Body's lap, and let him tell you a christmas story. Well, now that you are here, I can tell you that I was lying. What I'm actually going to tell you is something called Maidification. You can't escape now, my grip's too tight. That's right. Maidification on Christmas. Seori and Felicia are both going to be maids in a cage. Headdresses, dresses, frilles, everything. Ninja Maid vs Catgirl Maid. What does this have to do with santa, or Christmas, or anything? Look, I don't know how to break it to you girls, but P-Body needs -his- present this Christmas. Ho ho ho! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Keep it clean girls! HO HO HO! - created on 20:15:02 01/05/2017 by Felicia and last modified on 22:11:03 01/12/2017. Cast: Felicia and Seori.

SNF: Trish vs Radha In: Santas: The Christmasing - Like Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings, and Mummies, there are other creatures that were once men but are now tragic souls. Known broadly as Santas, these tragic souls have been damned into serving children across the world. Each one is different, but all have suitably angst-ridden backgrounds that describe their afflicted state. While they cling to their humanity, they have to balance out their 'Jolly' against their Humanity. A Santa, with high enough Jolly, will have unbelievable powers, but will quickly grow distant to their humanity, and may lose themselves to the Christmas Spirit. Here, in the North Pole, two must endure the santaing. Radha is a North, a Santa of traditional eastern Russian mythology, and built on the legends of Saint Nicholas. She is capable of dual-wielding swords, can shape the snow and ice to powerful shapes, and have the incredible ability to teleport through entryways and portals. Trish is one of the El Santos , the Santas that live on top of cloud castles, employ children around the world to make toys, and are great friends with Merlin, and enemies with Pitch. For both, they have a simple goal: To overcome their Christmas Spirit, and come to terms with_ themselves. <Winner: Capitalism. --I mean Trish!> - created on 20:01:06 01/08/2017 by Trish and last modified on 00:02:59 01/14/2017. Cast: Trish and Radha.

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