SNF 2014.12 - SNF: Let Them Cheer Until They Bleed

Description: Just when the crowd thought the fights were over for the moment, another one was announced - in the stands! The wrench-toting mechanist and the restauranteur go at it in the stands, trying not to take any of the crowd out while they fight! <Winner: Jam>

With all the energy and excitement over this tournament gathering into an intense fervor, there was a killing to be made in selling refreshments and snacks to the blood-thirsty spectators. And a certain Kuradoberi Jam was intent on taking advantage of this to the fullest. Sure she was here to fight too, but there was nothing wrong with making a ton of extra money on the side! Amidst the crowd stands a woman with her hair fashioned in a circular loop and dressed in a near floor length red cheongsam. She carries her wares in front of her in a large rectangular box that has an assortment of meatbuns, phoenix claws, and other snacks for the crowd to enjoy. It seems that her food is quite a hit as she has to stash some loose cash into her boots with regular frequency. The tremendous business that Jam was doing caused the young woman to carry a huge grin on her face. She'll have the repair money for her roof in no time at all!

However, it seems that something else was on the tournament organizer's agenda for her. A booming announcement declares that Jam was to begin her fight right there and then against a Rosalyn Wainwright. Jam tilts her head to the side as look of confusion sweeps over her face. What was she supposed to do with all the unsold food?! This was really going to tear into her profits for today. Seeing no simple solution to her problem, Jam just uprights her food up into the air for the crowd to grab as they please. She'll just have to make up for this lost profit by trying to win the fight! Jam reaches up, grabs the collar of her cheongsam, and tosses it off nonchalantly to reveal a much shorter and more manueverable version of a red cheongsam and pink skirt underneath. "Alright! Let's rock!" She declares just as the crowd around her starts to break into a loud roar of approval since they were about to have some super front-row seats to another fight!

Perhaps ironically, Jam has already met Rosalyn briefly without knowing it (and vice versa); she bought a meat bun.

Okay, two meat buns. She needed to settle her stomach a little bit. She's nervous.

Rosalyn has never in her life signed up for any public combat event before. She was convinced - pretty much dared - to do it by some of her classmates at Pacific High. She is also not sure whether she regrets it yet, but she's increasingly leaning that way. She's going to have to fight in public? With people watching her? She's going to have to run down to the colosseum floor and walk up in front of everyone and probably even /talk/ to her opponent and -

Wait, why are they announcing that she has to fight now? And here? She doesn't even know how to get to the arena floor yet!

Jam doesn't face any opposition for about thirty seconds. It's almost enough to make her think that her opponent has chickened out - but then there's suddenly a new girl moving through the crowd. Rosalyn is is a tall girl with messy (uncombed, really) red hair, what appears to be a pair of mechanic's overalls (with a little Pacific High logo on the left breast), a little tool pack riding at her hip... and a gigantic monkey wrench, which she has removed from its carrying strap and is using to try to push her way gently through the crowd. She could probably use that thing as a weapon... in both hands. It's slow going to just kind of push her way through without incident, though.

Rosalyn eventually stumbles out into a somewhat clear zone. The crowd is all over, up here, but even they know to at least give the fighters a place to stand. Sort of. More or less. They're so /loud/, though, that Rosalyn's first words are just lost in them. "Um," she mumbles, looking down at the shorter woman. "Hi?"

Kuradoberi Jam seems to have no qualms in fighting in a crowd like this. If anything, she seems to be feeding off the energy of the nearby rowdy crowd! Jam hops up onto the the nearest bench and then begins jumping back and forth as she awaits for her opponent to appear. Hopefully she was nearby as having to navigate to the other side of the arena in this crowd was going to be a nightmare. Brown eyes search the crowd as she tries to pick out exactly whom looks like a Rosalyn Wainwright.....a tall task in trying to find someone they've never met before. When the other fighter doesn't immediately show, Jam knows for sure that they must- be on the opposite side of the arena doing the same thing.

Eventually some redheaded girl with a monkey wrench (?) begins to make her way towards Jam. The young chinese girl blinks her eyes a few times to make sure that she was seeing things right. The other girl says something to her, but the young chef can't quite make it out. "What?!" She replies eloquently before recognizing her former customer. "Oh! I'm all out of meatbuns! I sorta threw them into the crowd!" Jam says in complete misunderstanding of why Rosalyn had approached. "I'll have more tomorrow though!" The crowd is starting to get a little antsy, but a few people actually yell in excitement over the prospect of more meatbuns. For some reason, the crowd begins chanting 'fight, fight, fight!' This only serves to cause Jam to look ever more confused. "You wouldn't happen to know a" The young fighter asks as she tries to recall her opponent's name.

It is, in fact, a monkey wrench. The older, heavier style; two flat jaws, the lower one adjustable, on a long handle. This one is so big that it's more of a weapon than a tool, which may in fact be the point. It looks sturdy. And heavy.

Rosalyn continues to look a little shiftily uncomfortable for a few seconds. She ends up mumbling again before actually raising her voice - she's American, she sounds it. "I don't need another meatbun." She probably shouldn't snack any more anyway. "But I'm Rosalyn Wainwright," she says, sounding more embarassed than anything else. "I think they want me to fight you right here instead of actually going to the arena floor, so..."

She swings the wrench up onto her shoulder. It's heavy, but the weight doesn't seem to bother her... and with the jaws closed, it has a big flat striking face, like a hammer. "Could you guys get back a little?" she adds, more quietly, to the crowd. The crowd does not seem to care, but Rosalyn would rather not accidentally take someone out on her backswing. "Like... really?"

COMBATSYS: Rosalyn has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rosalyn          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Jam has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jam              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Rosalyn

When Rosalyn confirms that she is indeed her opponent, Jam smiles before eyeing that wrench of her cautiously. "Aiya! You actually fight with that thing?!" She's not the most experienced in fighting against people that use weapons, but she has before. This was probably going to really, really hurt. Jam does quickly nod her head when Ros brings up the odd location of their fight. "My last sponsored fight was in the middle of a highschool hallway! So I guess I shouldn't be too surprised!" Hopefully this fight won't be as destructive as last time!

Jam cannot help but shrug her shoulders when the crowd doesn't exactly back up. "I guess they will just have to learn the hard way!" The martial artist then raises a leg vertically straight up and poses with her hands outstretched in what looks to be a guard. She then smiles wryly at her opponent. "Here I come!" She the hops forward on one foot and snaps a kick out straight for Rosalyn.

COMBATSYS: Rosalyn blocks Jam's Light Kick.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Jam              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Rosalyn

Rosalyn could probably do a lot of damage with that hammer by swinging it around wildly, but she doesn't seem inclined to do so - or at least not yet. She holds it with both hands, one down near the handle and one up near the head of the wrench, and uses it to absorb the impact of Jam's kick as best she can.

It's pretty effective! Jam's foot impacts the flat width of the weapon, driving Rosalyn back a step but not managing to get through it. Unfortunately, Rosalyn also knows that she can't keep that up forever; Jam /will/ find a way around the big weapon, as she's not experienced enough (or, honestly, fast enough) to keep interposing it between the two indefinitely.

"It's important to me," is Rosalyn's slightly soft response to 'you actually fight with that?'. She does - she's best with a tool in her hand. Without it she feels awkward, like she's not entirely sure of what to do. Even though whoever designed the monkey wrench probably did not design it to be used as a hammer. At least it isn't sharp; the jaws, even on the inside, are flat. It can pound or squeeze, but it can't tear or slash.

The close quarters make it hard for her to actually... do anything, though. Rosalyn can't get a good swing because she might hit someone. She can't start pounding the ground immediately because that might hit someone too. "Would you people back up a little!" she yells, uncharacteristically raising her voice. She reverses the hammer, head down, planting it against the ground.

And then Rosalyn uses it to swing /herself/ up and around. She goes up, launching herself into the air, and then she starts coming back down, going for a descending kick! But as she does, energy swirls around her feet, condensing into a rippling silvery aura around her legs.

She tries to kick Jam and bounce backwards, using the hammer to pull herself over to near where she began, trying to (momentarily) stay out of reach of the faster fighter.

COMBATSYS: Rosalyn successfully hits Jam with Iron Drop.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Jam              0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0          Rosalyn

Now that the fight has started, the surrounding crowd erupts in loud applause and shouting! They seem to be really getting into this gladiator fight thing! Jam is getting pretty pumped up too. She did love a good fight even if her opponent had an intimidating hammer. And the thought of winning was everpresent in Jam's mind. There were some pretty big bucks on the line!

"Ouch!!!" yells Jam as her foot smacks against the metal wrench. She immediately pulls her wounded foot back up into her guard protectively. Fighting against people with weapons really stunk because Jam has to pay a price everytime one of her attacks gets blocked. But Jam's foot is not the only thing that is about to be hurting as Rosalyn jumps up in the air and kicks towards her with what looks like to be chi. Jam's brown eyes go wide as she gets kicked solidly in the stomach which sends her spiraling into the ring of people that has formed around her.

The crowd pushes Jam back towards her opponent after she crashes into them which causes the young woman to spin around and shake a fist towards them. "Hey watch it! What's the big idea?!" She demands of the pushy crowd before turning back around quickly towards Rosalyn. She leaps up onto the bench immediately in front of her and uses that to propel herself higher in the air. Now in flight, the martial artist turns in mid air with her back leg being swung back down like an axe. That is, an axe that is on fire as Jam's leg becomes encased in fiery chi energy as it comes crashing down towards Ros.

COMBATSYS: Rosalyn fails to interrupt Gekirin from Jam with Blaze Geyser.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Jam              0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0          Rosalyn

It's definitely chi that Rosalyn is using in her kick. The impact knocks Rosalyn back and gives her time to pick her wrench back up, holding it forward at an angle instead of the almost sideways posture she had when she was preparing to defend herself with it.

That Jam hit the crowd is a good thing for Rosalyn, she thinks. She's getting over her initial nervousness; given a task to focus on, her shyness isn't really /gone/ so much as something she can work around. Plus, it gets Jam yelling at the crowd instead of her. Rosalyn's style is patient enough that she doesn't feel the need to charge in after Jam, assuming Jam will be coming after her soon enough.

And surprise, surprise, she's right.

Rosalyn hefts the wrench and uses the butt end of the handle to pound at the ground in front of her. Well, at the stands in front of her, but same deal. The point she hit glows red, then white for a split second, a brilliant round mark on the ground; Rosalyn takes a hasty step back.

The impacted point erupts in a vertical pillar of flame, almost liquid; it sprays up and splashes downward in what is actually a rather pretty display for the audience, like a small chi-powered volcano - and anyone with sense, of course, wouldn't get too close to it. The goal, of course, had been to let Jam throw herself through it. But there are problems with that, and Rosalyn sees them early. Her eyes widen.

What actually happened is that Jam went over it while it was forming, before the plume of fire erupted, and hit Rosalyn in the torso. The impact is enough to stagger Rosalyn - she uses the wrench to support her weight, in fact, rather than fall over backwards - and the plume of fire doesn't get nearly as high as it otherwise would, sputtering out and leaving nothing but a rocky lump to show where it erupted from. Rosalyn is, at least for a second or two, off balance. "Gaah..."

Everytime either Rosalyn or Jam uses chi, the crowd reignites. They hoot and holler all sorts of things as side bets are being made all over the place. The crowd is definitely getting worked into a regular frenzy. This could prove to be dangerous for the onlookers if much more chi is used. But the risk of danger only seems to make the crowd that much more animated. It seems like they are going to be sticking around for this fight!

The flying martial artist lands gracefully on her feet, but almost topples over in surprise when a pillar of flame erupts behind her. Kya! That was far too close! Jam is really starting to feel the heat of this fight, but she nows that she to press her advantage while she still can. Brown eyes soon focus on the briefly staggered opponent. She was way more dangerous than she first thought! The swinging of that hammer/wrench was already pretty deadly, but that she has such chi attacks at her disposal just made Rosalyn that much more dangerous. Jam soon adopts a rather fierce look on her face. This was definitely going to be one of those tough fights, that's for sure.

Trying to block out the crowd around her, Jam focuses intently on herself and her chi. She closes her eyes briefly and brings her hands out in front of her. Making a circular motion with them, she forms a blazing blue and purple orb of chi energy which appears and then suddenly fades from existance. Jam's eyes reopen as they focus now only on her opponent. It looks like this martial artist was really getting in the zone!

COMBATSYS: Jam charges her next attack!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Jam              0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0          Rosalyn

The roar of the crowd is more of a distraction to Rosalyn than an inspiration. She knew there would be a lot of people at this event; that's part of why she was dared to sign up, to get over some of her discomfort with appearing in public. But she didn't think they'd be this close... or this /loud/. She kind of shrinks downwards, slouching momentarily until she forces herself to stand straight and strong, looking right back at Jam.

Jam delays momentarily to focus herself. That seems like a good idea to Rosalyn, and she almost does something similar, but she changes her mind after just a moment - a much better plan is to try to deal with the fast martial artist before she starts springing around again faster than Rosalyn can follow.

She hefts the wrench, advancing. There's no room for a really big swing, and in any case she's pretty sure that Jam can just clear out of the way of it. That bubble of chi gives Roz a good idea of what Jam is doing, but unfortunately does not come with a good plan as to how to stop her. Fortunately, she has an idea of her own.

Rosalyn twists the adjustment shaft, opening the jaws of the wrench to a square-sided gripping surface. She goes low, ducking a crowd member who's cheering particularly close in; she tries to hook the wrench around Jam's ankle and pull, yanking her off her foot. She doesn't close the wrench, so it doesn't crush as well as pull - she's only trying to use it like a big blunt hook - but more energy shimmers across the wrench; it glimmers silver, catching the light like it was much more highly polished than it actually is.

COMBATSYS: Jam blocks Rosalyn's Medium Throw.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Jam              1/-------/=======|==-----\-------\0          Rosalyn

Jam actually seems to continue to be perfectly okay with fighting in the middle of the crowd. She marvels at being the center of the show and would have been perfectly fine on the arena floor as much as she would be in the stands. The young girl takes a moment to turn to the nearest group of spectators and mirthfully smile towards them. "Make sure to visit my restaurant sometime! I'll even give you all a discount~" She says in an attempt to get the crowd on her side. It's a low tactic, but Jam needs the business win or lose!

This puts her in a compromising position when Rosalyn advances with that now dangerously bright and chi-infused wrench of hers. Jam attempts to hot-foot it out of the jaws of the wrench and only partially suceeds in doing so. She is able to keep her footing but the side of Ros' wrench does clang against Jam's leg!

Jam howls in pain before leveling a glare towards Rosalyn. Okay, no more miss nice chef! That wrench was starting to get really annoying as well as dangerous! The red and pink wearing woman then crouches in a low stance before sprnging forward towards Ros. She immediately throws a combination of palm strikes that end in a huge one that is meant to life Ros into the air slightly. Should Jam connect, the martial artist will jump into the air with Ros with her arms outstretched. An explosion of chi energy will then blast out of Jam to where it looks as if she was rising through the air alongside a fiery phoenix! Ros would be then in danger of seeing how dangerous being close to a fire phoenix can really be!

COMBATSYS: Rosalyn blocks Jam's Empowered Choukyaku Hou'oushou.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Jam              0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0          Rosalyn

"This isn't advertising time!" Rosalyn is honestly surprised that Jam can spare the attention to talk to the crowd. All they are to her is blurs that she is trying very hard not to hit. This is really unfortunate because they're pretty much in the way, and while they don't want to get hit either, they're a little too close for her to be entirely comfortable with!

Rosalyn straightens after her low yank, leaving the wrench open momentarily; she can hit with the back side, it's not like it makes much of a difference to its effectiveness as a bludgeoning weapon aside from changing the balance just a bit. But she's used to that. She's ready to deal with Jam again -

- or not. She really /is/ fast.

Rosalyn blocks exactly one of the palm strikes. The others impact her upper body - shoulder and stomach mostly - before the last one throws her into the air. When lifted off the ground, Rosalyn has way fewer options available to her and she knows it; a lot of her power depends on having a firm place to stand. But somehow she realizes there's going to be a follow-up, and Rosalyn twists in midair.

She is rewarded for this. The phoenix aura (and Jam) impact, but they impact Rosalyn who is ready to defend against them, wrench held protectively in front of her while she tenses. She's picked up and thrown quite some distance away - some distance along, almost at a stairway that leads down, to additional seating, and several rows down. On her feet, though just barely, and in the middle of a clustering crowd.

Rosalyn is a little unsteady after that. This time it's /her/ time to recover, but she does so much less impressively than Jam. There's no chi bubble here. Rosalyn just dusts herself off, the mechanics' overalls standing up to this as well as they stand up to mechanical accidents even as they hide her body (and her bruises), and just /stares/ up at Jam. "Everyone back!" she calls, and even gets some response; they clear the stairway, crowding into the seats and lining the stairs thickly.

So now she just has to figure out how to fight up a staircase. Lovely!

COMBATSYS: Rosalyn focuses on her next action.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Jam              0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0          Rosalyn

Jam tumbles down through the air and lands in a roll on top of one of the bleachers. She kips up onto her feet and twirls quickly to face Rosalyn. What? How was she still standing after that? "Aiya! You're not human! That was my big attack!" The young martial artist shouts in disbelief. "And hey! It's hard owning a restaurant! I can advertise whenever I want!" Jam declares defiantly as she places her hands on her hips. She then looks to the nearest crowd member (whom has stepped a little futher away at Ros' insistance) and he nods his head back at Jam. Back then again, the crowd was in such a frenzy that they would find themselves cheering for just about anything!

"You were supposed to go flying! So let's try that again!" The confident young fighter announces as she leaps into the air at the probably chi charging Rosalyn. Jam sticks her leg out like she's about to kick, but she actually lands right in front of Ros. It seems that Rosalyn won't have to figure out how to fight up as Jam is bringing the fight to her! The young martial artist then ducks low in an attempt to get underneath the other fighter's guard and rises up once again like she had called out. But this time, there's isn't much chi involved. Jam puts both hands on the bleacher and flips herself upside down with her legs being brought together. She then propels herself up vertically and begins to spin around like a martial arts cyclone in an attempt to land a nasty blow underneath Ros' chin and launch her back up into the air.

COMBATSYS: Jam successfully hits Rosalyn with Kenroukaku.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Jam              0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1          Rosalyn

"I'm human. Why would you say I'm not? That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. That said: I /did/ go flying!" Which is technically true, though Rosalyn did it in a rather more controlled way than Jam was probably hoping for. But she's over and down, doesn't that count for anything?

Apparently not enough, judging by Jam's immediate response. Charging in, okay. She kind of expects that by now. She readies her wrench, not intending to use it for offense immediately but for defense. She doesn't get the chance, as she'd expected to have to deal with chi, and instead she's getting nothing but boot.

Rosalyn pushes herself backwards in an attempt to evade - but she's on stairs, and she loses her balance when the floor is not quite where she expects it to be. She tilts backwards, and that's when Jam's feet connect with her chin. On the plus side, she does not roll down the stairs.

This is because Jam's kick lifted her up, so all the stairs are going by beneath her while Rosalyn flies through the air without a damn thing she can do about it.

Rosalyn flails her wrench around and actually manages to hit a bleacher seat without hitting anyone - and the still-open wrench catches it, causing her to jerk to a stop rather than continuing to fly. Unfortunately, while her wrench didn't hit anyone, Rosalyn did; her body, swinging around at the end of the wrench, knocks down a good half-dozen bystandards like bowling pins before she manages to arrest her swing and touch down.

"Oh I am so sorry!" She is incredibly apologetic toward the people she knocked down, but she's pretty sure Jam won't give her time to recover and check on each of them! Plus, her mumbling voice is even more mumbly now - her jaw hurts. Now near the bottom of the stairs, Rosalyn starts to move back up them, taking them quickly without really running. She digs in her little tool pack for something as she ascends, and flings it, overhand, at Jam.

It turns out to be a strange little device that looks like a metal bar wrapped in coil, with what appears to be a battery bolted on one end. Something about it is also sticky, and it clings when it hits, discharging a jolt of painful electricity and remaining in place - apparently the emphasis of the electromagnet was on the electro. Hopefully it remains in place on Jam; when Rosalyn sees what she grabbed in a hurry, she just got a plan...

COMBATSYS: Jam dodges Rosalyn's Mystery Gimmick.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Jam              0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1          Rosalyn

Perhaps Jam's idea of sending someone flying is much different than Rosalyn's own idea. Either that or she's more used to fighting opponents that aren't as strong as Rosalyn. Jam was new to fighting scene afterall! Regardless of whether she went flying or not, Jam still thinks that Rosalyn isn't your typical fighter! The young fighter lands on her feet after her manuever and tilts her head to the side. Wow, that -did- send her flying. The wrench manuever was impressive, but so was her knocking over a bunch of like they were bowling pins! "Normal people can't use a wrench like that! And you also know how to use chi!" Jam says in her defense since her Rosalyn flight theory has been disproved.

A very strange objects gets thrown at her and Jam doesn't have much time at all to try to discern exactly -what- was just thrown at her. She only has time to react which forces Jam to drop into a split that has her hanging there between two different bleachers. That was too close! Jam's brown eyes go wide as the object hits a nearby crowd goer and gives him a little shock. The crowd immediately around him gasp before cheering even louder. They must think Rosalyn's bag of tricks is pretty electriying!

The cheongsam wearing girl swings her left leg around and immediately rises back up on one leg while bringing her arms out in front of her. The fight was getting pretty intense, but that's just how Jam likes it. And she knows that the crowd is sure getting their moneys worth today! Her body was already aching and her muscles sore, but Jam still grins at her opponent. "Okay, I admit it! You're tough!" She says off-handedly before suddenly exploding into action. Jam hops toward Ros and looks like she is going to land short again. But mid-flight, Jam suddenly spins so her other foot is leading forward instead. A blue chi flame immediately encases the young woman's leading leg as she suddenly picks up speed and sails through air at her wrench wielding opponent. "Wooooocha!" yells the chinese martial artist as takes her turn in flying through the air.

COMBATSYS: Rosalyn blocks Jam's Ryuujin.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Jam              1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1          Rosalyn

Rosalyn is a pretty new fighter too. It shows; she knows the mechanics of how to do it but isn't entirely sure how to put them together. She's still a rookie - a powerful rookie, maybe, due to her grasp of chi and natural skill, but no experienced master.

"But it's /my/ wrench," Rosalyn counters, as if that made a difference. To Rosalyn, it does. She made that wrench herself (you can't exactly go and buy one that outsized). It's something she built. She understands every bit of it; how the weight shifts when she moves the jaws, where the strongest and weakest points on it are, how to hold it and move it for maximum effectiveness. It's /hers/. It may as well be part of her body. She has no comment on the chi - but a lot of people can use it. Can't they? It's certainly not uncommon at Pacific... or at least among a certain subset of Pacific students.

Rosalyn never really thought about it much before. She looks thoughtful.

Rosalyn didn't mean to zap the other bystander. She winces - but it's not a terribly effective weapon, the electromagnet. The big advantage she had is that her chi, being aspected with metal most of the time, is magnetically attracted; she would have had a much easier time hitting Jam quickly and interrupting her assault. Now that's not useful.

But that doesn't mean she's wide open. She can't interpose her wrench like a shield this time, so Rosalyn turns her body and braces; it's not perfect, but it's certainly better than nothing. Jam hits her guarding arm and slides her back; Roz actually hops down to the step below her to avoid being pushed onto it. Oh, she's going to feel that one in a little bit...

...but right now she still has to pick up the pace. She's not exactly doing that well here! Rosalyn swings her wrench again - but this time jaws-first, and they're open. She tries to catch Jam around the waist, and this time she tightens it slightly, squeezing around the midsection a little uncomfortably. It's liable to press the air right out of someone!

But worse than that, if she catches Jam, Rosalyn raises the wrench, lifting Jam overhead (with effort) and slamming her down to the ground! This causes two things to happen. First, if Jam was still stuck in the wrench, she isn't anymore, because that impact is going to knock her right out of Rosalyn's grip.

Second, there is a momentary tremor, and Jam is in a very short crater; Rosalyn has slammed her into the stone bleacher stairs and literally broken the stone, little twisted lumps of metal like raw ore at the edge of the crater.

COMBATSYS: Jam blocks Rosalyn's Tremor Press.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Jam              1/------=/=======|=======\==-----\1          Rosalyn

Being able to use chi and fight well with a weapon was rare! And while a lot of people can use chi, it's the way that Rosalyn uses that makes her much more unique. Most people can't summon pillars of fire with chi! But Jam seems to be one of those fighters too. If it wasn't for Rosalyn's wrench skills, she might just be a very similar fighter to the martial artist from China. Well aside from all the gadgets that Ros has! That and the other fighter's demeanor make Jam and her almost opposites in a way.

Jam looks absolutely shocked when her Rosalyn turns aside her deadly kick, but she's in position to make any comments this time. Rosalyn blocking that put Jam in a really tough spot! The wrench swings around and catches the martial artist by surprise. "No faaaaair!" She yells as she attempts to squirm out of the jaws of the wrench before Rosalyn tightens the grip. It is only when Rosalyn lifts Jam overhead that Jam is able to get an arm inside the wrench and pry herself loose. The newly airborne Jam still goes crashing into a nearby bleacher, but with much less force than what would have happened if she wasn't able to escape. The sheer strength that Rosalyn had was superhuman! She was going to have pick up the pace too before they end of destroying this entire part of the stands.

Jam struggles back up onto her feet and crouches low in a martial arts pose, balancing herself between two different levels of bleachers. She takes a few labored breaths before slowing her breathing in an attempt to focus her chi. But unlike before, Jam doesn't stand idle! The brunette soon raises a palm towards Ros menacingly as she shouts, "Ten! Jou! Ten!" One step is then taken forward before she adds, "Ka! Yui! Ka!" And then she raises up on only her back left and bend her other leg backtowards herself while stretching out her arms. "Doku! Son!" Finished with her chanting, Jam dashes straight forward Rosalyn and windmills a palm strike towards her opponent in order to knock her up into the air. If successful, the Chinese martial artist will crouch down low and then spring up into the air where she will attempt to meet Rosalyn mid-air with a massive flying side-kick!

COMBATSYS: Rosalyn fails to interrupt Gasenkotsu from Jam with Super Inferno Driver.
- CRAZY Hit! -

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jam              0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Rosalyn can no longer fight.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jam              0/-------/----===|

Rosalyn has a somewhat skewed view, because Pacific (like some of the other schools in Southtown) accepts only elites, and a lot of them end up reasonably good fighters. And even /there/, now that she thinks of it, it's pretty rare. There are a few people she knows who can use chi, like that cheerleader, but nobody bothers to use a weapon with it.

And Rosalyn /is/ strong. Physically, at least, given her ability to lift Jam; it's a bit of work, but she spends a lot of her day wrestling metal around, you start to pick up some muscles in those situations. Unfortunately, Jam slips out before she can slam her wrench down; Rosalyn still lets it thump into the stone (it's already moving, and would have been more effort to stop it) but does not slam it or follow through as much as she could have.

She is almost ready when Jam struggles back up. The breathing exercise is one Rosalyn is not familiar with, and she starts to move forward, as if preparing to attack Jam while she's still preparing, raising that palm, and chanting out her whole litany. Jam finishes a little faster than she expected, though, and so Rosalyn is only preparing her swing rather than finishing it; she's in the wind-up part, little wisps of flame dancing around the wrench.

The palm strike launches Rosalyn. It does not (quite) get her to drop the wrench, though it's close; it certainly interferes with whatever she is doing. Off balance from finally getting a big swing in with the wrench, Rosalyn finds her flight rather uncontrolled and has no real way to stop herself. The tiny licks of flame around the wrench go out before they can really light up, and she lets herself roll, trying to end up back on her feet.

She doesn't.

Jam catches her before she finishes her rotation, the foot driving into the small of Rosalyn's back. There is absolutely nothing she can do about it - she can barely /reach/ Jam at that angle. She lets out a startled yell as the foot drives in, launching her away from Jam.

Rosalyn lands in the stands. She rolls down several floors this time, crashing through seats and (hopefully) convincing people to get out of her way by sheer momentum. Rosalyn ends up sprawled on her back, the wrench resting across her stomach and chest at a slant. She is seeing stars, and elects not to get up. She probably honestly can't.

If all of Pacific High is like Tiffany and Rosalyn, then Jam is just going to have to set up a food cart there permanently. There were so many strong fighters that she was bound to learn a thing or two. Just like she had today against Rosalyn. Focusing chi into a weapon was something that not even Jam's teachers had taught her. That was something else entirely new and seemingly very deadly in its application. But it must help that Rosalyn already has mastery in swinging that wrench around. Her chi must just be the icing on the cake of making an attack even stronger!

But Jam is not without strength herself as she lands foot foward into the small of Rosalyn's back. The kick connects and Jam subsequently flails her arms outwards as she makes her descent. She lands with a loud CLACK CLACK as her heels touch down on the stone bleachers loudly which nearly causes her to lose her balance. The force of her landing combined with the general exhaustion from this battle forces the young woman to a knee to catch her breath. Now crouched, Jam uses those brown eyes of hers to search out where her opponent landed. She eventually does spy Rosalyn thanks to the trail of debris from her crash landing. Ooof, that looked like it hurt!

Most of the crowd was able to get out of the way largely thanks to the scale of attacks that Rosalyn and Jam had been using previously in the fight. The once tight ring got wider and wider as the frenzied crowd realized that it was not probably a good idea to get caught in the crossfire. Jam forces herself up onto her feet and she carefully navigates down to where Ros was sprawled out. The young fighter goes up on her tip toes as she peers down from her higher vantage point at her fallen opponent. "Hey! Are you alright?" Jam asks cautiously as she half-expects Rosalyn to leap back up at any moment.

"Guh," Rosalyn... emits. It's less 'says' because you need to be more coherent to really say something. "'m okay."

She sort of shifts a little bit before the wrench falls off her body, but otherwise stays right where she fell. She's not dead! She just... really needs to stay down for a few moments until the entire world stops spinning. She'll be fine in a few minutes.

Well, aside from all the bruises, but that's normal.

Jam smiles when she hears the 'okay' from Rosalyn. She soon nods her head tiredly before adding, "Um, the next meatbun is free!" Okay, so it wasn't the most eloquent thing to say, but Jam's trying to be nice. But before the Chinese martial artist can say anything more, the crowd has reconverged to literally lift up Jam in celebration. It did help that she had a lot of fellow countrymen and countrywomen in the crowd today. "Wait a minute, aiyaaaaa!" shouts the Chinese woman as she is hauled off by the celebrating crowd.

COMBATSYS: Jam has ended the fight here.

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