Full Name:Richard "Crock" Hensley
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"Stone by stone, imagine every ****er I'll tear apart!"

The lead guitarist for punk group 'Bad Sack' had always held a resentment for society. Richard Hensley, stage name Crock (That's C-Rock!) grew up bitter and disillusioned with the world. Originally touring the South with the group, he was renowned for his hostile stage technique, picking fights with hecklers and even fans. After a backstage fight with his bandmates led to him being kicked out, Crock disappeared for several months. To the delight of his fans, he reappeared on the streets of cities around the world, drifting into street fights and bars alike. His abrasive, combative personal has only increased tenfold, and his stability has decreased by an equal amount. Armed with his electric guitar, he unleashes the very melody of the planet, his riffs tearing apart the earth. The furious rocker only seems to care about tearing down the world brick by brick, and bring all of humanity back to its roots.

Style:Garbage Punk Rock + Earth Chi
Signature Move:You're Harmful To Minors Mister Yuck -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:CHARGING -- EMPOWER

Recent Logs

Black Dragon R2 - Smashed Mouth - When Crock loots a chinese food dumpster, licking his wounds and trying out his new guitar, he attracts the attention of Internet Celebrity Cosplayer Lyraelle. Without any cameras, however, the real queen reveals herself. But so does the punk rocker... - Log created on 11:18:52 04/13/2020 by Crock, and last modified on 15:10:23 04/15/2020. Cast: Lyraelle and Crock.

Black Dragon R2 - Crocodile Rock - Things haven't been working out for Crock. First he lost his guitar to a crazy old man, now he's been kicked out of a local soup kitchen by an uppity cosplayer! Fortunately, with everything going to Hell in a jet-powered handbasket, there isn't much stopping him from procuring himself a fresh axe on the sly. A little music will help soothe his tortured soul for sure! But, right as he comes across a nice little shop with a primo selection of guitars, some annoying do-gooder decides to come out of the woodwork and get in his way. When's a guy going to get a break? - Log created on 08:55:13 04/09/2020 by Crock, and last modified on 11:22:08 04/10/2020. Cast: Walter and Crock.

Black Dragon R1 - Anarchy Reigns - With the authorities tied up dealing with the monsters running rampant all over the city, the scene is ripe for other agents of chaos to exploit the disaster for their own ends. In particular, a metal-head and general advocate for random mayhem known as Crock has decided that now would be an excellent opportunity to stick to the man. How? By destroying things, ofcourse! Unfortunately, the wild rocker's target proves to be a small soup kitchen established by the NOL to improve their public image. But with all of their primary military assets tied up, they have almost nothing left to throw at him except the kitchen sink - and the chef who was using it! - Log created on 15:34:09 03/27/2020 by Crock, and last modified on 20:09:13 04/02/2020. Cast: Amandine and Crock.

He Who Casts The First Stone - Heihachi Mishima returns to Southtown, the city he had once locked down in the face of nuclear annhilation. His purpose? To stare furiously at Geese Tower, blocking traffic the entire time. When a busker decides to throw a rock at his limo, a melee breaks out first between the musician and Mishima's driver, and then, with the Zaibatsu head himself. - Log created on 11:17:15 03/26/2020 by Crock, and last modified on 16:36:59 03/26/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Crock.

Salting the Earth - While there's a lot of work to be done to repair the still closed off Metro City Park, he finds interference in the form of a rocker salting the already barren earth. Afterwards, there's an invitation to something big going down in Southtown. - Log created on 11:37:45 03/16/2020 by Brandon, and last modified on 10:26:31 03/17/2020. Cast: Brandon and Crock.

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