Full Name:Aaron Fang
Weight:135 lbs
Blood Type:A Negitive
Nationality:The United States of America
Eye Color:Grey
Hair Color:black
Personal Treasures:His hand crafted Black Ironwood bow with its custom made eagle head design
Best Sport:Archery
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


Aaron Fang is Jewish/Chinese Eagle Scout. During the Metro City incident, he was able to save many people thanks to his skills in leadership, survival, and archery. Afterwards he started to use his story and experiences to inspire younger scouts and to encourage people to join Scouting. He is using the current popularity of fighting to help spread his message. He learned how to use archery and scout spirit in combat in trial by fire in majin as a means of protection. In public view he is a shining model of scout spirit. He is well versed and experienced in a multitude of subjects. His greatest wish to to help protect others, by preparing them or directly helping.

Signature Move:Order of the Arrow -- PHYSICAL ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:CHARGING -- EMPOWER

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Recent Logs

NL0099 NL Quarter-Finals: Mike Bison vs Aaron - The Neo League finals are under way and one of the first quarter-final matchups involves the dangerous Mike Bison facing off against the cheerful boyscout Aaron with the winner looking to face either Sven or Fumiko. Can good conquer evil? Will Aaron keep all his ears!? <Winner: M. Bison> - Log created on 17:48:45 09/12/2018 by M. Bison, and last modified on 22:19:47 09/12/2018. Cast: M. Bison and Aaron.

NL#0117: Sven vs Aaron - The rematch of the century, except for the last one. The Eagle Scout Aaron faces off against Sven once again at Antelope Canyon, facing off for a Neo League match. - Log created on 15:40:08 06/21/2018 by Sven, and last modified on 23:23:30 06/23/2018. Cast: Sven and Aaron.

Act 3: Mission 12) Scout's Oath - Aaron vs Akame - Stalwart believers in what each of them is doing being the correct path. The still recovering Akame and Boy Scout Aaron and both convinced that their paths are the one that will protect the most lives and are willing to go to the extra mile in fighting for their ideal future. Neither will stop, neither will retreat the bloodiest and tiniest of battles begins. - Log created on 23:47:36 12/05/2017 by Akame, and last modified on 20:53:38 02/11/2018. Cast: Akame and Aaron.

Mission 6) Teachable Moments - All across the Southtown school board, the V-Gage Educator has been introduced as the newest means of fixing listless students. Not only does it serve as a motivating teaching tool, it has found a powerful niche in deterring problem youths from causing further issues. What would have been the way of the future for Japanese education is not considered favorable by all; Yuri is one such student, part of the pair that revealed to the UN just how insidious and seedy the V-Gage Educator really is. Counted among its supporters, Aaron arrives to learn about the V-Gage Educator as a representative of the Boy Scouts, but that isn't what Yuri should be worried about. The real cause for concern here is a young hothead named Batsu, who has gotten in his head that Yuri is against the V-Gage, and he intends to beat it out of her head any thoughts against it. - Log created on 17:25:12 08/30/2017 by Aaron, and last modified on 17:33:56 09/15/2017. Cast: Batsu, Aaron, and Yuri.

SNF: T'was The Night Before Christmas - T'was the Night before Christmas, And all through the Inn, Not a PC was stirring, Not even Aaron, Akiko and Aaron were ready for battle, With fist and arrow, to test their mettle. Akiko was a monk, with fists and fury, Everyone knows punches is how you make merry! Avalanche Impact School is the name of her art, And from such a small girl, she'll give you a start. Aaron is an Ranger, with arrow and bow, He's a boy scout, as you probably know. The fight will take place, at a place that will rhyme. With gifts and presents coming just in time! - Log created on 15:56:48 12/31/2016 by Akiko, and last modified on 20:13:11 01/10/2017. Cast: Aaron and Akiko.

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