Full Name:The Black Dragon
Height:5'8" (173cm)
Weight:145lbs (66kg)
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Light Blue
Hair Color:Dirty Blonde
Likes:Firearms, strength (abstract concept), money, getting drunk, her girlfriend (Zhenya)
Dislikes:Weakness, hypocrasy, charity, hangovers, losing (at anything)
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Blumenkrantz (

Kira Volkov

"Stand in the ashes of my battlefields and ask the ghosts if their honor mattered."

A survivor of not one but both Chechen Wars, Kira's story stands as a testament to both the power of the human spirit and the atrocities that can be born from war. At the age of only ten, Kira's parents perished in the initial bombardment of the capitol, leaving the young girl in the care of rebel guerrillas where she began to learn the art of killing. By the time the second war had come to a close, Kira had already become one of the world's most deadly assassins. Filled with hate towards the Russian people, she turned to petty crime to survive, leading to her eventual capture at the hands of Russian police. Rather than prison, she was given the chance to redeem herself through military service which turned out to be more palpable than rotting in a cell. While arrogant and brash, Kira nonetheless soared through the ranks on her abrasive charm and skill, quickly earning her a place in the Russian Federal Security Service as a counter-terrorism expert. The next five years brought her killing arts to new heights as she thwarted countless attacks. But when the chance came, she repaid this knowledge in blood, turning rogue to found her own mercenary group with stolen Russian military technology. Kira's Dragoons have since then become a name known even beyond the realms of the underworld for their brutality and ruthless efficiency, dealing in any manner of goods that can be imagined - weapons, drugs, death, slaves - if someone is willing to pay for it, they're willing and quite capable of delivering.

Style:Systema Spetsnaz + Firearms
Signature Move:Painkiller -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

NOL Bounty Data

The Black Dragon  
Class: BBounty: $115,000.00
Known to traffic in Darkstalkers. Recently established a Darkstalker-centric facility in Southtown. Suspected of supplying anti-NOL interests with supernatural forces. A successful capture may lead to the collapse of the casino.

Recent Logs

Black Dragon R4 - Shadow Games - Informed by the NOL of the power plant and it's crucial energy flowing to the shield around the Dragon's Den, Zach assembles his small team and attempts to aid the assault on the facility. Sneaking past the front lines, they make for the control center of the plant to try and end things with one quick stroke. However, he quickly discovers that the mercenary queen has more than mindless monsters and run-of-the-mill henchmen waiting to deal with just such an infiltration attempt. - Log created on 13:33:48 05/25/2020 by Angel, and last modified on 17:39:37 05/25/2020. Cast: Zach Glenn and Kira Volkov.

The Black Dragon Chapter 2: Turning Tides - With the Dark Stalker threat quicklyg waning, Lieutenant Katarina briefs the officiers of the NOL on the plan to strike back at the source of this invasion. But, before they can attack the Dragon's Den, they must first deal with her shield. An avenue to do just that presents itself. - Log created on 09:07:45 05/25/2020 by Kira Volkov, and last modified on 09:08:34 05/25/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov.

Black Dragon R3 - Interview With A Dragon - Having bested one of the Dragon's stronger minions in personal combat, the self-proclaimed Demon Queen has earned the right to a face-to-face meeting with the likewise self-proclaimed Mercenary Queen in her current palace - the Dragon's Den Casino. Evidence of the failed assault on the shielded facility still litters the ground as she approaches, offering a potent warning about the danger the is walking into. But whether she's looking or a fight or just interested in having a chat, Lyraelle finds herself welcomed into the obsidian fortress to have her audience. - Log created on 19:27:11 05/03/2020 by Kira Volkov, and last modified on 21:01:54 05/04/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov and Lyraelle.

The Black Dragon - Ch. 2: The Dragon's Challenge - Cutscene two of Chapter 2 of the Black Dragon TP. The NOL sends a strike team to answer the challenge posed by Kira, believing her to be little more than some crazed fanatic or arrogant criminal who believes themselves far more capable than is true. However, the stress of the crisis causes politics to interfere in their judgement, leading the Libarium to launch a hasty attack. Much to their surprise, the Dragon proves herself far more resourceful than they could have imagined. - Log created on 14:39:08 04/29/2020 by Kira Volkov, and last modified on 14:47:58 04/29/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov.

The Black Dragon - Chapter 2: Are You Strong? - The first cutscene of Chapter 2 of the Black Dragon TP. Kira reveals herself to Southtown as the mastermind behind the mysterious dark stalker attacks and poses a question to the citizens and their defenders - are they strong enough to survive the trial that she has put them through? Issuing a challenge to attack her in her stronghold, the mercenary queen awaits the inevitable response. - Log created on 14:32:49 04/29/2020 by Kira Volkov, and last modified on 14:33:49 04/29/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov.

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