Full Name:Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
Age:Old Enough, You Whelp!
Height:191cm (6'3")
Weight:78kg (178lbs)
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:It Varies Upon YOUR Disrespect
Hair Color:Brown
Hobbies:Planting Bonsais, Preparing Tea, Tending Roses
Personal Treasures:Madam Rachel's Ribbon
Favorite Food:Dry or Wet, It Matters Not
Likes:Pocket Watches, Tidiness, Lady Alucard (Of Course)!
Dislikes:Classless Dolts (Ragna, Terumi)
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"You give me too much credit. I am hardly milady's guardian. Merely a lowly manservant..."

While once having a name written in legend as one of the Six Heroes in a battle lost to time, the elderly gentleman known as Valkenhayn R. Hellsing has far more humble designs these nights. Serving as the butler to the powerful vampiress Rachel Alucard, Valkenhayn seems perfectly content to spend the twilight years of his life ekeing out a quiet living in servitude. However, one would be deeply remiss to consider him past his prime. Valkenhayn's mind and wit are exactly as sharp as he was in the old days, and as a werewolf, his claws and teeth are even sharper still. Possessing a powerful command over his body's lycanthropic process, he is able to transform all or even part of himself into a hulking wolf form nearly at will, allowing him to quickly overwhelm those who might pose a threat or an annoyance to his charge. Though concerned with Rachel's interest in those he would deem as low-class, he has little problem dealing with such guttersnipes himself, considering it a function of his comparitively lowly station.

Style:Beastkin Techniques
Signature Move:Blut Vollmond -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:STYLE -- VERSATILE

NOL Bounty Data

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing AKA: Sagacious Gray Wolf
Class: ABounty: $360,000.00
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Powerful Darkstalker with confirmed violence against humans.

Recent Logs

World Warrior Qualifiers - Urien vs Valkenhayn - Tracking down the scent of cheap bronzer all the way to a resort in Greece, Valkenhayn faces off against a decadent, leisurely man who hides a secret power. The Lycanthrope ends up trapped between a rock and Urien's well-oiled thighs. - Log created on 14:53:13 02/08/2018 by Valkenhayn, and last modified on 13:14:52 02/10/2018. Cast: Urien and Valkenhayn.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Duke vs Valkenhayn - After testing himself against an old friend, Valkenhayn's search for prey leads him into the halls of Strolheim itself. Within that magnificent Castle, he discovers a competitor who proves to be a match for his own fiercesome, bloodthirsty nature - the seemingly unkillable crimeboss, Duke. - Log created on 17:06:12 02/05/2018 by Valkenhayn, and last modified on 17:10:42 02/06/2018. Cast: Duke and Valkenhayn.

World Warrior Qualifiers - Jubei vs Valkenhayn - Shortly after receiving his 'wristwatch' from Wolfgang Krauser in Castle Strolheim, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing - recently restored to a younger form by his Mistress - tracks down one specific individual amongst the list of World Warrior competitors: Jubei. What better opponent to sharpen his own skills on, than the One-Eyed Twin Lotus? - Log created on 12:25:44 01/31/2018 by Valkenhayn, and last modified on 15:35:20 02/05/2018. Cast: Valkenhayn and Jubei.

Bystander's Log #7: End of Watch - "... I have done a terrible thing. What would my father say if he knew I had abused the trust of his dearest friend? In the end, the device did as required of it. But as for the consequences... well, time will tell. I only have my theories for now. I knew before I began that he would forgive me, no matter the outcome... But that only makes this necessary enterprise all the more heinous upon reflection." - Log created on 14:36:55 01/28/2018 by Rachel Alucard, and last modified on 16:42:04 01/29/2018. Cast: Rachel Alucard and Valkenhayn.

A Servant's Travels: Blut und Rosen - Ah, finally! A chance to tend to Madam Rachel's sprawling garden - perhaps my favourite activity on the grounds - during a rare moment of leisure time around the Estate. Sadly, it seems that the blending of Castle Alucard into various spots around the earthrealm has drawn yet another uninvited guest... though I must say, this one certainly seems more polite and reasonable than OTHER recent intruders. - Log created on 14:38:15 01/18/2018 by Valkenhayn, and last modified on 18:22:57 01/19/2018. Cast: Franziska and Valkenhayn.

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