Blood Type:
Hometown:Athens, Greece
Eye Color:White
Hair Color:Silver
Hobbies:Buying fancy suits.
Favorite Food:Humus.
Likes:Power, Tyranny
Dislikes:Gill, Losing
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Lie there as long as you want. I've had my fun with you."

Brother of the self-proclaimed savior of humanity known as Gill, Urien spent most of his life living in the shadow of his elder sibling. Current head of the Illuminati research team G-Project, Urien holds the key to the highly advanced scientific techniques that were used to imbue people -- such as himself -- with elemental powers, among other supernatural abilities. Harsh and condescending, Urien nonetheless keeps his true motivations hidden from view as he works to build his own powerbase with every intention on using it to take over the world. But while his past is as shrouded in mystery as his motives, he's sure to let everyone know what's to come in his future as the next ruler of earth.

Style:Secret Fighting Techniques
Signature Move:Aegis Reflector -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:BRACE -- BULWARK

Recent Logs

[Neo League 0120] NL#0121: Urien vs Antonov - After a meeting that didn't go so well for Urien he now faces off with Antonov in Neo League. Titans clash and Antonov may have made a grave mistake in asking Urien not to hold back when it comes to doing battle. - Log created on 14:59:42 10/23/2018 by Antonov, and last modified on 00:04:49 10/29/2018. Cast: Urien and Antonov.

The Meaning of Power - One of the highest Gears in the command structure is approached by Urien, offering an interesting deal of mutual benefit amidst the horrors of London's food options. - Log created on 19:15:51 10/21/2018 by Urien, and last modified on 12:28:57 10/22/2018. Cast: Urien and Ramlethal.

Muscles and Money - Caught up in an enthralling movie, Antonov forgot he had a very important guest visiting him. Tom Abel arrives to make Antonov an offer. One perhaps the big Russian cannot refuse. - Log created on 14:50:55 10/17/2018 by Antonov, and last modified on 17:21:55 10/17/2018. Cast: Urien and Antonov.

[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Round 2 L - Athena vs Urien - As the Exhibition Yard of Strolheim is beginning to look more like a war torn battlefield, J-Pop idol Athena Asamiya faces off against the powerful Illuminati tyrant, Urien. However, tapping into the energy radiating from his emotions proves to be a far more disturbing experience than with any other opponent, a nightmare she will not soon live down. - Log created on 18:54:36 03/18/2018 by Athena, and last modified on 00:48:09 03/20/2018. Cast: Urien and Athena.

[World Warrior 2018] World Warrior Round 1 - Urien vs Rugal - Castle Strolheim plays host to the first round of World Warrior, as two leaders of dark organizations meet in a battle of endurance and will. - Log created on 20:12:54 03/04/2018 by Rugal, and last modified on 22:41:11 03/09/2018. Cast: Urien and Rugal.

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