Nightwolf - The Crusader and the Wolf

Description: Nightwolf continues to search Southtown, looking for the Outworld anomaly that he sensed recently. Unknowingly smelling the scent of Ermac on the clothes of a suspicious woman that goes by Gabriel Kai, the skinwalker attempts to ask her for clues that may lead him to his quarry. A brawl quickly ensues when the Sin Eater finds out that the woman is as just as evil as the Otherworlders he hunts. If not more.


Around here just outside the city you might see a lot of highway and more importantly, commuter parking lots. This has quickly become one of Gabriel's favorite places to conduct business. No doubt she isn't alone in that, they're easy parking lots to meet in and then go seperate ways without ever raising an eyebrow of suspiscion. Having some experience in these meetings, Gabriel has become more and more prepared with her setup and this time is no exception. Using the back of her lawyer's black sedan, she seemlessly meets with individuals she wants to pay for various tasks, currently getting information on the administration of the local schools. Oh yes, she has plans, big plans, and these unknowing students factor into them. The commuter lot is currently vacant of other people, but not of cars as it seems to be nearly full of those. Likely the people who use these things for the intended purposes are already gone to their various jobs and won't be back for hours at least (longer if rush hour is any indicator) and therefore Gabriel is free to spend as much time loitering as she pleases. Her lawyer, Mister Powell, who also backs up as a driver, seems none too happy with being with her and displays his displeasure all over his face like someone painted it on with a sloppy paintbrush. He'd long since learned his misery would either be entirely ignored by Gabriel or at least not commented on, so he's taken to showing it more and more openly.

The previous meeting Gabriel had planned here already ended a half hour ago. Currently she was occupying the pack of the sedan (with doors unlocked) going over her notes with a tablet and an actual notebook. Next to her is also her cell phone. She's dressed in a black business suit with a skirt, white blouse and black tie. Her hair is back in a black ribbon, knee high white socks, black boots without heels. She's dressed for the part of take my seriously financier of bribes and other underhanded tasks.

Just as he suspected.

The wolf has caught the stench of Outworld, and just as he feared it would happen, the taint of the forsaken realm has reached those mortals in Earthrealm who have dubious intent. A lonely parking lot may seem like an unlikely place for the wolf to prowl in his never ending search for loathsome Darkstalkers and enforcers of Outworld, but the scent has lead here, and it points to a suspicious woman on a suit hanging around a car. It looks like Nightwolf's business in Southtown is not yet finished and this may be his very first real test in engaging with mortals that have decided to align themselves with Outworld. Only one way to find out if he'll be needing to apply his newfound methods of dealing with humans rather than demons.

The parking lot does seem to be quite deserted save for this odd duo, which suits the skinwalker's purposes just fine as he can approach in the way he prefers. Though there are no people in this place, Gabriel will notice that an honest to goodness wolf is heading in her direction, the kind that was thought to be extinct in Japan. The shaman does not keep the guise for long, he is not here to 'test' Gabriel, he merely wants answers, his manner of approach is just that /she/ knows this as well.

One moment, the woman will be staring at a prowling wolf, and in the next, in the blink of an eye, a man has taken the wolf's place and is walking towards her. An obvious foreigner given his skin color and westernized buck skin fashion of clothing. A man who is approaching her with obvious determination to his pupil-less eyes.

When working and you get distracted, it can be easy for your eye to be caught by something and your attention drawn. For most it is someone walking by their desk, or a bird outside that looks like a plane or perhaps just a glint of light that turns your head for just a moment. There is no way to know if movement or perhaps intuition, but Gabriel does look up to spot what appears to be a wolf, or better yet. . A stray dog. Perhaps a Kasagi, who knows.

” Mister Powell, the revolver if you please.” She says in a calm voice of someone sitting in a car who can't possibly be hurt by a stray dog but is going to shoot it anyway because reasons. To his credit Mr Powell doesn't flinch or react much besides reaching into the glove compartment and pulling out a revolver which is apparently loaded and 'hidden' under the vehicle owner's manual. Passing it to Gabriel, he doesn't bother to look at what or who she is planning to shoot with it, just resumes looking miserably at the steering wheel.

Unfortunately by the time Gabriel looks up from taking the weapon, the stray Kasagi is gone, replaced by a man. Rolling down her window, Gabriel looks around for the dog before sighing and reaching forward to drop the gun back into the passenger seat. It would be unseemly to shoot a stray European and less likely to escape the authorities. She doesn't need that attention.

“Nevermind Mister Powell, I won't need the revolver after all. Oh well.” Gabriel seems truly disapointed. Mister Powell just grabs the weapon and puts it back, without even looking and then a ding sound indicates it is Gabriel's turn on words with friends.

“Oh delightful,” She says and picks up her phone and looks over the board. So far she is losing by a whooping sixty points, thanks to insisting on only spelling words that had some sort of religious meaning and therefore she wasn't making very many points at all.

Rare is the time when Nightwolf is not fully concentrated on a task, less likely so when such a task involves his job. That is why, unlike the woman in the car who thinks she's seeing mirror images, the shaman can already tell a few things even before he approaches the car.

Firstly; it was the revolver being passed around inside the car. This tells Nightwolf that whatever this duo is doing here they are expecting some kind of trouble, which therefore implies some kind of illicit activity. Their hearts are clouded with misery and darkness, particularly misery in the case of the driver, and it would not be difficult to assume that such individuals are more likely to attract the attention of Outworlders.

Secondly; when the woman rolled down her window she started looking around instead of looking straight for Nightwolf, she was clearly still searching for the 'dog' she thought she saw. There was even regret on her expression. She wanted to shoot it for no particular reason. But more importantly; she wasn't even aware of the man heading towards them yet, her attention wasn't on him.

Thirdly; her attention was clearly on playing phone games. Ah, the distractions of technology.

This suited Nightwolf just fine, if this woman was so distracted that she didn't even notice him, then maybe he could play this off as just someone looking for directions. The shaman pulled a pair of shades to hide his unnatural pupil-less eyes and approached the car from the passenger's seat to speak directly to the blond woman.

"Greetings." He addressed the obvious non-Japanese in English with an accent that wasn't quite American. "I am looking for someone."

“Mister Powell, there is a pedestrian here for you, please don't be rude.” Gabriel says without looking up from her game. She's sure that with just the right word she can win. So far 'Holy' hasn't turned out to be the word, or 'pray' but maybe if she got a really good word like 'celestial' that would work. Except the letters on the board will never make that possible nor will the letters in her hand. Despite what might be thought of words with friends, the game isn't really about what words you know and can spell (it helps) but more about being able to make words out of your letters and board control. This is why an english major can lose to a biology major (to no endless amusement of the biology major).

“Umm, yes, umm sorry sir, we havn't seen anyone.” Mister Powell says in a voice that says please go away. He doesn't look at the man, only looks toward the back of the car and downward.

Though he probably doesn't go away and Gabriel might eventually get distracted from her game, so she decides to jump in.

“I am certain you have the wrong vehicle, “ She plays a word, a terrible word, but what that word is is left up to the imagination as she turns off the display of her phone and looks up at the man who has come to bother her.

“Do you know what country you are in?” She asks with a raised brow, “No you do not have to prove it to me, I just wanted to know if you knew.” What a weird question, “Because if you did know then I assume you know something of the local customs. . . “ She lets her words hang in the air, “For instance, did you know in this particular part of the world, it is considered impolite to place someone on the spot, or to disturb anyone.” She looks up at the man outside her window,
“And in this country, no one wants to be impolite.

Though she is good at hiding the emotions on her face, the turmoil she feels within is not something she ever learned to hide. She's full of it too, mostly distaste and a sense of superiorirty but also anger, oh yes, there is a swirling vortex of that just hiding under the surface.

When the fate of the world is at hand.

You don't care about the little things like cultural taboos.

When Gabriel finally turns off her phone and decides to stare up to Nightwolf's impassive gaze with a smug sense of superiority as she decides to remind him that they are in fact in Japan, and in Japan proper and prim manners are the norm. Nightwolf decides to let this woman know that he is a man of the world, and he really doesn't care for customs. They could be in any country in the world and not only would he still address her in the same manner, he would have also reacted the same in the face of dealing with an entitled, misguided upper class.

Words are petty in cases like this, it is better to display your intention through action anyway.

Without any facial expression whatsoever, Nightwolf grabs the car door by the window frame digging his fingers into the material. The metal groans as it is suddenly RIPPED OFF its hinges and Nightwolf flings the car door away over his head, landing some ways off with a resounding crash.

Then, just as casually, he leans on the car again and continues; "Do not hide behind meaningless culture." He says just as gently as before, like he hadn't just ripped a car door with his hands. "I will say again, I am looking for someone that I know you have met. You will tell me where they are."

Does he have her attention now?

There is in this world currently, maybe one person Gabriel might defend at her own personal cost and that is someone very likely the fellow near her is not looking for. She can presume this because those people are not in hiding (Kasagi) which is also ironic since Gabriel has in the past gone out of her way to do away with stray dogs. On to the moment at hand, it is first and foremost important that we, the narrator of this venture explain that Gabriel has no incentive what so ever to protect anyone at all besides herself. Mister Powell however, his attention is drawn to the sound and lets out a piteous whine of,

“But I just paid it off”

Gabriel, not wanting to push past the man, simply takes on a persed lip look of 'is that so' and opens the opposite door and steps out.

“Approaching my person unnannounced I can let go, I will also allow you to beg forgiveness for speaking to me after approaching my person, I will forgive damage to personal property, but I will not forgive your lack of manners.” Gabriel says calmly and walks around the vehicle slowly.

”Today on this day I believe december the first, I Gabriel, Crusader of Light, shall purify you wretch and serve your soul to the pits so that you may atone for all of eternity for your transgression against social grace and ettiqutte.”

Taking on a stance that looks like she's going to attack, Gabriel opens her hands, moves her arms in guard and spaces her feet apart for an appropriate confrontation. It is the only warning she gives as she seems otherwise tense to begin attacking the man right then and there.

COMBATSYS: Nightwolf has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Nightwolf        0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Gabriel has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gabriel          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0        Nightwolf

Gabriel could have pushed past the man had she wanted to do so, since Nightwolf was quite eager to step aside and let her exit the car. This pointless conversation has gone on enough.

Being a wise man sometimes means that you realize the futility of your actions even before you start. When this woman exits the car and begins speaking of being the Crusader of Light and that she shall 'purify' Nightwolf's soul and all that rhetoric, the shaman realizes that there is absolutely no point trying to speak reason with the woman. He doesn't need his Sin Eater nature to know of all the negative energy that swirls inside of her, nor does he even need to tell her that if she truly is a Crusader of Light as she claims to be, she would not get on his way to save Earthrealm from the forces of Outworld. Point is, Nightwolf doesn't need any of his magic to know this woman is so full of herself she only sees what she wants to see, it just takes common sense.

Looks like he'll be doing this the old fashioned way.

The skinwalker takes some steps away from the woman and begins to draw the evil in this land towards himself, swirling currents of red energy gather to his chest, many of them coming from Gabriel herself as Nightwolf's begins to feed on her numerous sins to power himself, his muscles growing in size as he does.

COMBATSYS: Nightwolf gathers his will.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gabriel          0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0        Nightwolf

If this were dragon ball Z or some similar show, Gabriel would just stand there and let the man do his powering up. She would comment about it, look slack jawed, gasp, point and profess it was impossible. If this were any of those things that reuse production value (by long scenes of power ups instead of drawing anything new) the studio would nod in approval as she allowed stock sound, animation and dialogue be used for the hundreth time.

Instead she kicks him in the crotch. That is to say Gabriel sees that he is doing something that seems to be making him more powerful and wastes no time in rearing her foot back and aiming it right for where his legs meet and points her toe. Now it is a hard target, but she's pretty confident if she puts just the right focus and aim into her kick she can drive that toe (boots and all) into the man in a way he will later comment was quite unpleasant. Or at least he would later comment that if he were still alive. She wasn't really planning on leaving him that way, but no point in saying that now. She would hate to give away the game and give him incentive to try harder. Let him think this is just a disagreement and maybe the crotch kick attempt will solidify that she isn't really that serious. Or maybe it will make him mad.

COMBATSYS: Gabriel successfully hits Nightwolf with Light Kick.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Gabriel          0/-------/-------|=====--\-------\0        Nightwolf

It makes him mad.

With Nightwolf standing still and focusing on gathering the sins of this land within himself, it would not have been very difficult for the woman to rush him and swing a kick to his crotch. The shaman will have to admit that he was expecting a more refined attack after the woman took that fancy Kempo stance. However, things are not always as they seem, no matter how absolutely positively sure Nightwolf is of them and an attack that he doesn't expect is one that he is ill prepared to block.

"Hng!!" There is a grunt that comes from him as he struck in a tender area, and it does have the satisfying result of at least knocking his shades off his face. Yet one more thing that Gabriel managed to succeed with such a strike is making Nightwolf think she's not taking this disagreement seriously.

It makes the skinwalker decide something, if she really is /not/ taking this seriously, then her heart is not into it, and she will retract if he starts showing no real intentions of making this a needlessly hyper violent display. This is when his training in dealing with mortals comes to pay, mortals not always mean what they say unlike demons.

Nightwolf looks up after the strike and swings a hard right punch at the woman's bosom in return for the slight.

COMBATSYS: Gabriel blocks Nightwolf's Low Punch.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Gabriel          0/-------/-------|=======\-------\1        Nightwolf

Let us all be honest here. The studio audience (fourth wall destroyed) and Gabriel were hoping the response would be a wolf howl. What would be more hilarious than a wolf being kicked in the junk and giving out it's signature howl to the sky and high heavens in pain and anguish. Actually it's probably been done, it's too obvious, but still funny. Some jokes never lose their appeal. So the man tries to hit Gabriel in her bust – well HA! Jokes on him. Gabriel is relatively unendowed compared to other women her age and size, so it's a small target, smaller still that she knocks the blow off course a little with a flick of her wrist and a steady glare. It's hard to say now if she was or was not taking this seriously, maybe even with the kick she is taking it seriously, but just lacks any common courtsey? Maybe she enjoys hurting people.

With her other hand, the one not using to block, Gabriel decides to go in with a single palm thrust toward the fast with a flash of her energy crackling on her hand, trying to transfer it to his nose. Somehow she's keeping her face even, for now, and less angry under the surface and more amused. Yeah. Probably just sadistic.

COMBATSYS: Gabriel successfully hits Nightwolf with Admonish.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Gabriel          0/-------/------=|=======\==-----\1        Nightwolf

Sadism is something intimately familiar to Nightwolf. Not only does everything he stand against exhibits it, he is know to relish it on occasion as well, the wild instincts impossible for him to ignore.

It is why his facial expression refuses to change in the face of a woman who clearly takes joy in the pain of others. She reeks of evil and it is not only because of the stench of Outworld that still lingers in her flesh and he is not perturbed by it as others who do not make their living in the death of others might be.

The shaman's eyebrow archs slightly when his blow is deflected and does not seem to see the punch sailing at his face coming. He winces and clenches his teeth as his head swirls back, but somehow still does not seem to succumb to any sort of anger.

As he straightens up again the man goes to flick his own left arm out to clear the way past the woman's defenses and swing another straight right punch, this time to the woman's face.

COMBATSYS: Nightwolf successfully hits Gabriel with Back Punch.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Gabriel          0/-------/----===|=======\===----\1        Nightwolf

Once things get serious the strike lands true and Gabriel is forced back a pace or two. A strong hit and not a pleasant one, but not the end either, more like the beginning. Cliche aside, Gabriel narrows her eyes, wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and makes a move in on the man. The attempt is simple enough, she is simply trying to push him off balance with her shoulder and then let her foot move behind his ankle and cause a trip. A very basic throw, but sometimes easy is the best way to achieve the results you are looking for.

Meanwhile Mister Powell has gotten out of the car, but not to help, not to watch, no, he is here to mourn the destruction of his car door. There is just no way they're going to be able to fix that, insurance will call his car totalled and thats even if he gets that far. Of course he can't claim someone tore the door off (truth) he'll have to claim someone clipped it off while it was opened on the street. The man pulls at his hair in dismay. Only bad things happen when he's with Gabriel.

COMBATSYS: Nightwolf endures Gabriel's Medium Throw.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Gabriel          0/-------/---====|=======\=====--\1        Nightwolf

By this point, it has become evident to Nightwolf that Gabriel has no intentions of relenting any time soon. It took a moment or two after their exchange but after seeing how much she seems to enjoy attacking him and the ever present stench of her sins assure him, just as one Mr. Powell remembers, nothing good can come from interacting with this woman. Even if she were to tell him where the Outworlder enforcer is and went, she might be in league with them and would just as likely lead Nightwolf into a trap.

That means that she might as well be a demon.

Which means he can stop holding back now.

When Gabriel pushes and trips the skinwalker, he falls back to the ground well enough. However, it seems he uses the very energy of the throw to bounce back from the concrete, green after images of the shaman lingering behind him as all of Gabriel's sins come to fuel him. That selfishness, that arrogance, that joy in the misery of others, even those that would help her, come to charge up to spectral glowing axes that come to the shaman's hands.

He winds up both energy axes just as he's coming back to his feet seemingly pushed by the air itself, and then goes to smash both axe blades into Gabriel's jaw with a mighty swing.

COMBATSYS: Nightwolf successfully hits Gabriel with Ancestor's Call.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Gabriel          0/-------/=======|===----\-------\0        Nightwolf

Using the momentum from Gabriel's own strikes certainly gives Nightwolf speed, more than she can handle and there isn't a lot she can do to avoid the staggering attack. . Except Stagger, which she does, backward. It takes her a moment to get herself back together and after a quick shake of her head and a glare which says all that needs to be said (how dare you) and (I'll get you for that) Gabriel is off again. This time she jumps and decides to take this to the air, aiming her heel toward Nightwolf in an attempt to stomp him right on top of the head before hop scotting to the top of Mister Powell's car.

Now lets say the wolf gets out of the way, well somehow Gabriel has to end up on that car, maybe she'll just hop scotch off of Mister Powell himself, who is currenty lamenting the torn off the door (move on guy!) OR Nightwolf might have a surprise instore for her.

COMBATSYS: Nightwolf blocks Gabriel's Heel Stomp.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Gabriel          0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0        Nightwolf

After the blow has been dealt, Nightwolf's spectral battle axes disappear from his hands. Ever impassive, ever intensely calm eyes meet that ugly indignant look that Gabriel shoots back at him, with seemingly no reaction. Only when the woman launches into another attack does the shaman finally make a motion to react, a quick look skywards and slight tension to his body make him bring both hands up and stop the incoming stomp to his face with both palms, giving Gabriel enough of a rebound to launch herself back to her car.

No surprises from Nightwolf this time, he either doesn't seem to be in this fight or is just being overly defensive. Whichever the reason he refrains from follow the woman and merely begins to gather energy around him once again, Gabriel is such a great source of negative emotions and over all nastiness that it's almost hard for the shaman not to draw more power from her. Red aura begins to flow out of the air and into the air again, causing Nightwolf's muscles to bulk up again, his now visible blank eyes glowing red.

COMBATSYS: Nightwolf gathers his will.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Gabriel          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1        Nightwolf

This time she doesn't try to kick him in the groin. There could be many reasons for this. First of all, she's standing on a car and would have to get down before she could even attempt such an act. Secondly she already did that trick and confirmed that this man is actually a woman. She always suspected, probably, maybe. So not being able to kick him in the groin, she could go for a face kick, but that would just make her easy to trip and take down. She's wasting time and decides to give the production company what they want, some recycled footage. Gabriel is going to just stare at Nightwolf coldly while Nightwolf (the man) is going to power up. Maybe he'll turn golden or something.

Mister Powell meanwhile is shaken from his trance long enough to look up and notice that yep, Gabriel is messing up the roof of his car too.

“Why Miss Kai?” He pleads, “Wasn't it enough to get the door torn off, you're wrecking the paint..” He's practically sobbing.

COMBATSYS: Gabriel focuses on her next action.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Gabriel          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1        Nightwolf

If she wants to have a staring match, she can go right ahead!

Nightwolf does not turn golden as interesting as it would be to have a super shaman, but he does continue gathering all the evil in the land and Gabriel, but mostly Gabriel's, within himself.

It is likely that the skinwalker has great experience in staring face offs, because he simply looks up still at the woman staring down at him without blinking. The plights of her subordinated unheard of at the moment and focusing only on his resilient target.

COMBATSYS: Nightwolf gathers his will.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Gabriel          0/-------/=======|=======\====---\1        Nightwolf

Well there is only so long this can go on. Gabriel isn't staring for her health and besides, with Mister Powell making whining piteous sounds, what is she to do but move things along. Once again, a kick to the groin out of the question, but a kick to the face? Always an option. Except this leaves her opened – shut up inner voice!

Having silenced her inner voice, Gabriel does exactly what she was thinking of doing and tries to kick Nightwolf in the face. It isn't elegant, it's a straight kick the sort of thing designed to whip your head back. She even steps to the edge of the car so she can hop off afterward and land in front of the man with the look of someone who is far superior to him. That is if she doesn't get smashed against the vehicle like was previously mentioned as being possible.

COMBATSYS: Gabriel successfully hits Nightwolf with Heavy Kick.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Gabriel          0/-------/=======|=======\======-\1        Nightwolf

Staring for so long seems to have a negative effect on Nightwolf who seemingly forgets to react this time and gets kicked squarely on the face. Looks like Mr. Powell won't have to worry about his car getting smashed just yet, since the aggressor is currently getting thrown back and falling on the ground.

Nightwolf lands with a grunt and recovers with a roll to get back to his feet. He shakes his head in more annoyance with himself than anything else and rights himself up with a surprise this time..

A spectral axe has appeared on his hand again and he aims to shorten the distance between the two by stepping in and hurling it spinning at Gabriel's face, calculating the twirls so the sharp end bites into her nose.

COMBATSYS: Gabriel fails to reflect New Earth from Nightwolf with Mimic.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Gabriel          1/-----==/=======|=======\=======\1        Nightwolf

Confidence. Gabriel is confident. She's used to these sorts of attacks and she's ready and waiting for it. She looks like she want to just catch the axe and what a fool for tossing something at her in the first place. She reaches out and really does try to just snatch it out of the air, but then the confidence which is actually over-confidence fails her and instead she gets hit right in the nose as intended. Staggering back a step, Gabriel falls back against the car and for a moment is stunned. How did that fail and boy did it hurt. You can almost see the little twinkle stars circling her head.

Nightwolf can see her being dazed, and next to the car, which fate just demands that it be destroyed along with this evil woman.

As Gabriel leans her back against the half destroyed vehicle, the shaman pushes on with his attack with a distance. His palms extend before him and gathered energy beings to swirl in between his hands until a great glowing orb forms.

The skinwalker raises said gathered energy over his head and gives a cry of "Hokaaa Heeey!" as a lighting bolt is unleashed from his very hands directly towards the fallen Gabriel and by extension Mister Powell's beloved car.

COMBATSYS: Gabriel reflects Thunder Storm from Nightwolf with Mimic.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Gabriel          1/----===/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1        Nightwolf

Confidence burned Gabriel last time and she's really only just coming out of her daze and only just in time to see the incoming lightening. It's almost second nature to her really, she can't help herself, or maybe she just only had a split second to decide so she reaches out and lets the bolt hit her hand, quickly absorbing the power. For a moment there are flares of the energy around her body as it can scarely be contained, then raising her hand over her head, she also shouts “Hooka Hey” before extending her hand and thus the lightening back at Nightwolf.

For anyone watching they might think she sent his own power back at him, but an astute observer would realize it was just a copy, not the real thing.

COMBATSYS: Nightwolf fails to reflect Reflected Thunder Storm from Gabriel with Shield of the Ancients.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Gabriel          1/--=====/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2        Nightwolf

Wait! That's just a copy!

It is Nightwolf's own overly perceptive nature that acts against him this time. When he sees the lighting bolt being absorbed by the woman and shot back at him with the same technique, he realizes that is not the same technique he used and should therefore being able to withstand it.

Green energy swirls around him as he tries to play tennis with Gabriel only for the bolt to go right through his defenses and electrocute him. "HRRRGG!!" The man snarls in anger and pain as he staggers back and goes into one knee, shaking his head again.

Getting to her feet, Gabriel finally seems to have shaken off getting taken down a moment ago. She turns her attention to Nightwolf and unbuttons her jacket, letting it fall off and revealing a long shard of glass she had been hiding under there all along. Pulling it out slowly (cutting her hand in the process) she refocuses on the man and seems to be actually enjoying herself now. She digs one heel into the ground, tenses and then is off, cutting and slicing at the man repeatedly with the shard all the while her eyes widen and her face bends maniacally. She even starts to laugh. Slash, laugh slash laugh slash laugh. Maniacal laughter.

COMBATSYS: Nightwolf blocks Gabriel's Avenging Angel.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Gabriel          0/-------/--=====|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2        Nightwolf

Gabriel isn't the only one that is back to her feet quickly. The fallen shaman has been muttering something shortly after he was struck and when Gabriel dashes in with her seemingly improvised weapon, it becomes obvious to her that the skinwalker has not been muttering, but singing something?

"Tunka cela o'cici'elo!!" Nightwolf rises to his feet as soon as Gabriel bears down upon him with manic laughter, he brings his arms up to protect his face and gets slashed for his trouble, but it gives him enough leverage to reach to the woman and grasp her arms with both gruff hands, pupil-less eyes glowing radiantly. "Onsimalayu!! Omaki'ayo!!"

The clouds part from the skies and it seems like the very sun strikes from the heavens as an incandescent ray of holy light is brought down upon Gabriel to burn her flesh and clothing whilst she's being held by the shaman.

"I Banish you!! Demon!!"

COMBATSYS: Nightwolf successfully hits Gabriel with Ascension.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Gabriel          1/---====/=======|>>>>---\-------\0        Nightwolf

Woah. Mister Powell stops sobbing about his car to watch the mayhem that is being brought down on Gabriel and for a moment, just a moment, he hops, prays even, that she really will be banished. She is a demon, he's sure of that. However after that is over Gabriel is standing there still, smoking, smoldering and less maniacal. So if the goal was to make her calm down and chill the frig out, mission successful, but her eyes are practically burning now with rage in addition to well, her.

"I am no demon, I am the crusader of light, and your absolute destiny is Apocolypse!" Gabriel exclaims and tosses her head back, summoning a light from within to explode outward, searing anything caught in the path.

Mister Powell runs for it, and it's a good thing too because the remains of his car indicate that he probably wasn't going to be driving anywhere anytime soon, not in that car, or the other cars. The question is does Nigthwolf manage to get out of the way of the massive attack or not.

COMBATSYS: Nightwolf blocks Gabriel's Absolute Apocalypse.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Gabriel          0/-------/----===|>>>>>--\-------\0        Nightwolf

Nightwolf does not get out of the way.

Although his ever calm facade does not show it, he is truly appalled beyond belief that this woman would have the gall of calling herself a crusader of light after all the horrendous things she has no doubt caused.

That is why the shaman runs straight /through/ the energy that blasts out of Gabriel, just muscling his way past the burning blast, and reaches for the woman. How ironic indeed that she would call herself a Crusader and be like this. She's as holy as the actual murdering European Crusaders of the so called Holy Wars. Nightwolf does not live in the past but he does know his history and in part is what drives him to go on.

"Enough of your rhetoric!" Calls the skinwalker as he grasps the woman by her face and sweeps at her feet, driving the back of her head into the pavement with a slam. "You hurt no one else!!" Calls he as his hand glows bright burning Gabriel's face.

COMBATSYS: Gabriel deflects Banishment from Nightwolf with Mimic.
- Power hit! -

[                          \\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Gabriel          0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0        Nightwolf

But like a roach Gabriel will not die! She is grabbed but then grabs her grabber and flings along with the throw and somehow ends up in a position standing in front of Nightwolf with her green eyes a blaze in a field of seared ground and seared car (sorry Mister Powell). Though she's clearly at the end of her rope, Gabriel still stands before staggering back a few steps and looking daggers at Nightwolf.

"I told you... I am the crusader of light!" She exclaims, though not looking too impressive right now.

"HRAAAAA!!!" Nightwolf actually does snarl this time like the real wolf that he is as he is flung away from delivering his finishing blow.

When he lands, it actually like that might be it for him, until he rolls over to a supine position and gets back up first to his knees, then SMASHES the ground with an enraged fist, and back to his fist.

"You are only..." He hisses through his teeth as he dashes back into the fray. "A deluded fool!!" And slams his extended elbow into Gabriel's face.

COMBATSYS: Gabriel blocks Nightwolf's Thunder Break.

[                            \\  < >  ////                          ]
Gabriel          0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0        Nightwolf

Gabriel moves to guard the face slamming attack, but she's really over estimated herself and doesn't seem to have a way to widstand it. After a moment of staggering and plenty of glaring, she throws one kind of wild palm strike before collapsing back against the remains of Mister Powell's car.

COMBATSYS: Gabriel can no longer fight.

[                          \\\\  <
Nightwolf        0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Nightwolf blocks Gabriel's Quick Punch.
COMBATSYS: Nightwolf refuses to stay down!

[                          \\\\  <
Nightwolf        0/-------/----===|

Nightwolf may be a calm and reserved person, but he is ultimately like his namesake; a wolf. And he knows that when all plans fail, methodical as they may be, and when all preparations do not seem to be enough.

It is time to tap into the beast within.

"HRAAAAAAAA!!!" After the skinwalker crashes into the so called Crusader of Light, he takes a step back just to give himself enough room to catch the fist being swung at his face. He holds the woman up for just a moment and then lets her drop to the ground and into what remains of.. not her car. He could have walked away. He knew that he would learn nothing from this fiend. But as a Sin Eater, he could not let an evil spirit like this be free without teaching it a sever lesson.

"O-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI-YIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!" Nightwolf brings his muscled arms into the air as his Apache nature gets the better of him and unleashes a victory chant into the air. It is fleeting, only a tiny bit of his Native American heritage showing through the layers of spirituality. He begins to move... towards Mister Powell of all people! Probably to finish him off. Guilty by association no doubt.

"Here." The Apache digs into one of his belt pockets and puts a large rough diamond the size of his fist on the ground in front of the terrified lawyer. That thing is probably worth millions. But for Nightwolf it just a worthless shiny stone. "It will cover the damages of the car." And then some for sure. "If I were you, I would stop associating with that woman." With his advice given, the shaman takes the form of a wolf and dashes away.

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