Nightwolf - Invaders Must Die

Description: With Mileena now prowling Earthrealm an Outworld invasion upon Earthrealm seems inevitable. Nightwolf goes to warn Raiden of what is to come and to prepare what meager defenses they can muster to stand against the tide.

Raiden is getting smarter about his distinctly mortal habits. Now that he knows he has to eat and sleep, he actually remembers to do these things. Usually. Tonight he has indeed remembered, and in the central courtyard meant for communing with the spirits, Raiden has built a small fire, and a makeshift framework that probably held a pot is built over it. The pot has been removed, however, and sits on the rocks around the firepit.

Inside the pot there is a good quantity of rice and vegetables. The pot is not full, however. Sitting near the fire sits Raiden, and he is finishing a bowl of the rice and vegetables. Though he intends to leave the rest for Nightwolf. There's also a pot of tea brewed as well, sitting on a tray with one cup. Raiden has the other cup next to him. Rice with vegetables and tea. Perhaps not the most elegant of meals, but it's filling, healthy, and tastes pretty good.

That's one less concern that Nightwolf has to worry about. Having a literal God as your roommate is not something that can be taken lightly, particularly not when said God has forgotten all the basics of living life as a mortal, let alone the culture that has developed in the hundreds of years that he spent in the leylines. When Nightwolf heeded the call of duty, one lingering worry was that Raiden would get in some manner of trouble without his assistance.

Unfortunately, the skinwalker will not have the time necessary to congratulate the deity for his quick learning, nor will he be able to properly sample his newly acquired culinary skills in peace. Nightwolf arrives quickly through the bushes in wolf form, his presence easy to be felt by the Thunder God when he enters the temple grounds thanks to the spiritual guards Nightwolf placed there. Raiden will feel that Nightwolf is perturbed and full of worry and fear... and pain.

Pain that will be visible the moment he comes into view. The dark furred wolf approaches with blooded legs and it quickly shape shifts back into a human who shares the same wounds. Nightwolf stumbles towards Raiden now in human form, blood pouring from his arms.

"Haokah.." He falls on one knee holding his wounds. "I bring ill tidings.."

Raiden does indeed feel the presence of the wolf past the guards. Acts as something of a doorbell with personalized 'rings' for everybody who enters. The Thunder God raises his head when he registers it. He frowns at the worry he senses but he does not move until he sees the wolf. And the blood ON the wolf. His eyes widen. "Nightwolf?"

He sets the bowl aside and stands, moving to the other man's side. Ill tidings? That's not good. But it's pretty obvious from how beaten-up Nightwolf is. Still, those tidings can wait until those injuries heal. Raiden raises a hand, palm aimed at Nightwolf, and tiny jolts of lightning jump from his fingers to the Sin-Eater. If Nightwolf allows it, they'll begin to heal him. Though it probably won't heal him fully. Just enough to stop the bleeding. "What has happened?"

Nightwolf does not move from where he kneels when the God of Thunder points his open palm at him. For any other mortal in that position, it would probably mean getting blasted with lightning and a good reason to fear. However, the shaman knows of Raiden's benevolence and that he means naught but good things for those who protect the realm from evil. His faith is rewarded with healing, the Apache exhales a sigh of relief when the numerous scratches on his forearms are cauterized and great part of the pain fades away. "Thank you, Haokah."

Nightwolf stands looking much better and rubs his arms to sooth out the numbness. However, his worry still remains.

"I heard a distress call from a friend of mine. I had given him a spirit feather that could summon me whenever he felt that he was in danger by the forces of darkness. When he finally used it and I arrived to assist him I found him being assailed by an enforcer of Outworld."

"She appeared to be half-Tarkatan, with the body of a beautiful woman but the face of a gruesome beast. She had slain many when I arrived there and no doubt planned to do the same to my friend." He shakes his head. "Although he survived the encounter, I fear that his spirit may be broken. It will take him some time to recover."

Nightwolf looks up again, white blank eyes wide with determination. "We managed to drive her off but I was unable to banish her. She prowls Earthrealm now even as we speak and I dare not imagine what is she doing."

Raiden stands as Nightwolf does, quick to support him if he looks as though he's going to fall or wobble. There will be some mild numbness, because even though it carried healing chi, it was still lightning. Once he's sure that Nightwolf can stand on his own, Raiden steps back.

However, as he listens to the issue, he frowns. "...Then the invasion has already begun." It's not a question. "We will need to set up what defensive mesures we can, then. And quickly."

A pause. "You are certain that your friend will recover?" Raiden knew the Tarkatans were a vicious people. And there was a better chance of this friend of Nightwolf's not being accustomed to fighting such vicious opponents as a Tarkatan could be.

The shaman has had way worse, not to mention that in the before time he did not have the luxury of a God to heal his injuries whenever he managed to crawl out of a bloody battle with a Darkstalker. Nightwolf seems pretty steady on his feet now that he has been healed, the lighting cauterizing his wounds seems to have taken the edge out and that's all he needed.

Besides, he doesn't have time to listen to the plights of his own body when there's an entire realm to save, proof of his dedication to the people of Earthrealm. Nightwolf first answers Raiden's concern of his ally, since he knows that lives are what matter most in these circumstances. "He is a great warrior, Haokah. He will persevere, I am certain of it."

Then, on to the plans for defense. "I will contact a nearby ally of mine immediately. Her name is Ayame of the Ichijo clan and she is the local Japanese Demon Hunter. She will surely lend her aid.. I merely hope that she is well for I have no heard from her in quite some time. I fear the worst.."

Nightwolf crosses his muscled arms across his chest and thinks. "There are others too; an agent of Interpol that I rescued from a Darkstalker curse might help us. Felicia herself could be of help after some training as well." The skinwalker rubs his chin, his path seems clear now, to travel the world and warn of everyone he knows of the coming invasion.

"What of you, Haokah? Do you know of any who needs to be warned?"

Raiden nods when Nightwolf says the friend of his will recover. He turns his attention instead to the preparations for the defense of Earthrealm. Ayame... he'd heard her name, Nightwolf had mentioned her. The Thunder God nods to the mention of checking on Ayame, as well as the other that Nightwolf had met, the 'Interpol' agent. "If Outworld has already begun its invasion, seeing to the safety of those who would assist us would be wise," he agrees. "Eliminating opposition individually is a sound strategy."

As for Felicia? "She will indeed need to be trained. I will do what I can in that," he agrees. As for who else needs to be warned? "Azumi." A pause, and he suggests, "Perhaps she would also be able to assist in Felicia's training."

"Absolutely." The shaman elaborates quickly once Raiden begins to set the first stages of their defensive plan. "The Outworld enforcer that attacked seemed incredibly erratic and she was also working alone. I do not think they have any sort of coordination thus far if there are more of them. If only a few of them have managed to pierce the veil of reality and enter our realm, then we can easily pick them off individually."

"What we must avoid all costs is to not allow them to hold any footing here. If other entities like Shadaloo or the Syndicate begin working with them there is no telling what will happen. To make matters worse, Darkstalkers are sure to be drawn to any Outworlder that enters Earthrealm, we must also not allow them to enthrall any local dark ones either."

Nightwolf hmms in thought when Raiden suggests to contact Azumi. "A good idea, Haokah. Although she still has no control of her Darkstalker nature she is an experienced hunter herself and could prove useful in a number of ways."

Then, the shaman glances up to eye Raiden more directly. "Lord Raiden." He begins looking very intense all of the sudden. "Although I am perfectly willing to give my life if that is what it takes to defend Earthrealm, I fear that even that may not be enough to withstand the coming onslaught. The Outworld invader that attacked us mangled my friend easily and he is a formidable warrior in his own right. We were only able to fend her off because both of us were working together."

"Tell me.. what are your plans of entering the field yourself? When the time comes I may be in need of your power."

"Yet they may also utilize this tactic, eliminating the defenders of Earthrealm individually," Raiden points out. "This stage is likely the... testing phase of the invasion. Testing us to see where our strengths are... and where our weaknesses are. If we present a united front, they may be encouraged to fall back."

As for the organizations? Raiden nods. "Perhaps these 'Illuminati' could be used to assist. If they are convinced that Outworld's aim will be to conquer, and they will receive no benefit from it, they may be persuaded to fight." Pause. "But... as you know more of human nature than I, I will leave that to your decision."

But then Nightwolf asks about Raiden entering the field? This definitely gives Raiden visible pause, and he frowns in thought. "I devote myself to the defense of Earthrealm." Which Nightwolf well knows. "I will support you when you have need of my power. But... I fear if I move too quickly, it may leave humanity dependent upon another to save them. To make the people of Earthrealm dependent upon me is not protecting them."

This resolute defiance to the forces of Outworld strengthens Nightwolf quite visibly. He clenches his fist and gives a fierce look. "I agree, Haokah. Outworld will keep attacking no matter what. It will be far better if we eliminate their scouts quickly and present ourselves as a threat to be taken seriously rather than let them roam and so as they please. I for one am ready to meet them in battle."

However, Nightwolf isn't so sure that other Earthrealmers would be willing to share his enthusiasm. When Raiden mentions the Illuminati, the shaman's lips tighten and he glances to the side to consider things. "I really would not trust them too much, Haokah. There are far worse organizations than the Illuminati out there, but they are ultimately very self serving in their purpose. They may be swayed to join us in the defend of the realm, and yet I fear that they will ask too steep a prize in return for their assistance."

He considers carefully. "I will meet with their delegates directly and see if it is worth the trouble. I cannot say that their recent actions has given me the best impression of them." Although Nightwolf is a fairly effective fighter, the reason why he really is dangerous is because he keeps himself very well informed. He knows that there may certain.. representatives of the organization that are less than trustworthy.

Nigthwolf nods in the as Raiden says what knew was coming. "Of course, Haokah, I understand. Like you, I've always struggled for humanity to fend for itself rather than to rely on bigger powers. However, this incoming darkness.." Nightwolf pauses and clenches his teeth. "I am not afraid to die, I only want to know that my sacrifice will not be in vain."

Suddenly, his face grows tense and thoughtful. "If something were to happen to me, please take care of Felicia."

"I do not suggest we ally with them fully," Raiden replies, meaning the Illuminati. "Merely point them in the direction of Outworld and give a push to their backs. At this stage, the resistance Outworld meets may make them think twice."

Raiden frowns at the mention of Nightwolf dying. It's always a possibility when working with Outworld. Still, he doesn't like the sound of it. "I will," he promises. "Though my first priority will be to try to make certain that you live." Not only because he doesn't know of any other Sin-Eaters in the world. But because Nightwolf's his friend. Nobody likes to think of their friends dying.

Nightwolf gives a solemn nod, thumbs now tucked inside his belt. "The Illuminati will have no choice but to fight against Outworld, even if we do not try to encourage it. They are the closest Earthrealm has to an organization that deals with the occult that is not the Hunters Guild. At least one that is not wholly evil like the cult of Orochi." Not even Nightwolf can figure out what's their deal.

He gives another grim nod. The shaman doesn't look sad by the thought of him dying against the forces of Outworld, he simply looks.. very focused. This is what he has been training for his entire life after all. The culmination of his Sin Eater journey will come when he stands against the forces of Outworld. All the Darkstalkers and evil humans that he has faced before are, at best, just training.

"Whatever happens, I will not fail you, Lord Raiden. The forces of light will prevail."

"I swear it."

Raiden gives an affirmative grunt. It's true, the Illuminati will probably have to fight Outworld as well, if it comes to that. Hopefully it won't. His expression softens when Nightwolf makes his declaration. He knows it's a very distinct possibility. But...

"We will cross that bridge when we come to it, yes?" he suggests. "For now..." He indicates the forgotten food. It's probably cold, but there's still a fire there, so it can be warmed up. "Come. Sit, and eat. You have had an eventful evening and need to restore your strength."

Nightwolf hasn't had millennia to prepare for this event, so he's understandably a little anxious about it. To think that the fight against Mileena was the first time he's ever fought against an Outworld warrior and he barely clung through it even with help.

He's not too sure about his chances even if he is certain Earthrealm will be saved.

Finally, the shaman does relax when Raiden tells him to leave his worry for another time. He's right, the God of Thunder is with them and they will prevail. Even if Nightwolf loses his life the realm will be safe and that's all he really wants.

Nodding, the skinwalker takes a seat next to Raiden and shares the quiet meal.


"This is pretty good, Haokah."

Oh good, that means Nightwolf won't have to do all the cooking here. Mark another one off his list of duties.

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