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Leroy Smith

"So... I got you to blame for all this?"

50 years ago, a man named Leroy Smith was caught up in a vicious gang war in the heart of Southtown. He lost his family, his home, and his eye in the ensuing violence, left for dead when he was sent up the river. Escaping with his life, he was picked up by a cargo ship heading to Hong Kong. Leaving the city behind him, he began a new life in Hong Kong, mastering Wing Chun in the city. After 50 years, he has returned to Southtown. Learning that the gangs that destroyed his life still clutched the heart of the city, he has come seeking vengeance. Accompanied by his trusty cane and his bulldog Sugar, Leroy Smith will not stop until the gangland violence is dead and buried.

Style:Wing Chun
Signature Move:Chain Punch - Branch -- PHYSICAL THROW COUNTER
Signature Ability:PARRY -- MANEUVER

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