Faction:Southtown Syndicate
Height:185cm (6'1")
Weight:70kg (154 lbs.)
Blood Type:AB
Eye Color:Ice Blue
Hair Color:Black
Likes:Clocks, Chess
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Just as I planned."

The German butler Hein is among the finest of Geese Howard's numerous 'employees', and certainly one of the brightest. A skilled servant, he helps tend to domestic matters as needed by the leader of the Southtown Syndicate. As well, he frequently handles business-related issues, even serving as Geese's 'public face' when the man is otherwise indisposed or views matters as 'beneath' his own attention. With a refined manner and an unwavering composure, it surprises many to learn that he is also a skilled fighter and secret 'bodyguard' for his master. When forced into battle, Hein uses movements named and patterned off of chess terminology - treating physical combat as an exercise in mental superiority, rather than brute force. With the ability to affect gravity on a small scale through chi manipulation, there is little the man loves more than outplaying, outsmarting, and dominating opponents - and he does it all with a well-hidden sadistic glee. Hein views himself as Geese's most crucial underling, and his smug intellectualism has caused the man to look for his own opportunities for advancement, even outside of the watchful eye of Mr. Howard.

Signature Move:Rook -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:MANIPULATE -- SHROUD

Recent Logs

[The Descent] Round 2 - Blood and Wine - A fetid Abattoir dripping with the still-fresh blood of past bouts hosts a dutiful butler, an Air Force ace, and half a dozen of the world's richest men and women, here to partake of forbidden delights from the safety of an observation room behind kombat-proof glass. - Log created on 13:10:41 08/01/2022 by Hein, and last modified on 08:32:37 08/08/2022. Cast: Guile and Hein.

[The Descent] Round 1 - Are You Being Served? - Lightning flashes through the windows of a foreboding Gothic Castle in Transylvania as the Rose of Blackthorne and Geese Howard's Rook meet in a clash of princesses and servants. - Log created on 10:24:26 07/13/2022 by Hein, and last modified on 19:14:04 07/18/2022. Cast: Hein and Briar Rose.

Chessmaster: Kg1 Bc5+ - Bad, bad Leroy Smith is back in Southtown, and his first step has been to evict some small-time gangsters from a majestic old church. Such good work in cleaning up the neighbourhood is noticed by a powerful man, who has dispatched his insidious butler Hein to make Leroy an offer he ought not refuse. - Log created on 12:09:08 08/31/2021 by Hein, and last modified on 17:47:54 09/08/2021. Cast: Hein and Leroy Smith.

Chessmaster: cxd5 Nxd5 - Following the defeat of Duke and Team Syndicate during the KoF finals, the brutal enforcer is delivered - via gurney - to Geese Tower... where he finds the German butler Hein, rather than Mr. Howard, waiting for him. The sadistic servant takes this opportunity to mock the man's defeat at the hands of a young girl, before he pushes the matter too far for Duke's liking. - Log created on 11:58:08 01/26/2018 by Hein, and last modified on 21:40:00 01/26/2018. Cast: Duke and Hein.

Chessmaster: Ke1 Bb4+ - The rooftop office of Geese Tower. A discussion between the crime-boss and his servant regarding recent events, certain rumours, and questionable loyalties; set to the backdrop of Mr. Howard sparring with three of his minions. - Log created on 20:22:11 01/16/2018 by Hein, and last modified on 01:19:55 01/18/2018. Cast: Geese and Hein.

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