Height:6' (1.82m) w/out hair
Weight:189 lbs (86 kg)
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blond
Likes:American Coffee, Country Music, His Family, His Hair
Dislikes:Getting Others Involved in Personal Affairs, Wasting Money on Food
Best Sport:Darts
Love Interests:His wife, Julia
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


The only thing more dangerous than Guile using a plane is Guile using his bare hands. An ace combat pilot in the United States Air Force, William Guile is a career soldier through and through, meting out punishment on his enemies through a combination of power, discipline, and intimidatingly tall hair. Trained under the four-eyed gaze of Charlie Nash, Guile has since come into his own as a fighter, and his Flash Kick and Sonic Boom spell devastation to any who would dare oppose the American way of life, at home or abroad. Previously a counterterrorist vigilante, Guile has rejoined the ranks of the armed forces, leading the charge to crush Shadaloo and its leaders.

Style:Special Forces Training
Signature Move:Sonic Boom -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

Recent Logs

[The Descent] Round 3 - Silence of the Grave - What little remained of an abandoned, Remote Village in the depths of the wilderness after its trampling beneath the engines of war was practically plowed into the dust by titans, demons, and more-- and yet, it still hums with the faint, uncanny timbre of spectral potency necessary to play host to the Air Force Ace William Guile and the Mad Engineer Relius Clover as they fight for the right to Descend. - Log created on 20:39:50 08/16/2022 by Relius, and last modified on 11:34:08 08/25/2022. Cast: Guile and Relius.

[The Descent] Round 2 - Blood and Wine - A fetid Abattoir dripping with the still-fresh blood of past bouts hosts a dutiful butler, an Air Force ace, and half a dozen of the world's richest men and women, here to partake of forbidden delights from the safety of an observation room behind kombat-proof glass. - Log created on 13:10:41 08/01/2022 by Hein, and last modified on 08:32:37 08/08/2022. Cast: Guile and Hein.

[The Descent] Round 1 - City of the Dead - When the pride of the US Air Force and the cold hero of NOL grace the still, opulent avenues of Louisiana's Lafayette Cemetary, they shall grant its ghostly denizens a spectacle of brawn and swordsmanship for the ages. - Log created on 19:35:51 07/13/2022 by Jin Kisaragi, and last modified on 18:06:25 08/10/2022. Cast: Guile and Jin Kisaragi.

[KOF 2016] KOF: Third Place: Team USA vs Sonic Assault - The battle for third place in the King of Fighters tournament takes place on Ayers Rock! Not -at- Ayers Rock, but on top of it! It's a photo finish! [Winner: Team USA] - Log created on 20:08:15 07/23/2016 by Fio, and last modified on 14:30:40 08/03/2016. Cast: Fio, Ken Masters, Guile, Charlie, and Scratch.

[KOF 2016] KOF Stage 2: Sonic Assault vs Team Interpol - Ni Hao! For the upper bracket matches, Sonic Assault will be facing down Team Interpol. With the respective leads of Guile facing off against Sergei, it will be a straight forward match along the ramparts of the wall. In spite of strict crackdowns from the Chinese government, however, there is a great deal of contreversy over the presence of HitBit in this fight from the government... and the presence of Interpol from the public. Both Sonic Assault and Team Interpol may need to find time to manage hostile government officials AND angry crowds while forcing their way through this match.<Winner: Team Interpol> - Log created on 23:17:31 07/04/2016 by Daniel, and last modified on 13:36:52 07/11/2016. Cast: Guile, Charlie, Daniel, Lita, Sergei, and Dr. Tessitore.

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