Full Name:Daniel "Jack" Little
Weight:150 lb
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:Yellow
Hair Color:Black
Hobbies:Drinking, Card Games, Dames
Personal Treasures:A snub-nosed revolver, his drinking flask
Favorite Food:Real Hamburgers, not the crappy fast food kind
Likes:Peace, Harmony, The Todoh Way, Dames
Dislikes:Criminals, Monster Hunters, Dames
Best Sport:Football
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Roger Hill (Cyrus from The Warriors)
Theme Song:"Ghost of Love" - David Lynch


"What's the noise of the floor, scuzzy?"

Formerly a detective working with Interpol, Daniel 'Jack' Little was an up and coming force when his ambitions and talents moved to the international stage. Agent Little's encounters and personal relationships with criminal Darkstalkers ended up taking an irreversible toll on his soul. Whether it was unadvised romantic liaisons with dangerous monsters, or soul devouring assaults from The Butcher, the detective came too close to the dark side. After being revived by his lover, Dr. Tessitore, in the Mortal Kombat tournament, the ex-detective has transformed into a horrifying shadow-like creature. Preying on souls, Daniel has gone rogue, his mind nearly consumed by the unending hunger. It seemed that he was doom to bring suffering upon mankind... until he was rescued by both Ayame Ichijo and The Butcher himself. Now retaining his sanity, the shade feeds on the spirits of the dead, exorcising ghosts with the smooth seductive charm that got him in trouble in the first place. An expert in the art of Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu, he was one of the top students of the elusive Ryuhaku Todoh in his human life. Combined with the amorphous shadow techniques of his new monstrous form, the detective is an aggressive combination of skilled martial artistry with supernatural power. Whether the 'Lady Killer' can be trusted is still unknown, however: The ex-detective has made a world full of enemies in the wake of his transformation, and those who believe in his redemption are few and far between.

Style:Todoh-ryuu Kobojutsu
Signature Move:Zoot Suit Riot -- PHYSICAL ENERGY

NOL Bounty Data

Daniel "Jack" Little AKA: The Lady Killer
Class: CBounty: $55,000.00
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Powerful Darkstalker with suspected record of violence against humans.

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Recent Logs

NL#0151 Daniel vs Vin - Shadow detective Daniel and drunken boxer Vin share drinks at an open bar on the open seas, before fighting before a judgemental crowd. - Log created on 09:34:09 01/05/2021 by Daniel, and last modified on 21:07:44 01/05/2021. Cast: Daniel and Vin.

Hell's Bells - Kelly vs ???? - Lyraelle says: "We're here, minions~ It's time for the Midnight Channel's Dark Heart debut! And what venue could possibly be epic enough to host the kind of monstrous mayhem you've tuned in to see, you may wonder? Well, how about a totally /epic/ cathedral?! When the bells in this bell tower ring for midnight, you'll know that it's time for some pulse-pounding bloodshed! And what mystery opponent have I lined up for our very first darkstalker guinea pi- I mean, brand new talent, Kelly Mason? Well, I'm sure that just because she happens to be one of the only fighters to beat me on live broadcast doesn't mean I'd pick a scary opponent for her out of spite! Winky face~" - Log created on 10:52:47 07/30/2020 by Kelly, and last modified on 14:44:36 09/10/2020. Cast: Daniel and Kelly.

Miserable Creatures - Daniel is caught by Juri doing unspeakable things to the undead. Daniel, in turn, thinks Juri is a Miko. Wacky hijinks ensue. - Log created on 14:57:58 07/16/2020 by Daniel, and last modified on 10:04:46 07/17/2020. Cast: Daniel and Juri.

Black Dragon R3 - Back Alley Brawl - With the NOL focused on containing the Darkstalker threat, it seems that a new danger has emerges to exploit the chaos. Roving gangs of thugs and bikers swarm the streets, smashing, looting, and vandalizing everything in their path. Unfortunately for them, there happens to be a veteran of such street wars lurking around ready to bring them to justice! Taking to the streets, Maki prepares to do her part in the defense of Southtown by making sure there's something for the citizens to return to! - Log created on 19:15:46 05/05/2020 by Daniel, and last modified on 17:39:05 05/07/2020. Cast: Daniel and Maki.

Black Dragon R3 - Supply Chain - While the majority of the students at Taiyo High managed to escape the worst of the attacks, several of them were injured quite badly. Fortunately, the school's infirmary is well stocked and so far no one has died but the supplies are limited and with no way to tell how long this siege will last they have to be used sparingly. Not everyone cares about the well-being of others in this time of crisis, however. Seeing an opportunity to make a quick buck, a young thug attempts to break into the school during the night in order to steal all their medicine, hoping to sell it back - at a ridiculous premium, of course! - Log created on 15:49:48 04/30/2020 by Daniel, and last modified on 21:52:24 04/30/2020. Cast: Daniel and Yuri.

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