Full Name:Bezique
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Game:Original Character
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"Late? Fashionably so. But Lady Luck? She's always on time!"

When one expects an NOL operative, one does not perhaps expect a 5-foot anthropomorphic rabbit lady styled as a stage magician. Some think she's some kind of joke, or perhaps a creature the Library got ahold of and keep around for fun. But this bunny is not quite for entertainment. While her South American English accent makes her seem friendly and disarming, she harbors extreme magical prowess, with the ability to twist space around her, especially with her hat, and produce countless playing cards that cut like diamonds. A lapine enchantress, her abilities are harnessed to combat magical threats and claim energy resources for the Library's goal of securing, containment and protecting the populance. She lives in the moment, leaving her past behind as a hiker scales a cliff. Just don't assume she's all smoke and mirrors, you won't like her when she's angry.

Style:Throwing Cards and Dimensional Magic
Signature Move:Ace of Swords -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

Recent Logs

[World Warrior 2023] R4: Unagi vs Bezique - World Warrior match between Lee and Bezique at a construction site in Metro City - Log created on 11:23:55 02/26/2024 by Lee Chaolan, and last modified on 17:05:30 03/26/2024. Cast: Lee Chaolan and Bezique.

Paying A Visit to the Po-Po - Apparently aiming to get a bounty attached to his name, Kongou heads to the small local branch of The NOL in Metro City to file a 'complaint' regarding their recent efforts concerning him and Bezique arrives to help fill out the paperwork with fists, magic cards and earthquakes. - Log created on 19:44:20 12/03/2023 by Kongou, and last modified on 00:27:12 12/04/2023. Cast: Kongou and Bezique.

[NFG Season One] Kongou Takes It Downtown - Kongo goes downtown to look for something, finds Djamila and Bezique instead. Free hugs are part of the mix. - Log created on 14:59:18 11/07/2023 by Djamila, and last modified on 13:26:59 11/08/2023. Cast: Kongou, Djamila, and Bezique.

[World Warrior 2023] R3: Daniel vs Bezique - Daniel Little runs into Bezique, the dimension mage bunny sorceress for a stunning World Warrior match on a rooftop! - Log created on 13:09:44 10/20/2023 by Bezique, and last modified on 16:09:43 10/26/2023. Cast: Daniel and Bezique.

[World Warrior 2023] R2: Ky Kiske vs Bezique - Bezique meets Ky Kiske on the streets of Las Vegas for round two of World Warrior 2023! - Log created on 19:31:16 09/26/2023 by Bezique, and last modified on 17:15:29 10/04/2023. Cast: Ky Kiske and Bezique.

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