Full Name:Cadence Carter
Blood Type:
Hometown:Metro City
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Cyan w/Red Streaks
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Laura Bailey
Theme Song:"Tug-O-War" by Pre-Fight Hype, "Break Orbit" by CFO$


"Art is subjective, what isn't is my skate in your face if you paint over me again."

Scratch is an adrenaline junkie/activist/skate punk, who couldn't really tell anyone which one she wants to be more. After the murder her uncle on the Metro City PD was killed by a corrupt partner sent her family life in the gutter, she's taken to waging her own small war on Mad Gear, with an unrefined sort of skate brawling as well as a graffiti campaign against the gang. With energy-infused paint to make removal harder, she's a thorn in plenty of signs, thugs and authorities alike, but only a thorn amongst many. As much as she seems dedicated to the gang's downfall, however, it's hard to tell if she's simply into it for the rush of poking a hornet's nest rather than any real vendetta.

Style:Aggressive Inline
Signature Move:Aggressive Air -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

Tournament Titles

Recent Logs

[KOF 2016] KOF: Third Place: Team USA vs Sonic Assault - The battle for third place in the King of Fighters tournament takes place on Ayers Rock! Not -at- Ayers Rock, but on top of it! It's a photo finish! [Winner: Team USA] - Log created on 20:08:15 07/23/2016 by Fio, and last modified on 14:30:40 08/03/2016. Cast: Fio, Ken Masters, Guile, Charlie, and Scratch.

[KOF 2016] KOF Stage 2: Psycho Soldiers vs Team USA - Ah, Venice. The City of Water, the City of Masks. The semi-finals for the lower bracket between Psycho Soldiers and Team USA will take place in Italy, between the respective leads of Kensou against Ken Masters. This match will be a test of agility as well as skill; the fight itself will be settled on bridge, on boat, on canal, with the ring itself stretching over and in one of the canals. As an added bonus, while it isn't the time of year for Carnival, it seems that there is a Masquerade taking place at the same time as the King of Fighters match! So while the leads battle it out, the other teams can mingle with crowds of strangers in masks. Isn't that FUN. <Winner: Psycho Soldiers> - Log created on 13:39:55 07/02/2016 by Kensou, and last modified on 13:31:46 07/04/2016. Cast: Momoko, Honoka, Athena, Ken Masters, Zach Glenn, Scratch, Haru, Scorpion, and Kensou.

The World is Bigger Than You Know - Late at night, high above the world, Scratch finds it hard to sleep. Her KoF partner, sponsor, and all-around well-meaning pain in her butt, Ken Masters, has several suggestions, some worthwhile, others not so much - Log created on 21:13:35 06/27/2016 by Scratch, and last modified on 09:45:12 06/28/2016. Cast: Ken Masters and Scratch.

[KOF 2016] KOF Stage 1: USA vs. Twilight Star - King of Fighters, Round 1: Twilight Circus versus Team USA! Will the mysterious and acrobatically violent members of Twilight Circus triumph over the bold, daring strategies of Team USA? Find out inside! <Winner: Team USA> - Log created on 21:21:51 06/18/2016 by Oboro, and last modified on 18:59:15 06/22/2016. Cast: Honoka, Ken Masters, Vega, Zach Glenn, Scratch, Oboro, Scorpion, and Elise.

[KOF 2016] USA! USA! US.. A?! - Who could have ever expected that the USA Sports Team could have been ambushed in a dark alleyway. Spoiler Alert: There is a new USA Sports Team on the block. - Log created on 16:04:15 05/30/2016 by Lucky, and last modified on 21:58:34 05/30/2016. Cast: Brian, Lucky, Ken Masters, Scratch, and Q-Bee.

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