Full Name:The Q-Bee
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Status:Available for Apps
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"I like you a lot. I will eat all of you."

A young woman who irreversibly became the host to the chi-borne Soul Bees dwelling in the energies of the leylines, Q-Bee is now powerless to resist the will of the hive. An insectoid woman who wanders the world looking for life energy to eat, Q-Bee is extremely dangerous, as she has little need or desire for companionship, only interested in gathering food for her hive. Because of her host, she has the appearance and personality of a young girl, but even her former human face is a ploy--the eyes she actually sees out of are the giant ornaments on her head! Using her inocuous, inviting appearance, she actually seeks to lure in possible prey, so that she can sting them, and make them her food. She and her hive are insatiable to this respect, and must feed on life force very frequently, due to their metabolisms. While she has no formal combat training, her two foot long stinger and ability to fly make her a credible threat to unawares fighters, who often have the most life force of all..

Style:Instinctive Soul Bee Parasitism
Signature Move:C to R -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:EVADE -- ESCAPE

Recent Logs

Buzz off, Momoko! - Momoko the ADVENTURER goes forth to see all the good things in life! Of course, all the good things in life may be a bit hidden behind a bee or two. Who likes bees, anyways? Not Momoko! Q-Bee however likes Momoko, and things get a little complicated... fight, Momoko! Fight for your dreams! - Log created on 14:21:38 06/26/2016 by Q-Bee, and last modified on 21:50:55 06/26/2016. Cast: Momoko and Q-Bee.

A Meeting Of Monsters - In a clearing not far from the bustle of south town, three monsters come together over a mangled corpse. Though each of them wants something different, some creatures just can't play nice. - Log created on 20:40:10 06/14/2016 by The Hunter, and last modified on 22:09:54 06/21/2016. Cast: Franziska, Q-Bee, and The Hunter.

Riki in the City - Q-Bee attempts to gather some souls, but could it be that there is a protector in Southtowns that will save them all!? The answer is yes, and it turns out that Q-Bee doesn't have the buffet she wanted! Riki brings plenty of bugspray with her as well! - Log created on 16:51:10 06/04/2016 by Q-Bee, and last modified on 10:14:05 06/05/2016. Cast: Q-Bee and Riki.

[KOF 2016] USA! USA! US.. A?! - Who could have ever expected that the USA Sports Team could have been ambushed in a dark alleyway. Spoiler Alert: There is a new USA Sports Team on the block. - Log created on 16:04:15 05/30/2016 by Lucky, and last modified on 21:58:34 05/30/2016. Cast: Brian, Lucky, Ken Masters, Scratch, and Q-Bee.

[Unholy Genesis] [UG:Round 3] FENCES - JEDAH is not a cook, he has people to do that for him. But even he knows that to make a soul omelette, you'll need to break a few hundred souls at a time. Il Paradiso Opera House has provided a base for the human resistance, a holdout against the waves of darkstalkers which blast through the area. In past weeks, the darkstalkers have been a looming menace, but never outright attacking ... now, though, with Jedah reneging on his guarantee of safety, all bets are off. And the charge is led by Q-BEE and the vicious SOUL BEES, thrilled by the excitement of catching their meals live. They're pretty used to dealing with heavy weaponry and tanks, so they'll make short work of the human resistance -- that is, they /would/ if BELGER from MAD GEAR hadn't fortified the opera house with small arms fire, or contracted DYRE behind the scenes and below board. But he has -- so combined with Captain ZACH GLENN, the human resistance cell here might actually have a chance of survival! - Log created on 14:47:00 04/25/2015 by Zach Glenn, and last modified on 13:37:19 04/26/2015. Cast: Zach Glenn, Dyre, and Q-Bee.

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