KOF 2017 - Q4: Full Moons vs Hungry Wolves

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Description: With the strange new faces Full Moons coming out in a close match, they are pouring up and over against the Hungry Wolves in familiar territory. The Hungry Wolves bring in a hometown advantage as the fight comes in at Southtown, right outside the local favorite 'Old Line,' home of the hard rock. Eliza, the terrifying woman that brought Hideo down to his knees, will be leading in against Terry Bogard right outside the Live House. Will he be okay- Or will Eliza and her ladies make him bust a wolf-

When the King of Fighters started out Terry had actually expected a bit more traveling. Time to hang out with Rock and Brandon while visiting places that the Lone Wolf would normally not go to. The wrestling arena was interesting, but really not too far and now? Well Terry is having a feeling of nostalgia as the quarterfinal round brings him not only back to Southtown, but to a place he has had many a scraps with when growing up. "The Old Line. Strange how it really hasn't changed." he mostly says to himself while getting a bit of a grin.

Of course the place is more crowded than usual. Not just the regulars are here, but people that have traveled to see the clash between The Hungry Wolves taking on the mysterious Full Moons. All Terry really knows about them is what little Brandon had told him about. He only caught even a glimpse of the fight so he is mostly going into this blind when it comes to knowing the style of his opponents. Honestly, he wouldn't want it any other way. It makes things more exciting.

"Almost time huh? OUKEI!" he says as he claps his hands and rubs them together. He has to get ready and in the zone. Then the announcer. "Laaaaaaaaaaaaadies and gentlemen it is FIGHT TIME! Introducing first....from Southtown. The team captain of the Hungry Wolves....TERRRRRRRRRRRRY BOOOOOOGAAAAARRRRRD!"

Terry steps forward and gives a stretch as he glances about then raises a hand to the applause of the crowd. What was it Brandon said this Eliza person was? A vampire. Terry supposes he is going to find out if that is true or not very soon.

While she might share such found memories of this particular locale, Eliza doesn't seem too concerned with the location. She has heard of the infamous rep that this particular area has, but when you're a particularly powerful Vampiress, things just dont seem to really bother you! Felicia made sure to put Eliza out first, as the woman had a bad tendency to...well, fall asleep before her turn came in the fight. The announcer then turns towards the rather suggestively dressed woman. "Terry's opponent tonight..." He pauses for effect, "From parts unknown, and a unique fighting style! Is the mysterious, the voluptious, ELIZA!

With a sleeply look to her face, Eliza slowly walks out. Her hand slowly rising up and giving a half-assed wave, as it then moves to cover a yawn from her scarlet lips. "He..." Another yawn leaves her, "Hello Everyone!" She tries to sound excited. Her eyes lid a bit, as she gazes at Terry for a moment. "That's..." She slightly falls forward, "That's my opponent?" She asks, lazily pointing towards what appears to be a trucker.

In the fighting world Terry can come off as looking rather plain. He is just any guy you may run into the streets and such. Then again this is Southtown and it is perhaps the one place the Lone Wolf can't really just casually walk the streets without being noticed. "Hey there." he says and raises a hand to Eliza. He does raise a brow at the question and he looks around. Not like there is anyone else standing around him and even the announcer is just nodding to the vampire.

"Hope we can have a good fight, yeah? Heard you are tough stuff so this should be fun." He says while giving a roll of his shoulders and a crack of his knuckles before raising his fists up and he gets himself ready for the clash to begin. This could be a tough one, but Rock has his back so hopefully even if the Lone Wolf falls at some point his young friend should be able to come in and take care of things.

Though the absense of Brandon does make him wonder what might be going on there. Probably off doing some digging into what was discussed last time they talked. Or maybe the crowd has kept him from getting through just yet and he is running late to see his team fight. "Are you ready?"

As Terry gives a crack of his knuckles, Eliza slowly leans back to her full stance. She's not overly large, rather, she's quite small compared to the man. This doesn't really seem to bother her too much as she raises her hands up and curls her fingers into a claw like look.

"Im ready when you are, darling..." She says and gives Terry a small wink. Even with her pretty slothful demeanor, Terry might feel the weight of her presence. Those red eyes are like a predator that has caught sight of some prey. It almost seems otherworldly compared to most other, but then she is a Darkstalker and not like normal people.

Unlike Terry, Eliza doesn't seem to have done any of her own homework. She doesn't feel the need to, as these are just regular humans. To her, they are but cattle...or sometimes pets for her enjoyment and do not warrant such concern. Will Terry teach her that this isn't the way she should be dealing with these fighters?

COMBATSYS: Eliza has started a fight here on the left meter side.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Eliza            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Terry has wandered into the fight here on the right meter side.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Eliza            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Terry

Is this how vampires act all the time? Not like Terry would know, but she doesn't seem to be taking things too seriously. Maybe it is just her way of trying to throw Terry off his game. "Well, if you insist." He waits just a moment longer then the announcer sees both fighters seem ready and raises his hand. "FIGHT!"

Terry takes in a deep breath and he rears back. He doesn't look to close the distance between himself and Eliza, but instead he keeps his footing and he crouches downward as he keeps his hand reared back. The energy he weilds crackling to life around his fist as he brings it downwards and slams it into the ground. "POWER WAVE!"

The energy tears through the ground on impact, leaving Terry's fist and hurtling right towards Eliza.

COMBATSYS: Terry successfully hits Eliza with Power Wave.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Eliza            0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0            Terry


Eliza looks up at Terry as he roars out the name of his attack, "That's a bit corn..." She's unable to finish her statement, as an energy wave races along the ground! This was a bit awkward for the Vampiress, as she didn't expect to have something like this tossed at her! She attempts to raise her arms up in defense, but is unable to do so in time. The wave blasts over her form, and causes her to fall backwards. She slams into the ground quite hard, to the audience going nuts over the sudden escalation of violence in the match! Indeed, what a flashy way to start off the bout!

Rolling back around, Eliza stays close to the ground and slowly looks up at Terry. That gaze narrows a bit as she glares at the man. "That was rude..." She comments, pushing back up to stand. Wiping her thumb along her lips, the Vampiress begins to smile again. "Well, atleast we know how the match needs to be played..."

It's at this moment that one can hear the quick clacking of her heels, as Eliza quickly closes the distance between Terry and herself. Leaning low, she moves in close and slowly brings her arm close to her body. "Moonrise!" She calls out as she uppercuts at Bogard, similar in the fashion that he called out his attack's name!

COMBATSYS: Terry blocks Eliza's Moonrise.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Eliza            0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0            Terry

Terry straightens back up and he watches Eliza. He does give a raise of the brow when he is told what he did is rude. "Rude? You told me you were ready." Did he not hear her right? It is a bit too late to apologize at this point anyways and Eliza seems to at least be a bit more awake now as she comes in quickly to close the gap between the two fighters.

As that uppercut is delivered, Terry turns a bit to lean into it. Letting it hit more on the arm and glancing off instead of hitting Terry on the chin as it was probably intended. "Strong too. I can see why Brandon was a bit antsy now." He says with a bit of a chuckle. "Give it your best. I know I will be."

And while she is in close he looks to grasp that arm that she was using for the uppercut and get a grip. He would then pivot on a foot and give a rather simple judo throw to toss her away and put distance between the two once more.

COMBATSYS: Eliza blocks Terry's Medium Throw.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Eliza            0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0            Terry

Eliza weighs next to nothing for Terry, given how strong he is! The Vampiress is lifted into the air and over the man's shoulder, and is tossed some distance away from him. However, in the last moment's of the throw, Eliza was able to grip his wrist long enough so that the full power of the toss was stunted. This in turn allowed her to turn slightly in air, just enough so that she would be able to skid her heals into the blacktop. There is a slightly loud squealing, as her red heels just scrap against the concrete. She even has to bring her hand down, just to slow the momentum down so she didn't slide into any cars!

"Ooh...such a strong man..." She breathed out, and grinned up at him. "Ill make sure not to take it easy on you!"

The Vampiress had to keep on top of Terry, she had to try and keep him off balance. This is where he size pays off, she doesn't have all that muscle to carry around. Unlike Terry, she had her dark powers to fuel her strength, not tiring mortal flesh!

Darting forward, Eliza aimed a nasty jab aimed at Terry's stomach. Was she copping a feel? Or was she looking to try and wind Terry with a rather dirty attack??

COMBATSYS: Terry endures Eliza's Medium Punch.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Eliza            0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0            Terry

If anything the toss did what Terry wanted which was put some distance between himself and the vampire. She is quick and he will have to be careful not to let her run circles around him. All he can hope is to unleash a few surprises of his own. "Good. That-"

He trails off because that quickness of Eliza is shown once more. The distance he created quickly vanishes and she comes in with what seems like a simple punch. Something he could have even probably avoided or at least stopped. Instead she lands it perfectly and it pushes Terry back a bit, but even through the pain he manages another grin. He looks to lift a knee to plant it right into Eliza and pushing off his other foot to send both upwards and forwards.

As they go into the air he pulls the knee away and he quickly looks to toss Eliza straight back down onto the ground and land in a crouch next to her.

COMBATSYS: Terry successfully hits Eliza with Grasping Upper EX.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Eliza            0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0            Terry

Eliza had made an incredibly foolish move, exposing herself like she did. Terry was no slouch it seemed, and was able to completely turn her own momentum against her. Lifting her off the ground was easy for him, and his follow up sent her flying into the concrete once again. Her body just slamming into the ground, and causing her to breathe out a silent cry of pain! That hurt, that much is for sure!

To even make things more embaressing for her, Terry landed right next to her. Leaving her in a very awkward position, to where he was close enough to do some real damage or in a position to run if he suspected something nasty for Eliza to follow up with.

Regardless, the Vampiress continued to try and keep her momentum. Rolling away as fast as she could *Considering she was still a bit reeling from Terry's nasty throw* Eliza was able to force herself back onto her feet. Leaping into the air, Eliza flashed her fangs as she attempted to come down on Terry!

COMBATSYS: Terry blocks Eliza's Bloody Bite.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Eliza            1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1            Terry

Terry lands nearby, but he doesn't get enough time to follow up the attack and keep the pressure on Eliza. She manages to get moving and if anything catches Terry by surprise as she comes right at him with mouth wide open. Oh those are fangs.....those are nasty looking fangs at that.

Terry takes a step back and he takes a deep breath. Oh he knows this is going to hurt, but he brings up his left arm to where he feels her fangs sink into his skin. Yeah, that fucking hurts like hell and Terry is gritting his teeth and trying to keep his wits about him. She is close so now is the time to strike. He is just going to have to keep hoping she exposes herself like this.

%"Hnnburnnnn." he says through the clenched teeth as he rears back with his free hand. It ignites with energy once again and he looks to just slam his fist right into the vampire's stomach. "KNUCKLE!"

COMBATSYS: Terry successfully hits Eliza with Burn Knuckle EX.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Eliza            1/----===/=======|=======\=------\1            Terry

The Burn Knuckle slams right into the woman's gut, causing her to clench her fangs even harder at first. Then she lets go and falls to her knees, coughing up blood all the while. Who's blood is it? Her's or Terry's? Who knows, it's most likely a combination of the two. The scarlet liquid now just dribbles down the sides of her mouth, and she just begins to smile up at Terry. After that brutal attack, she manages to smile!?

"Thanks for the bite. I needed that..." Rising to her feet, she wipes her thumb across her mouth and just snickers to herself. It was almost as if...she allowed Terry to nail her with that deadly attack. Swaying from side to side, it almost seems like she's about to faint. Needless to say, it might have been the strategic choice but it didn't come without a hefty price! A price that Eliza was willing to pay, as she quickly made use of her swaying motion to dart right at Terry again! Leaning her hands down, she swiped them up and what followed was a deadly wave of dark energy.

COMBATSYS: Terry dodges Eliza's Dark Wave.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Eliza            1/---====/=======|=======\=------\1            Terry

The bite is finally released and Terry's arm isn't in the best of shape. Blood is still dripping from it and well the fight is starting to get a bit messy. As for whose blood that is being coughed up? Terry finds it better not to think about it, but has a good guess it is more than likely his own given he was just a snack for Eliza there moments ago.

"I.....try to oblige." he tries to make light of it, but Terry knows damn well he needs to be on his guard. Next time it could be his neck that feels those fangs and he might be finished. He just has to stay focused and not let her throw him off his game. Then again her movements are hard to follow at times and he isn't fully sure what she is doing as she sways about.

Instincts kick in when she suddenly darts forward. Terry hops back at first then when he sees that energy being released he dives to the siden and lands in a roll and quickly comes back to his feet. This time he doesn't have a good chance to deliver a quick strike to surprise the vampire. She sees him coming this time and he rears back and looks to just deliver a more mundane punch as a right cross. It might not take her down, but it is more just keeping her on her toes.

COMBATSYS: Eliza blocks Terry's Medium Punch.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Eliza            1/---====/=======|=======\==-----\1            Terry

Eliza raises her arm up and knocks the punch to the side, though it wasn't completely enough to toss his strike completely off center. He is able to nail her right in the shoulder, causing her to flinch a bit as she attempts to stay inside his defenses as best as possible. Her face grimaces a bit, but it wasn't as bad a hit as Burn Knuckle was.

"You're quite the impressive fighter, I must say." She comments on Terry's ability to fight. "However, you're just a mortal!" She states, and begins to laugh drowzily to herself. Though it may be just a bluff as Eliza isn't looking too good at the moment. Hopefully it might throw him off a bit, atleast enough for the woman to double down on Terry with what she has left.

Bringing her arm back, she flings her fist forward in a clawed punch!

COMBATSYS: Terry blocks Eliza's Bloody Claw.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Eliza            1/-======/=======|=======\===----\1            Terry

"I try my best." he says and manages even something of a weak smile. How dangerous Eliza truely is he isn't sure and what she might try to do to Terry if she manages to knock him out? Well he rather not think of that. "And well....we can be full of surpris-"

Well he was going to talk about surprises, and he is given one with the sudden swing from Eliza. He has little time to do much than raise his arms to take the brunt of the hit and there is enough force behind it he skids back on his sneakers across the ground. "Right.....I suppose enough talking." If anything her trying to get him to talk might just be another attempt at getting him distracted.

He takes a deep breath and starts to draw on all his energy as he takes a step back. His brow furrows and his fist erupts with energy once more as he gathers as much energy as he can and he slams his fist into the ground once more. Unlike the smaller blast Eliza dealt with before this one is a barrage three large blasts that go off all around her. "HAAAAAAAAAH!"

COMBATSYS: Eliza overcomes Trinity Geyser from Terry with Dark Wave Chaos.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Eliza            0/-------/-======|=------\-------\0            Terry

Eliza watches as Terry begins to gather his own power like before, this time was different though. Eliza chose this moment to unleash her own rush of power. Dark energy flows over her form and flowing from her body is a brilliant cascade of multicolored flames. These flames taking the form of tiny bats the flitter away from her body, and disappear moments after that.

Instead of aiming her own energy attack at Terry, she instead uses it to quell the geysers of power that erupt about her form. She grits her teeth, having to bring forth as much power as possible to make sure she can properly subdue Terry's Trinity Geyser. This draws all her attention away from him!

COMBATSYS: Eliza successfully hits Terry with Dark Wave Chaos.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Eliza            0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0            Terry

Just fighting the vampire Terry has come to realize why he has some good control of his own energy to produce some heavy hitting attacks, Eliza just seems like a natural with the way she fights and how even a simple punch carries traces of her energy in it. That is why he should have perhaps thought better in unleashing the trio of blasts.

And even if she is looking to just subdue the blast she seems to have easily kept herself from being overtaken by the powerful blast, but her own unleashed energy makes it through and slams into Terry and sends him staggering back and almost falling right over. "Damn...."

He is quick to shake off the effects and he starts forward. He is starting to feel a bit run down, but she is standing and the more Terry thinks about it the more he rather not have Rock deal with the vampire. He breaks into a quick run and then leaps forward as he swings his foot about to kick Eliza right in the face.

COMBATSYS: Eliza dodges Terry's Strong Kick.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Eliza            0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0            Terry

The world is moving in slow motion for Eliza, her gaze has now becomes a cold stare and it is locked on Terry. She's able to completely watch the man leap at her with a nasty kick, but she literally dashes out of it's way. If Terry was quick enough, he might have noticed that she didn't dodge by moving, but rather by lifting off the ground and -flying- back.

It's at this moment that the Vampiress needed to capitalize on her opponent. Reaching her hands forward, she attempts to grasp at his still outstretched leg. Then if she is able, she quickly gives Terry a quick spin and follows it into a toss. She does it in a manner that will aim the man at a car!

COMBATSYS: Terry endures Eliza's Medium Throw.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Eliza            0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0            Terry

A bit too slow. Maybe it is because Terry was thinking the Eliza was starting to get run down too, but not enough in this case. His foot finds nothing in place of where Eliza stood and before he knows it that extended leg is grabbed onto. Smaller the vampire may be, but he strength is good enough to get Terry swung about and flung into the direction of the parking lot.

Terry at least seems to think fast and twists about. He slams hard into the card, but he at least braced himself enough against impact for it not to hurt as bad. That and well the car gets away with a decent sized dent instead of being possibly demolished. Hopefully it belongs to one of the regulars. They are at least used to this sort of thing.

"Careful with the property damage there." he manages to say and he shakes off the soreness. He has to keep going here. Then he dashes forward. He goes to deliver a hard elbow to the torso of Eliza to knock her off balance and then deliver a second blow which will unleash a burst of energy to knock her away.

COMBATSYS: Eliza blocks Terry's Overshoot Geyser.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Eliza            1/------=/=======|=------\-------\0            Terry

Raising her knee up and bringing her elbow down, Eliza is able to catch Terry's elbow between them. Her chest may be helping her there, but what pervert would be thinking of that?


That's right, no one is! Regardless, the Vampiress just glares at the mortal as she presumes to suggest anything to her at this moment. "Ill do as I please, mortal." These words are cold and direct, something that would lurk in the nightmares of humans. Though Terry is correct, as the woman is quickly losing that dark aura about her form. Still, she is still engulfed in this dark energy that flows off of her like a brilliant fire.

Gathering what was left of her waning power, she uses her favorite move. She moves quicker than the eye can follow, and it's even worse as Terry is now so close that it's nearly impossible to escape her deadly combo! Punches and kicks are tossed at Terry, faster and faster she moves, making sure to lay into Terry as much as possible before she runs out of power!

COMBATSYS: Terry just-defends Eliza's Phantom Rave!

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Eliza            0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0            Terry

His punch is caught and then he gets the response that he does not like at all. Terry is a good sport and he can understand sometimes property damage happens. He also doesn't even really care being called a mortal even if Eliza is using it in an insulting manner. He also dislikes people that feel they can do what they want on whim. Just even that cold delivery of it all just doesn't sit well with the Lone Wolf.

It might have also been the wrong thing to say to him because right now it looks like she lit a fire in him. Even this close she would think him easy prey, but as she starts to unleash those flurry of blows Terry seems to be a step ahead of her and seems to be either avoiding or deflecting each one with ease as he just stares at her with a determined look. He wasn't playing to begin with, but it is a rare moment. Terry is not a happy man and Eliza might be in for some trouble.

He lets the vampire wear herself out and when he feels he sees the opening he goes for it. He jumps forward and twists about in the air. He looks to deliver a downward kick that aims to drive the heel of his sneaker right onto the top of the head of Eliza. "CRACK SHOOT!"

COMBATSYS: Eliza endures Terry's Crack Shoot.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Eliza            0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0            Terry

Eliza is smashed right on the top of her skull, causing her to smash straight down into the ground. He jaws crashing into the concrete with a sickly thud! For a moment, the woman just sits there for a moment. Her eyes lidding and her body going a bit limp from the sheer amount of power that Terry had in his attacks. That, and she had drank too deeply of her own dark power which left her with little reserves.

However, there was still a spark of life *read unlife* left in her. Quickly mustering what she could, she pushed herself up from the ground. "I..." She stated in a completely exhausted tone, "I wont go down so easy..." Leaning back, she tosses a weak jab at Terry.

COMBATSYS: Terry barely endures Eliza's Jab Punch.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Eliza            0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0            Terry

The adrenaline rush is going, but Terry probably isn't going to last much longer himself in dealing with the vampire. But it seems despite all the power she has he may just be outlasting her somehow. "I didn't expect you to." he murmurs and just steps right into the punch being delivered just so he can keep her from getting away from him and pressing the attack.

"Don't care if you are really a vampire or what not. Do what you please? Not while I am around." He looks grap Grab Eliza once more while she is close in and he goes to heft her upwards with what strength he has left and he goes to turn about and just fling her hard back ot the ground. If she wants to keep getting back up he will just try to keep putting her back down onto the ground.

COMBATSYS: Eliza interrupts Buster Throw from Terry with Astral Shot.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Eliza            0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1            Terry

While Terry goes to lecture Eliza with...something? Hey, it's hard to tell what he's saying! He just smashed her head with his foot just a few seconds ago, so cut the Vampiress some slack!

She uses this moment to coordinate a counter-attack. As Terry is about to toss the woman, she quickly brings back her free hand and jabs it thrice into his throat. She ensures that the attack is aimed as best as possible, to maximise the amount of damage it doess. The tactic seems to be a success and allows her to escape the throw!

Pulling back and away from Terry, the Vampiress breathes out and begins to slowly stand back up. Whatever was fueling her earlier, seems to be quickly bringing her back to fighting shape! Remember, she's a vampire and not bound to the rules of mortal frailty!

Those jabs land solidly. THe first one makes him lose his grip. The second has him cough up blood. The third? It was just extra damage and well if the intent was also to shut Terry up more than likely she has managed to do that. Who knows how bad of shape his throat is in but the fact he is still standing and on the wobbly side shows how resilient the Lone Wolf can be.

He is doing his best to stay in the fight, but he looks as if he is about down and out. Still he staggers back a bit then steps forward. It is more of a fall in this time. His fist igniting one more time as he slams it to the ground and unleashes another big blast of energy right towards the vampire. Even afterwards he doesn't get up. He remains kneeled down and just even trying to keep from passing out at this point.

COMBATSYS: Eliza blocks Terry's Power Geyser.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Eliza            0/-------/--=====|-------\-------\0            Terry

Eliza brings her hands up, as Terry launches yet another deadly blast towards her. The energy impacts against her, which she stands up to for but a brief moment before being sent flying back. She skids along the ground when she lands, sliding up and slamming against a car. The alarm going off when she hits it! Using it, the woman slowly wobbles back up to a stand. Hear breathes are ragged, her eyes are glazed over, and she has blood just dribbling down off her chin. Wiping it away, she shoots Terry a smirk. "Ill give you this, mortal. You're one of the toughest opponents I've faced in recent times..."

Pushing off the car, Eliza slowly turns towards Terry. Running at him with what little she can muster at this point, she leaps up and brings down a deadly jump kick at the man!

COMBATSYS: Eliza successfully hits Terry with Majestic Stomp.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Eliza            0/-------/=======|==-----\-------\0            Terry

He can hear some words, but really right now Terry is close to being pretty much out of it at the moment. He hasn't even really moved and it is effort to remain kneeling like he is right now. It is hard to catch his breath and it is hard to tell if he isn't already down and out.

Eliza decides it is best not to take any chances and downwards she comes and lands right on top of Terry to drive him to the ground. He just lays there and it looks like finally the vampire downed the rather defiant Lone Wolf.

Or is it too early to start celebrating and preparing for her next opponent? There is some movement and Then a sudden twisting about as Terry launches himself upwards in a spinning like attack and aimining to put his feet right into the chin of the vampire.

COMBATSYS: Terry can no longer fight.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Eliza            0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Terry successfully hits Eliza with Rising Tackle.

[                             \  <
Eliza            1/----===/=======|

Eliza is unable to defend herself, and is brutally kicked right below her chin. Blood flies out of her mouth, and she is sent into the air almost as if she was flying! It was only a moment until she fell back to the ground in a sickening crash. Her body completely limp, as she lays there unconscious.

COMBATSYS: Eliza takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Eliza can no longer fight.

The first round of the King of Fighters tournament saw a distinct lack of Rock Howard, the boy busy trying to rearrange his schedule at work to accommodate during vacation season. In the end, he got his shifts covered, and thankfully didn't need to travel far for the match.

Old Line, huh?

Rock isn't unfamiliar with the locale, but as seats and standing room on the patio are occupied faster than Terry can say 'BUSTAH WULF', he's left to the mercy of the interior. A few drunks and regulars hang about, and a bartender fighting with the monstrous dishwasher, but the televisions all show a live feed of the action outside, and the young man has parked himself in front of one such screen to watch. He leans forward, and occasionally brushing back his tousled fringe of pale yellow hair, the American scrutinizes the broadcast. Hard. His brows knit together, crimson eyes following from one side to the other. While it is always a pleasure to see his mentor and guardian brawl, the woman earns more of the teen's attention.

Not creepy attention. This is total innocent interest.

Having never seen a Darkstalker before, at least not in the flesh, he's not certain what he thinks. Maybe disappointed, and there's some slowly surfacing revulsion. The moment he becomes aware of its existence, it is sent back to the dark recesses of his mind. Rock's own shady origins have taught him a measure of tolerance and acceptance that perhaps isn't so widespread in this world. To him, Eliza doesn't seem so different from a regular human being, except the kid is certain she's a vampire. Was that just an attempt to bite Terry?! Why can't the fight programs detail these sorts of things!

Eventually, it all comes to a head, both Terry and Eliza down for the count in a double knockout. Jabbed in the arm by an attendant who suddenly appeared at his side as if by magic, the Taiyo High heartthrob is ushered out from the bar and through throngs of spectators. His way down the stairs and past unfortunate collateral damage is unencumbered, stepping out into the light of the parking lot to polite applause, not the cacophonous symphony of cheers that greeted the Hungry Wolf himself. It doesn't really matter. Securing a pair of fingerless leather gloves, he shakes the sleeves of an interesting motorcycle-style jacket of red, black and white. Ready as he'll ever be, Rock bounces from one foot to the other to warm up.

"And now, here to continue this furious bout of fisticuffs, the handsome rookie from Southtown, student of Terry Bogard, and senior at Taiyo High! Rooooockuuuuu Howaaaaa~d!" The announcer's voice booms out over loud speaker, sounding horrendous and obnoxious. He mangles the teenage scion's name, and yet, a weird hush falls over some members of the audience. Do they recognize it? Do they know who Rock is?

Apparently not, as the matter is dismissed as a whole. The last name Howard isn't that uncommon. Likely just an eerie coincidence bearing no relation to the most prolific owner of the surname... Or so they tell themselves. He's come to expect the reaction; never does anyone say a word about his relation to that man.

Of course, the irritating, name-ruining announcer is unaware that anything may be amiss. He carries on with his grating, gossipy chatter, sadly filling in the time it takes for Felicia to show up, "Violet Systems, our sponsor, just introduced the V-Gage Educator to Taiyo only a few short months ago, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. It says that Rocky is a straight-A student, so perhaps he doesn't need the education tool to improve his performance, but what do you think? Rick, the V-Gage Educator can assist in studying, improving your focus and concentration abilities-- Oh, sorry Roxanne, you don't have a microphone to comment." The praise for the corrupt bit is ad infinitum; you'll just have to imagine the rest. I don't want to bother.

It adds insult to injury. Being referred to as Rocky, Rick, or Roxanne is enough to bother him, the broody teen's back almost ramrod straight in obvious disgruntlement, but he finds more to be concerned with regarding V-Gage's presence at his school, recalling the words Brandon imparted on their first meeting. Rock had no idea the fighter data collection tool was so close to him. Without fully investigating the validity of the claims, all he has is a detective's condemnation and the revival of an unsettled feeling in the pit of his stomach. At the least, if Violet Systems expects to duplicate his cursed birthright, the wolf pup won't give them the chance. Together with Terry, the team of three will put an end to things.

He entirely forgets that his opponent is also female, Rock's greatest weakness.

Felicia sort of figured when she hadn't seen Eliza back yet that she'd gone out with a bang--a double KO? A Double D Knockout, more like.

Rock Howard, the handsome blond would soon find himself approached by a rather interesting lady--long waist-length blue hair, sparkling blue cocktail dress--blue opera gloves, heels--her lips ruby red and eye green. She simply walked right up to where Rock was sitting and would sidle up to him, smiling.

"Hey there big spender, you wanna buy me a drink?" her voice was cool and soft, like honey--and her eyes were locked on him. Did Rock recognize Felicia in her 'Violet Girl' form? He might not, of course--a lot of the publicity photos of Felicia were in her more beastial Catwoman mode.

Of course, the cat ears and tail she sports like this might give him a bit of a hint. What did they say about dogs and cats?

"Whaddya say, big boy?"

Uh, fight? Is he the only one who cares about this damn thing? Felicia slides in fashionably late, as is her wont, and rather than acknowledge the situation, she attempts to hustle the Howard scion for a drink. Seriously, a DRINK. Rock is not entirely unaccustomed to being approached by women - he's often accosted by those in his fan club daring enough - but here is something else. More subtle, more awkward, completely inappropriate because they're not even inside the bar. How could he buy her anything, really?

Having been lightly bouncing to get the blood flowing, to make it easier to shift from stationary to throwing his fists in the style of Hakkyokuseiken, a wrench is in the mix. A disruption to his groove. An interloper in his thoughts regarding Violet Systems. Crimson eyes are shock-wide, almost dominating the attractive young man's visage as he nearly leaps away from Felicia at her sudden appearance. It's a step and a hop combined, Rock's face soon flushing red with embarrassment. "Sorry, I--"

Big... boy, ha ha ha.

Consider it admirable how he crushes the urge to facepalm outright, attempting a faint smile that seems uncertain. "I'm only seventeen," Rock manages to say, expressing this earnestly and feeling all too stupid admitting such. Then, not noting the hair or dress or how pretty Felicia is, his gaze lingers on definite ears and tail. A... were-cat? So does that mean, this lady is also a Darkstalker?

Or is she a monster? Demon? Ugh, the world is in disarray!

Dammit, why is he always up against a woman for these things?!

But he does remember some advice imparted to him, that Terry had said when fighting a member of the fairer sex (even if she isn't human), respect is required. Rock Howard shouldn't hold back, because doing so would be incredibly rude.

The teen heartthrob isn't a rude person, and he doesn't recognize her.

"Look, why not--" Whatever it was, his suggestion or otherwise, the American is drowned out. His words are lost, scattered to the winds of obscurity and gone forever.

"About time there, lady!" The announcer barks into his mic, interrupting and shaking a fist somewhere, wherever his podium is located. "Presenting to you, the sexy model and titillating catwoman, Felicia! Hope you don't mind being used as an impromtu scratching post, Lock! Kitty's got claws!" A groan rises from the gathering of spectators, because cracking jokes clearly isn't that obnoxious asshole's forte. "ROUND TWO, BEGIN!"

Pushing back fingers through his roguishly disheveled hair of blonde, temporarily combing away his fringe from his sharp features, Rock drops into a loose stance with his feet shoulder-width apart. Springing slightly as he regains his bearings and tries to set momentum for the brawl, he raises his arms, but keeps both hands open. "Never mind, it wasn't really all that important." The broody kid's thin lips purse together in a frown, the scarlet eyes alert and wary. Ladies first, as the saying goes.

Elsewhere, calling back like years ago, Hulk-sensei is proud.

COMBATSYS: Rock has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rock             0/-------/-------|

"What'sa matter honey? You aren't into girls?" Felicia playfully asks, her tone good-natured enough, a smile still gracing her sleek features. As Rock seems to get wind of her playful ruse however, the gig is apparently up--especially when the announcer begins. She stood there in the middle of the parking lot, hand on her hip and continued to watch Rock as the announcer went on, then signalled to fight. An older male acting as a valet working for Violet Systems (A butler?) approached from a limousine nearby, holding a garment bag.

"Claws? not yet~" she stripped off the gloves, revealing supple and delicate human hands and normal, long red polished fingernails. She bent down to slip off her heels and handed those off to the man with the bag--then with a flourish she pulled the evening gown right off, grabbing it by the front--

The change comes with a flash of light and what sounds like knuckles cracking, skin tearing, joints popping--those delicate and red fingernails of hers (manicure and pedicure courtesy of Lee Chaolan's cheque book) lengthen to ridiculous and obscene pointed sabers, as does those of her feet--arms and legs and chest sprouting white fur.

"I'm more fast on my feet than Eliza," she holds up dainty and slender arm as it EXPLODES out into muscled, sinewy flesh before being covered by white velvet fur--her now bare chest and lower body covered only the barest by strips of fur. Her now enlarged and talon-bearing feet come down hard on the pavement, thudding and clicking as she steps before him.

"Give me your best shot, Blond boy!"

COMBATSYS: Felicia has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Rock             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Felicia

There it is, his sexuality jabbed at. Playful or not, the kid knows better than to rise to the bait and protest. All doing so would earn would be a spiralling conversation that he isn't inclined to start, not with this stranger. Not with anyone, really. Ever. That's /his/ business! Rock sighs, the gentle expulsion of breath slipping past his thin lips and disturbing threads of sun-kissed hair. He wants to fight, but the match doesn't start at the announcer's declaration, delayed by a strip-show that causes the American teen to freeze up and whirl around fast enough that his head throbs. What is even happening! Nothing underneath!

A perfect opportunity to strike while his back is turned passes by, and many inappropriate teenage thoughts are set adrift in his mind. The Howard scion almost completely disregards grotesque popping noises and the sound of flesh tearing, but eventually, the bridge of his nose wrinkles. "That's probably not good..." He mutters softly to himself, curiosity demanding that a look be cast over his shoulder. It's a suspicious, sidelong one. What crimson eyes spy in these moments is enough evidence to firmly declare that Felicia is a were-cat... thing. Rock doesn't know if there's an alternative name for it.

He does know that she needs a long shirt, though. White fur isn't leaving anything to the imagination.

How is his resolve supposed to withstand an assault of this magnitude?

Another scrub of slender digits through his golden hair, mussing it further. At least monstrously enlarged 'paws' and feet are grounding in a way never thought possible, moreso than ears and a tail. The rather shy heartthrob of Taiyo High nods once and steels himself for what's to come. "I wouldn't underestimate me," Rock cautions the Darkstalker before he's in motion.

The air ripples around him, wisps of amethyst chi called to him from the ether. It floats in small motes, wavering, shimmering. Rock throws up his elbow and doesn't lunge or run, but glides on a foot across the asphalt. A blazing trail is left behind in his wake. With his wordless battlecry, the impact will occur at Felicia's sternum. Hopefully she can get the out of the way!

If not, if she's just that unlucky, an arm wreathed in brilliant purple energy presents an open hand. Siphoned into his waiting palm, his chi detonates with a blinding flash. Crude but elegant, the excess erupts from his back in tandem as a single wing, unfurling to reveal all of its primary and secondary flights. Rock's cursed birthright draws appreciative ooos and ahhs from the audience, much to his chagrin.

COMBATSYS: Felicia blocks Rock's Hard Edge.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Rock             0/-------/-------|===----\-------\0          Felicia

The chi projectile thrown at Felicia detonates right in front of her--she puts up her forearms and when the flash of it's explosion has gone--she's still there, holding her arms up, the surfaces of her skin already trying to mend the damage. Her hair is blown back of course, which settled against her as she rights herself, cracking her knuckles again and wringing her arms out.

"Not bad, blond boy--we catwomen can use chi too," she forms a fist, her clawed hands tightening into what would have to be a death grip--then tipped her upper body forward and began to dash at him with blinding speed.

"I've got fur, but these aren't padded!" she hauls off and pulls back her right arm for a right-cross, trying to bring the white-furred fist down on Rock like a sledgehammer. She makes remarkably little noise as she runs, even as heavy as her footfalls seemed earlier--though there is that clicking of those claw-like nails.

COMBATSYS: Rock instinctively blocks Felicia's Medium Punch.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Rock             0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0          Felicia

Denied, but that suits him fine. After all, their match has only just begun.

He didn't want this to be easy, or to outclass his opponent in every way.

Rock's body moves with the kind of assurance that belies his relative inexperience, each action executed smoothly and flowing like water into the next. He's a natural, a talented prodigy. Leaping back in a bound, heavy boots grind pebbles on the asphalt into dust. His arms are instinctively hoisted to defend, pupils narrowed in shrewd appraisal. "I'll bet," says the young man, not contributing much to the banter that is looking to happen here. Felicia's oversized, furry fist plummets like a hammer of the Gods, the white catching the light of a setting sun...

As to be expected, instead of flattened to the pavement, her fuzzy 'paw' ricochets off his forearms, knees bending to absorb the strike to the absolute best of his ability. "You weren't kidding." Rock grunts, the beginnings of a smirk crawling their way across his lips. His fingers are left numb, but after throwing the fist off and slipping to the side, a testing flex sets them to rights.

At least she didn't claw him. What an odd thing for Rock to be relieved about.

Assuming Miss Catwoman remains overextended, even for just a heartbeat, the only son of Geese Howard takes full advantage. He reaches to entangle the limb with his own, foot sliding out to trip Felicia up. Success means she'll be at his mercy, culminating in being dumped on the ground after a hip-toss. A far kinder treatment than a guy might receive -- Kokuusen is usually a shoulder-throw. Rock tries to be a gentleman, in a way.

"The name's Rock, so you know." 'Blonde boy' isn't a moniker he wants sticking to him for any duration of time. Shaking the aforementioned coloured strands out of his eyes, he eases back into his loose stance once more.

COMBATSYS: Felicia dodges Rock's Kokuusen.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Rock             0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0          Felicia

Felicia however wasn't kidding when she said she was faster on her feet than Eliza--said foot pulling back as Rock tried to sweep it--her leg bending at the knee as she tips back--getting her footing again and this time preparing for a followup to that.

"Rock--we'll see if you live up to that name!" Felicia's hand was raised and her large white furry fingers splayed out--the long red pointed nails extending from her fingertips to absurd lengths--and she raised her entire arm to strike again--her biceps bulging with her own catwoman-based chi!

"When I'm done here you're gonna be all sliced up like paper dolls!" she leapt at him--trying to buzzsaw his face and front off with the nails of both hands!

COMBATSYS: Rock endures Felicia's Scratch Attack.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Rock             0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0          Felicia

'We'll see if you live up to that name!'

What, did she have to earn 'Felicia' or something, assuming that's what she was called for the entirety of her life? He deadpans, "Real names don't work like nicknames, you know." Feh. While Rock is sorely tempted to pinch the bridge of his nose in exasperation, he refrains. It takes a great deal of effort to stay his hand, digits twitching at his side as it draws away.

Left to recover from the wild lurch, the heartthrob of Taiyo High straightens up to his full height. It's not particularly impressive, but taller than the Darkstalker. He fusses as he readjusts the front of his motorcycle-style jacket. If Rock were able to see into the very near future, he'd cast the article aside -- it's about to be ruined.

Getting sliced up and compared to anything as delicate as a paper doll is not high on his priority list, but when the cat-person leaps into the small personal space he managed to find, the disowned heir to the Howard legacy realizes something too late as he retreats back into a bumper: He's in a corner, figuratively. The flash of nails draw his attention like a moth to a flame. With nowhere to go, and unable to erect a hasty guard in this situation, Rock takes it. He endures the claws that rake down his cheek...

Over his collarbone.

Shredding indiscriminately through his leather jacket and the cotton black t-shirt worn underneath.

Bubbling red lines blaze angrily in their wake. The wolf pup's head snaps to Felicia in a manner mechanical, in defiance and resistance. Rolling his shoulders, the coat is shrugged down the length of his arms, folded up quickly and given a regretful sending. Rock pats it before hooking his thumbs through the belt loops of his leather pants. What remains of his top clings to the American kid's pale skin, held in place by a mixture of sweat and blood. "Just not my day, I guess..." he grouses, face smarting at the slightest movement of his jaw.

He should be pissed, but what deserves it? This woman, who doesn't fight like the ethereal Kaede, or Athena? Felicia is true to her 'were-cat' distinction -- she comes at him like an animal, with no grace or preamble. The teen is just too forgiving of the fairer sex, maybe.

Rock's leg snaps out. Rotating his hips suddenly, broadcasting his motions almost ridiculously and inviting retribution, he's gonna try to smash a heavy heel onto at least ONE offending 'paw'. Five broken claw-like nails would certainly put a damper on the plan to cut him to ribbons. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" he grimaces, but shouts out as a way to embolden the hit. It is a yell that would make his mentor proud, not that Terry is paying attention. Bet that hobo dozed off at the first opportunity, if he even woke up after his fight at all.

COMBATSYS: Felicia blocks Rock's Medium Kick.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Rock             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0          Felicia

"Even wolves know better than to stay away from an angry cat!" Felicia grins, her claws tearing part of Rock's leather jacket out--as well as grazing his cheek--drawing blood--despite her gentle upbringing, the splash of red excites her, somehow--and slices next through his jacket and shirt--over his stomach. She growls in animalistic passion as her white-furred hands come away bloody.

"It's not your week, either!" she has but a moment to ready herself as Rock yells and brings his leg up--her forearms softening the blow but she still feels it rattle through her ribcage and the back of her neck--ooh that hurt!

"You've stolen the girl's heart--but I think I can wrap my claws around yours!" she stepped back quickly--before launching into what looked like a sommersaulting leap with her claws extended--from hands and feet, coming down against him!

COMBATSYS: Rock blocks Felicia's Rolling Scratch.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Rock             0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1          Felicia

The fight continues and after being dragged out of the way of the fight and tended to Terry Bogard was finally stirring. He isn't going to do too much other than observe at this point given the beating he took, but he is at least able to get to his feet and watch as his protege takes on the catgirl.

What Terry didn't expect was Duck King bobbing and weaving through the crowd at high speed. "Yo Terry!" he calls out. "Terry!? Where you at, Wolf?"

Terry quirks a brow and he pulls his cap off and waves it in the air to flag down Duck who zeros in on it and finally makes his way through the crowd to where the Lone Wolf stands. He just quickly shoves his phone into Terry's face. "We got problems."

"What are you...." Terry trails off when he finally sees what Duck is in such a panic about. He looks at the picture for a few long moments then steps away. "Duck, stay here and keep an eye on Rock. Let him know what is going on once the fight is over." The adrenaline is kicking in and Terry is finding himself able to move better. For how long remains to be seen. Hopefully his body doesn't tire out before he makes it to the hotel to see how his team mate is doing.

With cause to pause, he has to wonder. Is she getting this wolf thing from the team name, or is it Terry's nickname? The Legendary Wolf, the Hungry Wolf... Rock is only called a wolf pup because he's the man's student.

Life is hard, always spent in the shadow of another.


As the fight is being broadcast, suddenly the number of younger female viewership has skyrocketed. Anywhere from the age of 15 all the way to 25, these ladies are tuning in... And this includes the rabid Rock Howard fan club of Taiyo High. Membership is restricted to those currently in attendance, and as one, upon a camera close-up of the teen scion's face, they howl with indignation. Cries of 'how dare she?!' and threats against Felicia's person are quick to follow.

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the were-cat seems to be excited by the American boy's blood on her 'claws'.


Even though the windmilling kick to break those hurtin' nails sees little results, it visibly rattles his opponent. Perhaps Rock will be granted the opening that he needs to rush in, or else...

Nah, a whirl incoming!

Crimson eyes widen at the somersault-leap, and he presses forward into the flurry of limbs, bare arms receiving the brunt of the attack and all of the scratches that come with it. More bloody reminders of the fight, but what was Rock to do? Have his face torn off, which she seems so intent on doing?

Rock gnashes rows of pearly white teeth together, lines of tension rippling along his jaw and cheeks. This causes cat-scratches to smart just that little bit more, but it's nothing he can't handle. "I think I'll pass, thanks." He hisses out, in response to the comment about wrapping her massive 'paws' around his heart. Presumably, he doesn't throw Felicia off of him so much as he pushes her back. Each shoulder is given a testing rotation to ensure that his movements won't be hindered by sudden spasms, or maybe a surprise poison effect...

The results are satisfactory.

The blonde heartthrob cuts through the air with his bleeding appendage, amethyst chi racing to reach his fingertips as a sudden burst tears through the concrete at his feet, leaving a deep fissure in the ground. He ushers it off by slashing upwards, accompanied by the notifying yell of his attack! "REPPUKEN!" A rip-roaring crescent cleaves its way across the parking lot, the asphalt scorched in its wake. It chases Felicia down, as though it were sentient, intending on following her to the ends of the earth, if it must.

Or into a car. Whatever works.

The hush falls over the audience a second time. Wasn't that... Geese Howard's attack? Rock's heritage is again called into question, some buzzing with theories, but the announcer calls attention to something else entirely, "Hey, Terry Bogard, where are you going?!" Whoops, forget it, the Wild Wolf is totes gone.

Unknowing that Duck is there for support, at least, Rock feels alone, frowning, wondering just what happened... And if it's to do with Brandon, maybe? Is someone in trouble?

"More than just a pretty face?!" Felicia snarls as she comes out of that somersaulting roll at Rock, she's pushed back, her large clawed feet winding up slapping against the pavement and she is off balance--but merely lets her knees bend back and puts her hands down to stop herself--and backflips neatly to absorb the momentum and leave her standing again, throwing that large head of hair back.

And then the crescent of pure chi energy began rocketing toward her.

Felicia is admittedly actually a bit of a low-level Darkstalker--she's not like Talbain, definitely not Jedah--hell, not even on Anakaris's level. But right now she had no fear, not of the male's heart throb good looks or his obviously superior chi manipulation.

"Even grizzly bears know not to mess with an angry cat!" Felicia's pupils became black slits against her green eyes--lips drawn back revealing her fangs in a beastial snarl. She pulled her right fist back like a jackhammer, her own chi surging into her arm as the muscles pulsed and she formed a chi projectile of her own to counter it--a reddish glowing ball which she then hurled directly into the crescent--trying to cut through it AND impact with Rock. Her clawed toes flexed and dug into the pavement of the parking lot as her knees bent and she jumped after it--her right hand pulled back for another followup swipe to burst the 'ball'.

COMBATSYS: Felicia overcomes Reppuken from Rock with ES Cat Spike.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Rock             0/-------/--=====|-------\-------\0          Felicia

COMBATSYS: Rock fails to slow ES Cat Spike from Felicia with Thrown Object.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Rock             0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0          Felicia

Lady, if you thought Rock was here just because he looks half-decent, you were under the wrong impression from the start.

Or maybe not.


The ability to control his cursed birthright was beaten into him at a young age, but that experience can be overcome, at times. Times like now. Mastery does not guarantee that luck will be on his side, and it certainly isn't today. Gobbling up what space lies between them at a rapid pace, in a heartbeat, the wild arc of energy is lost. Vanquished by a larger glowing ball that rends it asunder. The crescent explodes harmlessly into motes on contact, tinted with the faintest hints of cerulean before evaporating into the air. Rock steels himself, as well as his resolve, confronted with the barely-covered Darkstalker who might be considered low-level, but poses a threat nonetheless.

Speaking of steel, a handy-dandy trash bin is there, right within an arm's reach. Grasping the can's handle almost by reflex, finding it to be a helluva lot lighter than expected, Rock commits to action at the same moment he realizes his folly. It won't be enough. His blonde hair whipped by the wind as he spins to toss, the entire thing and its contents are sent on a crash-collision course with the sphere before Felicia can jump in. That means garbage everywhere! It smells rank, probably just like the unwashed masses employed by Violet Systems.

The two attacks meet in a shrieking introduction, as the bin is cleaved easily in twain. If the lid and some of the rotting contents managed to escape destruction there, it is only to find the end elsewhere, fallen and left for scrap. "Tch." Rock Howard, disowned son of Geese Howard and student to the Legendary Where The Heck Are You Going Wild Wolf, clicks his tongue off the backs of his teeth. His blood boils as it demands release, to be put on display to wreak havoc.

It should've been used in the first place.

But that's the one thing he won't give Violet Systems the pleasure of duplicating.

Believe it or not, everything that happened takes literally a matter of seconds, from Reppuken to this instant. Left so open that Rock might as well roll out the red carpet and set a goddamn table for Felicia for dinner, not only does the glowing orb hit him in the chest, the were-cat's hand swiping through it causes the thing to burst. Chi without fire properties doesn't cauterize the still weeping wounds against his skin -- instead, it causes them to stab painfully and open wider. Slamming back onto the hood of the car some few feet behind him, the American teen isn't about to stay prone for long. He ain't that hurt, only disappointed in his misjudgment.

Rock combs only a slightly sweat-soaked fringe out of his deep scarlet eyes, exhaling a breath that he wasn't aware had been held. "I think a grizzly bear would probably just stomp on an angry cat, to be honest," he mutters to himself. It's not meant for the blue-haired woman, but if she hears him, such is life. He starts propping himself up on his elbows, wondering if this is really receiving his all. Am I still holding back, the Howard scion can't help but ask of his own conscience.

While Terry might be gone, Rock at least notices a familiar face is in the crowd and well....Duck King is good at being loud. "Yo! Rock! You can do it, kid!" Then there is a little peeping noise. "P-chan says he believes in you!" So it is probably not the cheerleader that Rock wants there is at least someone there on his team to have his back.

Of course Duck wasn't here to begin with which also just might prove Rock's thoughts are true that something must have happened with Brandon. Terry isn't one to just up and run off like that anyways to begin with and Duck King was supposed to be busy at his club to where he wouldn't be at this fight in person since he was not going to compete.

"Don't worry about Terry and focus on things! I'll let you know what is going on after you beat that crazy cat!"

"Nnngah!" Felicia sails into the air, her own chi projectile cutting through the crescent of Rock's--getting pushed back by it--before finally surging forward as if it was a cell breaking through a membrane wall. Felicia's hand comes up behind it just as it reaches Rock's chest and her claws 'detonate' it, exploding and causing him to smash back against the car. The slit-pupiled eyes of the Catwoman are still watching Terry as she rebounds off the roof of the car, her large fur-clad feet digging into the fibreglass chassis. She lands with with her clawed hands up in front of her face, ready.

"If you just wanted to buy me dinner you could have skipped this, you know," Felicia sneers at Rock, breathing heavy. At Duck King's cheering from the sidelines, Felicia takes notice.

"Ah yes--Duck, that seems like a good choice for a main course tonight, it's like turkey that's already deep-fried itself!"

Sensing an opportunity with the battered opponent, Felicia stalks toward agaim again--drawing back her right fist for another jackhammer punch--trying to apparently smash Rock's head back into the roof and window of that car he impacted earlier!

COMBATSYS: Rock counters Strong Punch from Felicia with Joudan Crack Counter EX.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Rock             0/-------/=======|=======\=------\1          Felicia

Oho, that's nice. Duck is finally acknowledged. Hearing his shouts eclipsing that of the crowd, jeering or cheering as their whims dictate, the broody kid hoists a thumbs up to show the message was received. You bet he'll be on Terry's heels after this is all over...

Provided that he's not put in traction by someone who wants to smash his skull, first. Who would do such a thing?

It's not like an ice age passes, but Felicia is certainly able to rebound off the roof of the vehicle and land entirely at her leisure, without retaliation. He steals a minute to sit, the hood dented by his thin frame, concave where he rests. Sucks to be the owner, hope he's compensated for this. Blinking at the eventual cajoling, Rock is confused as to the point of the words. Flirting, or hostile flirting, happens to be entirely lost on him. Is her purpose to convince, demand, or reprimand? Hard to say, women are weird, and one misstep could bring his sexuality again under scrutiny.

The single thing he does understand in all of this, her behaviour is giving him whiplash. She's really not taking this seriously. Rock doesn't have the right to protest when he himself may not have been putting his best foot forward, but it bothers him. He feels as though he's being looked down upon.

Another minute passes, to reflect on Kaede and Athena, how they both threw themselves wholeheartedly into battle. There was sincerity and commitment, not uneven ground peppered with remarks that embarrass or annoy him. Rock can't exactly decide. Why can't all members of the fairer sex be more straight-forward?

The teenage scion, heir to ability but not legacy, scrubs a hand back through his tousled mop. "Sorry, but there wasn't any way to just skip this. This is the King of Fighters tournament. If all you wanted was a free meal..."

"Then why did you enter?"

Felicia stalks right up to the car, her way unencumbered, and Rock levels the were-cat with a hard, determined gaze. He's participating for a reason. Blood drips from the harsh line of his jaw to his lap, slipping off the leather of his trousers as though it were made of Teflon. Those who fight flippantly will only get hurt, as much as he'd prefer NOT to injure the Darkstalker.

At last, the cat's almost comically oversized fist weighs down like a vertical battering ram. Intent on pounding him into paste with one blow, it hurtles through a lingering afterimage of the heartthrob of Taiyo High. Strange. She might hit the hood of the car, or pull her punch just before impact.

Rock Howard moves faster than the eye can follow. Unwilling to let such a strike go unanswered, capitalizing on any and all puzzlement, he launches into a brutal counterattack of his own, perhaps fuelled by a temporary fury. A hand brushes against the furry white knuckles, only slight pressure applied to use as a springboard, and then he twists over in a front flip. Leg extended, what could have been a nasty heel-drop delivered post-haste to Felicia's crown is instead redirected towards her shoulder. But all of the American boy's 154 pounds come with him with great force, and it's likely crushing.

Please don't cry, he inwardly begs. When it's said and done, his hand is thrust out in a non-threatening gesture, to help the blue-haired woman to her feet. Only if she wants to rely on him, of course. Rock looks appropriately apologetic, even about to say so, but respectfully withholding it.

"Augh!" Felicia's jaw drops and tongue actually sticks out as the heel drop comes down--her fist smashing into the car's roof and shattering the window on that side--her fist making a large depression where it had sunk into the chassis. The weight of Rock's foot and body as it comes down against her head and then finally her spinal column--there is a grotesque popping noise as /something/ happens to her spine and she staggers back.

"Agh--fuck--" Felicia's head is craned down at an odd angle and there is blood dripping from her chin--she bite down full force on her tongue when her jaw clenched, after part of her vertebra were reduced to powder. She doesn't seem to be able to move her head or neck at first--a few more soft pops as she reaches up and comically grabs the side of her head and WRENCHES it upward--more sickly crunching and popping noise as her head is righted again--and she screams--hard enough to shatter the rest of the windows on the car.

Felicia's entire body shivers and she works her head right and left--able to move it again as her Catwoman regeneration kicks back in--and she's snarling, and looking directly at Rock with murder in her eyes. Her entire body is wreathed in chi energy as joints pop--the energy causing her to shimmer in a myriad of rainbow colors.

She then hunches over to nearly all fours and begins spinning in a ball--going almost too fast to see, directly toward him--coming out of it and unleashing a flurry of punches and kicks!

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Rock with Dancing Flash.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Rock             1/----===/=======|==-----\-------\0          Felicia

See, this is what happens when you fight a girl in earnest. They go crazy.

Something something, bonkers.

Terry, your advice has failed him.

Rock carries on. He isn't exactly okay with the outcome, not that he was under any misguided impression that she'd leap up and claim that all was well, but the displeased pit he's left with is lessened somewhat by the grotesque popping of joints realigning. How the catwoman bizarrely sets her head to rights. Maybe she's able to heal herself - a middling thought of comfort - or perhaps her body is such that fracturing bones and dislocating shoulders is nigh impossible. The American teen doesn't know. Darkstalkers may look like humans, but they're not. For all he's come to understand about them, they could have two hearts, one lung, eleven stomac-- I'll stop, I promise. The point is, he felt awful, now not as much.

The were-cat doesn't reject his chivalrous offer, once all twitching, swearing, screaming, and shuddering has ceased, every noise fading away and replaced with deafening quiet... No, Felicia flat-out ignores his outstretched hand, or possibly regards it as a smarmy show of arrogance. It wasn't. Rock is at a loss. His first urge was to make amends...

But the blue-haired woman won't have it.

Her next actions are enough that Rock is visibly taken aback. The air shifts, the intent radiating off the barely-covered cat-fatale changes. His forehead wrinkled with concern relaxes and both eyebrows hike up to disappear beneath his fringe of flaxen hair. Thin lips pursed tightly together, using the inside of his stinging cheek to bite back any words of regret, now form a distinct 'O' of shock. Geese Howard's only son allows his arm to drop as if in slow motion, staring with his crimson eyes.

The atmosphere has become so murderous that he starts. It's like the catgirl's palpable rage brushes against his senses.

Rock, bridge of his nose scrunched, has comprehension dawn upon him. He realizes that something is wrong. Justified though the anger would be, given attempts to de-escalate the situation, such severe reactions that have caused this otherwise flippant individual to dissolve into feral savagery seem highly exaggerated. Unnatural.

Or she's crazy--

Ugh, the wolf pup doesn't have time for all this goddamn meta!

Like a mangy alleycat, Felicia goes from a snarling, presumably high-backed position to a roll. A quick one. The spinning ball of woman and fur is in his face at the same moment he can gather his wits to defend. It pushes him back on the asphalt. Intent on matching the flurry, or deflecting it as much as he can, one well-placed kick to his midsection literally pushes all of the breath from his lungs. They ache, but the pain can't compare to the sheer number of welts left behind from hits that pulverize him. After it feels as though every inch has been bruised and battered, an instant. Rock gasps greedily for oxygen in the seconds she relents.

Bad move.

Here's one he learned from the Legendary Wolf. Wobbling upright, broad, dusty shoulders trembling with the effort, that gloved hand once peacefully presented balls into a fist. That fist is hauled all the way back to his ear, whisps of hair fluttering gently. Cocked and ready, red eyes widen to the limit, bright and burning like two vermilion gems in their sockets. "ORYAAAAAAAAAAA!" Rock has just one warning, and that was it. If you're going to strike, the key is not to stop.

The ward of Terry Bogard explodes into sudden motion, as if he were a bullet discharged from a pistol. He practically flies for only a short distance, a starburst of crimson and orange chi erupting around him in a brilliant blaze. Rock commits himself, completely. With his fist thrown out, every fibre of his being is dedicated to burying his knuckles into the crazy kitty's stomach, sparing her pretty visage once again. Perhaps the only way to deal with Felicia by this point... is to knock her right out.

COMBATSYS: Rock successfully hits Felicia with Shine Knuckle EX.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Rock             0/-------/------=|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2          Felicia

"Why won't you die---arghhhh!" Felicia takes the shining knuckle right into her stomach--ribs shatter and organs bloom blood as the catwoman is picked up and hauled into the air--her midsection folding as the attack pushes and buries right up into her torso--blood flying from her lips still as she has all the wind knocked out of her. As she comes down--she tumbles, falling to the ground, more or less, trying to pull herself back up. She vomits blood again, this time pouring onto the sidewalk--before pulling herself back up.

She rushes at Rock again, her claws out--but it looks like she's bleeding still--whether it's externally or internally however, remains hard to tell.

COMBATSYS: Felicia can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Rock             0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Rock with ES Hell Cat.

[                          \\\\  <
Rock             0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Rock takes no action.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Rock             0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Rock keeps on fighting!

[                        \\\\\\  <
Rock             0/-------/---====|

"Why won't you die?!"

It was many moons ago, when a child had shouted those very words himself. A boy the tender age of eight, with hair kissed by the sun crowning his head, and eyes of crimson like his mother.

Tears poured down the rosy red cheeks of the mourning youth, but his wailing shrieks of grief continued unabated, "You didn't care about the pain she was in! Mother-- MOTHER! All she wanted was to see you, but that didn't matter! You wouldn't even help her!"

"Why!" Rock threw himself at the towering man who was dressed as many recognize him to this day in a pristine gi of white and hakama the colour of blood. Both fists raised to strike, to hammer him down, the larger hand of Geese Howard seized the whelp around the wrist. Like a doll, he hoisted his struggling son high into the air. "Let me go! Don't touch me! I hate you! Why didn't you help mother?!" snarling in defiance, the child lashed out with a scrawny leg. His effort saw little in the way of reward; it disturbed just a fold of linen, but nothing else. Remaining impassive and coldly detached, his tormentor looked at him as though he were a discarded handkerchief upon the floor, and the intention was to dispose of it.

Geese's deep baritone eclipsed his disobedient heir, booming with thinly veiled contempt, "Who knew Marie was squirrelling away feral little beasts. What a boy she's raised, all bark and teeth, but no bite."

"Shut up!"

"Interrupt me again and I can't promise that won't be the last time you speak."

After a guttural snarl, with no choice but to heed harsh advice, Rock sealed his lips together tightly, expression contorted and reminiscent of an angry cat. He swung helplessly from his suspended arm.

The brat's predicament caused the man who is rumoured to have single-handedly built Southtown to smirk. Seconds passed and it only grew wider, splitting his aging face. "Death is the only enemy. The first and the last. No one can escape it. You want me to die, boy? Then wait forever or try to kill me with your own two hands!" His fingers clenched, the vice-like grip bearing down on the thin arm trapped in his grasp. Geese Howard's smirk reached its absolute limit, a cruel and wicked crescent, his features lit by sadistic light.


An echoing scream, a star-bright flare of sky cerulean chi, threads of gentle amethyst mixed in throughout. Geese released the small bird's broken wing, allowing Rock to fall away into a heap on his knees.

"Hmph," Geese inspected the specks and particles left behind, one arm folding lazily over the other, "The wretched animal is mine after all." He pivoted smoothly, striding grandly across the tatami to reach an authentic paper sliding door. "Training begins tomorrow. /Don't/ disappoint me." He was gone, and Rock...

Was alone.

So clearly does he recall the cool mat, pressed against his forehead. Short locks of sunshine yellow hair were splayed, a sharp contrast to the tanned tatami. The heir to that bastard's legacy cradled his crushed wrist and wept. He made noises entirely incomprehensible, but all of pain. Every pain that he had suffered with since the passing of Marie Heinlein, and even before. Rock's tears could have drowned him as they tracked endlessly down his face, rolling off his rounded chin to stain the floor.

Gurgling, swaying, once the last of the sniffling had left him an hour later, Rock was a rage of his own. Resentment, fury... It filled him to the point where he threatened to burst; it replaced pain and numbed him; it emboldened him to act despite injury. He would...!

But Rock quickly remembered his powerlessness. His established inability to do anything, at least for now. He glared at the door to the dojo with a wish in his heart, praying that he could bore a hole through it by will alone. That it would knock Geese from his pedestal. The impotence of a child, of that moment, vexed him like nothing else.

The memory fades.

Still in the thrall of the past he is beholden to, the sickening splash of blood on the asphalt reaches the very fringes of his consciousness. As the haze slowly releases him, Rock realizes his arm remains outstretched. Crimson eyes widen in horror while burning wisps of red and orange lick at his heels. Felicia is no longer at the end of his fist, but away, and judging from the puddle, badly injured. This has never happened, this isn't how it--

The catwoman is tenacious, soon advancing like a wrathful titan. Just when he thought of her as being terribly hurt, she delivers a mix of messages. Rock reels in the supposed reality of the situation. He doesn't know what's going on, and does an awful job of defending himself at the same time.

Her 'claws' find purchase against the remnants of his t-shirt, and after a single flying Felicia trip around the Rock, they trade for the flexed muscles of his abdomen. It scrapes and scratches, and even worse is how his torso is wrenched along for the ride, like it could detach to spin freely on its own. At the last airborne twirl, his top is pulled from him completely, skin alabaster and covered with smears and bruises, bearing enough damage that it's a wonder he can stand.

Much of the female Taiyo High population at home faints, probably.

To finish, Rock winds up flung bodily by massive hands at the side of a jeep, with enough force that two of the tires soar up before crashing back down. The whole exterior shudders on impact, windows shatter and shower him with broken glass. It lands in his aggressively disheveled hair, atop his shoulders and the ground. He slides to sit as his legs give out, leaving the dented passenger side door behind. For now, the American teen heartthrob seems out of the fight. His bloody chest rises and falls in a measurable rhythm, and his abdomen looks as though it saw the worst kind of snake-bite.

There is nothingness. No light burned into the backs of his eyelids, lashes stuck together in clumps due to dirt, sweat, and blood. No sound, either. Just peace. Blessed peace. Perhaps a heartbeat later or an eternity, Rock's eyes snap open to deny such a world of tranquility. The scarlet orbs immediately focus, both clear and alert. With a bit of an agonized groan, he moves to use the side of the jeep for support, finding that he still has the energy to continue... A wolf pup that refuses to surrender, displaying much of the tenacity his opponent has already.

Except how's he supposed to fight the were-cat now after hearing the crack of ribs, a thought that dimly registers to him in the back of his mind. "If that didn't stop her, then..." Rock Howard scans the parking lot for Felicia, shambling forward with uncertain footing. What the kid spies is not the blue-haired girl collapsed somewhere, but a medical partition in the midst of being setup by... rather suspicious individuals who don't look anything like local EMS. The long, black limo is parked there, as well. Its front end juts out a little past the unfolding screen.

Announcements declaring the official match results and whatever else (Lee Chaolan butt-kissing) blare on the speakers, that obnoxious guy with the microphone really trying to rev the crowd up. How exciting. Rock's subtle tenor is lost in the cacophonous racket as he asks, "Wait, hang on, shouldn't you be taking her to the hospital...?" Before the frowning young man has the chance to bust down the partition demanding answers, ruffling the glass from his hair, a hand grabs him by at his bicep. The ward of Terry Bogard twists to throw a punch, only to pull it back and gawp at the person who did it. "Duck?!" No, his confused exclamation wasn't a demand.

COMBATSYS: Rock has ended the fight here.

Duck King is quick to move towards Rock once the fight is apparently done. The club owner taking only a moment to just sort of stare in amazement of what just happened before recovering and quickly moving into action. He twists and weaves through the crowd and he sheds the blue jacket he is wearing to hold in one hand and reach out to grasp Rock by the bicep with the other. "Hey kiddo. Problem with your partner. Terry is taking care of it."

He moves to help Rock throw on that jacket which will lead to many disappointed teen girls. "I'll let you know what is going on. Something went down at the hotel that Brandon cat was hanging at." he explains and starts to lead Rock away and through the crowd.

Thankfully his El Camino isn't too far away and Rock is soon helped into the passenger side. Duck quickly slides over the hood and then hops into the driver's side. "You did good. I know Terry will be proud." He could see the way Rock looked there at the end. The poor kid has just dealt with a lot and so Duck does his best to just try to make idle conversation in hopes it is a helpful distraction. The car starts and soon the pair are on their way.

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