The Black Dragon - Black Dragon R2 - Out Like A Lamb

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Description: The Raven Guard is on the trail of the infamous blood-seeking monster Lotus. Offering a poor maiden as bait for the foul creature, it's not clear why they want to keep on the trail. But the encounter in the Hall of Mirrors shows that the Raven Guard will have quite a challenge in capturing the wily monster.

It always had to be clowns.

The Dream Amusement Park had a terrifying history when it came to Darkstalkers. It was here, where the Command Gear Dizzy was hiding. Even now, with the Darkstalkers prowling, it was supposed to be closed. And yet, there were rumors, even before the monsters came. About a clown that would appear at the park, to frighten children with it's laughter... and the flash of a knife. People would complain, and yet, there was no such clown on the payroll. Was it a ghost? A Halloween prank far too late? It was just another reason for no one to go near the park.

So why was the red-haired woman sneaking around here?

She is a short, red haired young lady, with all too pale skin. Freckles pepper her gaunt cheeks, a little nose above thin bloodless lips as she looks with pale eyes of no iris, just black and white. The woman is garbed in the dress of a flower girl, shin-length pink dress that buttons up the front and a red button-up bolero jacket. She wears brown boots and metal bracers on her wrists and around the edges of her jacket sleeves. A thin red scarf of silk is wrapped around her waist in a neat bow. She is clutching a basket of flowers, idly slipping through the darkness of the Amusement Park, right by the hall of mirros. It was dangerous to go alone, even with the Darkstalkers prowling.

And it was impossible to conceal the facade of fear over her face.

A small lady, all alone......

From the hall of mirrors comes a faint melody..... a note or two of some undecipherable singing caught by the wind, then gone again moments later......

The young lady gasps, at the sound of the melody.

Peering into the hall of mirrors, she shivers, adjusting her flower basket as she holds it between her two hands. She approaches the entrance of the hall of mirrors, walking inside. "Hello.... hello? I was... I was lost, and I was looking for a place to hide... there are all these awful monsters...." She squeaks, scrunching herself up nervously. She enters the hall, as distorted reflections between to dance around her. She glances around, with her eyes. It was... so dark in here. She tries to mingle in her basket. Delicately, she turns on a small, LED lamp.

The small, bright light cascades through the mirrors.

Whatever faint trace of the melody there was stops abruptly...... as the light shines through the room, it catches the brief visage of movement, as something very fast dashes across the end of a corridor. A loud *CLAK* can be heard as a wooden mop nearby is knocked over, its wooden handle striking the ground and the sound echoing through corridor.

The woman jumps, at the sound of the clatter.

Her knuckles were white, as she clings to the basket handle. She was turning around, holding the light up, as she peers through the mirrors. Just endless reflections and shapes of herself. "Hello? I'm sorry if I am trespassing. I just... I just need to go somewhere safe. Can you... can you come out?" Her jaw was slack, her body trembling. But her eyes.... her eyes were focusing. Tracking any movement.

Well and deep in the darkness.

There isn't another sound. For some time, as the small lady wanders into the darkened hall, the reflections of light and image play. Movements that may or may not be there occur all around her.
At one point, when peering into a mirror she is passing, there is more than her own reflection, standing RIGHT behind her! Another figure, yellow cat-like eyes set in an intense gaze almost of mad glee. Bright red hair of her own tied messily behind her head. Sharp weapons on her person rather haphazardly. Upon turning around, no one is there!

Maybe a minute of exploration later, it happens yet again, though this time, the reflection speaks! It's clear by the voice that this was who was softly singing earlier

"Hhhmmm.... seeking safety in such a creepy place. Such a delightful contradiction!". She seemingly walks off, only to appear in a different reflection somehow. Even in the reflected image the light makes her eyes seem to glow at certain angles making them all the more catlike "There is no such place. ALL are monsters, some are just more.... obvious about it". Sloooooow smile, revealing sharp teeth as she disappears from view again. Lotus delights in whatever fear this inspires as she peers visibly from atop the mirrors themselves, the reflection of light in her eyes the only clue she is present and staaaaaring down "Better an honest monster than a deceitful one, yeeeeeees?"

The girl gasps, as she turns around.

No one was there. And yet, she saw it! She knew she saw it. "I... I am going away now! I am going away! I am sorry I- I intruded!" She starts trying to work her way back through the maze. And yet, she seemed to only get deeper and deeper, more and more lost. After a minute, sweat building on her brow, she suddenly sees the figure again.

And this time, the stalker speaks.

The flower girl lets out a tiny scream. High pitched and piercing, she shakes her head as she brings the basket to her chest. Eyes shut tight, her knees knock together. "I'm not a m-m-monster..." The woman squeaks, her body tensing. She was pawing at the basket. Averting her eyes down at the basket, she shakes her head again. "Wh-... what are you? Are you a gh-gh-ghost?" She squeaks. She almost looked terrified. It was the perfect face of fear. Except.

Except there wasn't a scent of fear.

The lack of a scent doesn't seem to occur to Lotus. She's just having too much fun in the moment....

She DOES eye the basket as the girl fiddles with it as she gives a sharp laugh "HA! Course you are. All sentient beings are, some just don't indulge that side of themselves. It doesn't take claws, teeth, or a disgusting form to be a monster. Just a love of bloodshed and mess". Otherwise she stays put where she is up above, letting the girl come or go however she pleases, not persuing if she flees. No fun cutting up someone that won't fight back, but psychological harm is perfectly fine against anyone!

She wasn't coming?

"... I... I wouldn't. I wouldn't, I think." Her words are uncertain. Why would a mere flower girl want this. Her grip was loosening on the basket handle. It was getting hard to stay scared, as the smiles come along. As she twists... there is a fresh smell. Blood. She adjusts her ribbon, as thin needles adjust in her skirt, her ribbon. Leftovers from hemming. She was touching on the basket again, her breathing beginning to get faster, her heartbeat faster. Heartbeat.

Why was her heartbeat just speeding up now?

"Why aren't you coming down?" She whispers, looking up above. "I heard... there was a monster here who frightened the children, frightened the children as a clown. Maybe... maybe you just wanted a friend. Maybe you need a friend?" Her voice was so small, as tiny pools of red began to spread on her hip. She looked up, her black eyes wide.

"Maybe I could be... could be your friend?"

Blood..... in the air.

If there is a scent Lotus CAN'T miss, it's that. Her expression becomes one of confusion for a moment as she catches a good wiff of it, before her smile returns, wider "Frightening children can be fun, but theres no point in dicing them since they won't dice back..... " a giggle escapes her lips as her glee hits manic levels ".... but you.... YOU want to play, DON'T you?". Raucous laughter fills the room "Just like i said..... you have honest monsters..... and deceitful ones!

And then, she starts to laugh too.

It's a giggle, just like Lotus. A mirror image, in the hall of mirrors. The mask was gone. "I... I don't care anymore!" She exclaims, as she reaches deep in the basket. "Bloodshed, and mess, a-and slicing and dicing! It's all so inviting! I want to play, I want to play!"

"I want to play!"

And the knife comes out of the basket. Wicker flies in the flinders as the flower girl begins to move. Skirt billowing, her form was slipping through the mirrors. Indistinct. Undefined. Off the mirrors off the reflections, Faster and faster. Up and up. To find the monster out of the mirror.

To play with the new toy.

If it was thought Lotus couldn't smile wider than she had been, she proves this wrong. Her gaze becomes equally manic with glee that matches this little flower girl as said girl makes quite an impressive show of closing the distance "NOW you're talkin! Let it AAAAAAAAALL out!". With a leap of her own, Lotus is off to meet the small girl in mid-air, her own knives drawn and attempting to engage Zsa Zsa's, one to deflect the weapon, the other to attempt a small superficial cut along the girls cheek just for fun!

And in turn, Zsa Zsa's knife parries Lotus's.

Up close, though, it can be a lot more clear what Zsa Zsa's tastes in sadism would be. Up close, the woman's freckled face was beginning to show a raveneous passion. And worse, the sash around her waist was coming free; the woman was unraveling it. And up close, the red silk threads and copper needles could be seen so much more clearly. Thin lines glowing with an inner light of indigo. The same now glowing in her eyes.

And how her eyes would be her master's eyes.

The opposite knife comes to Zsa Zsa's cheek, tearing the freckled face open with fresh line of red. In turn, Zsa Zsa's other hand comes up, and thin sewing needles are brought with it; the sash now wrapped around her arm freely. It was a typical punishment she brought along wayward guardsmen in her halls; she would try and slash the needles into Lotus's own cheek, and pull them back, letting the long silk threads begin to engorged in her blood. A red line, connecting the two. Her tongue slips out of her lips, as she tastes her own blood. She could feel it.

This was going to be incredible.

A fleck of red spatters down onto one of the mirrors as the needle gouges a line across her cheek. It's thinner, but just as deep and just as messy! Lotus for her part doesn't bothered, rather invigorated by the matching strike. It's only been a few seconds and she is already up to eleven!

She lands down on the floor where Zsa Zsa previously was, grinning up at her "Oh, YOUR a treat! LOVE the eyes by the way! You must be a lot of fun at a rave with all the glowing lights!". She brings up the knife that struck Zsa Zsa, slooooowly licking it "Delicious!

The parry breaks.

Zsa Zsa clings to the ceiling, where Lotus once was. Gripping the blade, she hangs at the needle point. Bending backwards, she looks down at the monster, smiling faintly as blood drops trickle to the floor. So similar.

But a distinction.

"A proper maid's only pleasure, in serving the needs of her Patriarch." Zsa Zsa states as Lotus sips her blood. She draws back her hand, and the faint tug of the thread comes; nothing to jerk Lotus back, but the sensation of the pull and entanglement comes. Zsa Zsa nuzzles the red thread; the pull of blood allowing her to mirror the cut on her other cheek. "You have found favor in his eyes."

"I must bring you before him."

The sound of knives sharpening each other can be heard as Lotus readies herself "Wants to see me, but doesn't come himself!? HA! You wanna take me in, you gotta EARN it! If its someone strong, they'll have strong folks around them..... ". She assumes a ready stance "So.... which are you? Strong? Or just a fun-but-run-of-the-mill monster?".

COMBATSYS: Lotus has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lotus            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Zsa Zsa has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Lotus            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Zsa Zsa

"What am I?" Zsa Zsa sing-songs, as blood droplets sprinkle on the ground.

"I'm Daddy's Little Monster."

And Zsa Zsa drops.

Moving as a blur of fabric, threads, and needles, the jerk pulls at Lotus. And then, goes limp. Zsa Zsa was descending on the monster, knife flashing in the mirrors. She was coming in high. No.


As the knife slices, the blade comes sort as Zsa Zsa falls down to her knees. Legs sweeping into a scissor at Lotus's pelvis. Should she get a grip? She would twist, whipping the creature head-first into a mirror.

To let the shards scatter all around.

COMBATSYS: Lotus fails to interrupt Strong Throw from Zsa Zsa with Power Strike.
- Power fail! -

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Lotus            0/-------/---====|=------\-------\0          Zsa Zsa

Lotus, a little too eager in her bloodlust, fails to realize the duplicity in the movements. She doges the knife, and moves in for a strike of her own!

Then Zsa's legs get ahold of her!

Lotus' head collides with the mirror with a loud *CRASH!*, slicing her head badly as the shards of glass scatter like a shotgun blast, glittering on the floor in the darkness.


Zsa Zsa's assault demonstrated one of the many ways she made herself useful to the House of Podiebrad. As she sends Lotus through the glass, she was already pursuing her, already over her. "It's okay. Calm down." She whispers sweetly, as she reaches out for the crimson hair. The kitchen knife is out, as she aims to give a long, deep cut from top to bottom, before settling on the coup de grace.

By cutting off a handful of Lotus's hair.

COMBATSYS: Zsa Zsa successfully hits Lotus with Medium Strike.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Lotus            0/-------/=======|=------\-------\0          Zsa Zsa

The impact dazes Lotus, making her reactions slower. When the strike comes, she is unable to dodge it despite her best efforts.

The result: a large handful of hair, coupled with a nice chunk of her scalp, is removed from Lotuses head!

Lurching forwards as the tension of being held is released with the removal of part of her head, Lotus begins to laugh! The cut on her cheek has already healed decently, and the rest of her wounds likewise begin to clot as she turns and LEAPS up andover Zsa Zsa! As she comes down, Lotus attempts to rake the metal filigree on her hands down Zsa Zsa's back as deep as she can puncture!

COMBATSYS: Lotus successfully hits Zsa Zsa with Vicious Rake.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Lotus            1/------=/=======|=====--\-------\0          Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa sniffs the bloodied hair deeply.

Before she can sprinkle it over her body, however, the monster was lurching in, knives out. The rake of the filigree comes rending down her back before she can twist away, and the woman screams. Scream, a real scream.

It looks like she was still a little too human.

Back bloodied, the scream becomes a giggle, as she rolls away across the broken glass. "You're coming together nicely!" She states. It was a real problem; Zsa Zsa didn't have that option. Spreading her arms open, she swings her scarf around which... seems to be writhing of it's own accord. Twirling, Zsa Zsa pivots... and the scarf snaps towards Lotus's direction. It might not seem like much, until the flicker of shapes come along the mirrors. A barrage of sewing needles were flinging through the air, aiming straight for Lotus. And should Lotus get caught in them?

Then she would feel the threads behind them dig in deep into her veins, pulling at her piece by piece.

COMBATSYS: Lotus dodges Zsa Zsa's Needling Extravagance.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Lotus            1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0          Zsa Zsa

With supernatural speed more in line with Lotuses reputation, she ducks down and forwards, and in a blur seems to slip in and out between the flying needles to get in close!

Face to face for a split second with Zsa Zsa, she griiiiiiins, her equally mad gaze meeting the smaller girls "It's more fun to come apart nicely!", before thursting both daggers towards Zsa Zsas stomach, aiming to plant the weapons DEEP in her abdoman, followed up with a twist before tearing them out the sides!

COMBATSYS: Zsa Zsa blocks Lotus' Exsanguinate.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Lotus            1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\0          Zsa Zsa

Lotus slips past the needle barrage, and gets in close.

Black eyes cast downward, the scarf swirls as Zsa Zsa draws it back in. When the knives come to the gut? She twists and bends unnaturally, keeping close to the monster, unfazed by it's crazed nature. Her knife catches one of the blades, as the other grazes her stomach, the red splashing on her flower girl outfit. The cuts were building up.

But she's used to fighters.

The scarf continues to whip around, as the girl levels the knife out. The knife comes in low as she stoops down. An ankle cut, obviously. "At the Podiebrad Manor, naughty girls need the strictest discipline." But the scarf whips around still towards Lotus's neck. There, it would wrap around, and Zsa Zsa would use the leverage point to whip and flip her into another mirror. All while snapping her fingers. "I doubt you would last!"

And inviting the needles to fly back into her clothing and scarf, as they begin to return back.

COMBATSYS: Lotus dodges Zsa Zsa's Power Throw.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Lotus            1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\1          Zsa Zsa

The scarf wraps scaps out, missing Lotus' neck by inches as she leaps forwards and spins, going around the offending object and closing the gap once again! "I embody naughty! I doubt YOU would last in your attempts to break me!"

she grabs at one of Zsa Zsas arms, twists fiercely, and attempts to return the favor and throw HER into a mirror face-first!

COMBATSYS: Zsa Zsa dodges Lotus' Strong Throw.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Lotus            1/----===/=======|=======\-------\1          Zsa Zsa

"Oh, nobody lasts when I get them in my clutches~" Zsa Zsa sighs. Her balance of pleasures probably wouldn't be something Lotus would enjoy. But the woman was almost fluid. When her scarf fails to catch Lotus, the monster soon finds the maid already slipping from her grasps, rushing under her hands and running up a mirror. "If anything, you'd do everything to keep it fun!" And then, running straight back down again for a shift of momentum. Keeping her stance low and her movement fast, she accelerates fast. Too fast, in fact; indigo energy cascades over her she flash-steps past Lotus. Her shape is instinct, impossible to see with the naked eye.

But the same doesn't apply to her scarf.

The indigo energy cascades across the scarf as well, burning it alight. As she flash steps past Lotus, it twirls, spinning into a disc of light as the maid zooms back Lotus. Should the monster fail to slip away? Her very soul would get ripped asunder by the spirit-piercing energy pouring from the scarf.

Before Zsa Zsa would reappear on Lotus's opposite side, a faint smile on her lips.

COMBATSYS: Lotus blocks Zsa Zsa's Frabjous Fulminations.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Lotus            1/---====/=======|=======\-------\0          Zsa Zsa

A mad cackle is the first response Lotus gives "It's ALL fun to meeeeeeeeeee! HEEHEEHEEHEEEEEEEE!"$

It's no lie that Zsa Zsa IS fast. Few would be able to match her in speed. Lotus by chance is just one of those few who also uses prenatural speed of sorts. However, even HER speed isn't enough, and she brings up her daggers instinctively rather than dodge, the scarf striking and sliding off with bright bursts of energy that singe Lotuses hands from the power filling the textile.

Turning suddenly, with the speed of a snake since Zsa Zsa is already in close, Lotus LUNGES with her teeth bared and green venom dripping from the tips. She aims to sink these teeth deep into Zsa Zsas neck with a "NOM!" as she does so!

COMBATSYS: Lotus successfully hits Zsa Zsa with Deadly Kiss.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Lotus            0/-------/-------|=======\==-----\1          Zsa Zsa

Just a taste.

Drawing back the sash, she turns to face the oncoming shape of the monster. Fangs out, moving like a snake. Zsa Zsa brings her knife up, her stance low, and she intercepts, catching her in the gut.

But it was just her reflection.

Lotus comes in at the flanks, and the venom comes. Running in her veins, Zsa Zsa could feel the toxins. The poison was running deep inside her. Paralyzing her, slowing her down. The maid tries to gasp, but the weakness was onsetting so fast. Zsa Zsa couldn't see how she could escape from this trap of her own making.

But the Patriarch would be so disappointed in her.

The thought surges against the venom in Zsa Zsa, and the maid suddenly lashes out with her scarf once more. No energy this time; it was aiming straight for Lotus's neck. Should she get a grip? It would pivot, and the gradually slowing maid would slam her down on the ground by the mirror. All with a faint whisper.

"Such curious tastes you have~"

COMBATSYS: Zsa Zsa successfully hits Lotus with Punishment by Pulchritude.
Grazing Hit

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Lotus            0/-------/------=|=======\===----\1          Zsa Zsa

Lotus releases her bite, savoring the taste of blood and feeling of suffering she senses in Zsa Zsa. She sees a bit too late the scarf incoming, and tries quickly to lean back in evasion.

Not fast enough this time. At least, not entirely!

While the scarf DOES wrap itself around her throat, she is not entirely off-guard, and when it goes to throw her, she flips with the momentum and lands on her feet, legs straining with the shock of the impact, as she turns to face her wounded prey, scarf still around her neck "Delicious..... it's been soooooo long!"

With a quick wrench of her torso, Lotus uses the binding to try to yank Zsa Zsa over, before proceeding to go to town on her, stabbing multiple times at her arms, legs, and other less-vital but definately painful areas!

COMBATSYS: Zsa Zsa blocks Lotus' Slice and Dice.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Lotus            0/-------/----===|=======\====---\1          Zsa Zsa

As Lotus comes for the counter attack, she might notice that the scarf was still on.

That's important, because it was starting to dig in. The needles making a latch. There was a particulately itchy tack sitting right at the back of Lotus's neck. That catch continues, as the maid struggles with the crawling venom. As Zsa Zsa is jerked over, the maid continues to come in with the pressure, a smile on her lips. As the stabbing comes, she is able to parry and deflect with her knife, her stance low and wide. It's not perfect; she takes a lot of cuts instead of stabs. But she waits for her opportunity, a moment in a pause in the stabbing.

And Zsa Zsa strikes.

She begins to swirl around Lotus, twisting and kicking as she begins to try and bring the scarf around her; she was trying to tie knots with the scarf. Around her neck, around her arms, her chest, her legs. Slipping between Lotus's legs, she would keep tightening the scarf more and more, until finally, she would pin the scarf in place...

With a drop kick into the tack at the base of Lotus's neck.

COMBATSYS: Lotus dodges Zsa Zsa's Breathless Ecstasy.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Lotus            0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0          Zsa Zsa

At first Lotus doesn't notice the tack, too focused on the rush of the battle and scent of blood in the air! It isn't until Zsa Zsa begins circling that she catches a pattern, and quickly realized such as an anchor point for the circlular motion. With a quick motion, Lotus leaps up, and then at the apex of her leap, uses her upper body to thrust herself down just ahead of the looping cloth to slip under the ring of it that is starting to form around her. With a sharp laugh somewhere between pained and pleasured, she reaches up and tears the tack and its attached scarf out of her flesh, small dribbles of red running from the quickly sealing hole.

Before letting go, she gives the scarf a sharp tug, once more attempting to pull the same trick as before and yank Zsa Zsa close and off-balance. If able, she'll then slip around the woman, and push her face first against a mirror before grabbing her head and smashing her face point blank into the glass surface!

COMBATSYS: Zsa Zsa dodges Lotus' Crushing Strike.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Lotus            0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0          Zsa Zsa

Now, the meido looks truly annoyed.

"I wasn't finished!" Zsa Zsa hisses, as the wily snake lady slips out. Teeth bared in a hollow snarl, the monster comes charging towards her flank, attempting to smash her into the mirror. For that purpose, Zsa Zsa nimbly flips over the monster, coming to Lotus's flanks, knife in hand. Landing on the ground, her gaze blazes with insult.

As the scarf comes around once more.

She was going to catch the monster again, this time with the scarf arcing towards her shoulder. Should it grab her? She would pivot and -slam- her through another mirror, before unleashing a full forced football punt straight between her legs.

"I won't stop until I'm sastified!"

COMBATSYS: Lotus interrupts Flounced And Fringed from Zsa Zsa with Boot Knife.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Lotus            0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0          Zsa Zsa

As Lotus goes to grab Zsa Zsa, the little maid slips her grasp with a rather impressive flip! Sensing the attack coming (since why ELSE do you flank an opponent!?), Lotus ducks forwards just as she feels the scarf wrap around her shoulder, using that moment to twist just right. When she is pulled past Zsa Zsa with the pivot, the now-extended knifeblade normally hidden in the stab-happy fighters shoe can be run across the girls upper body or head using the momentum of the throw to provide the cutting power! The nasty bleeding cut left behind is usually thin, but very deep, designed to cause as much bleeding as possible.

Lotus then impacts the mirror, and squeeeeeees in delicious agony as a kick is delivered to her groin. She seems almost impervious to pain at this point, though many of the pinprick injuries caused by Zsa Zsa are visibly healed already, and some of the bigger hurts can be already seen to be lessening as her monsterously fast regeneration does its work to keep her standing.

A boot knife.

A clever weapon, one that Zsa Zsa would need to find for her own purposes. As the blade tear across her face, she shrieks as she falls to the ground, into the shards of glass. Rising up, the blood begins to pour out. Shock begins to settle in. And then, drawing in a heavy breath, her face calms. And Zsa Zsa lets the scarf dance around her, spin and spin, twirl and twirl, as droplets of blood scatter around her.

And the mirror shards are carried with it.

All glowing with indigo light, the shards and needles dance in the dim halls, as she finally swings the lashes of silk and glass at Lotus. Again and again, deflection and reflection. Until finally, she collapses, the injuries becoming too much. She breathes hard, as she claws at the floor. A smile on her lips.

"My eyes... are the Patriarch's eyes."

COMBATSYS: Zsa Zsa can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lotus            0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Lotus endures Zsa Zsa's Rapturous Vanity.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Lotus            1/---====/=======|

As Lotus begins to pull herself up and turn to face Zsa Zsa, she is unexpectedly moves right into line with the scarf itself. The strike has little direct effect, but it DOES cause Lotus to pause just long enough!

Further strikes from the scarf itself, the needles poking and prodding, and the razor-edged glass shards stripping bits of flesh from her body, Lotus decides to simply enjoy the agony. Her body rocks with the strikes, mouth in a rictus grin, blood flying everywhere as bits of clothing, skin, blood, muscle, and cartilage from her form are rendered all over the room and its other occupant!

When it finally subsides, and Zsa Zsa drops to the floor, Lotus is miraculously still standing. Her body quivers from pain, faint crazed giggling escaping her throat. The mirrors and floor make the corridor resemble an abattoir rather than a funhouse. Her healing is working furiously to repair the damage and is the only thing keeping her standing at this point.

After about 45 seconds, she finally speaks....

"Finally...... SOMEone that understands......". Her intense cateyes stay locked on her downed opponent, a look of both adulation and hunger in them......

A healing factor, that Zsa Zsa ultimately lacked.

It was a long time for Zsa Zsa. She kept... watching Lotus. Unable to move, unable to act. She lacked the endurance of her counterparts. Wam, bam, thank you ma'am. Still. She did well enough, she had hoped. She had come into the Hall of Mirrors. The glass was all broken. And she was still alive, as she hums a faraway song, deep in the maze. Blood was everywhere, beautiful blood. She didn't even despair when Lotus locked her cat eyes on the maid. Zsa Zsa didn't hear them. But Lotus would.

There were the sound of claws on the glass.

There weren't smells with the sounds. Ghosts? Sounds of claws on floor, on glass. High, and low. There were boots outside, a husky smell of man. People. A half dozen, plus 1. She could get away from the smell of man, maybe, but the scentless ones... their sounds were coming up everywhere. And Zsa Zsa chuckles again, eyes glowing indigo in the dim light of the maze.

"The Patriarch's eyes.... are mine..."

Zsa Zsa repeats again, her gaze far away; 45 seconds was much longer for her, than for the monster. "And his hands have come." She smiles. "You are a lot of fun. I like you. But a bastard's rights are simple. You are either useful..." She leans back into the shards, closing her eyes as she relaxes.

"... Or you are dead~"

The crunch of the glass is not missed, nor the sounds of others around. Her parting words are simple "Take care, my lovely!".

Luckily, most of the worst damage to Lotus is above the waist. Her legs are still in decently good shape, and as a result won't take as long to regenerate to reasonable levels. Trailing a clear line of blood, she takes to the air, leaping through across the tops of the mirrored corridors before escaping through an air vent!

COMBATSYS: Lotus has ended the fight here.

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