Moondyne - Resetting the Switch

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Description: Blossom joins Moondyne Mouse for a little brain surgery--to correct her murderous impulses!

Moondyne Mouse has gotten wind of a particular... glitch that is happening with Blossom's programming, and she's sent the cyborg girl a message--one way or the other--to meet up with her to see if there can be any correction made. Hopefully one that wouldn't involve her further being bound to the ministrations of the cartel, at least. Moondyne was still working on patches for the rest of her squad mates, the other robots based on animals that she had been created with. Due to her work with them, and thanks to her inhaling of Dr. B's talents, she's fairly certain she can affect some type of repair on her cohort here, though it's also required her to take up some books on human anatomy and surgical procedure. There are digital medical charts too, of course, which she's already downloaded--but she wants to be thorough.

The coordinates Moon sends to Blossom happen to be at what looks like another of her typical 'lairs'--in this case, it's the disused automative repair shop that she'd setup in a while back. She's had to 'borrow' a few items and there, like a huge flat-screen monitor for display use, a stretcher and a set of tools--mechanical and medical alike.

A small mouse-drone robot outside would likely see her coming and pop the locks on the door for her as she approached.

Blossom has been doing her best to fight the wrong programming take over again ever since the fight with Nena ended. Nena had been nice enough to propose her caretaker to take a look at her, but he wasn't ready to see her. Now words seems to be getting out there is a problem. She didn't like that at all. At least she is fond in some ways of Moondyne, so that's why she decides to meet up after receiving the message.

Once there, she sees it looks where she imagines Moondyne would be. She wasn't sure if she should be happy with that or worried. She shrugs her shoulder to herself.

She didn't try to sneak in, so the drone would see her come for sure. It allows Blossom to hear the click, when the lock is popped. She goes to the door and opens it, looking around. "Ok I am here.". She wasn't tired per say, but she still looked tired anyway. Mentally tired. She ends up stretching her limbs and making her way further inside.

"There you are, why don't you have a seat--" Moon grins a little, perhaps sounding a bit like Chris Hansen, or some other reality TV star, gesturing to the stretcher... of course, that's more something you climb into and lay on, rather than just sit. It's not really made for that. "Unless you'd like to sit that office chair... uhhh... where is it--ah," she pushes the faux black leather chair on casters over to Blossom. This is clearly not quite a medical facility. Perhaps that is for the best.

"What exactly is this programming issue you're having, then?" Moondyne would approach, not in medical gear or a labcoat, or anything--she's just in her regular armor with no holographic disguise. In here, she doesn't need one.

"Have you ever done that kind of thing before?".Blossom inquires from her friend as she saw the stretcher and figured her intentions. She does end up getting on the stretcher, for now sitting on it

"Ok, there will be no drugs involved. I will be awake. Whatever pain comes from this will be my problem.". She doesn't answer Moondyne about the office chair. It was obvious she was not using it since she's on the stretcher.

" Programming makes me want to kill robots and humans alive. I was not like that before. There's something wrong with the augmentation. There could be other things, but this is a pretty big problem at the moment, so it is the priority. She frowns.

After a pause "It might have been done on purpose, but I don't want it. it brings more trouble than it's worth." She looks at her this time. "I am trusting you on this.". She squeezes her hand into a tight fist before opening it again. She then lays down on the stretcher. "I hate this."

"No, but there's no time like the present!" Moon grins, showing off those big mousey buck teeth. "Oh, there won't be any pain, don't worry--lets see..." Moon dug around in a small red plastic cooler she had set aside the stretcher, looking at the vials of different drugs she's brought with her. Propofol, morphene, fentanyl... also some lidocaine and epinephrine, which she assumed was going to be more directly practical for the task at hand.

"So, murderous ideations, want to kill both humans and robots, anyone around you? Anything else? Strange desires for short, mouse-like women?" Moon keeps a straight face when she asks this, filling up the syringe of the latter two chemicals--an anesthetic and anti-bleeding agent, since the scans she'd read said the implant on Blossom was in the back of her head.

"You might just feel a little pinch--" she'd attempt to find the spot on the back of Blossom's head where she needed to work, and could put the needle in.

Blossom looks a moment at Moondyne. She imagines ripping her head off, many cables dangling about, still charged with electricity as she would hold it in her hand. She pushes the thought away.

She takes a deep breath. It was unclear if she even needed to breathe in the first place. Probably in some way for her brain. "I don't know." She shrugs. "Nothing as pressing as this, if anything."

The problem is, she is made of a lot more metal than one would think at first glance. Inside her body, not counting the blood, there are exactly two things that belong to her, her left eye and her brain. The pain didn't need to be there at all, but apparently, she had it. Probably to make her more human. The way she acts, she might not know just how much she is cybernetic. Or perhaps she does. It was hard to say. Anyway, Moondyne could open her scalp. She would find a place to open the top of her skull for maintenance. One just needs a way to open it. Perhaps if Blossom is willing, it will go easily.

Back to the things at hand, the needle would bend once it hits her metallic body, under the skin.

"Alright, lets just part the skin here and see what we can do..." Moondyne injects the metal syringe containing the lidocaine and epinephrine--the same sort of mixture that's given for local anesthetic, then goes for a scalpel as she waits and turns the overhead lights on. The lights were meant for more mechanical repair of course, but Moondyne was using this spot for it's practicality and ease of access, rather than it's creature comforts.

Once Blossom is sufficiently numb, she parts her hair and with the scalpel and slowly and gently began to cut a U-shaped section of the scalp, so she could actually fold it back--with a small pair of alligator clips to hold it down and out of the way.

Reaching over into a toolbox, she then proceeded to take a handful of tools out to find something that could open the port to Blossom's implant. The one in her head, that is.

"Jeez, I didn't believe it when I saw that you had a full on metal endoskeleton," she raised a brow, clicking her visor down and into place and using a rag to wipe the blood off her hands.

Blossom doesn't complain about the light. She doesn't complain about much of anything. She feels the needle, but it's not what she is focusing on. She's focusing on keeping that stupid fake want out of her brain. It seems to be pushier, as she has refused it for quite a while. Even if at times, it has been quite difficult to keep out.

"Do what you got to do.". Blossom tells Moondyne as if he needed to be said. She couldn't feel what her friend was doing, but she still got data about it.

"Don't you have a full endo skeleton yourself? Is it going to be a problem?" She frowns.

There wasn't that much blood, for one reason or another. Moondyne could see the port as clear as day, the one which presumably would allow access to only the implant. "Oh, you are there... I am getting data again. Let see."

Soon, the port opens up. Funny how such a chip could cause problems. "I think that should work." Part of her was worried, but she didn't let on. "I am not human anymore I suppose." She frowns and lets Moondyne do her things.

Moondyne eventually finds the proper head for a ratchet screwdriver and is able to get the small socket in Blossom's cranial assembly there open. "Whew, weird design--alright, see what happens here..." the mouse bot of course then presents her TAIL of all things, the pod on the end opening with a mechanical whirr, and several different connector heads can be seen hanging out the end of it--until she is able to connect directly with the chip itself.

"Being human is overrated--oohhh!" Moondyne blinks and seizes up as she's connecting directly to another cybernetic device, it's... some kind of experience for her, to say the least.

"Ooh... ahhh~ Hnnghh--" Moondyne's arms draw into her side, her palms flat and facing outward, looking like she's gritting her teeth and bouncing in place. After a few dubious moments of this, she recovers, her visor and vision soon spilling over with the code that is being affected by Blossom's implant.

"R-Right, okay, lets get you less murderous, but not too little that you can't defend yourself--hmm..." she begins making rapid changes to the code. If Blossom thought she was going to be hooked up to a machine--well, she is--but she probably didn't expect it would the mouse herself!

Blossom wonders. "Weird design? I am new generation then, or just fucking complicated." She ends up smirking a bit at that.

At least Blossom didn't set a trap for Moonbyne. There is no virus or anything like that. Just an orgasm apparently. She also would feel a human brain, perhaps for the first time in such a way, through a connection. However, it was protected. The offending code could be easily found. It stood out. Either as a careless mistake, or someone putting it there on purpose. Either way, the correction, toning of it, would help Blossom greatly. If she digs a little more, she would see some code that stops her from using her body offensively at full power. It was weird.

Blossom for her part didn't expect such a careless move from Moondyne, but it was fine. Soon she could feel the pressure easing. "Oh yes, that feels better. God yes." It was Blossom's turn to feel good, maybe not orgasmic, but still good. "You're a crazy bitch, but that's fine with me. Thank you." Moondyne might also feel Blossom was keeping Nanites away, from attempting to attack/hack the foreign invader.

It's true, Moondyne had only ever scanned a human brain with another part of her body, though that could be intrusive and a 'trip' in it's own way--this was the first time she'd connected her hardware directly to a cybernetic organism, at least one that hooked into a human brain like this.

"Well the good news is, I found it," Moondyne would alter the code out so that she was basically normal, well, as normal as Blossom could get anyway--but the offensive features were gone. She leaves the code that affects her body's power output alone, for now.

Any intrusion by the nano-bots in this case would soon be met with Moondyne's own--which were adapted from Blossom's--in fact, they had been remodeled to look like tiny mice, even!

"Brrr--crazy bitch indeed, I feel kinda feel like a drink after that," Moondyne's tail whirrs as she unplugs from Blossom's brain case and goes about re-sealing the port cover and folding her scalp back into place--looking over at some surgical thread she brought along with her, and picking it up. The incision would be sewn up.

The nanites watch, but they don't do anything else to the intruder. Even if Moondyne could protect herself, there is no war started between them. There indeed seems to be a friendship, something Blossom needs, even if she might not say.

"I can think a lot clearer now. People can fuck off, but I don't need to kill them." She smirks. "Thanks, babe." She tells her sincerely. "I got your back now. You're of the few people that shouldn't fuck off."

After, she lets Moondyne finish her work. She knows when she unplugs from her. She also knows when her skull is covered with skin again. The nanites would be ready to close it, but since Moondyne wanted to help with that too, why not. She closes her eyes a moment, feeling at peace.

"And no strange desires for short mouse women, I take it?" Moondyne asks again, though this time she just grins and leans up on the tips of her sneaker boots to give Blossom a pat on the head... or more likely the shoulders, if she wasn't still laying down. Moon truly was only 5-foot nada.

"Just kidding~ I didn't alter anything else than what you told me to, though that does sound like a fun activity for a rainy afternoon sometime... Hmmm~" she giggles, smirking and going about the process of cleaning all the shit up. Turns out she didn't need the synthetic opiates at all! Back into the freezer with it.

"Now my electronic lass, I shall have to bid you adieu for a short while, there are some things to take care of--just lock up when you leave!" she takes the cooler with her as she struts out the door, her tail whirring as the pod at the tip closes up and the door slams behind her.

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