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Description: Lilith meets with Benezet in Haiti for ~strange haunted happenings~!

[OOC] Benezet says, "Character desc is on me."

[OOC] Benezet says, "Shall I open?"

[OOC] Lilith says, "Sure"

Benezet Desire, the most powerful bokor of his generation, sits in a small tarpaper shack out in the hills of Haiti. There's an ill omen overhead, skies slowly rolling past with thick clouds and rains, lightning arcing across the sky. Around the shack sits a graveyard of long dead voodoo men and women, and other shacks and shanties and sheds, with the voodoo sorcerors of Haiti, and their provisions and fetishes and trinkets, stored and lodged for rituals and consultation with the Loa.

Benezet is on a small stool, a circle of candles made of lamb fat around a pile of rat skulls before him. He holds a long divining rod in his hand, slowly sweeping it through the candlelights, his eyelids flickering as he penetrates into other worlds.

[OOC] Lilith says, "Is he in a trance, or meditation?"

[OOC] Benezet says, "He's in a trance."

It's still rather early for things to go bump in the night--but it's already getting dark and stormy. That's a good a time as any, right?

There is the chittering of bats that could be heard over head--their high-pitched trills as well as the sound of dry, flapping wings. At the roof of his tarpaper shack there is a shadow--a pair of reddish eyes blinking as they peer down at Benezet. Slowly, a figure seems to emerge from the shadow itself, a human figure--inverted, rather than rising up from the floor, it's lowering down from the ceiling. The figure is shadowy, indistinct. There is a perhaps ungraceful little wriggle as a two pairs of bat-like wings unfurl from both the head and behind the back, along with a small noise of relief. Lilith was never as graceful as Morrigan, but that was sort of the point.

Slender blue-ish purple gloved hands extend towards Benezet's face, cupping his cheeks and chin. Under normal circumstances, this would be a pretty dangerous situation to put oneself into--half-asleep or in a trance around a succubus.

Because... as we all know, succubi can enter people's dreams.

Benezet would be able to hear her voice in his head by now.

"There you are, chocolate man--you tired me out last time pretty good--watcha doin'?" she asks the last bit in the casual tone of a child, going from coy and sultry to child-like in just a second, on purpose.

[OOC] Lilith says, "This can be either in the real world or a dreamscape if you want"

Lilith is treated to a view of the world between Heaven and Hell, a Limbo simply for the unjustly accused at the hands of the wrongfully acquitted. The place is named Guinee, it is a realm of the African mysteries created by the legacy of the European world. But men and women of all colors are inside, languishing in hospitals created by their own madness, inside prisons of their own cycles, and countless numbers inside vast Babylons, starving and homeless while watching lights inside homes that hold only phantasms.

"Do you see?" comes a voice inside Benezet's head, responding to Lilith, before his eyes snap open to look at her.

"Your kind has created these worlds, by virtue of you haunting the world of mankind. You have placed all of Eden, the veldt and the forest and the sea, inside a chrysalis of its own limitations."

"Wooow," Lilith sounds as if she's temporarily mesmerized by what she's seeing. "It's pretty cool! Kinda looks like Detroit though--what with all the starving and homeless, though!" Lilith, unbalked by such horrors, apparently, responds.

"That's right!" she responds, but to what, is not certain. "Human dreams spawn creatures like me and where I come from--where else?" her hands cupping Benezet's cheeks slide her face closer to his, now--growing much less indistinct and much more like what he'd recall her looking like. Tights, leotard, boots, gloves... pixie-cut violet hair.

"Were you putting yourself to sleep just so you could hope to see little old me? Aww, that's so romantic~" she giggled.

"Do you know of the first that created your kind?" comes a low refrain as there's a quiet hymn outside the shack amidst the rain and lightning, winds sweeping through the trees as rain spatters the wax paper window.

"His name was Satan. He was a priest of the first tribe."

Benezet raises a finger, between his lips and Lilith's.

"And do you know what Satan dreamed into existance?" he asks coolly.

"Adultery," there is a whisper.

[OOC] Lilith says, "Sorry had to make something to eat"

[OOC] Benezet says, "No worries."

"Not really, it kind of goes back a long way, why?" Lilith asks, tilting her head curiously, hearing the sound of the rain and wind against the shack. Doubly romantic, isn't it?

"Are you sure? I've heard Satan was kind of a dick," Lilith grinned a bit, tilting her head again as Benezet answered his own question.

"It could have started like that, I guess! I mean all great stories involve someone putting their thing where it doesn't belong. And speaking of..." she grins, letting herself detatch from the ceiling and swings down--trying to put her arms around his shoulders, as if he's catching her. Which by any account Bene probably would or would not do.

"What're you doing tonight, tall spidery-thin and crazy?"

Benezet rises from his stool as Lilith drops down atop him and swings into his arms. He supports her with his arm and turns aside, setting her down in the shack. He wouldn't want her interrupting his divining circle.

"A wandering hand, a wandering eye, is the father of Cain. The legend is all the same, if you can read the inner secrets."

Benezet surreptiously sets Lilith down on her feet, with a jaunty dip.

"But you can learn that from a ninth grade English class from a chronic masturbator."

Benezet slowly turns, gesturing at his circle of candles and skulls. "I am searching for a secret from your realm, and thought perhaps you could help me. I am looking for a way to cross lovers that are no longer in love."

"Inner secrets? Ah right, the advice column, I getcha~" Lilith grins, clearly not getting it, but also giving him the business a bit, likely on purpose.

"Are you sure you weren't trying to summon me with this circle of yours? I think /your/ inner desires and thoughts betrayed you, old man," she grins, giggling a bit again. She then frowned and tilted her head again.

"Chronic masturbators are no fun, they have no energy left--and their heads are all fuzzy! Not the best for dreamland material, stud," she snerked, then frowned again.

"You want to find someone, or make them fall in love?"

Benezet casts a baleful glare and raises a long finger.

"Do not toy with me, child. I will offer you the chance to feed off both, if you can tell me how to ignite love lost, at such pricy a cost."

"I don't want to feed off anyone, actually, don't you racially profile me!" Lilith pouts, shaking her head. "I can make two people love eachother just fine with my magic--you just gotta make them crazy about eachother again, you know, I do stuff like that to people all the time!" Lilith shrugs. She is quiet for a moment as she walks around the man's summoning circle, one of her 3" stiletto heeled cherry red boots lifting to stroke along the bony cheek and eyesocket of one of the skulls, as if she was playing footsie with it.

"What you have to worry about is what you /want/ me to do rather than what /I/ want from you, big boy."

"And what do you want of a man who is dead inside?"

Benezet moves to sit back down on his stool, palms on his thighs and his long fingers resting between his legs, with his upright posture.

"I seek to avenge two dead lovers, drawn back together by the conspiracy of a corrupt man of estate and his lover, a woman of ice who knows only her own ambition."

"Lovers conjoined by malice towards the poor, one seeking revenge for the urges he was begotten to from his own family's inheritance of hatred, the other seeking lies and perjuries because she was taught to believe only in the system that rewarded her for statistical markers."

"They are demon hunters, by they did not strike one of your servants this time, young Lilith." He smiles wistfully. "No, they struck a man that would not wrestle, and a woman that wanted to uncover secrets. Two believers in faith raised untrue, that would make so pleasant a fall to revenge those true souls they struck down."

"And the truth of the matter? Both those damned to Guinee, experienced the same fate I ask you to visit upon these escaped slaveholders."

"Ooh!" Lilith began excitedly. "Who do I have to kill??" behind her, her two cherry red back wings had taken on the appearance of gleaming metal, the membranes between the wing bones curving and sharpened into knife blades.

"I have servants?" Lilith looked around, a little confused, her hands still clenched into affirmative fists.

"So just so we're clear--you want me to make them fall madly in love with eachother again, as punishment, and tear eachother apart? Is that right? Ooh, kinky, I love a man that knows how to mess with a head or three!" she cackled.

"You know, servants of the damned," Benezet says with a frown and a wave of the hand. He knew Lilith was the perfect succubus for the job, given the secret sexual tendencies of both of his prospective victims (as they've each displayed themselves from the selection of the two victims Benezet seeks to avenge).

He reaches forward and places his forefinger between Lilith's eyebrows, a faint draining of life force palpable as he sinks Lilith an inch or so into Guinee to show her the two targets, each of them with their demonic homunculus behind them.

One is a white Muslim with cold blue eyes and an Amish beard, wearing a blue t-shirt with a Kiwi, an old, angry gnome behind him fluttering through shades images, a Christian for a moment before the hateful contenance of a Nazi uniform appears. The other is a brown-skinned Asian woman with a carve across her face, fluttering into a taunting vampire specter in red with pale skin for a flash behind her.

"The two fallen demon hunters are these ones. Merely cross them into love again, and you will have their souls, from the sin of killing innocence that chases them." He snaps his finger backwards, with a jolt, closing the link.

"OH, darkstalkers, right," Lilith seemed to pick up on what Benezet said then, since he was speaking in more simple terms. She then stops and her eyes lid partially, as Benezet applies his energy draining touch. She doesn't resist it, seemingly as she also is familiar with the act of draining other people's lifeforce--she might even find it stimulating in some way.

What she sees in the mad vision from Benezet is disordered, but she seems to be able to follow it well enough.

"Really? I get both their souls?! Ooh, how nice--but I will do this thing, and see what happens after," Lilith blinks awake after Benezet pulls back.

"You're a real bastard, Benezet," she grins sunnily.

"Yes, I am," Benezet says hollowly.

But his finger snaps up, pointing.

"But not, a son of a bitch."

He turns about and moves to his little cot in the back of the shack, pulling out a sealed jar of island jerk chicken and a small, dusty six pack of glass Coca-Cola bottles (bottled in Mexico, if one looks closely).

He takes a seat and pulls out one of three remaining bottles, opening it with a bottle opener, and taking a long draught. He then eats a mouthful of jerk chicken, chewing unevenly.

"I only offer gifts to the demons, Lilith, never deals. You all have a funny way of following movie plots."

[OOC] Lilith says, "Seems like a good place to call it, yeah?~ can meet you later for a followup?"

[OOC] Benezet says, "Sure. :)"

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