KOF 2017 - Waiting on the Next Round

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Description: At the hotel the Hungry Wolves are staying while they wait for the next fight locations for the King of Fighters, Brandon goes through the footage of the next opponents just as Terry gets back from training. They discuss meal plans as well as how they plan to handle the next round of the King of Fighters.

Brandon was kicking back and relaxing after having cleaned and mended his clothes. Magic is a wonderful thing sometimes. He was in the lobby watching fight clips on his tablet. In particular his team's upcoming opponents to scout them out.

It was only a matter of time before one or both of his team mates showed up to rest their heads here since their next destination hadn't been announced yet.

Right now, he's watching Full Moons take on Hard Knocks and he's noting particular timestamps on the fight that he will want to talk to his team mates about. There were some things that he knew about but he knew he didn't have the skill to deal with and his team mates probably would have the skill to deal with but maybe not the knowledge.

For Terry he hasn't even taken time to look at any highlights. He is a man more ready to just jump in and fight when it is time and perhaps that reckless behavior might be one of the few weaknesses the Lone Wolf has as a fighter. He hasn't really been in contact with brandon since the last match and isn't easy to get ahold of due to lack of cell phone. At least Rock seems more with the modern times so Brandon can pass on messages that way or leave one with Duck King at his club.

And while Brandon watches he might soon realize someone is watching over his shoulder. Looks like Terry slipped in rather quietly and seems to be watching the screen with mild interest. "So that one you are watching beating up the old man. Who is that?" he asks and points to Eliza. "She seems rather different....and strong!" he just grins a bit. Already he seems to be excited about the next challenge the team faces. Taking on the luchadors was a blast already and well so far he likes what he sees just from the video Brandon has been watching.

"And sorry for not being around. Just been doing my own training and all." he says and backs away so not to crowd his team mate too much and he clasps his hands behind his head and rocks a bit on the heels of his sneakers.

The Thaumaturge could feel Terry Bogard approaching as he watching, he had a recognizable energy signature just from te experience of both fighting him and watching him fight in person. But when he comments on the video. Brandon finally looks up.

"She's very different. Both members of the team can be considered different. Both are Darkstalkers. Eliza in particular is a vampire so try to keep her from biting your neck."

He rewinds the video, taking it back to Felicia's fight with Iincyo. His lips curl into a frown when it starts up. "Her team mate, Felicia, is a cat girl. She also happens to be one of Lee Chaolan's Violet Girls."

The video gets to the point where Felicia throws Iincyo right at one of the cars. "This part is what troubles me. Fighting with no regard for innocent bystanders. You would think with all the legal stuff Lee is dealing with, he'd want to avoid having someone on the payroll being so reckless. At least until his PR head ache is over."

Terry remains a bit quiet as he watches the video and listens to Brandon. "Is this in part the stuff you were wanting to look into? Why you joined this tournament?" he asks and he reaches up to idly rub his chin. He has heard of Darkstalkers, but hasn't actually run into any just yet.

"And what are violet girls?" he finally asks and looks a bit sheepish. "I don't exactly keep up with a lot of stuff. I somewhat know the name Lee Chaolan, but beyond that I need more info." He admits.

He does consider things after seeing Felicia through Iincyo into the cars. "But I see what you mean. I understand people getting carried away, but that was rather.....well that was like she wasn't even taking a moment to think about what she did......and is the other one really a vampire? Man, that is crazy. Be sure to tell Rock if you see him before me. Oh.....yeah. You investigate if you need to. Me and Rock have this round taken care of."

Brandon rubs his chin as he goes into his thoughts for a moment and then shakes his head no.

"Darkstalkers? It wasn't what I joined this tournament for but it's something that on a rare occasion comes up in my line of work. Sometimes there are darkstalkers or supernatural objects that do horrible things. Sometimes darkstalkers just want to live their life and not bother anybody. I see it as my job to give a voice to the voiceless... Whether they are human or darkstalker."

He pauses the video for a moment before he continues not wanting to distract either party, "But that was why I got involved in the first place. My team mate wasn't given a say as to whether or not a likeness of her fighting style was created and so I intervened as best I could. Including helping stop an attempt to kidnap her. So for her sake and the world sake I focused on the Combots in particular."

He then goes to the browser to bring up Violet's website goes to a picture of an event. "Violet girls are pretty much the company PR eye candy for Lee Chaolan."

The lone wolf seems to get more of a serious expression as he listens and watches. He just slowly nods and considers things. "Violet girls are violent girls when they want to be?" he asks. "Like is he brainwashing them or just gathering girls that are good looking at good fighters?"

His brow furrows and he reaches up. A hand comes to rest on Brandon's shoulders. "Don't know your friend, but well. If stuff is as bad as you think and you need help.....don't hesitate to ask." It is rare Terry is serious looking, but right now is one of those times.

"I am in the tournament to challenge myself, but that is me being selfish. There are more important things and apparently you know about them." he says and he pulls his hand away after a light pat. He then manages a grin and he gives a fist pump. "And well if there is anyone that stands in your way I am pretty sure me or Rock can help clear a path."

"It's hard to tell. Not many of the Violet girls have much of a fighting history. It's possible though. It's just as possible that Felicia in particular is an anomaly among them. Hard to tell without more information."

He shrugs not quite knowing what to say after that, he shrugs but Terry then fills the silence with his offer to help, be it as back up or to clear a path. His lips curl into a smile. He quite possibly lucked into the best arrangement for him both as team mates and allies.

"I'm gonna hold you to that, Bogard. I don't want to have cast my Astral Blades spell to clear path for myself."

He extends his fist to the team leader offering a fist bump.

"We each have our work cut out for us."

Terry loses that more serious expression rather quickly. He just gives a light bump back with his fist and he nods. "Hey, I am not one to offer help and then back out. I am sure Rock is more than willing to help too, but I can't speak for him." He says and gives a helpless shrug.

"Thanks for the info on the vampire and cat girl stuff. I am sure we can handle it. Who knows. Maybe us taking care of them will create a distraction so you can do what you need to do." He might not be too far from the truth even if he is making things up.

The lone wolf then gives a lazy stretch and manages to bite back a yawn. "For now man where is our room? I could so use a nap if you don't mind me crashing on the bed or even on the floor for a bit." Strange how someone with so much skill acts in a way instead of flaunting it, but Terry seems to just be a simple man. "And is there food? I could use a sandwich."

Brandon tosses Terry one of the key cards and points towards the elevator.

"It's room 205. When you get off the elevator, it'll be to your right. Can't miss it."

The food part that takes a bit longer for the detective but thankfully Terry is quite helpful in specifying what type of food. Sandwich.

"Sandwich? There's a banh mi spot that's pretty good around the corner if you're looking to go Asian in terms of sandwich. And there's an American style restaurant about 3 blocks away from here."

He quickly brings up a navigation app and marks off the locations.

"And by the way... You don't have to worry about laundry."

He raises a finger that glows gold before he extinguishes the light. Brandon does kind of flaunt his power... But it's in the interest of saving money.

Terry snags the card out of the air and he huhs. "Yeah? Good stuff? I will look into it." He then raises a brow. "Laundry? Oh, I don't ever worry about that." And well to be honest has Terry worn anything else since Brandon met him? At the same time it has never looked very dirty so he must wash it. Prehaps some things are best left unexplained.

The lone wolf raises the card and gives a bit of a salute with it. "I think nap first then food later. Don't work too hard there." he tells Brandon as he turns about and starts to head for the elevator.

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