Full Name:Arisa Hawkins
Height:167cm (5'6")
Weight:51kg (112 lbs.)
Blood Type:A+
Hometown:Austin, Texas
Eye Color:Grey
Hair Color:Platinum blonde
Date of Birth:June 22
Hobbies:Rhythm games, gymnastics, composing music
Personal Treasures:Her mother's guns
Favorite Food:Shredded brisket sandwich (her mom's recipe)
Likes:Positivity, chiptunes, peaceful Darkstalkers
Dislikes:Cucumbers, weight lifting, megalomaniacal demon lords
Best Sport:Equestrian
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Sally Amaki
Theme Song:"Crossover Groove ~Tansei~"


"We're all made a little different. It's our actions that count!"

The completely unlikely yet very real offspring of a retired American demon hunter and vampire slayer, and the peaceful youkai she fell in love with. Despite having grown up in a thoroughly supernatural household, Arisa is a surprisingly well-adjusted young woman for her age, and is a staunch defender of supernatural beings who choose to live in peace with humans. Upbeat, personable, and optimistic, she's a totally normal 19-year-old young woman who just happens to be thoroughly schooled and highly competent in the exorcism and demon-hunting arts of two separate continents. Her fighting style combines anti-demon weapons training from her now-retired mother with the exorcism arts of her youkai father, which uses onmyoujutsu to turn ordinary folded origami shapes into deadly weapons.

Style:Mizugami-School Onmyoujutsu + Texas-Style Demon Hunting Tools
Signature Move:Blue Topaz and Yellow Rose -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:STYLE -- VERSATILE


[Profile Image Credits]
Arisa's profile image is a color change edit of art of Katsushika Hokusai from Fate Grand/Order. Credit for original images is as follows:

Basic profile image: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/82717918

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