Full Name:Ishida Akito
Height:158 cm (5'2")
Weight:68 kg (150 lbs)
Blood Type:O Positive
Hometown:Ikaruga, Nara Prefecture, Japan
Eye Color:Slate Grey
Hair Color:Black
Hobbies:Playing bass guitar
Favorite Food:Unagi, Inari-zushi, Kuzumochi
Likes:Hard rock (music)
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Tesshin Sekichou (Ishida Stage)


"Just 'Ishida' is fine."

An accident on a junior highschool trip to Kyoto awakened the inner strengths of Akito Ishida. Before, he had been a lonely shut-in, locked away at home and content with focusing upon his studies. After... well, okay, he's still pretty studious, but he's learned the value of branching out into less academic fields of study. Ishida had not placed much stock in martial arts before the accident, but has found new lease in his devotion to the body-strengthening arts of Iron Shirt qigong. Ishida's intense training has hardened his bones and muscle far beyond those of his peers -- though it remains to be seen how far his fortitude and book-smart approach to physical fitness will take him into the realm of professional fighting.

Style:Iron Shirt Qigong / Shaolin Kung-Fu
Signature Move:Cornerstone -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:TOUGHNESS -- MOMENTUM

Recent Logs

[NFG Season Two] RTZI Round 1 - Keijo for Coins - While the tournament begins with a preliminary round, four of the stranded NFG fighters set out to try and find sustenance. An opportunity presents itself: Zack has left behind instructions for a competition that will earn the four a 'cheeky handful' of Zack Coins. Fortunately, Coco is on hand to provide instruction in the rites of keijo - but who will emerge victorious from the mighty butt-battle? And what mysterious prizes could their Zack Coins (ZC) afford them? - Log created on 16:02:32 05/22/2024 by Coco, and last modified on 10:38:48 06/04/2024. Cast: Kenzo, Coco, Ishida, and Roxana.

[NFG Season Two] RTZI: Welcome to (New) Zack Island - Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started from this tropic port aboard this tiny ship... o/~ A three hour tour goes awry when an excited group of NFG fighters is confronted by a spectre of the past. They soon find themselves stranded on the island with no clear means to communicate to the outside world and warnings of trials to come. Bienvenida a la Isla Zaca. - Log created on 09:07:46 05/08/2024 by Pringer X, and last modified on 11:41:37 05/22/2024. Cast: Coco, Hawksley, Chevy, Junko, Sarah, Braun, Buck, Ishida, Homura, Max, Roxana, and Tanwen.

[NFG Season Two] Mermaid Pool Party - Rodrigo decides to throw a bit of a get together for the members of the NFG. There's food, drinks, music, and... chaos? - Log created on 08:19:54 04/18/2024 by Rodrigo, and last modified on 02:52:41 05/11/2024. Cast: Kenzo, Hawksley, Chevy, Zarine, Sarah, Rodrigo, Ishida, Albert, Homura, Max, Roxana, and Tanwen.

[NFG Season Two] Odyssey R3 - Rox and Roll - Sisyphus has angered the powers that be (Professional Fighting Worldwide?) by somehow managing to cheat death twice. As his punishment he has been sentenced to fight Rox on Geraneia Mountains in Corinth. Can he continue on his roll and manage to overcome this toxic challenger? - Log created on 18:54:40 03/27/2024 by Roxana, and last modified on 07:52:23 04/03/2024. Cast: Ishida and Roxana.

[NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - Hoarding Apples - Ladon has discovered a tree brimming with 'Golden Delicious' apples and has set about guarding it, so she doesn't have to share them with anyone else. She hadn't counted on a hungry Hercules showing up and deciding he needed a snack. - Log created on 10:27:57 03/07/2024 by Ishida, and last modified on 03:55:27 03/16/2024. Cast: Ishida and Tanwen.

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