Height:5'8" (173cm)
Weight:68kg (150 lbs)
Blood Type:B
Hometown:"Ma maison est mon Louvre et mon Fontainebleau." [My house is my Louvre and my Fountainebleu.]
Eye Color:Delphic
Hair Color:Auburn/Purple
Hobbies:Band 'C.Y.S', French films, breeding Hamster
Personal Treasures:[Roland Digital]RD-800 Stage Piano, Hamster
Favorite Food:Fish, natto-maki, Morning special at Gyudon Restaurant.
Likes:Personal Computer, Hamster, Music.
Dislikes:Celery, High School baseball, Loud people.
Best Sport:Figure Skating.
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"La ta tun, La ta tun, Dah-dun-dun, Dun dara-dara dun dun dun! Aha! <3"

Shermie seems rather ditzy and unconnected with reality, appearing to be more concerned with the glitz and glamour of shopping malls and sappy romance novels. The keyboardist was formerly a very popular solo act at malls in French cities, but once recruited for a new band, named CYS, her horizons broadened greatly. Shermie is not shy of showing her affection towards the band's leader, Yashiro, though in all honesty she treats both of her bandmates like family. While Yashiro seems to be pushing for CYS to enter the fighting scene, she doesn't seem to share his zeal for the fighting scene. While the enigmatic keyboardist cares little for the glory of winning a tournament, she certainly seems to enjoy the act of combat itself, as her speed and form support a confusing style centered around twirling kicks, holds, and high-momentum throws. Just as with Chris and Yashiro, she believes that the three share a special bond; they just have no idea that it has anything to do with the blood of the legendary Orochi coursing through their veins.

Style:Unique Speed and Grapple-based style
Signature Move:Shermie Flash -- THROW
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE

Recent Logs

Act 2: Mission 15) The Snake's Temptation - Shermie is a new face in the endless disasters that is this world. Well, if you can see her face under that hair. The young lady with bangs has come for a simple opportunity: to test the seals upon Orochi, and see if they have been weakened, Or which state they are in at all. Prowling around the mountain, however, is another figure hungry for the wild power that has been unleashed: The dreaded Necalli, the fierce and hungry creature lurking for energy. And with the riot of the blood heavy in the air, Shermie has more than enough energy to share... and more than eager to give Necalli more than he can handle. - Log created on 01:33:21 10/19/2017 by Shermie, and last modified on 17:27:02 11/01/2017. Cast: Shermie and Necalli.

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