Full Name:"Big" Buford Maclanky
Height:195 cm
Weight:25 stone
Blood Type:Honey Mustard
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Greasy Brown
Date of Birth:July 8
Hobbies:Watching People Playing Video Games
Personal Treasures:His Resin Statuette Collection
Favorite Food:Breaded Chicken Tenders
Likes:Samurais, Anime, Fightubers
Dislikes:Ninjas, Mall Security, Being Told To Do Chores Around The House
Best Sport:E-Gaming Commentary
Love Interests:A Gentleman Never Tells...
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become (Nightcore Cover)


"Impressive feetwork, M'Lady; I may have to stop holding back!"

Should you find yourself in a dark alleyway, alone but for the scent of cotton candy and aftershave, then it may be too late for you. For emerging from the vaporized mists can be none other than Buford Maclanky, son of the world renowned Maclanky clan. Having long sealed himself away in the depths of his family home, his hermitage ended when he was betrayed by his own kin, exiled over a foolish misunderstanding involving his mother's boyfriend. Alone and without any friend to call his own, he traverses the world as a wandering ronin in his hometown, weighed down by the rage of the injustice brought upon him. Armed with the finest in austenitic chrome steel and portable electronic aerosolizers, he has declared himself an independent study in the ways of Bushido. Eager to move past his stalking grounds in the West Edmonton Mall, "Big" Buford strives to prove himself worthy of mentorship and guidance in perfecting his already well honed skills. Some day he hopes to not only master the way of the blade, but mayhaps encounter a fair haired maiden with a gentle spirit to ease the animal inside him.

Style:Iaido-Inspired Kenjutsu
Signature Move:Cloudchaser -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

Recent Logs

[NFG Season One] Metro City R2 - Hated R vs Buford - Coming in hot, Hated R and Big Buford go head to head at the Metro City's Drippin' Style. Like marmite and dog poop. But Hated R and Buford begin the start of a connection, a connection that is fused by the strict code of Juggavalues. - Log created on 14:10:44 09/21/2023 by Buford, and last modified on 19:53:30 09/27/2023. Cast: Hated R and Buford.

[NFG Season One] Metro City R1 - Braun vs Buford - Buford and Braun face off in Abigail's Scrap Yard, pitting beeg at beeg between the seasoned and well respected veteran of the NFG against a rude and crude fresh furry face. The duo unga their bungas in rushdown fury, but something else blossoms in the kokoros of the two fierce and furious fighters... (DRAW) - Log created on 13:35:37 09/07/2023 by Buford, and last modified on 04:22:58 09/13/2023. Cast: Buford and Braun.

[NFG Season One] The RUMBLE - Sixteen NFG fighters. One ring. Who will be the last one standing? This one kicks off with a devastating surprise! - Log created on 10:18:44 07/30/2023 by Pringer X, and last modified on 10:28:27 08/24/2023. Cast: Chris, Shermie, Honoka, Ken Masters, Vega, Mint, Kongou, Kenzo, Genie, Ichika, Ayala, Brian Storm, John Doe, Coco, Hawksley, Djamila, Tamaki, Chevy, Nixie, Buford, Sarah, Iris, and Buck.

[NFG Season One] Sunshine City R3 - Kenzo vs Buford - A long awaited battle between ninja and samurai takes place in the Venice Canals of Sunshine City. There's brutal violence, and even some poetic sniping. - Log created on 10:07:02 07/14/2023 by Kenzo, and last modified on 10:19:44 07/18/2023. Cast: Mint, Raiza, Kenzo, Djamila, and Buford.

[NFG Season One] O Otaku! My Otaku - It is a meeting writ by the fates as an attempt to attend to Buford's failings and training has forced Abigail's hand. He must now use his resources. Summon aid. He must now bring forth: KATANA. Will the meeting of these two ostentatious samurai pave the way to bushido glory or has Abigail just added the needed plutonium to create the ultimate ticking timebomb for the tournament. CONEITCHYWAH! - Log created on 15:56:41 07/07/2023 by Abigail, and last modified on 04:57:16 07/21/2023. Cast: Katana, Abigail, and Buford.

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