Full Name:Yashiro Nanakase
Weight:218 lbs
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Red
Hair Color:White
Hobbies:Band, travel
Favorite Food:Hosaki-Menma, Chinese noodles
Dislikes:Eggplant, marrow, Redhead
Best Sport:Swimming
Love Interests:Shermie
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Currently Played
Theme Song:


Yashiro Nanakase, a talented guitar player in his own right, had always had high musical aspirations. Finding common ground in both Shermie and Chris, the trio formed the band CYS and began to tour the European music scene. As they traveled, their bonds only grew stronger -- particularly, he's started to take a liking to Shermie. The tall, strong man pulls double duty as the band's "enforcer," keeping a watchful eye out for his two smaller bandmates. A proud man with a high opinion of himself, Yashiro has a reputation as a showboater, never too shy to show off his prodigious breakdancing talents. Though the band has attained a sizable number of fans for their performances, the popularity of fighting tournaments has certainly caught Yashiro's eye; if an opportunity for joining as a team arises, you can bet CYS would be up for it. But until then, the three can remain blissfully ignorant of the darker, more secret tie amongst themselves: the bloodline of the legendary Orochi.

Style:Unique Power-based Style
Signature Move:Steel Jet Counter -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

Recent Logs

See Why Ess. Why Ess See? - See Why Ess comes to Seijyun High to Kick Some Ess. Why? Read and See. - Log created on 14:38:46 09/20/2022 by Mitsuru, and last modified on 20:56:16 09/21/2022. Cast: Chris, Shermie, Yashiro, and Mitsuru.

[Rising Star 2022] Rising Star 2022: FINAL BOUT - The final bout of Rising Star 2022! Action packed and full of fun! And fabulous(?) prizes! - Log created on 19:30:59 06/15/2022 by Rose Bernstein, and last modified on 22:38:14 06/16/2022. Cast: Adelheid, Shermie, Yashiro, Rose Bernstein, Rugal, and Meifeng.

[Rising Star 2022] Rising Star 2022 Interview - Yashiro - With a little help from a friend, Yashiro learns how to do an interview, before learning that everything that he thought he knew about interviews was wrong. - Log created on 18:40:53 05/02/2022 by Yashiro, and last modified on 11:25:53 05/04/2022. Cast: Yashiro and Iori.

CYS Is Ready To Rock Your Butt Off - Chris, Yashiro and Shermie get ready for a show at the Clapham Grand, preparing to pay tribute to a special fan and two special furry friends. - Log created on 09:36:51 02/05/2022 by Yashiro, and last modified on 10:43:15 02/06/2022. Cast: Chris, Shermie, and Yashiro.

Things Are Heating Up! - Things are getting steamy in the CYS hotel room - or at least, one of the members of CYS is, anyway. Looking to simmer down, the band goes to enjoy some dinner at a local noodle bar. Yashiro finds the night rather inspiring, and like any good show, things end on a high note. - Log created on 17:45:46 07/03/2021 by Yashiro, and last modified on 23:03:21 07/03/2021. Cast: Chris, Shermie, and Yashiro.

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