Weight:105 lbs
Blood Type:AB
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Brown
Hobbies:Cooking, making clothing from Shermie's discarded outfits.
Personal Treasures:Drumsticks, Father (Chris believes his father is the CEO of Ikea)
Favorite Food:Bhutanese Food
Likes:Nature, Shermie, Yashiro, Chris
Dislikes:Getting his hair touched, paparazzi
Best Sport:Orienteering (HELL YEAH)
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Currently Played
Theme Song:


"Shermie, have you gained weight..?"

One of the younger fighters one may meet, Chris has a variety of talents despite his youth. He's very quick on his feet, moving with incredible grace and agility, even able to do what looks to be limited teleportation. He's one of the members of CYS -- first and foremost a band, but also a group showing interest in the global arena of martial arts tournaments. Chris is very nonchalant about things, and often cheerfully sarcastic towards those who aren't named Shermie or Yashiro. His youthful appearance suggests he's just a little kid, and while that's not really true, Chris gets easily frustrated with those who treat him that way. The deceptively good-natured young man harbors a dark secret, however; unknown to all, even himself, Chris is destined to become the host body for the Orochi itself -- when, not if, the power awakes within him.

Style:Unique Speed-based Style
Signature Move:Slide Touch -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:EVADE -- ESCAPE

Recent Logs

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[Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 Bonus Boss: Adelheid - Two close competitors in the Rising Star tournament-- Chris and Shermie-- combine their forces to take on the Bernstein heir, Adelheid. They prove too much to handle, much as suspected-- if far from as planned-- in a chaotic 2v1 match! - Log created on 14:00:27 06/21/2022 by Adelheid, and last modified on 07:43:24 06/27/2022. Cast: Chris, Adelheid, and Shermie.

[Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R4 - Meifeng vs Chris - Meifeng and Chris meet for the semi final of Ristar. Only one wins and goes on. - Log created on 18:19:28 06/01/2022 by Chris, and last modified on 17:05:19 06/02/2022. Cast: Chris and Meifeng.

Faster Food - Chris runs into Echo chasing some fast food as he celebrates his recent victory in Kansas City. - Log created on 18:13:54 05/31/2022 by Echo, and last modified on 10:51:17 06/01/2022. Cast: Chris and Echo.

[Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R3 - Daichi vs Chris - Within a creepy restaurant, a Tanuki fights an equally creepy kid. Who will reign supreme in this strange setting?! - Log created on 14:44:51 05/29/2022 by Daichi, and last modified on 22:14:13 05/29/2022. Cast: Chris and Daichi.

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