Full Name:Conner Fordham Riel
Height:177 cm
Weight:77 kg
Blood Type:Dope O Negative
Nationality:Canadian-Americano (Trenta)
Eye Color:Light Doc Brown
Hair Color:Dark Doc Brown
Hobbies:Singin'. Rappin'. Dancin'. Bein' Dope. Chillin'. Never Stoppin' Never Stoppin'.
Personal Treasures:Ninja (My Pet Turtle). Haters (My Fans). My Entourage. My Tatts. My Money. My Music. Me.
Favorite Food:Pizza. Mom's Spaghetti. Fruit Snacks.
Likes:Music. Groupies. Tattoos. Money. Bein' Dope. Grammy (Both Kinds). Turtles. Also: Kool-Aid (Red).
Dislikes:Tabloids. Sushi. John Tesh. Alarm Clocks. Not havin' the freshest gear.
Best Sport:Battle Rappin'. Dance Battlin'. Thumb Wars.
Love Interests:Me. Music. Groupies. Attention. Hype Gear. Money. Pizza.
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Andy Samberg as Conner4Real
Theme Song:

Hated R

"Ever since I was born, I was dope."

Conner Fordham Riel, better known as Hated R, is the most self-proclaimed, lyrically prolifically gifted, prodigiously musical, appropriatively cultured musical artist that has ever blessed the microphone with his baited breath. From his days as a member of the music group 'Boyz II Band', Conner quickly rose to superstar status by going solo yolo and shoved his obliviously innocent brand down the throats of music listeners everywhere! After conquering the music business, Hated R looks to strengthen his suburban street cred by stepping into the world of professional fighting. Surrounded by his entourage, jamming to his own music and followed by his life documenting camera crew, Hated R strives to fight for his right to party like a popstar!

Style:Dope Skillz
Signature Move:Greatest Hits -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

Recent Logs

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[NFG Season Two] Odyssey R1 - Lethe We Forget - Orpheus, one of the most famous musicians in Greek myth, once went to Hades itself looking to get his love Eurydice back. Supposedly his music soothed Hades into letting them leave, but what if instead of James Woods, Hades was a Carolinian pig farmer who was far harder to convince?! FEATURING Chevelle Beaumont as Charon, Ferryman of the Damned, ready to drag Hated Orpheus back into the river of Hell. - Log created on 15:06:27 02/15/2024 by Chevy, and last modified on 04:41:33 02/27/2024. Cast: Hated R and Chevy.

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[NFG Season One] Metro City R2 - Hated R vs Buford - Coming in hot, Hated R and Big Buford go head to head at the Metro City's Drippin' Style. Like marmite and dog poop. But Hated R and Buford begin the start of a connection, a connection that is fused by the strict code of Juggavalues. - Log created on 14:10:44 09/21/2023 by Buford, and last modified on 19:53:30 09/27/2023. Cast: Hated R and Buford.

[NFG Season One] Metro City R1 - Sarah vs Hated R - It's Sarah of Team Metal VERSUS Hated R of Team Thunder in this NFG SPECTACULAR EVENT! - Log created on 12:40:07 09/17/2023 by Hated R, and last modified on 04:49:38 09/18/2023. Cast: Mint, Djamila, Hated R, and Sarah.

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