Full Name:Echo Lacroix
Weight:160 lbs
Blood Type:AB
Nationality:Makaian American
Eye Color:Yellow
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:October 1989
Hobbies:Reading, movies, shopping
Personal Treasures:Magicked Snowglobe
Favorite Food:Chicken fricassee
Likes:A flexible schedule, lavish accomodations
Dislikes:Hard work
Best Sport:Squirrel darts
Love Interests:Keep dreamin' chummer
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"Please dear, Necromancy is just a belated form of healing."

Hailing from a noble house of vampire bat humanoids in the demon realm of Makai, the women of Echo's family line were trained from an early age as magicians and enchanters. Not wishing to pursue the family responsibilities to their benefactors, however, Echo chose to leave home upon reaching adulthood and traveled the realm in search of new arcane teachings. Their journey brought them to the human world, Earth where they decided to dwell. An occult sorceress of the ancient craft of Necromancy, her eccentricities and tastes for expensive fashions and finery led her to employment with clandestine organizations such as Shadaloo. While playful and actually fairly gentle, considering her abilities, her ire is easy to arouse and consequences can be dire. Her services can be acquired by those with the patience (or capital) to find her, for a little dime store magic, or perhaps a divination or three. Her mischief is usually all in good fun. Until somebody dies. ...And what comes after.

Style:Magic and Martial Arts
Signature Move:Abracadaver -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:CHARGING -- EMPOWER

NOL Bounty Data

Echo Lacroix  
Class: CBounty: $52,000.00
WANTED ALIVE Believed to be associated with organizations or causes hostile to NOL, suspected of a direct attack against NOL personnel.

Recent Logs

Bat 52 Where Are You - Echo returns to her shop in Southtown late at night after a hard evening of rolling thugs for information--when Tairyu shows up. - Log created on 18:57:03 07/28/2020 by Echo, and last modified on 14:01:04 07/29/2020. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

Hotel Transylvania - Tairyu stops by Echo's Southtown occult shop with a request and finds... Dennis rooming in the upstairs apartment? After some discussion, they decide to set off on a war against the ones who are holding Tairyu's sister hostage. - Log created on 18:55:46 07/23/2020 by Echo, and last modified on 23:54:43 07/23/2020. Cast: Echo, Tairyu, and Dennis.

How to Train your Minotaur - Seeking revenge on Lyraelle, Echo hunts the succubus down to a love hotel in downtown Southtown which she has taken over an entire floor of with her minions. The sorceress's quest for blackmail material takes a strange turn. - Log created on 05:52:05 07/01/2020 by Echo, and last modified on 18:39:33 07/01/2020. Cast: Echo and Lyraelle.

Southtown Confidential - Tairyu visits Echo at her shop in Southtown to give her some grave news. Get it? Grave News? Necromancy? Ahhh, forget it, you're a good kid. Don't worry about it. - Log created on 14:37:49 06/24/2020 by Echo, and last modified on 00:53:31 06/29/2020. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

Finding Raina - Part 1 - Metro City police officer Dennis Browning has made his way to Southtown to try and find Raina Rodfield in his crusade to keep her from her self-destructive behavior. There, he meets Echo, who immediately takes the opportunity to recruit him into helping her find someone else's missing person. A sucker for heroics, Dennis and Echo are walking right to her occult shop. - Log created on 19:13:24 06/23/2020 by Dennis, and last modified on 23:54:52 06/23/2020. Cast: Echo and Dennis.

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