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Description: Ragna the Bloodedge seeks out Echo in Metro City... for a curse? But for whom?

There are places like this all over big cities like Metro City, which was basically New York--and we all know how that goes. All manner of things can be bought and sold in a city--goods, services, maybe even a bit of sin or three--but in these holiday times something that comes in very short supply is faith. Wishes.

The signs that decorate the exterior of the small botique-style shop are nothing new. Want to contact a deceased loved one? Palm reading? View into the future? In need of a practicing witch doctor? It's kind of off-putting and garish for some. However those with a keen eye may be able to notice something peculiar about this small shops bit of signage--what looks like an hourglass.. or infinity symbol? The image of an eye set into the upper half. Definitely something that might resonate with folks from Illyria or even Makai. It wasn't the usual sort of symbol or marking one might see on a sign like this.

The shop itself is a small affair, set into the side of a large cement building, which also hosts a nair and hair salon, along with a mexican restaurant, called 'El Mariachi's'. It is located down a small set of stone steps, apparently recessed into the ground, like one of those basement places.

Ragna...the Bloodedge. The Grim Reaper. The God of Death. The number 1 SS-ranked individual on NOL's shit list with a bounty the size of the world.

Flourishing his red coat, his large blade sheathed just on the back of his waist, those eyes that see the darkness of the world look around silently, walking through the marketplace as he looks upon a botique shop. Well, he could try finding something for Saya...whenever he finds her.

So, he enters, looking around as his silver hair is probably one of the first things people will likely notice about him. He seems to move immediately towards the bouquet with Lilac flowers....

Entering the shop however, Ragna would find it a little... dark? It's definitely not a usual store. The lighting isn't glaring, at least. It's got office carpeting, with what looks like... a small sofa set to one side, alongside a little table... a sitting area? On the other side of the room is a small table with a few chairs set around it, like one might see at Aunt Cleo's crystal ball, or the like. It still looks a fair bit kitsche. There is a glass case set inside a counter in one corner, looking like it contained jewelry, curios... animal skulls?


Fluttering past Ragna as he enters is what looks like a small white bat--dodging and diving around him before flying across the room--disappearing behind a curtain that leads to a set of stairs upwards...

Smoke billows out from underneath the curtain as it's cast aside, the form of a leg appearing from beneath the fabric as it's pushed aside... a leg in a blood red stiletto heeled shoe, pale leg... too white to be skin, almost--the leg continuing upward to a black dress, slit at the thigh, as well as the lady it belonged to.

"Well hello there, sugar--what can Echo do for you today?" yes, she's got large red painted lips, long ribbed ears, and yellow eyes, as well as... wings coming around her back? Uh oh.

Ragna just looks around. " Fuck."

Ragna always had a colorful way with words, but this ain't the usual bouquet shop! Can ya blame him?!

He looks around, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword just in case he needs to use it. That red eye of his lookin' around as if he's about to destroy something that might p-WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!

oh, it's a person. coast is clear. "Looking for some Lilac flowers." he does't question that this chick's got wings...or that this place looks like a succubus nest.

"Might I be able to interest you in a hex, a curse, a seance, or three?" Echo is busy re-applying her lipstick in a small compact, puckering and smacking her lips into the view she has in the tiny mirror, before clasping it and stuffing it back down her dress. She grins at the man, looking him over.

"What brings you to my door, tall pale and white-haired? You see a ghost or something? Or Echo just too much for you?" she grinned, setting hands on her hips.

"Lilac flowers? honey, does this look like a florist to you?" she blinks a little bit in surprise, stepping forward. Her gait is definitely... pronounced, especially since she seems to be wearing 5-6 inch spike heels. That might have something to do with it.

"C'mon, what're you really here for? It's okay, you can tell me--client confidentiality, and all that," she gives a fangy smile. Yes, she has fangs.

"Oh, you're right, I should have specified." Ragna stares Echo down, before he answers clear as day. "I want a lilac flower that is cursed. I already have a lilac flower. I need it to possess a curse of draining, or strength sappening."

Ragna knew what he wanted. He knows his little brother is gonna target Saya again. So, this is the alternative. If he's unable to save his brother, he'll let this curse drain him of his strength so he can't hurt people anymore.

"and I barely fuckin' understand how curses work. So I'm assuming an expert like yourself can knock it out of the ballpark, right?"

"Ahhh, well now we're talking, come, come!" Echo steps over to the large table, lifting up a sheet and revealing what looked like a crystal ball, though there was something else there as Echo moved to sit down.

"Ah, don't mind that, previous order," Echo brushed what looked like a gnarled, dried-out human hand off the table, out of sight, out of mind. "Lets see here, do you have the item in question? let me see here..." Echo dug around in a pouch at her belt as she sat, coming up with what looked like a blood red rose. She held it up and held it in her teeth at first, grinning fangily at the man and waggling her eyebrows before she took it out and set it onto the table.

"My apologies, flair for the dramatic--alright, so you just want it to sap their strength? Is there anything else? We're doing a special this week on demon possession!"

What. The. FUCK.

I mean, human hand. Bitchin. But....WHAT THE FUCK!

Ragna has the poker face of legend, but he still looks like he's pretty focused. Out of sight out of mind indeed!" He pulls out a lilac flower and he sets it in front of her on the counter where the...hand this week. "No thanks, I have enough of Demon possession already." if she could sense such energies....he was the Black Beast. A gnarly...unspeakable danger inside of him. Thankfully, it will never be unleashed, but it does wonders for his presence.

"Yep. Just sapping their strength. No need to send them to another dimension where they are turned inside out for eternity this time."

"Pshaw, I never done such a thing, good sir, though there was this one time..." Echo paused a moment, taking the rose and clearing it off the table, tucking it between her ear and her long black hair. From her dress she withdrew a long needle and gestured for the man's hand, putting the lilac flower in the middle of the table.

"Don't worry, won't hurt a bit, okay..." Echo began a somewhat rhyming chant, "With this blood, I'll find the object of your ire, not long ago, but far away... divided by this wall of pain!"

Echo would then prick Ragna's finger, revealing a red pearl of of his blood, should he not pull away.

"Your hand in mine, take from this one their vigor, their strength--as hapless as a newborn babe!" Echo's words took on a biting, hissing tone, the blood running from Ragna's finger, or trying to--toward the lilac flower!

If The bloodedge had come looking for sorcery, boy, he found it.

Well, at least he came to the right place.

Regularly, Ragna wouldn't come near this place. But now was the time to prepare for counter attack upon counter attack, and start attempting to outhink his enemies. His hand given, he doesn't even wince when she pricks him...despite how he looks REALLY annoyed. Thankfully though, he figures that he needs her, and he'll watch the blood.

How it crawls like a snake to the Lilac flower.

If anything, the petals should look much more pretty. He doesn't speak, letting her peform her ritual and witchcraft.

"You have a strong energy signature, I think this contrivance will prove useful to you," the blood stains the lilac flower, just a bit, before seeping into the petals. "Customer confidentiality, and all that, what's your name, tall dark and ghostly?" she tilts her head, giving the item a bi tof time to 'rest', so to speak, as the negative energies settled into it. Oh it would curse, alright.

"You already know who I am... sorceress and necromancer of some reknown, I rather like this plane of existance, you're from out of town yourself, I take it?"

Ragna watches as she finishes her work, his eyes watching the finishing touches as it seeps into the petals of the flower. He looks around for a moment, as she asks him for that customer confidentiality.

It was annoying, sure...but Why not? Worst case scenario, he scares the shit out of her and tries to fight him, and he has a chance to get stronger.

He looks her right in the eyes, putting his glove back on his pricked-finger hand. "Ragna."

The Bloodedge?! THe Grim- oh for fuck's sake, you know all this aleady. Read the damn pose.

"I am from out of town." doesn't tell her where though.

"Sounds like a viking name," Echo reports, carefully fishing what looks to be an anti-septic towlette out of her pouch and handing it off to him. It contains alcohol, anturally.

"Wrap your finger in that, the flower will be a few hundred, I take cash and plastic," Echo eyes over at the man. "However if you're unable to pay, I might be able to arrange some other sort of... transaction," one of Echo's red high heeled feet might brush up along the man's shin beneath the table there, playing footsie? Well, yes, yes she is. She doesn't seem to inquire more about where he is from, however. So that is a plus!

Ragna seems to be surprised that she doesn't know who or what he is. Good. makes things SOOOO much easier. So, what to do, what to do? He accepts the anti-septic towlette and he seems to nod softly to Echo, before he drops 100 in cash.

Feeling her foot along his shin? ha. ha. ha. WHAT THE FU- just kidding.

"Hmm...tempting offer."

Echo peers at the 100 dollar in small denominations on her table. She almost gives it a bit of side-eye, before looking back at the man. "I won't aks what you need this for, of course, but..." the toe of her red patent leather heeled shoe travels up the man's shin, a grin spreading across her face. "I'm sure there is something we can work out between us, mmmyes," the ivory fangs extended over her bottom lip, and she almost seemed to clench her jaw teasingly against them, as if gnawing on her lower lip.

"From the scent of your blood... you seem like MY type," she winked at him.

Ragna looks at Echo, taking the Lilac flower and placing it in one of his tactical pockets. "Thanks for the service." and he turns heel. "Maybe next time we can at least get dinner first."

He gives a 2-finger salute, and he seems to make his way out to exit, or at least attempt to.

Echo sweeps up the proferred up $100 in cash, slipping the man a business card of hers before she moves to stand, raising the index finger and pinky finger of her right hand and holds up to the side of her head. What is this, some kind of charm, or hex...?

Not quite. It's the signage for 'call me', as it's known in the business. Hooboy.

"Don't be a stranger now hon, tell me how that thing works, and if you need anything else later on! Come again now, bye!" she grins, giving him a little wave as he leaves.

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