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Description: Tairyu brings back his sister that he's just recently rescued from organized crime thugs to... Echo's place in Chinatown? Here's hoping the poor girl isn't scared off by the morbid matron's gothic comforts before it's safe to move her!

Its late into the night. Tairyu had given Echo a vague warning that he may be coming in for a visit. And lo and behold-- if she happens to look out the window she might take note of a suspicious black car driving just be her shop, making a quick stop just a block down -- and then driving off again, turning around the next corner.

Then, there's a knock on the front door of the shop. She will find, soon enough, Tairyu standing there on the other side -- with a girl roughly two feet shorter than him with him. The japanese girl with shoulder-length black - and for now unkempt - hair dressed up in dirty, rough and plain clothes keeps clinging to Tairyu's side, too, and she even looks through the door with her blue eyes with no small amounts of concern. Concern that at least seems to be lessened some by the larger man's presence.

The red and pink neon of her shop's sign glowed into the night and was still buzzing with power when the black car rode past, it's light reflected in it's windows, likely. Peering out the window, Echo, dark sorceress and necromancer rapped her long red pointed nails against the sill of the upstairs apartment window, her yellow cat-like eyes watching the car as it rode by. Her favorite Japanese gangster man /had/ said he might be coming by, maybe he had some news or had already been to see the individuals that had gotten ahold of his little sister.

Once she descended the stairs, she was in one of her usual long black dresses and a pair of pumps, stepping through the downstairs occult shop and heading to the door, the various charms, fetishes and grinning cow skull in the corner overlooking it all.

"Oh, you brought a friend, I see--wait, is this..." Echo replied when he saw the girl that was with him, tilting her head, and stepping back and around the two as the door would seemingly close on it's own, as if by a gust of wind. Echo would of course appear as a very pale woman with long black hair, in the same outfit she was wearing--though the girl might be a little creeped out by her and the surroundings.

The two step inside when the door opens, with Tairyu keeping one arm around the girl's shoulders. The girl does look at Echo with some measure of nervousness, but for her benefit, she doesn't seem... too put off, at least. Tairy, himself, gives a faint smile to Echo, when he turns to facing her again, with the small girl.

"This is Miku," he says, softly, with a hand moving to affectionally ruffle the young girl's - maybe thirteen or fourteen years of age - hair in a gentle headpat. "This is Echo, Miku."

Miku, as she turns out to be named, looks up to the woman. She hesitates for a moment before pulling away from Tairyu, just enough that she can lean into a subtle bow without being out of arm's reach from her brother. "Hello, Echo-san..." she offers in greeting, in a quiet voice. The effects of being held hostage for a few months are certainly visible on the girl, not just in the dirty clothes and hair but also the meek behaviour.

"Miku? Miku... ah yes! Miku--you are Tairyu's little sister, it's nice to meet you!" Echo gives the girl a bright smile, as well as a bow--managing to conceal the elongated eyeteeth she likely bore no matter the illusion she had cast on herself. As she straightened up, she was already flicking out a flip-style phone with her left hand and dialing with her thumb.

"You poor, poor thing--you must be hungry, we shall have to arrange for you to have some things to eat... and drink," she grinned, stepping back and placing the phone next to one cheek.

"And she'll be needing something to wear, I think," the long dark-haired woman peered over at the young girl, rubbing her own chin slowly, before adding, "Err, Chinese alright with you, dear? Perhaps a pizza?" it didn't seem like Echo had much of a kitchen, or cooked.

Miku blinks rapidly at Echo, taking a small step back when the woman smiles at her. Tairyu, then, reaches over to give another headpat for the girl. "Hey, hey, it's okay... She's nice, really, and I trust her."

Thankfully, Echo's already in the process of proving that point. Even if Miku does still end up leaning against her brother's side Her eyes do, however, light up then. "Chinese... Chinese would be nice." Tairyu gives a mildly bemused look down at her with that, but elects not to comment on it.

"How about a shower, too?" He suggest then, and Miku gives an embarrassed little whine. "I... Y-yeah, I... Shower would be nice..."

Tairyu looks up to Echo again, and his lips purse slightly. "I couldn't go take her home. Not yet. It's definitely under watch right now."

"Nice? Ohoho, well I wouldn't go /that/ far, dear," Echo would be curling the phone cord around her finger at this point if this was indeed one of those models of phones. Alas it was not.

"Sure, sure--some egg fu yung, eggrolls, spare ribs, brown rice, that's right, yes--and a few bottles of soda, uh-huh..." she's speaking into the phone already, with the person on the other end. She might have to step away for a moment to confirm the debit card number or something like that, but is quickly folding the clam-shell phone back up soon enough.

"Ah, yes, a shower--that would be upstairs, and speaking of something to wear, err," she looks over the girl, noting the obvious differences in body-shape.

"Might have to find you a pair of sweats and a shirt or two from down the street, if big brother here is willing at some point, or I can go," she grins up at Tairyu, stepping aside to let Miku find the bathroom on her own.

"Just up the stairs and down the hall there dear, don't mind any of the stuffed animals in the corridor--they're most assuredly dead, aheh," she turned with a grin to Tairyu, tilting her head.

"Guess I'm turning into a daycare--when did you find her?"

Tairyu squints susppiciously at Echo. "You don't have, like... pyjama shirts or anything lying around?" He asks, with a look down at his sister. ... No, she definitely should not go anywhere near Echo's clothes. SHe'd immediately fall out of them.

Miku herself is focused on being bemused at something else. "Why... why do you have stuffed animals up there?" Yeah, she's a little creeped out. Tairyu, though, gives a little pat to her back and assures her, "It's okay... Go ahead, take as long as you need there."

MIku doesn't seem entirely convinced right away...but eventually, she does decide she's had quite enough of being covered in grim and having her hair matted to her skin, and finally seperates from her brother. "Please don't go anywhere..." He whispers to him, before going padding to the way of the stairs, and up them.

Once she's out of earshot, Tairyu sighs out, crossing his arms over his arms. "...It's just for a day or two. Until I can... take care of some things. I literally just came from where she was held. And, uh... I may or may not have taken over a motorcycle gang while I was at it."

"Oh, sure, some cute little pink pajamas, with little bats on them?" Echo leans closer to Tairyu and sneers a little, goofing on the man, to be fair, but still. "Unless you want her sleeping in a negligee, we should probably find something else," Echo turned away after that, raising a brow to something the girl said, waving it off.

"Oh, they're just for decoration honey, don't mind them," the sorceress turns back to Tairyu, raising her bows a little.

"Ohhh... a biker gang? Being a bit of a badass out there while I was away, eh? Well I don't mind keeping her here however long you need, really, I don't have a spare bedroom ready though, I don't think, if you're going to be staying here too... guess she'll just have to take mine," she shrugs. "I have a loveseat down in the upstairs living room I can use," she nods. The wooden red velvet backed one, that looked like the one Elvira would stretch out on.

Tairyu considers Echo's note on the whole clothing situation for... all of five seconds before wincing and muttering, "Yeah, I should... go hit a convenience store and buy a t-shirt and shorts or something..."

With a sigh, he shifts his way over to the store coutner, leaning his weight... a bit tiredly against it, now. More tired than Echo's used to seeing her, at least. "...I suspect Miku would be happy with a spare mattress placed on the foor too. Or a couch. As for me, I can... Just sleep on the floor." A slightly rueful smile sent over to the batwoman, after that. "ANd don't get me wrong, I do appreciate you letting me bring her here. But if everything goes right... It should be safe to take her home by tomorrow evening. I just need to... take out some trash. Though I guess even after that, it's going to be a struggle for Aizawa-gumi to remain independent in this city. Even if the underworld power structure is going to be rattled for a while.

"There's a department store down the street, dear," Echo gestures in the direction of the place. Likely located along the side of the street, as this was Japan, and even in Chinatown it wasn't hard to find whatever you needed just right down the street.

"I suspect you had to fight quite a bit to get her back, and it was something you had to do yourself," she doesn't seem to be too judgemental about it even, if she might have have preferred he come and get her for such. This was a responsibility thing, she understood.

"You? sleep on the floor? You have your own bed in the guest room, but it's fine, I don't mind letting the poor girl get some sleep," she looked up as she heard the sound of rushing water from upstairs, apparently the girl likely found the shower.

"I'm sure she'll be fine up there," nevermind the fact that Echo's room was likely done over in black and red velvet and satin upholstry. Or the haunted furniture, or the... well, she'd be alright.

"It... went surprisingly smoothly, honestly," Tairyu confesses with a roll of his broad shoulders. "I... haven't slept in two days, though. These are.. interesting times, let's put it that way."

He tilts his head slightly to the side at the mention of the guest bed. "I mean, she can sleep there then, right? I mean, I bet she would feel mighty special about sleeping in... your bed, but..." He sends a peek up towards the stairs, and the direction of the faint soudns of running water. "She might... get some ideas about you and me." Nevermind that she may very well already *have* gotten some.

"Heh, and all that time you spent acting like you were going to be done in by some chimpara losers or a street gang or two, oooh Tai, what /are/ we going to do with you..." Echo grins, moving back to the stairs and turning to him.

"Some ideas, huh? I'm a perfectly normal fortune teller and shop keeper, what're you talking about?" the woman grinned, of course, her reflections in the mirrors nearby--small as they were, would tell someone decidedly different. This was probably why supernatural creatures hated them.

"Anyhoo, the food will be here soon, you ought to get her some clothes," Echo tossed the man a small folded wad of money.

"Better get a move on there, big brother..." she teased.

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